Silent Auction Last Chance Auction Wine Pull Live Auction

Silent Auction Last Chance Auction Wine Pull Live Auction
21st Annual
Oaklawn Hospital Benefit Auction
Doors Open at 6:30 p.m.
Computer bid tutoring
Hors d’oeuvres, desserts and Cash Bar
Viewing of Auction Treasures
Silent Auction
Closing Time: 8:30 p.m.
Last Chance Auction
Closing Time: 8:45 p.m.
Wine Pull
Closing Time: 8:55 p.m.
Live Auction
Starts at 9:00 p.m.
Raffle Drawing One
42” VIZIO Television
donated by HBC Contracting
Gold Panning Raffle
1) Keurig Gourmet Single Cup Home
Brewing System
Donated by Dr. Tom Neidlinger
2) Nook
Donated by Kellogg Community Credit Union
3) Four tickets to a Detroit Tigers
baseball game of choice
Donated by Alliance Benefit Group of MI
Auction Conducted by:
Brent Belcher & Kevin Belcher
Master of Ceremony:
Kevin Belcher
Dear Friends,
A very sincere and warm welcome to A Night in the
Old West, the theme for the 21st Annual Oaklawn
Benefit Auction. We hope you enjoy your adventure to the western frontier as you search for unique
treasures and friendships old and new. We are very
pleased with the bid packages you will find in this
book and warmed by the support of our donors who
made it all possible. While most of this year’s event
will cover territory familiar to Auction veterans, in
the spirit of exploration, we believe the time is right
to introduce a couple of new things.
Most noticeably, bids will be placed on computer
terminals or your own PDA instead of on paper. The
details of this are explained on the pages that follow
but in short, we are encouraged that this will allow
us to streamline our checkout process. This system
is simple and user-friendly, created and refined by
a college in Illinois that has a very similar benefit
auction. For our valued patrons who would prefer a
more personal touch, 28 members of Marshall High
School’s chapter of the National Honor Society have
volunteered to lend a hand to enter bids throughout
the night. We are grateful for their willingness to
help us all explore this new frontier.
With our shift to electronic bidding all Silent Auction items will be grouped into one event instead of
three as we’ve had in recent years. This change will
allow us the luxury of having some additional time
to hold the first ever Oaklawn Wine Pull. These
details follow and we extend many thanks to our
donors who reached deep into their personal cellars
to help ensure this new event’s success.
The Auction would not be possible without the enthusiastic in­volvement of the many volunteers who
give countless hours of their time and talents. We
express our sincere appreciation to them for insuring
the success of this event. In addi­tion, we would like
to extend our deep and sincere thanks to the wonderful donors listed throughout the catalog. They too
have given generously and graciously. Please support them. The Auction – like Oaklawn Hospital –
truly reflects a community effort, and we’re grate­ful
to all of you.
Enjoy the evening and again, THANK YOU for your
participation and support of our wonderful community hospital.
Brent Belcher Auction Chair Mike Beck
Auction Co-Chair
Brent Belcher, Chair Mike Beck, Co-Chair
Adaline Adams
Tonya Beardslee
Alicia Beck
Kevin Belcher
Patty Belew
Patti Bergstresser
Judy Byam
Matt Davis
Terry Lake
Lisa Middleton
Candi Putnam
Jen Stapleton
Dan Stulberg
Nancy Stulberg
Nicole Thomas
Paul Walker
Sandy Woods
Lowell Weaver
Alicia Beck, Chair
Lowell Weaver, Co-Chair
Jason Bomia
Annette Campau
Toby Crull
Eric Dale
Kathy Sue Dunn
Tim Harrison
Kim Hommerding
Rob Hurd
Judy Jenkins
Laura Kujawa
Cindy Lake
John Lubis
Ron Pawloski
Candi Putnam
Heather Reniger
Nancy Roush
Lisa Sands
Ian Schnaitman
Mike Sequite
Tom Sharpley
Velvet Taylor-Smith
John Thompson
Ryan Traver
Linda Waito
Mia Wheeler
Gina Whitsell
Jackie Hathaway, Chair
Lynn Gordon
Kathy VanDerMeulen
Bruce Rasher
Chair, Board of Directors
Heather Luciani
Chair, Development Council
Auction Angels
Our many thanks to these businesses
for their financial support.
$1,000 and above
BluFish Brand Consulting, LLC
First River Advisory LLC
RPI Consultants
Hospital Network Ventures
Schroeder, DeGraw, P.L.L.C.
$500 - $999
Air-Way Manufacturing, Inc.
Alliance HNI, L.L.C.
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
FinCor Solutions
Lighthouse Insurance Group
McDonald’s Restaurants
The Andersons Albion Ethanol LLC
Up to $499
Albion Machine & Tool, Co.
Darling’s Ace Hardware
Delta Dental of Michigan
Devon Title
Evans Drug Stores
Mr. and Mrs. James Feldpausch
Folk Oil Company
J. Kevin Tidd Funeral Home, Inc.
John Hancock Financial Services
Team One Plastics
Treadstone Mortgage
Mr. Bill Stoffer
Waito Plumbing & Heating, Inc.
Parks Drug Store
Wiener Associates
Brent and Kevin Belcher, nuTwist Printing & Auctioneers
D & D Maintenance
Stillwater Creative HBC Contracting
Sohn Linen Service
Marshall Activity Center
Standard Printing & Marshall Mini Storage
Office Supply
Eric Myers
The Fine Print
1. All auction sales are final and there will be
no refunds.
2. Payment must be made no later than close
of festivities.
3. Cash, Checks, Visa and MasterCard are
4. Decisions of the auctioneer will be final,
and in the case of any dispute or objections,
the auctioneer shall act as the final authority.
5. All auction items, including travel treasures,
must be used within the time limits stated
and are subject to any stipulations and/or
restrictions set forth by the donors.
6. Some items require arrangements through
a local person. You will receive the contact
person’s name and other pertinent
information at the time of payment.
7. Oaklawn guarantees neither the quality nor
value of items auctioned. Dollar amounts
stated are appraisals and/or donor values
and are not warranted for tax purposes or
fair market value.
8. The Auction Committee makes no
warranties, implied or otherwise, regarding
the auctioned items. Auction items are sold
as is.
9. Volunteers will be available to answer any of
your questions.
10. Each bidder recognizes and agrees that
neither Oaklawn Hospital nor anyone else
donating to the auction shall be liable for
any occurrence resulting from the use of
auctioned items or services.
11. The amount of winning bids over
the published item value determines the deductibility of the purchase
The Silent Auction
All Silent Auction treasures are displayed
for viewing and for bidding, which starts
at 6:30 p.m. and continues until 8:30.
New this Year: Paperless Bidding
1. To help ease the checkout process, all bids
will be placed at computer terminals available
throughout the facility or on patrons’ own
PDAs. Bid entry is simple and user-friendly
and special features will allow bidders to easily
monitor the progress of multiple items.
Bids for any item may be placed at any terminal.
The progress of a single or multiple items may
also be tracked from any terminal. Just like on
ebay, it’s possible that many people may be
bidding on the same item simultaneously.
2. Twenty eight members of the National
Honors Society at Marshall High School have
volunteered to be on hand to answer questions
or place your bids.
3. Silent Auction bidding will end promptly at
4. Since bidding will not be possible after the
auction closes bidders will want to be sure to bid
like a cowboy in the waning moments. Slow
pokes will be left behind.
5. After payment has been made and a receipt
issued, Committee Members will assist winners
in claiming their purchases.
Last Chance Auction
Have you ever come to the end of the Si­lent
Auction only to just miss out on that some­thing
special and wish you could have one more bid?
Your wish has come true.
Here’s how Last Chance works:
1. Eleven items will be up for bid. Silent
bidding will occur using secret bid slips
and a sealed box with a slot in the top.
2. Write your name, bid number, and a
strategi­cally calculated, highly secret bid
amount on the slip and place it in the box.
3. There’s no limit to how many secret bids
you can enter. If you fear that your bid
isn’t high enough, just fill out another slip
with a higher amount and place it in the
4. Bidding closes at 8:45. However,
committee members will allow ad­
ditional bids to be placed in the box
if two or more people are ac­tively
bidding. Once the box is in the hands of
a committee member no more bids may
be placed.
The Live Auction
The Live Auction begins at approximately 9:00
p.m. and continues without interruption until
all items have been sold. Live Auction items
may be viewed starting at 6:30 p.m. To enter a
bid during the Live Auction, the bid­der simply
needs to raise his/her program, with the back of
the program facing the auctioneer, so that the
bidder number shows, signaling the auctioneer’s
attention. The bid should be made promptly.
The high bidder will be acknowledged by the
At this year’s auction we will be holding two
distinctly different raffles. The first raffle,
sponsored by HBC Contracting, will be our
traditional “Buy raffle tickets, get a sticker”
raffle conducted by ticket sellers walking amid
the auction crowd throughout the evening.
The prize will be a 42” VIZIO television and a
Tickets will be sold only at the auction at a cost
of $5.00 each or five tickets for $20. Ticket sales
will stop at the beginning of the Live Auction,
with the drawing for the winning ticket held at
the completion of the Live Auction. The holder
of the winning ticket does NOT have to be
present to win.
The second raffle this year is the “sand scoop”
raffle. Staffed by Judy Byam and her astound­ing
crew of volunteers, with their assistance you get
to pan for gold in the sand! Be a 49er with your
purchase of one scoop for $10 or three scoops
for $20. After your scoops have been made, the
contents of each scoop will be sifted until the
sand is gone and the nuggets remain. For each
nugget that you have scooped, you will receive
one raffle ticket. There are three raffle prizes for
this year’s event.
1) Keurig Gourmet Single Cup Home Brewing System Donor: Dr. Tom Neidlinger
2) Nook Color Donor: Kellogg Community
Credit Union
3) Four infield box seats to a Detroit Tigers
baseball game of choice Donor: Harley Ellis
You may drop your tickets entirely into one
raffle prize jar or you may divide them into any
(or all) of the three prize jars. You may put them
into the jars at once, or use a little “raffle strategy” and come back periodically throughout the
night (but before the drawing!) and place them
in the appropriate jar, thereby utilizing a ticket
layering technique. The draw­ings for the three
prizes will be held at the beginning of the Live
Auction. Winners must be present to win.
New this Year: Wine Pull
Various donors have contributed bottles of wine
with a value of at least $10.00, on up to some
of very special heritage. Selections will be on
display in sleeves to mask their identity. For $20 per choice, guests may select bottles
throughout the evening, which will be held
at the Wine Pull Station until 8:55. At that
point, participants will reveal their choices to
see how their investment paid off. A chart at the
station will indicate the estimated value of each
This Catalog
Once again the generous outpouring of support
and the contributions from our faithful donors
has made this amazing array of goods possible.
Read carefully, plan your bidding wisely and let
the round up begin.
Attack it like a cowboy and as always, a
lighthearted approach helps!
A final note on the author…
Our sincere thanks goes out to Terry Lake, a man
with true grit, for his extreme generosity and
countless volunteer hours of authoring and
arranging this catalog. Be sure and send a mighty
“Yee Haw” in his direction when you’re sitting at
home and some of that High Plains humor finally
hits the funny bone. The good ones can take a
while sometimes.
1 XBOX 360 4G with Kinect Bundle $400
Q. What was the name of the faithful servant to the Cartwright family in the TV series
“Bonanza”? Hint: You will hop and sing with
glee with this XBOX 360 4G complete with
the new hands-free Kinect bundle and two
games. Included are Dance Central and Sonic
Free Riders. If you answered “Hop Sing” you
would make Pa Cartwright plum proud!
Donors: Dr. Douglas VanDerMeulen
Dr. Craig VanZyl
2 Tire Rotation, Balance & 3 Oil Changes $120
Has your “iron horse” thrown a shoe? Even
the most trusted steed gets out of alignment
sometimes. Have the potholes won the battle
so far this year? Let a complete tire rotation
and balance, a 33 pt. safety inspection and an
oil change get you back in the saddle.
Donor: Auto-Lab of Marshall
3 Seahorse Cottage in South Haven
The Western Frontier beckons...well, the west
coast of Michigan anyway! Enjoy its beautiful
beaches and Kids’ Corner playground, and the
Seahorse Cottage, right in the middle of it all.
Experience a weekend at Seahorse Cottage in
South Haven, MI. This newly remodeled Arts
& Crafts style bungalow with views of Lake
Michigan from the front yard features hardwood floors, beautiful original woodwork, a
sunny front porch, and spacious patio area for
grilling and enjoying a campfire. Two blocks
to South Beach, a short walk to Kids Korner
Park and the Riverfront area. Amenities
include: three bedrooms – comfortably sleeps
nine, two full baths, gas grill, washer & dryer,
dishwasher, microwave, A/C, 2 TVs and 2
DVD players, a collection of movies, games,
puzzles & books, Internet, Stereo, finished
basement with foozball, outdoor dining area,
Firepit, lovely patio area, stocked kitchen,
with linens and bath towels provided.
Donors: Dan and Dede Buscher
4 Shampoo, Cut and Style
Experience a shampoo, cut and style with
Nicole Sauter at Design Studio East and you’ll
feel like painting the town red!
Donor: Design Studio East - Nicole Sauter
5 Tea Party or Book Reading
The cowboy code was never drink unless
you’re alone or with somebody. Round-up 19
friends for an afternoon tea for 20 people so
you are not drinking tee alone or an
evening book reading and dessert in the
National House Inn Dining Room. Call Barb
Bradley at the Inn at least one month in
advance to make reservations. Don’t make
Barb ask, “One lump or two?” That just
wouldn’t be the sweet thing to do.
Donor: National House Inn
6 58” x 104” Embroidered Tablecloth $100
Gussie up your fancy eatin’ room with this white
58” x 104” tablecloth with embroidered pink,
blue and lavender flowers. You’d be bloomin’
crazy not to bid high!
Donor: Jeannette Randall
7 Scrapbook Getaway for 12
Spend a weekend with friends scrapbooking
all of your precious memories at Riverside
Inn. We offer comfortable, cozy surroundings with 5 guest bedrooms and 3 full baths. All linens are provided. This is a self-service
weekend. You can choose to order out or use
our fully-equipped kitchen to prepare your
meals. Our crop room features 6 foot tables
with craft lighting and office chairs. We also
have a plasma tv, sound system, color printer
and wi-fi. There are lots of scrapbooking tools
including 2 Cricut machines with loads of
cartridges. This is a great opportunity for you
to getaway from everyday life – to enjoy time
with friends, relax and maybe even get some
scrapbooking done!
Donor: Riverside Inn
8 20 piece Screwdriver set
Never be accused of being all hat and no
cattle. Make sure you’re ready for anything
with a 20 piece screwdriver set. Phillips or
Regular, it doesn’t matter!
Donors: General Store & Hardware of Albion
9 Regis Hair Products
When you remove your Stetson is your hair the
spittin’ image of a Tumbleweed? Rest assured
pretty lady that the Regis Design Line of hair
products can come to your rescue! Hold
Everything spray, satin smooth gloosing cream,
cashmere kera-forte fortifying shampoo & conditioner, cashmere kera-forte body wash and
lotion, brush and nail file will wash the daily
smell of chores clean off you. Pony up for this
self indulgence package.
Donor: Regis Salon - Francie Augustine
10 Humidifier and Installation
Ask any cowboy and they’ll tell you that
sometimes we have summer all winter and
winter all summer, but right-regularly we have
no rain. Keep the moisture in your house at
a perfect level with this home humidification
system from Able Heating & Cooling, Inc. Includes Humidifier and installation. Every trail
has puddles son, so control your humidity!
Donor: Able Heating & Cooling, Inc.
11 One dog spay or neuter or cat spay $140
Get Along Little Doggies...or kitties with a
spay or neuter from Marshall Animal Care
Clinic. Will Rogers once said that the best
doctor in the world is the Veterinarian because
he/she can’t ask their patients what the matteris...they just have got to know. Cowboy logic
at it’s best!
Donor: Marshall Animal Care Center
12 Winston Park Shell Gift Basket
Never give your horse more attention than
your wife, unless you like sleeping in the barn.
A gift basket chock-full of gift cards, snacks
and assorted items from Winston Park Shell
and Subway should keep you in the house and
the good graces of your loved ones for a while.
Size does matter, the bigger the gift basket or
belt buckle the better!
Donors: Winston Park Shell & Subway
13 Design Studio East Manicure
Hold it right there! Now, move your hands
real slow....and prepare for a wonderful manicure with Morgan Baylis at Design Studio
East. Your hands will be spectacular if someone tells you to “reach for the sky”!
Donor: Design Studio East - Morgan Baylis
14 Hungry Howie’s Pizza Gift Certificates $50
Tired of being “Home on the Range” cooking
for the family? Two $25 gift certificates to
Hungry Howie’s Pizza and Subs should help!
Seldom will be heard a discouraging word and
you will be happy all day.
Donor: Hungry Howie’s Pizza & Subs
15 Royal King Horse Saddle
Ready to get back in the saddle again? A size
16 1/2, tan Royal King saddle ought to allow
you to mount up in style. Remember that
putting a saddle on a horse is a “cinch”.
Donors: Jack W. and Susan Townsend
16 Oil Change & T-shirt
If you’re gonna ride the range, you gotta
change your oil. One oil change for your
vehicle and a t-shirt for you from Fountain
Automotive is a pretty slick deal.
Donor: Fountain Automotive
17 Gift Certificate towards purchase $100
of glasses/sunglasses
You have to take care of your eyes if you’re
going to be watching over your herd. Let Dr.
Joseph Hibler and his friendly, professional
eyecare staff assist you in selecting the perfect
pair of glasses or sunglasses. A $100 gift certificate will allow you to see the difference in
the approaching Souix Nation or an approaching Subaru.
Donor: Family Vision Care
18 Cooper 500w Work Light
Donor: Fastenal
19 $60 in Olie’s Money
Donor: Olie’s Tree Farm
20 One night stay at Serendipity Property $125
This is some kind of special boarding house!
Hang your hat for a one night stay at either
The Townhouse or The Avenue apartments
above Serendipity on Mainstreet Marshall.
You must call for reservations and you must
have the original auction contract to book the
Donor: Serendipity
21 Facial with Molly Collins
Experience a 30 minute facial at Design
Studio East with Molly Collins.
Donor: Design Studio East - Molly Collins
22 Green Mountain Sugar Maple
Cowboy lore of western Eckford Township
speaks of the Rocky Mountain Canary (burro),
She’ll be Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain, snarling
Mountain Lions, Brokeback Mountain and one
4 to 5-inch caliper Green Mountain Sugar
Maple tree from Line Design & Landscape.
All infamous in their own right, only the Green
Mountain Sugar Maple will be allowed to exist
in your backyard to act as a natural hitching post.
Keep your eyes peeled for those Wilder Creek
panthers sneakin’ up on your livestock...or your
new tree!
Donor: Line Design & Landscape
23 12 month “Family Membership” $200
Take aim at purchasing a 12 month hunt
“Family Membership” allowing member plus
one other family member to hunt pheasants.
Season runs from 8/15 - 4/30. Birds are $16
each, Chukar birds are $11 each. Keep your
powder dry and your scattergun aim true.
Donor: Andy’s Acres
24 Cut, color & style with Angie Bidwell $75
Donors: Angie Bidwell, owner
Turning Point Salon
25 Six Embroidered Pink Pillowcases $75
According to card shark Brett Maverick “Three
pair beats two pair everytime...even though it is
cheatin’!” Don’t cheat yourself, purchase these
three pair of pink embroidered pillowcases.
Donor: Jeannette Randall
26 Four all week V.I.P. passes
Battle Creek Field of Flight
Do those infernal hot air balloons keep spooking your herd? See how cool the hot air
balloon experience can be with four all week
V.I.P. passes and on-field parking pass, plus
two all week/all day carnival passes for unlimited carnival rides at the 2011 Battle Creek
Field of Flight event. If Paladin would have
had the option of flying to his next “job” his
trusty horse Rafter would have been another
unemployed actor! Have Balloon Will Travel.
Donors: Battle Creek Field of Flight
HBC Contracting
27 Four Rounds of Golf at
the Medalist
Experience the natural beauty and the challenging layout of the Medalist. Our area’s
crown jewel of golf offers four -18 hole
rounds of golf with cart for four. Tee times
recommended. Extra golf balls are also recommended. Did I mention “Challenging”?
Donor: The Medalist Golf Club
28 Martha Stewart Collection
Your Chuck Wagon wouldn’t be complete
without Pannie Oakley’s/Martha Stewart’s
Collection of 2.5 quart and 5.5 quart enamel
cast iron round casseroles and an eight piece
Martha Stewart Collection Melamine Nesting
Bowl Set with lids. No matter if you’re the
ranch cook or a complete galoot in the kitchen
these bowls and pans will make you look finer
than frog hair.
Donor: Dr. David Byrens
29 Two handymen for five hours each $350
Some folks are regular “workaholics”...they
start nipping at the Red-eye when there’s work
to be done! You can count on the Affordable
Handymen for two men for five hours each to
get the work done at your home or business.
That’s ten hours of labor (materials not included) available to make you look good! Must be
used by purchaser before 12/31/2011. These
range hands know how to mend a fence....or
anything else you got that needs fixin’.
Donor: Affordable Handymen, LLC
30 Two Oil Changes
Just as a trusty six shooter needs oil so does
your vehicle. Maintain your engine with two
oil changes from Fountain Automotive in
Donor: Fountain Automotive
31 $50 Gift Certificate for Any Service $50
at Albion Motors Ford Mercury, Inc.
Donor: Albion Motors Ford Mercury, Inc.
32 Four Detroit Tiger Box Seat Tickets $160
Watch the new look Detroit Tigers (2011 version) as Victor Martinez, Brad Penny and the
rest contend for another American League
Central crown. Four infield box seats to a
Detroit Tigers baseball game of your choice
gets you close to the action. That’s my best
pitch, now hit it solid and out of the park.
Donor: Harley Ellis Devereaux
33 Round Seth Thomas 14 inch clock $150
Tired of using the sun’s shadow off your ten
gallon hat to tell what time it is? The timeless
beauty of a 14 inch round walnut Seth Thomas
Westminster Chime clock will never fade.
Elegant and dependable like Ms. Kitty at the
Longbranch, you’ll never miss a telegram or a
Saturday night bath again!
Donor: Quality Engraving Service
34 Blue Ribbon award table topper
Add some beauty and charm to your parlor
with this blue ribbon award winning table
topper. Adorned with pink, yellow and blue
flowers with varying shades of green this
hand stitched embroidered masterpiece was
the award winner at the County Fair. That is
pretty high falutin’ praise!
Donor: Jeannette Randall
35 Ten Rounds at Marshall Country Club $500
The Cowboy Club (dance hall) is no match for
the Marshall Country Club! A limited membership that includes ten (10) eighteen hole
rounds of golf with cart and a social membership should put some “square” in your “dance”
and some “groove” in your swing!
Donor: Marshall Country Club
36 Stagecoach Inn of Marshall
The place in Marshall for great grub and great
company is the Stagecoach Inn. A $25
Stagecoach gift certificate should satisfy your
hunger for burgers, fries, chili and more! Remember the cowboy code for restaurant eatin’:
If you’re sittin’ at the counter eatin’ leave your
hat on, but if you’re sittin’ at a table take it off.
Hat’s off to you if you have the winning bid!
Donor: Stagecoach Inn of Marshall
37 Estate Planning Package
You’ve got the power to make this happen.
Don’t leave any important decision to chance
with this Estate Planning Package - includes
two wills, two Durable Powers of Attorney,
and two Powers of Attorney for Healthcare.
Where there’s a will, there’s a way!
Donor: Law Office of Cindy Thomas
38 $500 Savings Bond
Donor: Homestead Savings Bank
39 SMAC League Pass
A SMAC league pass entitles bearer admission
for two to the 15 schools in the Big 16 League
home and away games, including Marshall, for
the 2011-2012 school year. Does not include
district, regional or state tournaments. See
what’s new and exciting in high school sports
in the upcoming season.
Donors: Marshall High School
Athletic Department
Haircut, color gloss and style with
Penny Southwell at the Turning Point Salon
Donor: Turning Point Salon
- Penny Southwell
41 Kids 'N' Stuff package
Allow your little cowpoke to find their inner
explorer. Includes a Kid's 'N' Stuff backpack,
t-shirt, two jumbo coloring pads, one rocket
crayon and four guest passes to Kid’s ‘N’ Stuff
Museum in Albion....whatever the mind of a
child can imagine can come true.
Donor: Kids 'N' Stuff Children's Museum
42 1 night/Marshall Holiday
Inn Express
I’m not really a writer (no need for all of you
to agree at once!), but I did stay at a Holiday
Inn Express last night… this package offers
a one night stay at the Marshall Holiday Inn
Express. Offer includes a Spa King Room and
hot breakfast. Wake up smiling! You can be
anything you want to be!
Donors: Marshall Holiday Inn Express
43 Private Riding Lesson
Learn how to ride or refresh your riding memory. One hour riding lesson for Greenhorns or
inexperienced riders. There’s alot to be said
about learning and doing it right or getting off
the horse!
Donor: Crystal Morgan Farms
44 One Large Dark Horse Pizza & 2 Pints $35
A pint’s a pound the world round… or in this
instance, two pints to pound while you eat a
pizza that’s round! One large pizza with choice
of toppings and two pints of beer is offered for
you to weigh in on this year.
Donor: Dark Horse Brewing Co.
45 Xtreme bowling party & pizza
Black lights, black balls and black olives = a
two hour Xtreme bowling party for up to 60
people. Includes bowling, shoe rental, pizza
from Mancino’s and soft drinks.
Donors: Marshall Lanes, Inc.
Mancino’s Pizza of Marshall
46 Haircut, Color and Style with
Maura McCarthy at Turning Point Salon
Donor: Turning Point Salon –
Maura McCarthy
47 $75 gift certificate
Donor: Daphne’s Custom Framing and
Gift Gallery
48 One night at the Rose Hill Inn
$100 Schuler’s Gift Certificate
One night's lodging at the Rose Hill Inn. A
wonderful getaway without traveling far away.
Step back in time to the nineteenth century,
and enjoy the luxury and elegance of a Victorian mansion, complete with gourmet breakfast.
May be used Sunday – Thursday. Included is
also a $100 gift certificate to Schuler’s Restaurant provided by Stealy Farms to make your
magical getaway complete.
Donors: Rose Hill Inn Bed & Breakfast
Stealy Farms
49 Amazing Grace Gift Certificate
A $25 gift certificate from Amazing Grace
Antiques will put a jingle in your spurs!
Donors: Amazing Grace Antiques
50 Three Drawer Rangoli Box
You are now entering the “Green Scene”
where a three drawer hand-painted ceramic
Rangoli box is yours for the highest bid.
Beautiful, stylish and green-friendly!
Donor: The Green Scene
51 Garmin nuvi 255 GPS Navigation
Where are you going and how will you get
there? For the best route get a Garmin Nuvi
255 WT 4.3 with Navi Shield and a universal
mount. GPS directions that are worth a listen,
because if your horse ain’t wantin’ to go there,
neither should you! Much better than stopping
at a convenience store and asking for directions, right guys?
Donors: Ameriprise Financial
52 Boshears Gift Certificate
Whether it’s mustang’s or quarter horses a $250
gift certificate towards services, parts or accessories let’s you experience the Ford difference.
Donor: Boshears Ford
53 The Pulse Smartpen
Sometimes when you’re taking notes, it
can be hard for your pen to keep up with the
person speaking. The Pulse smartpen helps
eliminate that worry by recording audio and
linking it to what you write so you don’t miss
a word of any important meeting or class. The
instant replay function lets you tap the pen on
your notes to play back the last words said,
and the smartpen’s 4GB memory holds more
than 400 hours of audio. When your meeting
or class is over, the smartpen makes it simple
to transfer handwritten notes to your computer
for easy access and organization.
This Pro-Pack comes with all the essentials
you need to get started using the Pulse smartpen. In addition to the 4GB black Pulse smartpen, the set includes a 3D recording headset
for more precise recording or private listening,
a USB/AC charging cradle for charging or
syncing the smartpen and transcription software (Mac or Windows) that helps you convert
your handwritten notes into digital text. You’ll
also receive a four notebook pack, one ink
cartridge refill and 500MB of online storage.
Donor: Brent and Wanda Belcher
54 Designer Series Crock Pot
Not your mama’s slow cooker. Done in a sleek
oval design, this six-quart slow cooker has a
one-touch digital control that allows you to set
a precise cooking time. The unit automatically
shifts to a keep warm mode when the cooking time expires, so that your meal is hot and
ready when you are. From Crock-Pot. Includes
slow cooker, removable stoneware crock, lid,
and recipes.
Donor: Dr. Mark Richardson
55 Cake of the Month
Delicious mouthwatering desserts every month!
It’s easy to find a reason to celebrate when you
know a dessert is waiting for you. Cake of the
Month includes your choice of a 9” x 13” cake,
four dozen cookies or two dozen cupcakes.
Select one for each month of the year.
Donor: Laura Miller
56 Makita 7.2v Driver Drill
Tuck this Makita driver drill in your saddlebags and you will be able to handle any project
on the ranch. Keyless chuck for fast and easy
bit removal and installation. Built-in 7.2vdc
power pack recharges in 3 hours. Variable
speed (0 to 600 rpm) for pinpoint hole positioning. Compact and super light weight. Well
balanced design with non-slip grip. Overload
protector helps prevent motor burnout. Special
design of tool allows easy extraction for proper
disposal of battery. Includes: charger dc7020,
phillips bit, keyless chuck, plastic tool case.
Donor: Marshall Lumbertown
57 Jeannette Randall Pillowcases
Three pair of blue pillowcases embroidered by
Jeannette Randall.
Donor: Jeannette Randall
58 Two Cedar Adirondack Chairs
After a hard day of work, kick off those boots
and kick back in a pair of handcrafted natural
cedar Adirondack chairs.
Donors: Becky and Dale Vettel
59 Stagecoach Inn Gift Certificate
A $25 gift certificate to “The Coach”…better
known as the Stagecoach Inn in Marshall. The
perfect combination of style and taste!
Donors: Stagecoach inn
60 1/2 Hour Massage with Megan Thrun $35
Donors: Megan Thrun
Turning Point Salon
61 Advisor & Chronicle Advertisement
A Cowboy is a guy with guts and a horse and
you can find articles on both in the Advisor
& Chronicle. Inform our loyal readers with a
choice of one of the following; full page ad,
four - 1/4 page ads, two - 1/2 page ads or eight
- 3x3 size ads. The local source for “Wanted”
posters and results.
Donor: Advisor & Chronicle
62 Two Moonraker Gift Certificates
Geno Richardson’s secret family pizza sauce
recipe is alive and well at the Marshall Moonraker. Enjoy Geno's Pizza or many other menu
items with two Moonraker gift certificates.
Donor: Marshall Moonraker
63 Discover Scuba Class for Four
Cowboy Scuba is when a wrangler dunks his
head in the horse tank to cool off. Breath easy
and dive right into learning about real scuba
techniques with a Discover Scuba Class for
four. Minimum age of 10. No individuals
with asthma or emphysema.
Donor: Sub-Aquatic Sports & Service
64 Medalist Golf – 4 rounds + Cart $236
Cowboy Golf is a game that involves ladders
and golfball bolo’s and tossing skills. If you
want to wrangle with spectacular traditional
golf then four -18 hole rounds of golf with cart
for four at the Medalist Golf Club is your local
answer. Valid anytime during the 2011 season.
Tee times recommended. Cowboy golf is for
campers at campgrounds. Golf at the Medalist
is for golf purists who enjoy playing the best,
most challenging courses they can find.
Donor: The Medalist Golf Club
65 $100 at Stanley Lawn & Garden $100
Just as a rodeo rider checks his “equipment”
before the chute opens you should make sure
your lawncare equipment is ready to go with a
$100 gift certificate to Stanley Lawn & Garden. Good towards the purchase of goods,
parts or service. Ride ‘em Lawn Jockey!
Donor: Stanley Lawn & Garden
66 Tri-colored Silver Necklace
A cowboy necklace was another name for
noose-around-the-neck! Stick your neck
out to purchase this versatile accent for any
neckline. A braided silver tri-colored chain
necklace will be a brilliant finish for all your
outfits. So hang around and bid high.
Donor: Premier Jewelers
67 One Hour of Professional
Residential Landscape Design Consultation
Do your shrubs look like scrub-brush? Tree’s
resembling cactus? Solve your landscape
issues with a professional consultation with
local landscape architect Tim Banfield, ASLA,
for one hour and prepare a plan for your yard.
Previous purchasers have implemented many
of the professional recommendations that were
discussed during Tim’s visit with stunning
results. That’s no mirage in the distance...just
an oasis better known as your yard!
Donor: Outdoor Living, Inc. Tim Banfield
68 White Lasagna Dinner for 8-10
Prize winning (First Place in Bravo Ristorante
Contest) dinner for eight to ten people featuring
White Lasagna - chicken and ham in light
alfredo sauce - appetizer and a raspberry Frango
chocolate torte is also included. Two weeks
notice required. Available January thru
November 2011. Two weeks notice required
and cannot be used during Thanksgiving or
Donor: Marilyn Cooke-Strobel
69 48 Egg Rolls
Lead me not into temptation. I know my own way, thank you! Taste tempting treats like these 48 delicious egg rolls are prepared and ready for your open house, cocktail party or other special event. A very popular auction prize awaiting another high bid.
Donor: Don Horner
70 Calphalon Nonstick Cookset
Weeeee Doggie! There’s nothing hotter than
a Calphalon 10 piece cookset in the chuck
wagon unless you also have a 12 inch all
purpose pan and a Jumbo Fryer with cover.
This set will make the camp cook say “Hot
Diggity Dog!”
Donors: Mansion Street Women’s Health
Dr. Neysa Bartlett
Dr. Lars Langschwager
Dr. Mark Walker
Dr. Kathryn Young
71 Top Highlight with Teri Letts
In preparation to your big night out visit Teri
Letts at Design Studio East for a top highlight.
Donors: Design Studio East – Teri Letts
72 “Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep.” $130
Embroidered 17” x 14” Framed Print
Donor: Jeannette Randall
73 $25 Gift Certificate to Charlies
Albion is home to Charlie’s Restaurant. We
have 25 reasons that prove there’s no place
like home! Nothin’ beats home cookin’.
Donor: Albion Insurance
74 Oil, Lube & Filter and Tire Rotation $50
Ride on in to Cole Chrysler • Dodge • Jeep for
a $25 Oil, filter and lube and a $25 tire rotation. One good turn deserves another.
Donors: Cole Chrysler Dodge Jeep
75 Bud’s Towing & Automotive
Louie’s Bakery
This offering comes highly “Wreck-A-Mended”! A gift certificate for $100 towards towing
or automotive service should get you up and
running. To keep YOU going use a $25 gift
certificate from Louie’s Bakery for nut rolls,
sticky buns, custard filled Long Johns, fresh
baked breads, pies and cakes. We hear Bud’s
and Louie’s have a legion of faithful “followers,” so join the movement.
Donor: Bud’s Towing & Automotive
Louie’s Bakery
76 $50 Gift Certificate for Any Service $50
at Albion Motors Ford Mercury, Inc.
Donor: Albion Motors Ford Mercury, Inc.
77 16 gig iPod Nano
Enjoy everything you love about an iPod
and then some with a 6th Generation 16GB
silver iPod bundled with a screen care pack,
wall charger, earbuds and a USB cable. iPod
features a 1.5” Multi-Touch LCD Display;
FM Radio Tuner with Pause Function; Genius Playlists & Mixes; Nike + iPod Sport Kit
Compatibility; VoiceOver Speaks Playlist,
Song & Artist; Shake to Shuffle; Built-In Clip
and Mac and Windows Compatibility.
Donor: Bronson Neurological Services
78 SONY Dash
You’ll have the most up-to-date bunkhouse
in the territory! Stop searching for the latest
news, weather, sports scores and social network updates. Dash from Sony streams play
lists of personalized apps, as well as Internet
radio, photos and video, through a vivid 7
inch touch screen. Connecting to your home
wireless network, Dash delivers fresh, up-tothe-minute content, available at a glance. The
fastest way to move cattle is s-l-o-w-l-y....or
with a Dash!
Donors: Brent and Wanda Belcher
79 ATV, RV, UTV or Motorcycle service $139
Q. What was the original Cowboy ATV?
A. The Mule!
Keep you recreational vehicle, motorcycle,
ATV or UTV in tip-top shape with a gift certificate for service at M3 Motorsports. Never
walk when you can ride!
Donor: M3 Motorsports, Inc.
80 Gloss or Tone with Brittany Lamanuzzi
at Design Studio East
Donors: Design Studio East
Brittany Lamanuzzi
81 60” x 104” Tablecloth
Off-White tablecloth featuring milk chocolate
cross-stitched design.
Donor: Jeannette Randall
82 200 lbs. of Conditioning Salt
Do you know why pork and beans was a
cowboy staple? Beans by themselves didn’t
provide enough sodium to combat the extreme
heat and physical labor the cowboy endured
sooo salt pork was added and saved the west!
Speaking of salt let O’Leary’s Water Care be
your personal water conditioning experts! Four
50 lb bags of solar salt for water conditioning
should give your aqua a lift. It gives “clean
lift” an entirely new meaning. Purchaser must
pick up at O’Leary’s.
Donor: O’Leary Water Care
83 $50 Gift Certificate for Any Service $50
at Albion Motors Ford Mercury, Inc.
Donor: Albion Motors Ford Mercury, Inc.
84 Raku Workshop for Four
Raku-yaki or Raku ware, is a type of Japanese
pottery that is traditionally and primarily used
in the Japanese tea ceremony in Japan, most
often in the form of tea bowls. It is traditionally characterized by hand-molding of the clay
as opposed to turning it on a potter’s wheel,
resulting in each piece being “one-of-a-kind”;
low firing temperatures (resulting in a fairly
porous body); lead glazes; and the removal of
pieces from the kiln while still glowing hot.
In the traditional Japanese firing process, the
fired Raku piece is removed from the hot kiln
and put directly into water or allowed to cool
in the open air. Raku techniques have been
adopted and modified by contemporary potters
worldwide. A Raku workshop for Four will
teach you this and more with a “hands-on”
experience you’ll never forget.
Donor: Schuler Arts - Nobel Schuler
85 Six week basic dog obedience class $85
Get along little doggies! Six week basic dog
obedience class Level 1 or Level 2. Check
website for available schedule:
Heel Big Fella. Don’t make us get the short the one I wear!
Donor: Happy Tails Too –
Kathleen Hamaker
86 Ukulele with Bag
“Yellow Rose of Texas”, “In Dallas, Alice”,
“Buffalo Gals” and the “Night Herding Song”
played on a Ukulele? Give it a whirl with this
Ukulele and bag from Love Vintage Guitar.
Hawaii isn’t the only place a ukulele sounds
good. If you’ve got strings & sing you might
be a cowboy!
Donor: Love Vintage Guitar
87 Custom Framing by Darling and $75
Company Framing and Art
Q. What do you call a Master Painter who
hangs around museums? A. Art Q. What
do you call a clumsy art collector who falls
into a painting? A. Framed. Help the art in
your life get framed with $75 towards custom
framing by Darling and Company Framing
and Art. It’s your “hang-up” if you love/hate
art jokes, not mine!
Donor: Darling and Company Framing
and Art
88 Allison’s Gift Certificate
Allison’s carries today’s top women’s fashions
in a variety of sizes, styles and colors (NOT
just Maize & Blue). Trust her and her dedicated staff when it comes to stunning fashion.
A $100 gift certificate will add some style to
your wardrobe.
Donor: Allison’s
89 Duck Lake Country Club Golf $180
Horse feathers? Tail feathers! Put “down” the
winning bid on this golf package. 18 holes of
golf for four with cart at Duck Lake Country
Club. Golfers will be all over this package like
a chicken on a June bug!
Donor: Duck Lake Country Club
90 12 month “Corporate”
Membership for Bird Hunting
Take aim at purchasing a 12 month hunt “Corporate Membership” allowing member plus
five people to hunt pheasants. Season runs
from 8/15 - 4/30. Birds are $16 each, Chukar
birds are $11 each. A real Hunters Holiday
sure to give you some Bang for your buckshot.
Donor: Andy’s Acres
91 OLIC Deluxe Family Membership $1,226
Your buckle don’t shine in the dirt, so get
up and get movin’! Deluxe Family Annual
Membership Includes 12 Personal (or family
group) Training Sessions. The Oaklawn Life
Improvement Center “”OLIC”” family membership includes husband and wife, or parent
and one or more children), 12 - 18 years old. Children 12 and under are allowed pool membership limited to special classes and adult-accompanied visits. Personal Training sessions
may be used by family members individually
or have some fun family time training together! Sessions can be utilized monthly, up front,
or as you wish. Buckle down and bid high.
Donor: Oaklawn Life Improvement
92 Cornwell’s Dinner Theatre
Starting with “Peace in the Valley” (playing
now) and finishing 2011 with “Grandma Got
Run Over by a ...What?” just proves Cornwell’s Dinner Theatre is in for another strong
“showing”. Enjoy two tickets to Cornwell’s
Dinner Theatre, a bountiful turkey buffet,
one bottle of wine or four cocktail drinks and
Broadway style professional theatre. The 2011
season is looking fantastic, so put on your
fancy-go-to-meetin’ clothes and prepare for an
evening of great taste!
Donor: Cornwell’s Turkeyville, U.S.A.
93 Shark 2-in-1 Vac-then-Steam System $160
In today’s busy world, who has time to sweep
and mop floors? Introducing Shark® 2-in-1
Vac-then-Steam™. You start by using the highpowered suction vacuum to pick up dust and
particles. Then simply switch to the chemicalfree Steam mode for a truly clean, sanitized,
and dry hard-floor surface. No more brooms.
No more buckets of dirty water. Just clean
floors - quick and easy. No longer do you
have to give your floors a “lick and a promise”
cleaning. Get them in Apple Pie Order with
the Shark 2-in-1 system today.
Donors: Oaklawn Medical Group-Beadle Lake
Dr. Stephen Durant
Dr. Roger Kilbourn
94 Kellogg’s Repair & Motor Sports $100
If you prefer banked tracks and two tracks
or fresh powder and a rough wake, then this
selection is for you! $100 towards labor or
service for your automobile, lawnmower,
snowmobile, quad, chainsaw or jet ski should
help quench your extreme thirst for power and
speed. Throttle up on this package and pop the
clutch… or slap your horse on the flank with
the reins and giddyup!
Donor: Kellogg’s Repair & Motor Sports
95 Battle Creek Bombers Package
Get to Battle Creek and take in a Bombers
game! The Great American Pastime is alive
and well in B.C., and you can experience top
caliber baseball with four HBC Fan Deck tickets to a Bombers game with the opportunity
to throw out first pitch and have child be bat
boy or girl. Includes an autographed baseball.
The crack of a bat, the smell of hot dogs and
popcorn, the roar of the crowd…. Man, I can’t
wait for the season to start! Batter Up!
Donor: Battle Creek Bombers
96 Two handymen for five hours each $350
Some folks are regular “workaholics”...they
start nipping at the Red-eye when there’s work
to be done! You can count on the Affordable
Handymen for two men for five hours each to
get the work done at your home or business.
That’s ten hours of labor (materials not included) available to make you look good! Must be
used by purchaser before 12/31/2011. These
range hands know how to mend a fence....or
anything else you got that needs fixin’... except that case of barrel fever you got after last
nights bender with the other “workaholics”!
Donor: Affordable Handymen, LLC
97 Randall’s Northern Beans
What can the bean master (cowboy cook) make
with pork, baked beans and onions? Campfire
Tear Gas! Three boxes of Randall’s Northern
beans should give you plenty of ammunition
to create every bean recipe you know. Bet you
were expecting a Blazing Saddle reference! Ha!
Donor: Randall Food Products
98 Mauve Afghan and Pillow
A full size crocheted mauve afghan with
matching pillow.
Donor: Polly Messner
99 Hollyhocks original watercolor by $650
Betty Bea Washburn
A strong accent plant reminiscent of heirloom
gardens and cottage borders, Hollyhocks are a
charming addition to any garden space or any
art collection. Add “Hollyhocks”, an original
custom-framed watercolor by Betty Bea
Washburn, to your private collection.
Donor: Betty Bea Washburn
100 30 Minute Massage with Steve Lewis $40
Donors: Design Studio East –
Steve Lewis
101 Three Pair of Pillowcases
Three pair of pillowcases embroidered in an
assortment of colors by Jeannette Randall.
Donor: Jeannette Randall
102 Auto-Lab of Marshall
Hungry Howie’s of Marshall
Whoa Nellie! Get a two wheel brake job that
includes premium brake pads and machine
brake rotors from Auto Lab to make sure you
are able to stop at…Hungry Howie’s! A $25
gift certificate for Hungry Howie’s delicious
pizza, calzones, salads, Howie Bread and more
is sure to help stop your hunger pains.
Donors: Auto-Lab of Marshall
Hungry Howie’s of Marshall
103 Two $10 Gift Certificates to
Louie’s Bakery
Donor: Louie’s Bakery
104 Grapevine Wreath
Distressed grapevine wreath covered with
Hydrangeas and coordinating bows.
Donor: Carla Donovan
105 Creative Photo Session for Five $175
at Sykora Photography
Creative session for five in studio or on Sykora
grounds. Includes specialized art design
grouping of three of your favorite images and
an 8”x 16” mounted image framed by Sykora
Donor: Sykora Photography
106 OLIC Race Training Program
I reckon this is gonna hurt a little.... get Hospitality Classic race-ready with a nine week
Race Training Program. Start training for the
May 21st Hospitality classic - start by March
21st! Prevent injuries, increase efficiency, assistance in setting goals, organize workouts,
and increase your motivation. Weekly personal training sessions, plus on-line workouts
tailored to your individual needs by a personal
coach. Whether you are a veteran racer or first
timer, your coach can help you achieve your
goal! Nine-week package can begin any time.
Handy Cowboy Hint: If you’re running ahead
of the herd, take a look back every now and
again to see if they are still with ya!
Donor: Oaklawn Life Improvement Center
107 Zarzuela Dinner for 12
Dinner for 12 at a location of buyers choice.
Meal will be prepared and served by the staff
of Zarzuela Restaurant. The menu will be
finalized with the winning bidder and the
culinary staff. Meal will include tapas, salads,
main entrée, dessert and wines to accompany
the meal. Mutually agreed upon date and
time. Not available over July 4th weekend.
Donor: Zarzuela, LLC
108 Xbox 360 Kinect + 3 games
You are the controller. No gadgets, no gizmos,
just you! Kinect brings games and entertainment to life in extraordinary new ways without
using a controller. Imagine controlling movies
and music with the wave of a hand or the sound
of your voice. With Kinect, technology evaporates, letting the natural magic in all of us shine.
Includes three games: Dance Central, Motion
Sports and Your Shape.
Donor: Dr. Vincent Shen
109 Set of three discs for disc golf
$20 in Albion Money
It’s a birdie! It’s a plain par! It’s a Wham-O
Eagle! It’s a set of three discs for disc golf
and $20 in Albion Money! Albion money
needs to be redeemed by 6-30-11.
Donor: Greater Albion Chamber
of Commerce
110 Cascarelli's of Albion Dinner for 8 $150
Eight is enough to keep a dinner party lively.
Live it up with dinner for eight from Cascarelli’s of Albion. Includes appetizer, dinner
and dessert. Dine in or cater out. Alcoholic
beverages and tip not included. Not available
for holidays.
Donor: Cascarelli's of Albion
111 Netgear Wireless Router & Install $250
Wireless is the way to go…and you’d better
believe it! Let us install a Netgear Rangemaz
Dual Band Wireless - N Router and Professional home wireless network. Router will
be delivered and installed by Believe I.T. Are
you a true believer, yet?
Donor: Believe I.T.
112 Mission Car Wash Gift Certificate $100
Wax prophetic. Guarantee you will purchase
this $100 Mission Car Wash gift certificate.
“The friendly staff and Rainex protectant at
Mission Car Wash will help you protect your
Donor: Mission Car Wash
113 Carpet Cleaning
Marshall Moonraker
Carpet cleaning for two average sized rooms
should work up an above average hunger…
just watching, of course! Strap on your
feedbag with a $25 Marshall Moonraker gift
certificate and the Belly Cheater (cook) a day
off...due to clean carpets, of course!
Donors: All-Star Carpet Cleaning
Marshall Moonraker
114 Furnace & Air Conditioner
Need to clear the air? Remove all that winter
gook from your heating and cooling systems
with one furnace and air conditioning cleaning. Fuel oil furnaces are an additional $50
because fuel oil fingers are smelly!
Donor: Munier Heating & Cooling Yvonne Munier
115 Two BC Field of Flight VIP Passes
Two all event V.I.P. passes and one all event
parking pass for 2011 Battle Creek Field of
Flight Entertainment Festival.
Donor: Battle Creek Field of Flight
Entertainment Festival
116 18" Doll Wardrobe
Donor: Mrs. Peg Nixon
117 Vera Bradley Sittin In a Tree
fashion accessory collection
Mike & Vera sittin’ in a tree.
K-I-S-S-I-N-G.... The Mole Hole of Marshall
offers three pieces from the Vera Bradley “Sittin’ in a Tree” collection. Includes a beach
towel, tote and wallet. Watch the birdies!
Donor: The Mole Hole of Marshall
118 One Tuxedo Rental
In need of a “Penguin suit”? Formally request
one complete tuxedo rental (tuxedo, tie, vest,
shirt and shoes included) from Clair’s Tuxedo,
and you will be well on your way to making
Cary Grant & James Bond proud.
Donor: Clair's Tuxedo
119 Sykora Photography
Family Session
One creative session for five in studio or
on Sykora grounds. Includes one 8 x 10 of
choice and eight wallets. Additional framing,
wall prints and gift prints available.
Donor: Sykora Photography
120 Lawncare or Snowplowing
Marshall Hungry Howie’s
Don’t get “pushy” this year! There’s now no
good reason for you to mulch, mow, or throw
snow… $100 to be used on or towards any
combination of landscaping, lawncare and/
or snowplowing needs. Must be used by
12/31/2011. Let Murph and his crew be the
“pushovers” and do the work! While Murph
and his crew are outside in the freezing weather, you should stay warm inside and enjoy $25
worth of Hungry Howie gift certificates. Calzones, salads, and of course, delicious flavored
crust pizza from Marshall Hungry Howie’s
should add to your little slice of Heaven.
Donors: Just in Time Snow & Lawn
Marshall Hungry Howie’s
121 Shaw 5’x7’ Area Rug
Add a spot of color to any area of your home
with this Shaw 5’x7’ “Mission/Ebony” Area
Rug. Be a true “Carpetbagger” and bag this bid!
Donor: Larry’s Floor Covering &
Paint Spot
122 Bayberry House Interiors
"It's time to Re-Design!" $250 consultation in
home or office - design plan to include specs
for wall treatment, window treatment, floor
covering, furniture placement, accessorizing,
lighting and a 3’x5’ Company C Wool area
rug. Six months to redeem from purchase date.
Donor: Bayberry House Interiors
123 Moonraker of Battle Creek
Cowboy advice: Never joke with mules or
cooks as they have no sense of humor. Take
our advice on this one... a $250 gift card to the
Battle Creek Moonraker is no joke! Don’t be
stubborn and treat your cook to chow-time at
the Moonraker.
Donor: Moonraker of Battle Creek
124 Baby Quilt, Banner and Bunny
Announce your bundle of joy in style with a
baby quilt and baby garland.
Donor: The Plaid Herb
125 Hair Care Gift Basket
Trim your mane. A gift basket of hair care
products and three haircut gift certificates
should cut it. Remember: Never ask a barber
if you need a haircut.
Donor: Marshall Barber and
Hair Replacement
126 Battle Creek Knights Tickets
Elevate your auction game. Rebound from
previously unsuccessful bidding to purchase
four VIP HBC Slam zone tickets to a Battle
Creek Knights Game. Includes food and
beverages, an opportunity to have child be ball
boy/girl and a 10 game ticket voucher book.
Family fun is a “slam dunk”!
Donor: Battle Creek Knights
127 Signed Miguel Cabrera Jersey
Signed Miguel Cabrera Detroit Tiger jersey.
Donors: Dave Rozema
128 Child’s Oak Rocking Chair
One children’s oak rocking chair.
Donor: Longstreet Furniture
129 Line Design Chanticleer Tree
No, Chanticleer isn’t an Indian song that can
be’s a flowering tree! From
Bushman Jr. and Line Design & Landscape
comes one 4” to 5” caliper Chanticleer Flowering Tree. Cowboy up or go sit in the truck!
Donor: Line Design & Landscape
130 Dinner for Two at Lopez Taco House $22
For over 33 years Lopez Taco House in Albion
has been serving its customers. It’s all homemade and made fresh everyday. Momma
Lopez’ secret recipe enchilada sauce is one of
the many things that makes this restaurant so
special. Great food and friendly service will
be yours with this gift certificate for dinner for
two. The Wet Burrito’s and Taco’s are great!
Donor: Lopez Taco House
131 Two - 1/2 hour riding lessons
Do you whisper but your horse doesn’t listen?
Stir up some courage and get back in the saddle.
Two - 1/2 hour riding lesson certificates will get
you to the starting “gait”.
Donor: Nancy Held Equestrian Center –
Albion College
132 Quilt Show Tickets & Quilt
One royal blue and yellow 59” x 78” quilt aptly
named “Serendipity Tea”. Includes Gallery
Tour of A Quilter’s Harvest quilt show to be
held at the MAC on September 10th and 11th,
2011. Show will feature award winning quilter
Wanda Warner. Sew be it!
Donor: Wanda Warner
133 One Ounce Silver Coin
A fiery horse with the speed of light, a cloud of
dust and a hearty Hi-Yo Silver … the Lone Coin
Ranger! Keep your identity closely guarded
while bidding on the exquisite one ounce silver
coin, Kimosabe, or a high-falutin’ Cattle Baron
may run you up! Teamed with your faithful
Auction companion, Pronto, be the daring and
resourceful masked rider of western Marshall
that led the fight for law, order and high bidding
in the early Western section of the MAC. Return
with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear.
The Lone Coin Ranger rides again!
Donors: Premier Jewelers
134 Garmin Nuvi 1300 LMT GPS
Tired of putting your ear to the ground for
directions? You know, asking questions like
“where’s the traffic stampede coming from”?
“Where is the nearest train station”? All of your
navigational prayers are answered with this
Garmin Nuvi 1300 LMT GPS system. The thin
nüvi 1300LMT has a widescreen display, yet it’s
slim and light enough to take along on all your
travels. This affordable GPS comes with FREE
Lifetime Map updates, announces streets by
name, offers pedestrian navigation options and
calculates a more fuel-efficient route with ecoRoute™ and more. Cowboy fact: Cattle know
why they stampede, but they ain’t a talkin’...
Donor: Southern Michigan Bank & Trust
135 Toshiba DVD Player
Moonraker of Marshall
Sit back, relax and enjoy dinner or a snack with
your favorite western any time you like with a
slim design Toshiba DVD Player with remote.
Includes Jpeg picture viewer and MP3 playback
capabilities. $25 worth of Marshall Moonraker
gift certificates should satisfy your cravings for
rare prime rib with “Giant” or a Geno’s Pizza
with a spaghetti western like “For a Few Dollars
More” starring Clint Eastwood.
Donors: Lautenslager Lipsey, Inc.
Mooraker of Marshall
136 Coffee Sampler from Biggby
Do you typically start your morning with a
steaming hot cup of “Belly Wash”, “Black
Water”, “Brown Gargle”, “Arbuckle’s”, or
“Brain Juice”? Terms for “coffee” used by
Cowboy’s and Cowgirls in the Old West. We
just refer to it as “coffee” and this gift basket
chock-full of coffee samplers from Biggby’s is
the best part of waking up! Cup of Tar anyone?
Donor: Biggby Coffee
137 $200 Gift Certificate/Front Door $200
When you think “Old Western Saloon” do you
think first of the cool, double swinging saloon
doors? How many cardsharks, lawmen, cattle
rustlers, drifters, and gunslingers pushed their
way through those front doors? Make your
homes front door just as memorable with $200
from Keep and Martinson Lumber Company to
be used towards the purchase of any front entry
door. Whiskey for my men, beer for my horses
and a front door for my house!
Donor: Keep and Martinson Lumber Company
138 SONY Blue-Ray Disc Player
DVD Home Theater System
Step up to the crystal-clear clarity of Blu-ray
Disc™ movies and pump intense, theater-quality
audio through the 5.1-channel surround sound
system. Featuring a Blu-ray Disc and DVD
player, Avatar three disc Blu-ray set and Life
Blu-ray DVD from the makers of Planet Earth,
this is a complete entertainment solution.
Donors: South Central Ear, Nose & Throat, PC
Dr. Michael Sterrett
Dr. Martin Goins
139 Hand Crafted Garden Cross
Western look, hand crafted cross for your home or
garden. Made from yucca plant and wrapped with
wire, turquoise, silver and barbed wire and leather.
Donor: Gloria Murphy
140 Kellogg Foundation Gift Items
W.K. Kellogg’s compassion and his belief in the
promise and the importance of children were clear
in the name he chose for the organization he created
in 1930: the W.K. Kellogg Child Welfare Foundation. While the organization name was soon shortened to the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, the focus on
protecting, nurturing and supporting opportunities
for children has continued to this day. A polo shirt
with the W.K. Kellogg Foundation logo, paper
weight, mug and visor all elegantly packaged in a
W.K. Kellogg Foundation bag will act as a constant
reminder of the good work this foundation has done
and continues to do for children world wide.
Donor: W.K. Kellogg Foundation
141 30 Minute Massage with Amanda
Hagaman at Design Studio East
Donors: Design Studio East –
Amanda Hagaman
142 Motorola Universal Bluetooth
In-car Speakerphone
This Bluetooth speakerphone provides clear calls
from your car with dual microphone noise cancellation. Automatically turns on when you get into your
vehicle and turns off when you get out.
Donor: Progressive Dynamics, Inc.
143 Private Music Lessons
Clint Eastwood sang in “Paint Your Wagon”,
John Wayne did it in “Riders of Destiny” and
of course there was Gene Autry the original
“Singing Cowboy”. Get on your way to musical
participation and enjoyment with three - thirty
minute private lessons or five early childhood
classes at the Community Music School. Registration fee included. Can be used for voice,
piano, guitar, band and orchestra instruments.
Expires December 2011.
Donor: Community Music School
144 Two Light Brown Pillowcases
with Cream Candlewicking
Donor: Jeannette Randall
145 Four Course Meal for Eight (8)
A four course meal for up to 8 people prepared
by a classically trained French Chef. Contact Justin to arrange for a mutually agreeable
time, place and menu. Saturday date preferred
between April 2011 - October 2011, wine not
Donor: Justin Brown - RPI Consultants
146 Sports Collectibles
Upper Deck Ted Williams; MacFarlane
Wayne Gretzky, Cal Ripken, Jocelyn Thibault
(white), Jocelyn Thibault (red), Bobby Orr;
Hartland Nolan Ryan; Starting Lineups Mark
Grace; Stadium Stars Mike Piazza, Frank
Thomas, Darren Daulton, Javier Lopez, Ryne
Donors: Mr. and Mrs. Larry Leamy
147 $150 Baker Tool Gift Certificate
Gettin’ ready to muck out your horse stalls?
$150 gift certificate towards tool rental at Baker
Tool Rental should give you the inside “poop”
on what tool is right for your job. Bobcat?
Scoop shovel? Just remember: If you find
yourself in a hole, stop diggin’!
Donor: Baker Tool Rental & Storage LLC
148 Apple iPad 64GB
iPad is the best way to experience the web,
email, photos, and video. All on one big, beautiful Multi-touch screen. With just the touch of
a finger. Connect on the nation’s fastest mobile
broadband network or at any of over 20,000
convenient AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spots around the
country with 64GB of memory, built-in 3G
wireless connectivity and a case. And to think
a locomotive changed the west and made this
all possible.....hmmmmm. Cowboys vs. Aliens
doesn’t seem so far fetched, Mr. Spielberg.
Donor: Kreis, Enderle, Hudgins and Borsos, P.C.
149 Three Hours of Blue Hot Jam Music
Not fresh huckleberry fruit preserves on a soda
sinker biscuit! Three hours of blues music
performed by Dann Phillips of Blue Hot Jam is
more like it. Piano blues, blues harp and vocals
by an accomplished musical legend. Tex Ritter,
Roy Rogers and Dale your heart out!
Donor: Blue Hot Jan – Dann Phillips
150 Edward Jones Financial Assessment $275
Better than a jar buried out yonder, get a full financial assessment plan from Greg Feltner of Edward
Jones. Package includes retirement planning, education planning, financial planning, dinner for two
at Websters Inn of Ann Arbor, logoed polo shirt,
blanket, mug, pad of paper and pens. Cowboy
logic says that the best way to double your money
is fold it in half. Let Greg help bring you into the
financial planning fold.
Donor: Greg Feltner – Edward Jones Financial
151 Nookcolor
Nothing brings your reading to life like our
Nookcolor with VividView™ Color Touchscreen. The rich high resolution backlit display
uses more than 16 million colors to illuminate
stunning images and crisp text for easy reading
day or night. A stunning 7-inch color touchscreen depicts magazines & newspapers in rich
color and makes kids’ books come alive. Over
2 million titles at your fingertips. Get social,
surf the web, play games, even listen to music,
covers every nook and cranny of the literary and
social networking world. The ultimate reader.
Donor: Monarch Bank
152 $200 Signworld Concepts Signage
To a cowboy, a good cutting horse was worth its
weight in gold. Today a good vinyl cutter for
signage is worth every bit as much. Signworld
Concepts of Marshall offers $200 worth of signage
to the highest bidder. Whooowee that Cowgirl
Bonnie Kazmar is so good she can cut a gopher
from its hole! Now that’s some kind of good....
Donor: Signworld Concepts
– Bonnie Kazmar & Tom YoBa
153 Raku “Surprised Face” Vase
Go West young man, go West ... and find artist
Casey Hankin of Utah creating pieces of art like
this exquisite Raku vase featuring a “Surprised”
face. I’m going to be quiet about being
“surprised” now. It’s hard to put a foot in a
closed mouth. Raku? Rakme!
Donor: Caron Chevrolet
154 Asus 1015 PE Notebook Computer $240
Everything you could ask of a netbook, the new
10-inch 1015PE answers. Powered by the new
Intel Atom N550 dual-core processor, the new addition to the Eee PC Seashell series delivers more
responsive performance to speed up your applications without compromising battery life. Take this
mobile phenom wherever you choose and enjoy up
to an incredible 13 hours of unplugged freedom.
The 1015PE is encased in a smooth matte-finished
shell that captivates onlookers and features an Intel
processor with energy-efficient memory support
that’s specifically designed for netbooks for more
responsive multitasking. Comes with Webroot
antivirus spy sweeper. Just like a gunfighter, this
machines knows that fast is good, but accurate is
better! Draw your number and bid!
Donors: Brent and Wanda Belcher
155 AFLAC 3ft. Stuffed Duck
Out on the range, “Stuff” happens. Let this 3 foot
high stuffed toy duck act as a constant reminder
that protection is out there (where the deer and the
antelope play). Tell ‘em Cowboy Yogi sent ya’!
Donor: AFLAC
156 Bird Bath
Saturday night is “Bath” night! A lovely concrete bird bath will give our feathered friends
something to flock to every day of the week.
Donor: Southern Exposure Herb & Statuary Farm
157 iGo Dual USB Charger
& Radio Shack Gift Card
An iGo dual USB charger will charge all of your
devices from one charger while you’re in the car
via two USB ports so you and your passengers
will always be safe, entertained and connected
on the road. Unique tip solution allows you to
charge all your devices from one power source. A
handy solution for charging the devices you rely
on while you are on the go. Also included are an
iGo universal battery powered charger and a $30
Radio Shack gift card. Feeling “empowered” yet
or is this just another shameless plug? Your call.
Donor: Progressive Dynamics, Inc.
158 Wendy’s Gift Basket
Wendy’s gift basket. Includes $100 gift certificate,
gift cards, hamburger coaster set, golf ball and tee
set, hot food mug with spoon and teddy bear.
Donor: Wendy’s of Marshall
159 $500 at Christensen’s Furniture
Need a new rocking chair for the front porch
or a new bed for the bunkhouse? Christensen’s
Furniture in Charlotte, MI is the place to go. A
$500 gift certificate will get you what you need.
Twenty minutes by car, 10 hours by prairie
schooner, this family owned furniture store has
everything you need.
Donor: Johnson Systems, Inc.
160 16”x 20” Sherlock Holmes Collage $150
It’s elementary my Dear Watson! The secret
to knowing good art lies in the power of observation. It’s easy to deduce that this 16” x
20” mixed media masterpiece by JoAnne Lang
Samson featuring a collage of Sherlock Holmes
elements is something you should own. It’s all
in the pay attention.
Donor: JoAnne Lang Samson
161 It’s All About Me Package
Taking the time to take care of ourselves is not
only a gift to ourselves but to all those around
us. Enjoy a cup of tea by candlelight while
engaging in these books of self empowerment.
Meet with Life Coach, Jane Johnson, to create
new habits to be the optimal you.
Donor: Step-By-Step – Jane Johnson
162 Six Bags of Myrtle Ground Cover
“Creeping Myrtle” sounds like the name of a
bathroom ghost in the Harry Potter series… but
it’s really friendly ground cover to cut down
on your yard work time! Let six bags of myrtle
ground cover take over those difficult-to-mow
areas of your yard and start you on your way to
being a maintenance free landscaper. Spread the
word. This is a growing trend.
Donor: The Mushroom House
163 Apple TV Package
Your computer is the center of your digital life.
Your TV is the center of your entertainment
life. But what if you want to watch movies, TV
shows, movie trailers, podcasts, and photos from
your computer on your TV? This Apple TV with
160GB hard drive complete with a high speed
HDMI cable will bring iTunes to the big screen.
Say you’ve just downloaded Cars from iTunes.
Instead of huddling around your computer
to watch, you pop some popcorn while your
computer wirelessly syncs your new flick to
Apple TV. Then you pull up a seat, put up your
feet, and pick up the included Apple Remote to
play your movie on TV. Give yourself a hand:
you’ve just changed the way you watch digital
media. Apple TV connects to your TV via an
HDMI port or component video and audio ports.
Its built-in, superfast 802.11 wireless capability
syncs your iTunes library to any Mac or PC in
the house. Best of all, what’s on Apple TV stays
in sync: anytime you change your library in
iTunes, it changes on Apple TV - wirelessly, automatically. Apple TV puts your iTunes library
- movies, TV shows, music, and podcasts - plus
movie trailers from on your TV. And
your digital photos from iPhoto on a Mac or
Adobe Photoshop Elements or Adobe Album on
a Windows PC appear in high definition, so you
can put on a stunning big-screen slideshow.
Donor: Rosemary Davis Realtors
164 $40 Gift Certificate to Pasche’s
Seafood Kitchen
Donor: Pasche’s Seafood Kitchen
165 Two Tickets to Detroit Tiger
Opening Day Game
The 2011 Tiger roster has some new faces
but one thing remains the same…we love our
Tigers! See how good change can be with two
tickets to the 2011 Opening Day Detroit Tiger
game at Comerica Park when they begin their
quest for a world championship against the Kansas City Royals. Inge and Martinez. Ordonez
and Verlander. Cabrera and Avila. Zumaya and
Benoit. Who’s your Tiger?
Donor: AFLAC
166 $100 Beautiful Moments
Photography Gift Certificates
Like Tonto saving the Lone Ranger (over and
over) and Victoria Barkley welcoming Heath
Barkley back to the Big Valley Ranch, beautiful
moments happen and need to be preserved in a
photo. Let a $100 gift certificate to Beautiful
Moments Photography help you preserve your
life’s beautiful moments. Now you stay here,
and I’ll sneak around to the back....
Donor: Beautiful Moments Photography
167 Plate Caddy
A beautiful plate caddy with 12 square.
Decorated with pink flowers.
Donor: Sally Jackson
168 Aprilaire Humidifier
Honeywell Air Filter
Cowboys used a neckerchief over their mouth
and nose for a dust filtration system. More
sophisticated equipment is now required. Purchase any Tempstar Furnace and installation
and receive a free 600AA Aprilaire Automatic
Humidifier and a Honeywell F100 Media Air
Filter. Includes associated materials and installation labor. Breath easy and bid high.
Donor: Crooks Plumbing, Heating, Cooling
& Refrigeration
169 Six Tickets to the Frank Center
and $80 for Zarzuela
This should be a real shindig! Paint the town
red with six tickets to any show at the Franke
Center for the Arts during the 2011 season. Included is also a gift certificate for $80 to Zarzuela Tapas Restaurant. Kick up your heels and
have a great time.
Donor: Maplewood of Marshall
170 Nicole Christian Photography
Marshall’s own Jaime Loughridge McAllister
is the photographic and creative genius that
founded Nicole Christian Photography. Harness
her photographic flair with a portrait session
and one 16” x 20” Gallery Wrap Canvas. Let
Jaime’s lens point the way to a timeless portrait.
Donor: Nicole Christian Photography
171 Grooming for any Size Dog
Puppy Love is never having to say your sorry.
Show your canine friend some love with one
dog grooming for any sized dog. There’s nothing better for a man’s soul than being on a horse
or being licked by his puppy.
Donor: Puppy Love Grooming Salon
172 $100 Beautiful Moments
Photography Gift Certificates
Like Hoss saving the Little Joe (or vice versa)
and The Virginian welcoming Trampus back
to the ranch, beautiful moments happen and
need to be preserved in a photo. Let a $100 gift
certificate to Beautiful Moments Photography
help you preserve your life’s beautiful moments.
Now you stay here, and I’ll sneak around to the
back.... because that always works!
Donor: Beautiful Moments Photography
173 Poulan Chainsaw
Herman’s Marshall Hardware is a cut above
those big box stores! They offer a Poulan
branded chainsaw that raises the “bar” for
reliability and phenomenal performance.
Whether you’re cutting fence posts or cutting
firewood, feature-for-feature, “Fist-Full-of-Dollars to Fist-Full-of-Dollars, it’s hard to beat
a Poulan chainsaw. This is “off the chain” good!
Donor: Herman’s Marshall Hardware
174 Playstation 2 Gaming System
with Games
We proudly offer the PS2 Gaming System and
games (it is the best selling console of all time,
having reached over 150 million units sold as of
January 31, 2011). This milestone was reached
10 years and 11 months after the system was
released in Japan on March 4, 2000. Further,
Sony said it currently has 10,828 titles available
for the system and that 1.52 billion PS2 titles
have been sold since launch. In late 2009, with
developers creating new games and the console
still selling steadily a decade after its original
release, Sony stated that the life cycle of the
PlayStation 2 will continue until demand ceases.
Like an old cowboy movie, it’s not old it’s just
getting better with age!
Donor: Titan’s Entertainment Café’
175 1/2 Hour Dance Class
Take the necessary steps to put your child on the
path to a lifetime of poise and grace with one
set of 1/2 hour dance classes for the Fall/Winter
term of 2011/2012. Ages 2 1/2 to 18. Add this
to your repertoire of parenting skills.
Donor: The Repertoire – A Center for Dance
176 18” Doll with Wardrobe & Case
This 18 inch doll is as pretty as a wagon!
An 18 inch tall doll with carrying case, doll
wardrobe and accessories is a fabulous offering for the inner child in all of us. I can’t dress
this item up with words. The only way to fully
appreciate its grandeur is to view it at the auction. See and believe. God Bless them, there,
Donor: Peg Nixon
177 Garnet Necklace
Elegance in simplicity, this subtly domed garnet
necklace is the perfect necklace for everyday
wear. It’s a Cowgirl thing!
Donors: Premier Jewelers
178 $100 Beautiful Moments
Photography Gift Certificate
Like Brett Maverick saving his brother Bart or
Jarrod Barkley hugging his sister Audra, beautiful moments happen and need to be preserved in
a photo. Let a $100 gift certificate to Beautiful
Moments Photography help you preserve your
life’s beautiful moments. Always shoot straight
and speak the truth.
Donor: Beautiful Moments Photography
179 Private Riding Lesson
When in doubt, let your horse do the thinkin’.
Learn how to ride or refresh your riding memory. One hour riding lesson for Greenhorns or
inexperienced riders. The buck(ing) stops here!
Donor: Crystal Morgan Farms
180 PowerMat Charging System
Sound the bugle and lead the charge for PowerMat Charging System, two receivers and a
rechargable battery backup. The Powermat is
a slim, sleek charging mat for home or office.
What’s a charging mat, you ask? Good question.
Powermat’s Wireless Charging System offers a
clean, simple way to keep all those personal electronic devices charged, without a mess of cables.
With the Powermat system, you choose a mat and
then choose the receivers to match the devices
you want to charge. Here comes the calvary!
Donor: Hemmingsen Drug Store
181 Hand Painted Star Box
There’s nothing more beautiful than a starry
night on the wide open plains or the star on your
favorite horses’ forhead...except for this heavenly hand-painted star box from Ann Worth.
Everything is bigger and better when you’re in a
“Lone Star” state of mind.
Donor: Ann Worth
182 8 inch Zentangle Gourd
This is NOT a contorted and twisted mess of
Zen-like thoughts tangled within your brain!
Zentangle is an easy to learn method of creating
beautiful images from repetitive patterns. It is
a fascinating new art form that increases focus
and creativity. Zentangle provides artistic satisfaction and an increased sense of personal well
being. From Master “Pattern-Maker” Douglas
Wolff comes his elegant 8-inch Zentangle
Gourd. Life is an art form and Zentangle is an
elegant metaphor for the artistry of life.
Donors: East End Gallery –
Douglas J. Wolff
183 Cat Scratching Post Package
We’re letting the cat out of the bag! A cat
scratching post, food, treats and toys for that
special feline in your life. Meow! Letting the
cat outta the bag is a heck of a lot easier then
gettin’ it back in!
Donor: Oerther’s
184 Three Freshwater Pearl Necklaces
Donor: Premier Jewelers
185 $100 Beautiful Moments
Photography Gift Certificate
Like Matt Dillon saving Festus and Miss Kitty,
beautiful moments happen and need to be
preserved in a photo. Let a $100 gift certificate
to Beautiful Moments Photography help you
preserve your life’s beautiful moments. Always
hug the girl first, not your horse.
Donor: Beautiful Moments Photography
186 Four Vases of Premium Red Roses $400
Ever walk into a flower shop and struggle with a
selection? A good florist will help, a great florist
will ask exactly what it is you’ve done wrong!
Four vases of Premium Red Roses will get you
out of any tight spot. Delivery limited to a 12
mile radius of Marshall. Flower Fact: Your
nose is the scenter of your face.
Donor: The Harvester
187 Signed Austin Jackson Jersey
Word has it the centerfielder for the Detroit
Tigers is such a good guy that he’ll give you the
shirt off his back...and he has! A signed Austin
Jackson Detroit Tigers jersey is available to the
highest bidder. He’s from Denton, Texas and
that’s plenty of credentials to fit our “cowboy”
theme this year!
Donor: Dave Rozema
188 Stone Bracelet with Copper Accents $22
Donor: East End Gallery –
Victoria Newton
189 Stained Glass Panel
Cowboys and Cowgirls appreciated the beauty
of the lonesome prairie. A very colorful 14”
x 18” prairie-style panel featuring red, yellow, orange, black, green and white shades set
into clear will stir your artistic soul. Makes
you want to start singing “Bury Me Not on the
Lonesome Prairie” doesn’t it?
Donor: Lyndie’s Windows
190 Paula Tucker Catered Dinner for 8 $350
Let Paula Tucker Catering prepare dinner for
eight in your home. Go to
for menu choices and reserve your dinner date
within one year of purchase. She is NO relation
to famed cowboy actor and star of television’s
“F” Troop (Does “F” stand for “food”?) Forrest don’t invite Larry Storch!
Donor: Paula Tucker Catering
191 Calhoun County Fair Package
“County Fair” was a cowboy drama made in 1950
starring Rory Calhoun. This Calhoun County Fair
package is the real deal. Includes one commemorative brick, two passes to each of the following
events: tractor pulls, motocross, Demolition Derby,
and the Combine Derby, two weekly passes, two
coffee cups, two christmas ornaments and one
Floral Hall print. Step right up and win this prize!
Donor: Calhoun County Fairgrounds
192 One Night Stay at the Marshall
Hampton Inn
Put that bedroll away for one night cowboy, you
don’t have to sleep on the ground. Get in on the
ground floor for a one night stay at the Hampton
Inn of Marshall. Includes a hot breakfast, WiFi
and free local calling. Cowboy Logic says to
never wake a sleepin’ Rattler...but a front lobby
wake-up call should work.
Donor: Hampton Inn of Marshall
193 Yellow Crocheted Baby Afghan
Donor: Jean Schepers
194 Three Prints
Three artistic prints entitled: “Afternoon
Siesta”, “Raspberries” and “Don’t Look Back”.
Donors: East End Gallery –
Kimber Thompson
195 Men’s Wool Cardigan Sweater
Donor: The Hall Tree, Inc.
196 Children’s “Madeline” Package
Favorite cowboy movie starlett named Madeline? Madeline Kahn from Blazing Saddles, of
course! This is sure to be your childs favorite
“Madeline”... a Madeline footstool, clothing
hook, clothes tree, switch plate and growth
chart to decorate their room. Be the star in your
child’s eyes with this package from The Children’s Shoppe. They will be singing “I’m So
Tired...” when bedtime rolls around just so they
can be in their newly decorated room!
Donor: The Children’s Shoppe
197 Blue Crocheted Baby Afghan
Donor: Jean Schepers
198 Weekend in Chicago
One weekend (Friday - Sunday) of accommodations at our luxurious Chicago Gold Coast
Condominium. One block to Magnificent mile.
Must be used by 6 -30-2011.
Donors: Bob & Julie Voigt
199 $100 Beautiful Moments
Photography Gift Certificate
Like Brad Pitt doing just about anything in
Legends of the Fall, beautiful moments happen
and need to be preserved in a photo. Let a $100
gift certificate to Beautiful Moments Photography help you preserve your life’s beautiful moments. Always hug the girl first, not your horse.
Donor: Beautiful Moments Photography
200 Brighton Hand Bag
Black. Medium sized and Gorgeous!
Donor: The Hall Tree, Inc.
201 Handmade Blue and Green
Baby Afghan
Donor: Jean Schepers
202 Handmade Card Case
Try not to tip your hand when bidding on this
beautiful handmade card case. Features an
etched top and a deck of playing cards inside.
Your Ace-In-The-Hole is what you got up your
sleeve.... not in your “hand”.
Donors: Ron and Jan Walton
203 Philips Sonicare FlexCare
Sonicare is usually only available to Dental
Professionals but you get your “shot” at it at this
years auction. The Sonicare Flexcare+ Power
Toothbrush Model HX6942/20 features: Patented Sonic Technology; 5 Flexible Brushing
Modes; Illuminated Display; Quadpacer; Compact ProResults brush head; Standard ProResults
brush head; and a UV Sanitizer with integrated
chargerCord. That’s quite a mouthful!
Donor: Delta Dental Plan of Michigan
204 Oil, Lube & Filter and Tire Rotation $50
Ride on in to Cole Chrysler • Dodge • Jeep for
a $25 Oil, filter and lube and a $25 tire rotation.
One good turn deserves another.
Donors: Cole Chrysler Dodge Jeep
205 20 piece Screwdriver set
Never be accused of being all hat and no
cattle. Make sure you’re ready for anything
with a 20 piece screwdriver set. Phillips or
Regular, it doesn’t matter!
Donors: General Store & Hardware of Albion
206 Wooden Box with Flower Inlay Top $75
Q. In the Old West, what or who was a
“Box Herder”? We heard this box was a true
work of art. Handmade from exquisite hard
wood it features a pressed flower inlay top. A.
The person in charge of the working girls in a
saloon! Many similarities, if you ask me....
Donors: Ron and Jan Walton
207 Italian Embroidered Silk Clutch
There’s a dance this weekend so put on your
best bib and tucker! When you’re all gussied
up don’t forget to accessorize with this silk
clutch that’s perfect for an evening out. Made
from Italian embroidered silk, it also features a
cosmetic pouch. Perfect as a clutch, for packing delicates for travel or to use as a decorative
pillow. Talk about versatile!
Donor: Pamela Rudd
208 Two Night Stay at Comfort Inn
Are you ready to become comfortably numb?
Take comfort in the fact that a two-night stay at
Comfort Inn of Marshall can help you achieve
that level of relaxation. Includes continental
breakfast, indoor pool, hot tub and dry sauna.
Donor: Comfort Inn of Marshall
209 Full Blast Family Fun Pack
Full Blast, the Internationally Award Winning
Family Entertainment Center in Battle Creek
has over 150,000 square feet of year around fun
for the entire family. Enjoy a Family 4 pack,
four summer fun passes, eight general admission passes, eight Super Blast upgrade passes,
four souvenir Full Blast bottles, four souvenir
Full Blast bottle refills, four Water Wars passes
and one flash Flood tote. Full Blast boasts both
an indoor and outdoor water park. The indoor
water park has two 100 foot water slides and
the outdoor has two 200 foot waterslides. The
building is also home to three full-sized basketball courts, running track, video arcade, rock
wall, cyberspin, 9-hole Glow-in- the-Dark Golf
Course, food court and much more!
Donor: Battle Creek Parks and Recreation
210 A One Hour Massage
Your horse loves a good rub down at the end
of a hard day on the ranch. Why shouldn’t
you experience the same luxury? No! I’m not
implying your horse give you a rub down (those
hooves might leave scars!). I am saying let the
professionals at Craft Chiropractic provide you
with a relaxing one hour massage to work out
the kinks. Say “neigh” to amateurs and let the
pro’s what they are trained to do.
Donor: Craft Chiropractic
211 Antique Pie Crust Table
The Cowboy Dictionary lists a “Boggy Top”
as a pie baked without a top crust. We offer
an antique pie crust table with a pedestal base
and a rich black cherry finish. Not sure what a
pie crust table is? It’s a type of pedestal table,
usually on three legs, with a round top trimmed
with a raised, scalloped edge (like the crimped
rim of a pie crust); either carved or molded,
the top often tilts up, making for easy storage
against a wall; developed in the 18th century,
it was typically used for serving tea or coffee;
often associated with Queen Anne and Chippendale designs. The furniture “period” or style,
not the male dancers or the cartoon chipmunks!
If you thought the latter, apply to me for a job
writing this catalog. I should have never started
by describing a topless pie...
Donor: Frank Boley & Company
212 Five Day Business Assessment
The consultants at Ray Newton will help you
grow your business and improve profitability
on a sustainable basis. This offer is for a five
day assessment of your business. We work with
you to identify measurable goals and implement effective approaches that produce results.
Also includes assessment of labor efficiency,
supervisory efficiency, scores for managers.
You don’t have to go it alone…Working one on
one with you, we provide expert analysis and
guidance to address specific challenges with
your business, the local economy. We help you
discover opportunities, proactively plan for improved operations, and provide implementation
assistance for growth and profitability.
Donor: Ray Newton Consulting –
C. Ray Newton
213 “Favorites” Modern Art Painting $148
Created in shades of green and blue this modern
art is sure to be a favorite piece in your private
Donor: Victoria Newton
214 One Large Dark Horse Pizza & 2 Pints $35
A pint’s a pound the world round… or in this
instance, two pints to pound while you eat a
pizza that’s round! One large pizza with choice
of toppings and two pints of beer is offered for
you to weigh in on this year.
Donor: Dark Horse Brewing Co.
215 Family Tree Garden Center Package $200
A gift basket full of pet food and treats, a $50
gift certificate and one week of lawn maintenance for vacation coverage should make everyone in the house happy. You know, one big
happy family tree!
Donor: Family Tree Garden Center, Inc.
216 Four Family Video Gift Baskets
Since the obvious theme to our catalog this year
is “Cowboys, Cowgirls and anything Western” it
only stands to reason that it may sound good to
kick back and watch a favorite cowboy classic
movie or television show. Each of these four
gift baskets includes a $5 gift card, a bag of
popcorn and two boxes of candy. Anything with
Randolph Scott, Gene Autry, Jimmy Stewart,
Robert Mitchum, Rory Calhoun or Clint Eastwood should do just fine.
Donor: Family Video Store
217 Matted & Framed Photo of Maine
11” x 17”
Donor: Bonnie Edwards
218 “Shaded Interlaces” Afghan
An olive green, burgundy and white handknitted intricate pattern afghan entitled “Shaded
Interlaces”. 45” x 65”
Donor: Mary Main
219 5,000 sq ft fertilizer treatment
Spread the word…and the fertilizer. Broadcast
the news of this 5,000 sq ft fertilizer treatment
program to your spouse. He or she will be
thrilled that greening the lawn was never easier.
Let Steve Quigley and his Marshall Cutting
Edge professional crew lay it on thick for a lush
and beautiful yard.
Donor: Marshall Cutting Edge
Lawncare, Inc.
220 Depression Candy Jar
Donor: Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Silverstorf
221 One hour massage with
Mary Ann Churchill
Donor: In Balance Massage –
Mary Ann Churchill
222 Off-White Afghan
Hand-knitted off-white afghan. 46” x 58”
Donor: Mary Main
223 “Garden Flowers”
Donor: Deborah Zeller
224 Five Novels from 2 Moon Press
This will give you something to howl about!
Five novels from 2 Moon Press include: “Calhounies” by T.R. Shears; “Honor Thy Father” by D.B. Reese; “Hans Becker Family”
by Ralph Souders; “Beth” by S.R. Kent; and
“Homeworld” by Steven Lake. Read ‘em and
weep, or laugh, or smile......just read ‘em!
Donor: 2 Moon Press
225 After School Artist Creations
The afternoon special is back! From the A3
collection assembled from the After School
Artist Apprentice Program comes a votive
holder, a coaster, a card holder, a pin, note card
collection and three magnets. A “must see”
auction package.
Donor: A3 Program at East End Studio
226 Custom Made Necklace Set
20” silver necklace with turquoise color heart
pendent and pearl beads. Matching earrings.
Donor: Twisted Ginger Jewelry
227 Basket of Hair, Nail & Body Items $120
Donor: Salon Essentials
228 Sweet Smiles Photo Session
An outdoor photo session for up to five people
will surely make you smile. Select any location
in the Battle Creek area and “click” a beautiful,
profession photo is yours for the taking. Focus
on a “No Bunny Ear” photo and bidding high
and buying this package.
Donor: Sweet Smiles Photography & Design
229 BOSE IE2 Headphones
The Bose® IE2 in-ear headphones are engineered from the inside out to deliver smooth,
natural sound. Advanced Bose acoustic design
ensures that you’ll enjoy your music with lifelike detail and surprisingly rich bass. Highquality Bose construction provides long-lasting
performance and durability. Cowboy Logic says
that being silent, may be your best answer. I say
let the music blast so only you can hear it!
Donor: GLGC Plumbing Co.
230 20 x 20 Tent Rental
Here’s the pitch. A 20’ x 20’ tent rental.
Includes delivery, set up and take down.
Available anywhere in the Marshall School
District area, to be used in the months of May,
July, August or September of 2011. Stake your
claim and set up camp on this bid. “The PartyTime ladies sing this song, Doo-da, Doo-da
The Camptown racetrack’s five miles long
Oh, de doo-da day...”
Donor: Party Time Tents & More, Inc.
231 Victorian Villa Inn Overnight Stay $285
Somewhere in time you should plan an overnight stay at the Victorian Villa Inn in Union
City. Includes a romantic seven course champagne dinner for two. You’ll want to go back
time and time again.
Donor: Dr. Matthew Christopher
232 SoniCare Professional Toothbrush $130
Your mouth deserves oral care for life. Every
smile deserves a Sonicare Professional Sonic
Toothbrush that can help remove plaque, whiten
teeth and improve gum health, giving you a
clean you can feel.
Donor: Dr. Craig Diederich
233 White Redhawk Sweatshirt
Is it time to replace that flea-ridden poncho
you’re wearin’, mysterious stranger? An XL
white crew sweatshirt embroidered with the
Redhawk logo will make the gals at the saloon
notice you. This sure beats anything you ever
helt, felt or smelt.
Donor: Mel’s Allsport
234 Second Generation Apple TV
Apple TV’s 2nd Generation has been redesigned
to be small in size but big on entertainment.
Rent from the largest selection of HD movies — many available the same day they come
out on DVD. Watch Netflix titles instantly. Rent
TV shows, commercial free in HD. And stream
photos and music from your computer to your
widescreen TV. This might be BETTER than
Grandma’s apple pie... a shot of “red-eye” or
your darling Clementine!
Donor: Dr. Mark Bortolussi
235 32GB iPod Touch with case
A 32GB Apple iPod touch offers millions of
songs, thousands of games and countless hours
of fun. Browse hundreds of games from the App
Store right on your iPod touch, download what
you want, and you’re ready to play. Flip through
your library by album artwork. Create genius
playlists on the go. Movies and TV shows pop
off the 3.5-inch widescreen display. Browse the
web with Wi-Fi. Get rich HTML email, including attachments. Get directions and live traffic reports. Feed your YouTube addiction. Its
advanced technologies enable iPod touch to respond to both touch and movement. It also finds
wireless networks and connects you to the Internet. The volume controls and built-in speaker let
you turn up the sound. You could even use it to
place bids at this auction. Includes Outfit Gloss
hard shell case. Save a horse, ride a cowboy! It
is all possible on an iPod Touch.
Donors: Radiology Consultants, PLC
Dr. Indraneel Banerji
Dr. William Coughlin
Dr. Stephane Delaunay
Dr. Steven Miltz-Miller
Dr. James Timmons
Dr. Steven Yuill
Dr. Robert Zick
236 Mary Kay Fragrance Set
From the sweet smell of the Yellow Rose of
Texas to Annie Oakley’s favorite scent (gun
powder?) let the versatility of a Mary Kay
Fragrence Set be the olfactory center of your
personal perfumery. Features Affection Spray
Cologne, shower gel, body lotion, a purse-sized
roll-on cologne and an Affection purse-sized
solid cologne. This smells like an overbid!
Donor: Carole Tabiadon –
Mary Kay Consultant
237 Four Hours Use of a Sub-Compact $175
Start with the strength and versatility of a subcompact utility tractor. Blend them with the
utility of a loader and the vesatility of a backhoe
and the end product is this package! Four hours
of operation on residential property. Can you
dig it? Box stall cleaning made easy!
Donor: Dr. Brian Atkins
238 Kodak EasyShare Z981 Package $330
Bring your world closer for everyone to see.
The Kodak EasyShare Z981 digital camera with
HD video and 3 inch LCD is where creativity
and versatility come together. With 26x optical
it zooms in faster, wider, and closer than ever,
giving you sharp, steady shots you’ll be proud
to share. Kodak’s Share button lets you tag pictures directly from your camera for uploading to
YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, and Kodak Gallery
sites, plus e-mail too. And its unique vertical
shutter release and detachable grip give you the
flexibility to go from horizontal to vertical shots
with ease. Also includes a 4GB high-speed SD
card. This changes the landscape of photography like the Colt .45 changed the Old West.....
point and shoot!
Donor: Marshall Medical Associates
Dr. Thomas Dobbins
Dr. Mark Machalka
Dr. Lauren Piper
239 Inlaid Rock Hanging Rack
Artist Casey Williams has created a one-of-akind, three-inlaid-rock rack for hanging coats,
hats, purses, holsters, spurs, etc. As visually
stunning as Rock Canyon at sunset.....
Donors: South Michigan Ophthalmology
Dr. Darren Hathaway
240 White Redhawk Sweatshirt
Everything is bigger in Texas. A XXL white
crew sweatshirt embroidered with the Redhawk
logo is twice the sweatshirt of any other. The
Duke would be right at home wearing this! Remember what John Wayne said: “Life is tough
enough, even tougher if you ain’t a Redhawk!”
Donor: Mel’s Allsport
241 Tooth Whitening Set
Are your teeth losing their luster because of
coffee and cola stains, chewing tobacco grunge
or years of dulling factors? Brighten up those
not-so-pearly whites with tooth whitening trays
and three tubes of whitening material. Don’t bid
‘til you see the whites of their.....teeth and never
slap a man in the back if he’s chewin’ tobacco!
Donor: Dr. Paul Domin
242 Sydney Bagg by Baggallini
The Baggallini Sydney Bagg is lightweight,
made from water-resistant nylon and is offered
here in the color green. It has just the right
amount of pockets for a medium-sized crossbody bag and comes with an Adsa Coin Purse.
Baggallini is “Designed by Flight Attendants,
approved by travelers” and it’s perfect for touring the city and the world.
Donors: North Avenue Podiatry, P.C.
Dr. Chad Chambers
Dr. Clark Johnson
243 “Southwest Landscape” Painting $590
Artist, and Marshall native, P.V. Winsor Mazure
created her painting “Southwest Landscape”
from an afternoon view of the New Mexico
desert plains. Featuring bright white desert
flowers and a blooming bush in the foreground
and a breathtaking mountain vista on the
horizon, her deep spiritual connection with the
southwest landscape is evident in this painting
she created.
Donor: Ann Mazure
244 Inlaid Rock Hanging Rack
Artist Casey Williams has created a one-of-akind, 23”-inlaid-rock rack for hanging coats,
hats, purses, chaps, spurs, etc.
Donors: South Michigan Ophthalmology
Dr. Darren Hathaway
245 Chicago Trip For Two
Need a new “direction” in your life? Maybe head
west to the Windy City! Fantastic trip to the Windy
City for two includes two round trip Amtrack business class tickets to Chicago from Battle Creek,
and a two night stay for two people (one room)
at the Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers. Also
includes two Chicago City Passes for two adults.
Cowboy Logic: Never approach a bull from the
front, a horse from the rear, or a Fool from any
Donors: Chemical Bank
Craig K. Kempf Funeral Home
Dunn’s Destinations
246 Rangoli Chest of Drawers & Jars $100
Rangoli is a traditional decorative folk art of
India. Enjoy this Rangoli hand painted chest of
drawers and a small stoppered rangoli jar from
India. Rangoli designs mean Good Luck and
Good Fortune. The designs represent different
regions in India and are hand-painted on the
outside of homes and passed down from each
generation for thousands of years. This 16-drawer chest and stoppered jar are great for storing
keepsakes and treasurers.
Donors: Colon & Rectal Surgery Center, P.C.
Dr. Sridhar Chalasani
Dr. Brian Greene
Dr. Mahesh Karamchandani
247 Beatriz Ball Metalware Platter
Beatriz Ball pieces are individually crafted and
easy to care for. They go from refrigerator, to oven,
to table, and are perfectly suited for todays casual
lifestyles. This handmade metal platter with wood
inset is perfect for todays “Bake in me, Chill in
me, Serve in me” way of life. Beatriz Ball is made
of an FDA safe, easy-care 93% aluminum alloy.
Ideal to chill foods, or warm up to 325 degrees. In
a world of mass production, handmade is the true
luxury. Never tarnishes, easy care. Handwash, no
Donors: South Michigan Oncology Associates PLLC
Dr. Stephen Smiley
248 Black Redhawk Hooded Sweatshirt
Everything is bigger in Texas. A XXL black
hooded sweatshirt embroidered with the Redhawk logo is twice the sweatshirt of any other.
Donor: Mel’s Allsport
249 32GB iPod Touch with case
A 32GB Apple iPod touch offers millions of
songs, thousands of games and countless hours
of fun. Browse hundreds of games from the App
Store right on your iPod touch, download what
you want, and you’re ready to play. Flip through
your library by album artwork. Create genius
playlists on the go. Movies and TV shows pop
off the 3.5-inch widescreen display. Browse the
web with Wi-Fi. Get rich HTML email, including attachments. Get directions and live traffic reports. Feed your YouTube addiction. Its
advanced technologies enable iPod touch to respond to both touch and movement. It also finds
wireless networks and connects you to the Internet. The volume controls and built-in speaker let
you turn up the sound. You could even use it to
place bids at this auction. Includes Outfit Gloss
hard shell case. Save a horse, ride a cowboy! It
is all possible on an iPod Touch.
Donors: Radiology Consultants, PLC
Dr. Indraneel Banerji
Dr. William Coughlin
Dr. Stephane Delaunay
Dr. Steven Miltz-Miller
Dr. James Timmons
Dr. Steven Yuill
Dr. Robert Zick
250 U of M Game Day Party Set
Hail to the Victor! University of Michigan
game day party set. Includes Maize and Blue
salad bowls and salad claws, microwave &
dishwasher safe square ceramic serving dish,
and melanine serving tray with handles. The
Cowboy Blues sing: “Never corner something
meaner than you, and don’t wake a sleepin’
wolverine if you don’t have to...” Go Blue!
Donor: Dr. David Lambrix, Jr.
251 One Pair of Pyramid Rock Lamps $300
The Legend of Pyramid Rock sounds like a
Tex Ritter western......but it really describes this
stunning pair of handmade table lamps from
artist Casey Williams. Created using hand cut
stone from Lake Superior and Lake Huron,
these Pyramid Rock lamps are sure to be a rocksolid addition to your homes decor.
Donor: South Michigan Ophthalmology
Dr. Darren Hathaway
252 Cascarelli’s Italian Dinner for Ten $200
The best of everything Italian is here for you to
enjoy with nine friends or family members (the
approximate size of a Good Italian family!) with
an Italian Dinner for ten. Select your menu,
select your dinner companions and call
Cascarelli’s of Homer at least one week in
advance to set a dinner date. There’s more to
life and the Cascarelli’s menu than pizza… but
that, too, is the best pizza around! Life is good!
Donor: Cascarelli’s of Homer
253 Coach Leather Purse
Coach leather…every girl’s favorite. Any
description that I would attempt would never
do the elegance and beauty of this purse justice.
It’s pink. It’s Coach leather. Need I say more?
Donor: Dr. Cynthia Abacan
254 Bamboo Accessories for the Kitchen $201
It’s a jungle out there! Retire to your kitchen and
enjoy this Bamboo for the kitchen package which
includes a 12” eco-friendly square cutting board
with rim, 10” round Mezzaluna chopping block
with slot for curved knife, round bowl, 12.5” pepper grinder, 2-piece trivet set, round salt box with
attached lid and a set of three bamboo towels.
Donors: Dr. Morad Tehrani
and Ms. Stefanie Peters
255 Beatriz Ball Metalware Platter
Beatriz Ball pieces are individually crafted and
easy to care for. They go from refrigerator, to oven,
to table, and are perfectly suited for todays casual
lifestyles. This handmade metal platter, small
condiment bowl and serving spoon are perfect for
todays “Bake in me, Chill in me, Serve in me”
way of life. Beatriz Ball is made of an FDA safe,
easy-care 93% aluminum alloy. Ideal to chill foods,
or warm up to 325 degrees. In a world of mass
production, handmade is the true luxury. Never
tarnishes, easy care. Handwash, no dishwasher.
Remember: Cowboy logic says that if you’re washing dishes or taking a drink in the creek, NEVER do
it downstream from where your horse is standing.
Donor: Dr. Mark Booth
256 Luvali Convertible Handbag
Luvali Convertible Handbags are not only the
greatest innovation in handbags in the last several
years, they are one of the best innovations in all of
fashion during that time as well…The reversible
slips come in dozens of different patterns giving you the opportunity to have a single handbag,
with almost limitless versatility – and there isn’t
a woman in America that couldn’t use that… so,
with that being stated we present to you a Luvali
Convertibles reversible handbag in black with
cover, Adsa wallet, and Adsa cellphone holder, plus
one bonus cover for your Luvali handbag. “One
handbag, 3+ fabulous looks.” Additional goodies
for this package include: a folding fashion umbrella
from Galleria, Honey House Bee Bar solid hand
lotion and lip butter, and three purse-sized journals
to record noteworthy books, food, and wines.
Donor: Dr. Ginger Williams
257 32 inch Flat Screen Westinghouse TV
Donors: Oaklawn Gastroenterology
Dr. Freda Arlow
Dr. Jonathan Ross
258 Applebee’s Gift Certificates
Somethin’ is cookin’ in the neighborhood and it
smells like Applebee’s! $40 worth of gift certificates to be used at Marshall Applebee’s smells like
a night out. Get rid of that tin plate and the utility
knife and step up to real plates and silverware!
Donor: Applebee’s
259 “House of Decision”
18” x 30” Framed and Matted Print
By Dan Campaneli
Donor: Dr. Ralph Cram
260 Two $25 Gift Certificates
Team Active Cycling & Fitness
Mike “Woody” Wood opened Team Active’s
doors on 20th Street in 1986. The small shop
outgrew that location and moved downtown
Battle Creek. With over 50 years of combined
industry experience, the team prides itself on
carrying brands and products they can stand
behind. $50 in gift certificates gets you on the
road to fitness and health. Let’s Ride!
Donor: Team Active Cycling & Fitness
261 Philips Portable DVD Player
If you can’t stop watching Gunfight at the O.K.
Corral, True Grit (more of a Hygienist-type movie),
The Iron Sheriff, or Rio Bravo then take ‘em with
you! Watch all of your favorite western’s on this
Philips portable DVD player. Includes 9-inch wide
screen, five hour battery life and a car mounting
pouch. Handy Cowboy Hint #674: If you’re gonna
drive cattle through town, do it on Sunday. There’s
little traffic and people are less disposed to cuss at
ya’....seein’ that it’s Sunday.
Donor: Dr. Louis Chmura
262 Grand Rapids Griffins Hockey
The Grand Rapids Griffins are a professional
hockey team in the American Hockey League.
They play in Grand Rapids, at the Van Andel
Arena. They are also the AHL affiliate to the
Detroit Red Wings of the National Hockey
League. The franchise began in the now-defunct
International Hockey League in 1996 and
merged into the AHL in 2001. Notable players
in the team’s history include Jiri Hudler, Niklas
Kronwall, Sean Avery and Darren McCarty. Be
a part of the AHL experience with this Grand
Rapids Griffins Hockey Package for 16 people.
Includes use of the Autocam Suite at the Van
Andel Arena. Refreshments are not included.
High energy professional hockey right in our
backyard. While bidding, hip checks and high
sticking are frowned upon…but high bidding
gets you a free shot at goal.
Donor: Autocam Corporation
263 iPad 64GB Package
Apple is hot! The iPad is bringing the heat
with a revolutionary, 9.7 inch touch screen, and
amazing new apps, it does things no tablet PC,
netbook, or e-reader could. This iPad offers
64GB, WiFi, iPad Case, Apple iPad camera connection kit and a $100 iTunes gift card. Speaking of “hot” remember to NEVER kick a road
apple on a hot day!
Donors: Great Lakes Bone & Joint Center
Dr. Joseph Burkhardt
Dr. Daniel Garcia
Dr. Mark Russell
264 Security Analysis &
Bits ‘n Pieces Music Package
Playing Sentry all night keeping a look out for
horse thieves? One security analysis and up to
four locks rekeyed with two new keys within a
30 mile radius of Battle Creek, one Bits ‘n’ pieces documentary and one Bits ‘n’ pieces benefit
concert DVD will provide you with peace-ofmind and peaceful music for your mind. Now
this is truly a “peace” offering without the pipe!
Donor: Advanced Lock, Door & Security
265 Outdoor Firepit Package
There’s nothing like spending a night outdoors
with a roaring campfire. Our Outdoor Firepit
package including steel firepit with copper accents and steel mesh cover, two branching 43”
long steel marshmallow roasting skewers, and
two rotisserie hotdog roasters will make you
forget about beans and swamp gas! Ride into
town, just a whompin’ and whippin’ until you
get the high bid on this package.
Donors: General Surgical Associates
Dr. Andrew Gordon
Dr. Thomas Casale
Dr. Caron Warnsby
266 Samsung 19 inch LCD TV
A 19 inch Samsung LCD TV provides breathtaking clarity, stunningly vibrant colors, rich
acoustical depth, and the seamless multimedia
integration that makes Samsung a leader in LCD
TV technology. Its sleek, elegant design ensures
you’ll enjoy its bright, crisp picture, the thrill
of optimized game mode, true-to-life surround
sound and sharp definition of even fast-moving
images from ultra fast switching technology.
Perfect for the kitchen or office.
Donor: Dr. Timothy Bandeen
267 Two $25 Gift Certificates
Team Active Cycling & Fitness
Mike “Woody” Wood opened Team Active’s
doors on 20th Street in 1986. The small shop
outgrew that location and moved to downtown
Battle Creek. With over 50 years of combined
industry experience, the team prides itself on
carrying brands and products they can stand
behind. $50 in gift certificates gets you on the
road to fitness and health. Let’s Ride!
Donor: Team Active Cycling & Fitness
268 The Fropper & the Bilibo
Ride ‘em, cowboy! The Fropper by Okiedog
and Bilibo. The Fropper is a ride-on and bouncer toy for toddlers 18-36 months. No assembly
required, whisper quiet, non-abrasive wheels.
The Fropper folds without tools and has a
built-in grip to make it easy to carry. Bilibo is
a versatile toy for ages 2-7 designed for rocking and spinning and is used as an accessory to
role playing. Ridin’ a horse ...or a Fropper...or a
Bilibo is like dancin’, you gotta feel the rhythm
and move with it!
Donor: Dr. David Heidenreich
269 Harman Kardon SoundSticks III $160
The Harman Kardon SoundSticks III 2.1 channel desktop sound system brings a new level of
excitement to music, games and movies with a
minimum of wiring—and looks spectacular doing it. You get a 6-inch, 20-watt downward-firing powered subwoofer; eight 1-inch full-range
transducers; and plug-and-play compatibility
with virtually any multimedia device. Exceptional sound quality and stunning style
on your desktop. Do I hear drumbeats off in
the distance.....?
Donor: Dr. Mary Johnson
270 Men’s Citizen Eco Drive Watch
Keep time with military precision while adding
a unique edge to your wardrobe with the Citizen
Eco-Drive Men’s Watch. Featuring the clean
look and the rugged dependability of a stainless
steel case and bezel, this timepiece relies on the
unique Citizen Eco-Drive movement system, so
you never need to replace its battery. Eco-Drive
is an advanced, technical system that uses a thin
solar panel under the dial to convert light energy
from any source into electrical energy used to
run your watch.
Donor: King Jewelers
271 Summer Party Set
Your friends and neighbors will be abuzz with
excitement at your next summer party. Summer
party set including glass Beehive drink dispenser, 4 hand-painted goblets, and matching serving
bowl perfect for your next summer get together.
Bee there.
Donor: Dr. Kam Tatineni
272 Balloon Ride for two
Floating silently above Calhoun County is the
only way to fly. Discover that tranquility with a
Balloon Ride for two during the Holiday Balloon Fest 2011 US Nationals and International
Challenge, August 22-27, 2011. You may be
walking on cloud nine with a successful bid.
Donor: Derrick J. Jones
273 Framed Print of Brooks Memorial $375
Fountain by Scott Buttrick with
Archival Glass and Brushed Aluminum Frame
Donor: Southwest Michigan Emergency
274 Rolling Ice Cart and Accessories $352
Rollin’, rollin’ rollin’. Keep them doggies rollin’ Rawhide! Rolling ice cart and accessories
for a fun summer party including ice cart with
double-sided openings, locking wheels, and
attached bottle opener; motorized salt & pepper grinders; 2 bamboo cutting boards, two
prep knives; 4 tall insulated cups with lids and
flexible drinking straws; one host/hostess apron.
Just add the host, hostess and guests and “Voila”
your party will get rollin’! Head ‘em up.
Move ‘em out.
Donor: General Surgical Associates
Dr. Andrew Gordon
Dr. Thomas Casale
Dr. Caron Warnsby
275 Battle Creek Country Club Golf
Take your best shot at this perfect day of golf.
18 holes of golf with cart for four plus dinner at
the renowned Battle Creek Country Club Grill
Room. Does not include alcoholic beverages.
No matter what score you shoot, everything
comes up “Aces” when you spend a day at
BCCC on the course.
Donor: Battle Creek Country Club
276 12 Gallon Shop Vac
Straw in the garage? A 12 gallon Shop Vac Pro
wet/dry vacuum with 8’ long hose, extension
wands, utility nozzle, crevice tool, disposable
filter bag, and a Prolong cartridge filter will take
care of the heavy duty jobs around the house,
barn, basement or garage.
Donors: Oaklawn Bear Creek Campus
Dr. Joseph Gluski
Dr. Sidney Heisler
Dr. Wisam Salman
Dr. Lisa Leninger
Beth List
Marilyn Strobel
277 AT&T 3G MicroCell Tower
The AT&T 3G MicroCell device acts like a mini
cell tower in your home, and connects to your
existing broadband Internet service. You receive
improved cell signal performance for both voice
calls and cellular data applications like picture
messaging and Web surfing. Installation is
included. Can you here me now?
Donor: P.C. Housecalls, LLC
278 Poulan Chain Saw & Case
How much wood could a chainsaw cut if a
chainsaw could cut wood? A Poulan will cut
some serious wood! This Poulan gas-powered
chain saw comes complete with carry case and
is fully assembled not to mention it is a brush
trimming, wood cutting monster. “Poulan”...
funny name, serious chainsaw.
Donors: Oaklawn Bear Creek Campus
Dr. Joseph Gluski
Dr. Sidney Heisler
Dr. Wisam Salman
Dr. Lisa Leninger
Beth List
Marilyn Strobel”
279 9.0 mm Cushion Cut Blue Topaz $180
and diamond pendant in white gold
with 17” white gold chain.
Donor: Southwest Regional
Rehabilitation Center
280 Weber Grill Set
This offer is smokin”! Weber Grill, cover, and
Bar-B-Q set. Weber grill has 3 stainless steel
burners rated at 42,000 BTU per-hour output;
637 sq in total cook area; porcelain-enameled
cast-iron cooking grates; electronic crossover
ignition system; porcelain-enameled flavorizer
bars; porcelain-enameled shroud with centermounted thermometer and accent-colored
painted, cast-aluminum end caps; Weber cookbook; and warranty; collegiate grill cover (can
be exchanged for cover of your choice); Ace
Best 4-piece barbecue set including fork,
basting brush, spatula, and tongs.
Donors: Marshall Internal &
Family Medicine
Dr. Jose Valle
Dr. James Maher
Dr. Camile Fleming
Dr. Summer Liston
Dr. George Seifert
Dr. Matthew Woods
281 MSU Basketball/Hockey Package
Channel your inner Sparty and go Green and
White Warrior with intense bidding on this
MSU Basketball & Hockey Package. Includes
two tickets to a 2011-2012 MSU home basketball game with lower bowl seating and two sets
of 4 hockey tickets (Four tickets for each of two
different hockey games for U of M grads reading this) to 2011/2012 MSU Hockey. Specific
games to be arranged with donor when schedules become available. Maximus Spartan fans
know this is a little slice of Green & White
Donors: John and Kristin Sims
282 Craftsman Tools
Tools: Craftsman 12-piece combination wrench
set and Craftsman 104-piece Mechanics tool set.
Donors: Oaklawn Bear Creek Campus Dr. Joseph Gluski
Dr. Sidney Heisler
Dr. Wisam Salman
Dr. Lisa Leninger
Beth List
Marilyn Strobel
283 Framed Print of Downtown Parade $250
by Scott Buttrick with Archival Glass
and Brushed Aluminum Frame
Donor: Southwest Michigan Emergency
284 Cleveland HiBore Golf Club Set $1,010
You will be a-Maized at these easy to hit irons
from Cleveland Golf. The HiBore irons were
rated one of the top Golf Digest “Hot List”
irons in the super game improvement category
in 2010. Raise your game to a new level of
satisfaction with 3 iron through pitching wedge
with regular flex graphite shafts and headcovers.
Also included is a cleveland putter and a beautifully engineered Sun Mountain licensed bag that
sports the Maize & Blue logo of the University
of Michigan. No exchanges. Right hand only.
Donors: Stillwater Creative Communications
nu-Twist Printing & Graphics
Cindy and Terry Lake
285 Framed Print of “Governor’s
Mansion” in Richmond, Virginia
by P. Buckley Moss
Donors: Audrey and Wayne Bartlett
286 Framed Print
“The Wayside Inn” by P. Buckley Moss
Donors: Audrey and Wayne Bartlett
287 NOOK Color with cover
and $25 Barnes & Noble gift card.
Donor: Marshall Community Credit Union
288 GMAX Full Face Helmet
Donor: M3 Motorsports, Inc.
289 Season Passes at The Franke
Center 10th & 11th Seasons
What’s left and what’s to come. Four gift certificates for the remaining 10th season at the
Franke Center (2011) and two season passes for
the 11th season (2012). Cowboy logic says that
when on stage talk slowly but think quickly.
Donor: Marshall Civic Center Trust, Inc.
290 Pair of Catalina Zero Gravity Chairs $160
Floatin’ like a cloud over the desert cactus. A
pair of Catalina Zero-Gravity chairs won’t win
you a prize on Biggest Loser but it will allow
you to experience weightless bliss. The curved
design of the sturdy frame and form-fitting sling
fabric combine to keep you comfortable for
hours on end. There’s a Space Cowboy joke
hiding somewhere in here......
Donors: Urology Associates
Dr. Jay Lonsway
Dr. Lou Remynse
Dr. Patrick Sweeney
291 $25 Harvey’s Farms Fresh Picked
Produce. Call ahead required.
Donor: Harvey’s Farms
292 $25 U-Pick Produce
Donor: Harvey’s Farms
293 $100 Heritage Cleaners Gift Certificates $100
Donor: Heritage Cleaners
294 Chateau Chantal Bed & Breakfast
Immerse yourself in Chateau Chantal. This Gift
certificate for a two-night stay at the Chateau
Chantal Bed & Breakfast overlooking the East
Grand Traverse Bay and the rolling vineyards
allows you to experience their vision of offering
a unique Old World experience that combines
vineyard and winery, B&B lodging and friendly
company, all in a relaxing rural landscape featuring breathtaking views, local beaches, trails and
quiet country roads.
Donor: Granger Construction Company
295 Rustic Cabinet
34x22 3/4 x 12 3/4. Forest green with natural
stain on top and door. Door has rustic Tin sign
“Old Timers Hideaway”
Donors: Al and Judy Byam
296 18 Holes of Golf with Cart for Four $160
at Binder Park Golf Course.
Enjoy four - 18 hole rounds of golf including
cart for four people at Binder Park Golf Course.
Binder is a 27 hole course divided into 3 distinctive nine hole tracks, the Natural, Preserve and
Marsh. This recently expanded golf course is set
among nature’s own beauty, containing some of
Michigan’s most pristine old growth forest, wetlands, and scenic bluffs. Secluded and nestled
among the trees and surrounded by breathtaking
wildlife, Binder has been designed to challenge
both the experienced golfer and novice alike.
The course rambles over rolling lush terrain
and dramatic elevation changes, which is carefully maintained by the dedicated staff. Don’t be
surprised if you wait for a deer to cross before
you take your next shot…. or maybe Binder golf
professional Ron Osborne looking for a friendly
Donor: Binder Park Golf Course
297 American Girl Doll of the Year Set $347
American Girl Doll of the Year Set - Kanani
(Hawaii) starter set, Kanani’s Shave Ice Stand
and Kanani’s Pajamas.
Donors: Urology Associates
Dr. Jay Lonsway
Dr. Lou Remynse
Dr. Patrick Sweeney
298 18 Holes of Golf with Cart for Four $160
at Binder Park Golf Course.
Four - 18 hole rounds of golf including cart for
four people at Binder Park Golf Course will
help you and your foursome form a “Municipal”
bond with nature.
Donor: Binder Park Golf Course
299 $25 LaCasa Mexican Restaurant
Gift Certificate
Donor: Albion Insurance Agency
300 “Pet Playtime” Gift Basket
“Pet Playtime” gift basket includes complimentary doggie play care interview and pet toys and
travel supplies.
Donor: Doggie Spa and Play Care, LLC
301 “Pampered Pet” Gift Basket
“Pampered Pet” gift basket includes complimentary self-service pet wash and pet health and
grooming supplies.
Donor: Doggie Spa and Play Care, LLC
302 “New Leash On Life” Package
“A New Leash on Life” includes a doggie play
care ten day pass and “a tail wagging collection
of funny photography and encouraging words
for log lovers” in a book by Rachel Hale.
Donor: Doggie Spa and Play Care, LLC
303 College Chevrolet Auto Care
One certificate for Lube, Oil and Filter, Tire
Rotation, safety inspection and complete detail.
Donor: College Chevrolet
304 College Chevrolet Auto Care
One certificate for Lube, Oil and Filter, Tire
Rotation, safety inspection and complete detail.
Donor: College Chevrolet
305 Up to Eight Gallons of Paint
for Painting Two Rooms
Up to 8 gallons of paint and painting of two
rooms by Ed Pelfrey of Ed’s Decorating
Donors: Ed’s Decorating
State Farm Insurance - Lisa Sands
306 Burtrum Furs & Leather Package $152
Rabbit & Tibetan Lamb Scarf collar, Rex
Rabbit knitted headband & Collar, gift certificate for coat monogramming and leather care
cleaner & conditioner.
Donor: Burtrum Furs & Leathers, LLC
307 Firekeepers Casino Package
Two firekeepers shirts, logo hats, logo mugs,
shopping bags, four decks or cards, four pens
and $40 in slot play, $10 in food retail.
Donor: Firekeepers Casino
308 Birthday Pony Ride
Rodeo Riders gotta start somewhere! Maybe a 90
minute Pony Ride Birthday Party is where it begins
for your little cowpoke. Includes two ponies for
a private children’s party at your home. Up to 10
children under 75 lbs. Not valid Memorial Day,
4th of July, or Labor Day weekends. Don’t spoil
their fun, let ‘em ride!
Donor: Kate Westfall
309 Four 1/2 Hour Guitar Lessons
Four - 1/2 hour guitar lessons. To be used
once per week for one month. Must call for
Donor: Freeburn School of Music
310 Kindle Elecronic Reader
Kindle wireless reading device, 6” display with
E. Ink Pearl Technology and $50 Amazon gift
Donor: Brent Kersteetter Sanford Financial Services
311 Four Brass Band Tickets
Four main floor tickets to a Brass Band of
Battle Creek concert in December 2011 or
March 2012.
Donors: Brass Band of Battle Creek
Dr. Jim Gray
Dr. William Gray
312 Private Tennis Lessons
To err is human. To put the blame on someone
else is doubles. Two - one hour private tennis
lessons with pro Ryan Tomlinson should make
you want to seriously court this offering. Why
should you never fall in love with a tennis
player? To them, “Love” means nothing.
.Donor: Minges Creek Athletic Club
313 Two Raffle Tickets for a Chance
to Win 1st prize - Hilton Head Golf Package, 2 PGA Heritage Golf
Tournament, and two tickets at Hilton
Head Resort and spa, plus $600 in American Express Cash.
Donor: I’ve Got Your Back
314 Haircut and Style, Eyebrow Wax
With Michelle at Z’s Salon
Donor: Z’s Salon - Michelle
315 Shellac Manicure
With Carolyn at Z’s Salon
Donor: Z’s Salon - Carolyn
316 Haircut and Style
With Lisa at Z’s Salon
Donor: Z’s Salon - Lisa
317 Haircut and Style
With Nicole at Z’s Salon
Donor: Z’s Salon - Nicole
318 5 Strand Freshwater Baroque
Wrap your neckline in exquisite beauty and sheer
perfection. This stunning necklace features 5
strands of Baroque and fresh water pearls with
sterling silver barrel clasp design that is bound to
infuse your wardrobe with a vintage feel and a classic elegance add this timeless piece to your jewelry
collection and treasure for many years to come.
Donor: Christabella Classics in cooperation
with D Knight Design
319 Flight with Dr. Daniel Garcia
Hey! Is that our house down there? A 1 hour
plane ride for 2 people. Trip to be used by labor
day 2011. Cowboy Rule #932 says that
courage is being scared to death and saddling
up anyway.
Donor: Dr. Daniel Garcia
320 First Edition
Marshall City Directory
Published in 1885, this 100 page historic masterpiece is in excellent condition and is filled
with names, advertisements, and a wealth of
information frozen in place from 126 years ago.
This book will be deserving of a special place of
honor in the right home.
Donor: Sally Bentley
Family Portrait Session and
custom 20x24” portrait
Donor: Craft Photography
Last Chance Auction
400 Batting Practice & Beer
with Rozie (Dave Rozema)
Always wanted to step in the batters box against
a major league pitcher? Here’s your chance.
Revisit those Glory Days, Boss, and face former
Detroit Tiger pitcher and 1984 World Series
Champion Dave Rozema in a batting practice
session at Comerica Park. Package includes
cocktails and appetizers after batting practice.
Dates are subject to batting practice schedule by
the Tiger organization. You might get brushed
back while facing Rozie, but don’t get pushed
off the bidding “plate” for this once in a lifetime
opportunity to get a hit at Comerica.
Donors: Dave Rozema
HBC Contracting
401 Tomac Woods Outing For Twelve $850
A golf outing for 12 at Tomac Woods. Includes 18
holes of golf + carts, snacks at the turn and afterwards, dinner with all the trimmings, prepared by
Dave and Jeanne Kennedy. Please, no Saturday
or Sunday afternoons. This is where golfing and
friendship memories are made.
Donor: Tomac Woods Golf Course
Dave & Jeanne Kennedy
402 Chicago Trip For Two
Fantastic trip to the Windy City for two includes
two round trip Amtrack tickets to Chicago from
Battle Creek, and a one night stay for two people
(one room) at the Hilton Palmer House.
Donor: Bank Of America
403 Schuler’s Private Wine Tasting
Raise your wine glass and toast Schuler’s
Restaurant for providing a private wine tasting
for six. Includes hors d’oeuvres.
Donor: Schuler’s Restaurant
404 Pastrami Joe Mob of Food for 25 $250
It’s a PJ’s feeding frenzy! A Mob of Food for
25. Enjoy any combination of sandwiches,
salads, pasta, pizza or wraps. Your feast will include garden salad, Zapp’s potato chips, assorted
cookies and six 2 liter sodas plus all the plates,
cups, utensils and napkins to keep the mustard
off. Gang up with some friends and bid high to
get this offering.
Donor: Pastrami Joe’s Deli
405 Dark Horse Beer Tasting Party
Wet your Whistle! A beer tasting party for 20
in the New Darkhorse Tasting Room is sure to
trip your trigger. Includes a guided tour of the
brewery, tasting a variety of brews and discussion of what foods can be paired with each
variety of Darkhorse Beer. Appetizers and
desserts provided by Frank and Sue Boley.
Cowboy Up!
Donors: Dark Horse Brewing Company
Frank and Sue Boley
406 BluFish Logo Design
Branding cattle and branding your business
aren’t so different. Let the “branding” professionals at BluFish Brand Consulting, LLC get
you on your way to being “Branded” with a logo
design. BluFish will provide a minimum of four
(4) logo concepts to begin the identity process.
After a concept is chosen a color study will be
provided. Two weeks are required for concept
development. No hot branding irons required...
but a “sizzling new image” is guaranteed!
Donor: BluFish Brand Consulting, LLC
407 Ride in Santa’s Sleigh
Does it look like rein, dear? You bet! Ride in
Santa’s Sleigh at the Marshall Christmas Parade.
Seats for one adult and two children next to
the man in red. There’s still time to get off the
naughty list!
Donor: Marshall Area Chamber of Commerce
408 Ruby & Diamond J Hoop Earrings $600
Dress the part of “The Queen of the Silver
Dollar” with these simply stunning 14k Yellow
Gold Ruby and Diamond J-hoop earrings.
Donors: Al and Pat DeVera
409 Dinner for 6 at Malia’s
Simply delicious cuisine that goes far beyond
the ordinary. Quality ingredients that will tempt
your taste buds. Unique, authentic dishes and
truly fresh flavors, all prepared by a culinary
team of experts who appreciate good food…and
presented by friendly, knowledgeable people who
are pleased to serve you. Enjoy dinner for six at
Malia’s new Mediterranean Bistro in downtown
Battle Creek. In cahoots with Atlas Beverage,
experience beers and wines expressly selected to
pair with your food. Enjoy all this and more in
the relaxed and comfortable atmosphere of the
new Malia Mediterranean Bistro. Buyer must
make a reservation. Does not include beverages
not provided by Atlas. Only product lines sold by
Atlas Sales, Inc. are included.
Donors: Malia’s Mediterranean Bistro
Atlas Sales, Inc.
410 Behind the Scenes Tour of the Zoo $500
One behind the scenes tour of the zoo for up to
four people. Includes admission.
Donor: Binder Park Zoological Society
500 HBC Pig Roast for 100 people
As if Porky the Pig was the guest of honor at a lifetime achievement celebrity roast ... there’s nothing
more aromatic or tasty than a hog roasted off-site
and brought to your event piping hot. There will
be enough pork to feed approximately 100 people,
but tha-tha-tha-tha-tha-that’s not all, folks! This
sumptuous summer spread, will also include side
dishes such as mac and cheese, coleslaw, baked
beans, fruit, etc. Don’t rely on luck (like a blind
hog finding a truffle) to purchase this spectacular
package. This is your chance to Pig Out! Mutually agreed upon date between Memorial Day and
Labor Day 2011.
Donor: Sam and Teresa Tone
Mike and Alicia Beck
501 Sparky Anderson Autographed Baseball $200
The late, great manager Sparky Anderson once
said, “If I ever find a pitcher who has heat, a
good curve, and a slider, I might seriously
consider marrying him, or at least proposing.”
Did he at least ask you, Rozie? An autographed
baseball will act as a timeless memory of a
baseball legend. Sparky. One name is all he
needed. Add this autographed baseball to your
collection and remember the Spark said a lot of
things that came across like Yogi-isms. Such
as: “He wants to do so good so bad.” and the
poignant “People who live in the past generally
are afraid to compete in the present. I’ve got my
faults, but living in the past is not one of them.
There’s no future in it.” We’ve lost a treasure.
So buy the ball and treasure his memory. There
is a bit of future in it after all.
Donors: Dave and Sandy Rozema
502 West Virginia Whitewater Rafting $1,800
This package will make you squeal with delight!
White water rafting in West Virginia - Two
nights in Deluxe cabin (4 bedrooms) Four individual passes for one day trip or two 1/2 day
trips. Includes gas cards for fuel to and from
W. Virginia. Available May - September 2011.
Remember: If you hear dueling banjo’s playing
behind you, paddle faster!
Donors: Eric Dale Heating & A/C Inc.
Steve Line
Walters Dimmick Petroleum
Diamond Solitaire Earrings
3/4 ct total weight. H SI2
Donor: Hodges Jewelers
504 North Fork Guest Ranch for Two $6,000
Dudes and Dudettes ride this one like you stole
it! North Fork Guest Ranch is located in Shawnee, CO and is situated along ½ mile of the
north fork of the South Platt River. The ranch’s
520 acres adjoins Pike National Forest, Lost
Creek Wilderness and Mt. Evans Wilderness.
The Continental Divide with its 14,000 ft snow
capped peaks is visible to the west.
Package includes:
• Saturday departure from Detroit to Denver for
seven-night stay
• May 28-June 18 or August 20-September 3,
2011. Other time periods are available for an
additional fee at the discretion of the buyer.
• Round-trip Detroit-Denver airfare up $650
for 2 people. Alternate plans may be available
at the expense of the purchaser.
• Colorado sales tax. Gratuities are at the
discretion of the purchaser throughout their
• You will nestle into one of their cabins or
suites that include a private bath and cozy
pillow-top beds in king, queen or twin size
• Round-trip ground transportation from Denver
to North Fork Ranch.
• Horseback riding for people of all abilities
with a horsemanship clinic offered
• Your own horse for the week
• Champagne brunch ride
• Shooting. All equipment/ammo provided
for trap, target and bow & arrow
• Fishing including fly-fishing instruction
• Optional ½ day or full day guided trip
(additional fee applies)
• White water rafting on 15 exciting miles of
the Arkansas River through Browns Canyon
• Hike through open tundra
• Fish in a pristine mountain lake
• Sightseeing trip to Breckenridge and the
Alpine slide
• Hayrides
• Campfire sing-a-longs
• Square dancing
On Saturday morning, after enjoying a flapjack
breakfast cookout you will be driven to Denver
to depart for home, dreaming of your adventure and aching for the simplicity and beauty of
Colorado. Cowboy logic say: “Admire the Big
horse, but saddle the small one and remember
these two words, Saddle Sore.”
Donor: Enbridge Energy Company, Inc.
505 Osprey Golf Extravaganza
“Hole -ee” mackerel! Golf + cart at all eight
of the Osprey Golf properties will leave a spike
mark or two! 18 holes at all five properties – 8
courses. Includes: a Two night stay at Otsego
Club play 36 holes one day then 36 the next
day; One night stay at Manistee National – play
18 holes one day then the other 18 the next day
(This one is Sunday through Friday only): 18
holes at The Medalist and Ridgeview. These do
not need to be used concurrently. One weekend
at Manistee then two months later at Otsego.
Golf your brains out with this insane golf bargain. Courses include: Black Forest (Gaylord),
Wilderness Valley (Gaylord), The Otsego Club the Tribute and the Classic (Gaylord), Manistee
National - Canthook Valley and Cutters Ridge
(Manistee), Ridgeview (Kalamazoo) and The
Medalist Golf Club (Marshall).
Donors: The Osprey Group
Starr and Lowell Weaver
506 Behind the Scenes Tour of Capitol $175
Represent yourself well. A behind the scenes
tour of the State Capital for four, to include
lunch in the office of the Speaker of the House.
This is representative of a true “Open Door”
policy! Free lunch and free speech.
Donor: Speaker of the House Jase Bolger
507 Trip to England for Two
Seven days and seven nights in England. Trip includes staying at any of the Abacus Hotels, (www. Included – bed and breakfast,
plus drinks, wine and the evening meal. Vacation
may be split between two or three of the following
1. LeStrange Arms Hotel
Old Hunstanton, Norfolk
2. Orton Hall Hotel
(Petersborough) Cambridgeshire
3. Knight’s Hill Hotel
King’s Lynn, Norfolk
Tom Franke, hotel owner, will be happy to help
you plan your trip.
Donor: Tom Franke
508 Kitchen Aid Stainless Gas Grill $4,899
Find a spot on your deck for this Kitchen Aid
KFRU368VSS stainless steel freestanding Gas
Grill that features 623 sq. in. Cooking Surface,
Two 22,500 BTU Main Burners, 23,000 BTU
Infrared Sear Burner, 15,000 BTU Infrared Rotisserie Burner, Built-In Temperature Gauge and
Slow Cook Warming Drawer. It’s gonna be a
hot time on the old deck tonight! No refunds or
exchanges. Does not include delivery to buyer.
Donor: Michigan Kitchen Distributors
509 MSU Football Season Tickets
Four - 2011 Michigan State University football
season tickets located in lower bowl, premium
seating area between the 20 yard line markers.
Donor: Sims Heating & Cooling Service, Inc.
510 One week at Mountain Village
Condo, Telluride, CO
There are a million things to do in Colorado
other than skiing. Golf, shopping, festivals and
the nightlife are but a few of the things to do
once you get there. One week use of a Mountain Village condo in scenic Telluride, CO will
put you right in the middle of fun. Condo features one bedroom and a sofa sleeper, sleeping
four comfortably. Completely furnished. Available between April 15 thru November 15, 2011.
Based on availability.
Donor: Kevin & Patty Miller
511 Watch Bill Welke Umpire!
Cincinatti? Chicago? Milwaukee? Cleveland?
Detroit? The Big Apple? Wherever Bill Welke
and his umpiring crew are working, there you
are! Bill (and more importantly, his wife Teri)
have donated four box seat tickets to any regular season Major League Baseball game being
worked by Bill and his crew. Seats will vary by
stadium and are subject to availability. Game
arrangements to be made with donor after purchase. Package also includes MLB merchandise
and an official MLB baseball. If they’re “umpire” seats they are probably pretty close to the
action....what with all of the vision problems
umpires have! Have a ball at your favorite ballpark, courtesy of MLB Umpire and local goodguy Bill Welke.
Donors: Bill and Teri Welke
512 Saddlebrook
Spend one great week at the Saddlebrook Golf
and Tennis Resort in Wesley Chapel, Florida. Use
of a fully equipped condominium for one week
includes: three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a full
kitchen, living area, dining area, porch overlooking
the par 3 18th hole on the Palmer Course, and a
couch that makes into a double-sized bed.
No pets. No Smoking. Available May 15 thru
December 15, 2011.
Donors: Jack and Alice Townsend
513 Seven Day Motor Home Rental $1,800
Driven by a desire to be on the open road, this is
the preferred mode of travel for John Madden,
Sparky Griswold and Marshall’s own Bear Whizzer Trick Shot Golf Team. High-ranking Whizzer
official and team Travel Director Ken Jendryka
offers seven (7) consecutive days of Motor Home
rental for your vacation enjoyment. Pack up the
vacation gear and get on the road to happiness.
Q. Ever want to join your local “Rambler” Club,
call for details and discover that the expert you
speak with on the phone just goes on and on?
Donor: Marshall RV
514 Atlas Beer & Dinner for Ten
Your evening will start at Greg and Kathy-Sue
Dunn’s family business for appetizers and a behind
the scenes tour of a beer distribution business.
You will learn first hand about how beer is made,
marketed and sold. Then you will join the Dunns
for a multi-course dinner featuring beer and wine
pairings. You will learn about different styles of
beer, differences in ingredients, how to cook with
beer, suggested pairings of beer with different
foods, and receive insights on beer culture from
local beer experts.
Donors: Atlas Sales Beverage Co.
Greg and Kathy-Sue Dunn
515 Taste of Chicago Weekend
June 24th and 25th, 2011
If you are tired of eating campfire beans on the
open range then head for Taste of Chicago in the
Windy City! Includes two nights at the Hotel 71
in a premier room. Put your horse in the barn for
the weekend and travel in style aboard AMTRAK
in a Business Class Car. Choo! Choo! Also enjoy
$250 to use at the Taste of Chicago event (Chew!
Chew!), go to a play or just shop ‘til you drop
(Shoe! Shoe!). Don’t forget to pack your bibs,
because it’s gooood eatin’!
Donor: State Farm Insurance - Sandy Woods
516 Detroit Tigers Fantasy Camp
Always a Tiger...then who is your Tiger? A 2012
Fantasy Camp package is a great gift idea! 2012
will be the 29th year of making All-Stars out of
ordinary people. No baseball skills are necessary!
Did you know that one-third of all Detroit Tigers
Fantasy Campers return the next year? There are a
large number of campers who have been with the
Tigers Fantasy Camp for over ten years, and others for 20 years. Don’t miss out on this opportunity
to stay in shape, make life-long friends, and meet
former Tiger Greats!
Here is what you’ll get:
• Room and board (double occupancy) for 8 days / 7 nights (private rooms also available)
• Batting practice at Comerica Park before camp and during the season
• Meals in the Tigertown cafeteria
• Personalized authentic home and away Detroit Tigers uniforms (yours to keep)
• Games in Tigertown every day, the official spring training facility of the Detroit Tigers
• A “Fantasy Game” with former Tigers greats at Joker Marchant Stadium
• Your own personal clubhouse locker for the week
• “Photograph Day” and “Autograph Night”
• Special gifts every night
• Night baseball
• Awards banquet
• Membership in the Tiger Fantasy Camp
Alumni Club
Plus... you’ll be invited to Fantasy Campers Night
at Comerica Park. Participate in and hear your name
announced during the pre-game on-field ceremony.
One camper will have the opportunity to throw out
the first pitch. Get loose. They need ya’!
Donors: HBC Contracting
Mike and Alicia Beck
517 Retired Hospital Columns
We are all here to support Oaklawn Hospital just as
these four columns have supported the front entryway since 1973. They are white and measure 20 ft
tall and are 20” diameter at the base, 18” diameter at
the top. As a freshman at Marshall High School in
1973, I was asked to donate lunch money in a effort
to keep our local hospital. As a much older man
with a sophomoric wit I now appeal to you to once
again support the supports that need our support.
Huh? You know what I these columns
and support Oaklawn! They were added to the hospital in 1973 during the “Decision Now” campaign,
which was for $1.5 million dollars in improvements
that the state required in order to maintain a license
to operate as a full service hospital. (The original
1953 “new hospital” cost $700,000, and did not
have a covered porch.) Local delivery is included
in the purchase. Would make some sweet hitching
posts, don’t you think?
Donor: Oaklawn Hospital
518 Tiger Suite For Eighteen
Through the generosity of Detroit Tigers President,
CEO and General Manager David Dombrowski and
wife Karie Ross, the Detroit Tigers Foundation is
pleased to offer a Luxury Suite with 18 tickets and
three parking passes to the game on Tuesday, April
12, 2011 at 1:05 p.m. vs. the Texas Rangers. Does
not include food or drink.
Donor: Detroit Tigers Foundation
Advertising – 61/ Advertisement in the new
Ad-Visor & Chronicle Newspaper; 151/$200
Signworld Concepts; 406/BluFish Logo Design;
Afghans – See Blankets; Afghans and Shawls
Artwork – 72/ “Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep”
framed print; 84/Raku Workshop; 99/Custom
Framed Watercolor “Hollyhocks” by Betty Bea
Washburn; 153/Raku Vase; 160/Sherlock Holmes Collage; 182/8” Zentangle Gourd; 194/
Three Artist Prints; 213/”Favorites” Modern
Art Painting; 217/Maine Photo; 223/”Garden
Flower”; 225/After School Apprenticeship
Items; 243/”Southwest Landscape” Painting;
259/”House of Decision” print; 273/Brooks
Fountain Print; 283/Downtown Parade Print;
285/Framed Print of Governor’s Mansion,
Richmond, Virginia; 286/Framed Print “The
Wayside Inn”;
Automotive – 2/Three Tire Rotation/Balance/
Oil Changes at Auto-Lab; 16/Fountain Automotive Oil Changeand t-shirt; 30/Two Fountain
Automotive Oil Change; 31/$50 Gift Certificate – Albion Motors Ford Mercury; 52/$250
Boshears Automotive Parts, Service or Accessories; 74/Oil, Filter & Lube Cole Chrysler
Dodge Jeep; 75/$100 Gift Certificates for Bud’s
Towing /Auto Repair; 76/$50 Gift Certificate
Albion Motors Ford Mercury; 234/M3 Motorsports Package; 83/$50 Gift Certificate Albion
Motors Ford Mercury; 94/Kellogg’s Repair &
Motorsports; 112/Mission Car Wash $100 Gift
Certificate; 204/Oil, Filter & Lube Cole Chrysler Dodge Jeep; 288/GMAX Full Face Helmet;
303/College Chevrolet Car Care Package; 304/
College Chevrolet Car Care Package;
Aviation/Airplanes & Helicopters - 319/One
Hour Local flight with Dr. Garcia;
Aviation/Hot Air Balloons – 26/Four All Week
B.C. Balloons VIP passes and Parking; 115/Two
B.C. Balloons VIP passes; 272/Balloon Ride for
Baby Items – 124/Baby Quilt with Banner and
Bunny; 193/Baby Afghan; 197/Blue Baby Afghan; 201/Blue & Green Baby Afghan;
Baseball – 32/Four Detroit Tigers Box Seat
Tickets; 95/Family Four Pack to a Battle Creek
BombersBaseball Game; 127/Signed Miguel
Cabrera Jersey; 165/Two Detroit Tiger Opening Day tickets; 187/Signed Austin Jackson
Jersey; 400/Batting Practice & Beer with Dave
Rozema; 501/Sparky Anderson Autographed
Baseball; 511/Tickets to Any Game Bill Welke
is Working; 516/Detroit Tiger Fantasy Camp;
518/Tiger Suite at Comerica for Eighteen;
Basketball –126/Four tickets in the HBC VIP
SlamZone for one BC Knights game; 281/MSU
Beauty - See Health & Beauty
Bicycles & Bike Equipment – 260/Team Active; 267/Team Active;
Blankets; Afghans and Shawls – 98/Mauve
Afghan & Pillow; 132/Quilt & Quilt Show Tickets; 193Baby Afghan; 218/Shaded Interlaces
Afghan; 222/Off-White Afghan;
Books & Reading – 151/NOOKColor; 224/
Five 2 Moon Press Novels; 287/Nook Color
with Case & Bag; 310/Kindle Electronic Reader; 320/First Edition Marshall City Directory;
Bowling – 45/Bowling & Pizza Party;
Business & Professional – 212/Five Day Business Assessment; 320/First Edition Marshall
City Directory;
Cameras & Video Camcorders – 238/Kodak
Easy Share;
Carpets & Rugs – 93/Shark Vac-then-Steam
System; 113/Carpet Cleaning for Two Average
Size Rooms; 121/5’ x 7’Shaw Area Rug;
Children Activities & Toys – 41/Kids-N-Stuff
Play Package; 116/18” Doll Wardrobe; 128/
Child Rocking Chair; 155/AFLAC Stuffed
Toy Duck; 301/18 inch Doll Set; 196/Madeline
Package; 209/Full Blast Family Fun Pack; 268/
Fropper & Bilibo; 297/American Girl Doll of
the Year Set; 308/Birthday Pony Rides; 407/
Ride in Santa’s Sleigh;
Computers & Service – 53/The Pulse SmartPen; 111/NetGear Wireless Router; 151/NOOKColor; 154/Asus 1015PE Notebook Computer;
263/iPad 64GB; 277/At&T MicroCell Tower;
287/Nook Color with Case & Bag; 310/Kindle
Electronic Reader;
Dance – 175/One 1/2 hour Dance Class Fall/
Electronics - 1/Xbox 360 4G Kinect Package;
51/Garmin GPS;53/The Pulse SmartPen; 77/
Apple 16GB iPod Nano; 78/SONY Dash; 108/
Xbox 360 Kinect; 134/Garmin 1300 GPS; 135/
Toshiba DVD Player; 138/SONY BluRay Disc
Player;142/Motorola Bluetooth Speakerphone;
157/iGo Dual Charger & Gift Card; 174/PlayStation 2 System; 180/PowerMat Charging
System; 198/Nook Electronic Reader; 235/32
GB iPod; 238/Kodak Easy Share; 249/32 GB
iPod Touch; 257/32 inch TV; 261/Philips DVD
Player; 263/iPad 64GB; 264/Security Analisys; 266/Samsung 19” TV;269/Harman Kardon
SoundSticks III; 277/At&T MicroCell Tower;
287/Nook Color with Case & Bag; 310/Kindle
Electronic Reader;
Equestrian Riding & Training/Horses –
15/Royal King Horse Saddle; 43/Crystal Morgan Farms Riding Lessons; 131/Two private
riding lessons at Nancy Held Equestrian Center
– Albion College; 179/Crystal Morgan Farms
Riding Lessons; 308/Birthday Pony Rides;
Estate Planning – 37/Estate Planning Package;
Fairs & Amusements Parks – 191/Passes to
the Calhoun County Fair & gifts; 209/Full Blast
Family Fun Pack;
Fashion–Men’s – 17/Glasses or Sunglasses gift
certificate; 118/Complete Tuxedo Rental; 195/
Men’s Wool Cardigan Sweater; 233/ Mel’s
Allsport White Redhawk Sweatshirt; 240/ Mel’s
Allsport White Redhawk Sweater; 248/Black
Redhawk Hooded Sweatshirt;
Fashion–Women’s – 17/Glasses or Sunglasses
gift certificate; 88/$100 Allison’s Gift Certificate; 117/Vera Bradley Collection; 200/
Brighton Handbag; 207/Italian Silk Clutch; 242/
Sydney Bag/Baggellini; 253/Coach Purse; 256/
Luvall Convertible Handbag; 306/Burtram Furs
& Leathers Package;
Fitness – 91/ OLIC Deluxe Family Membership; 106/OLIC Race Training Class;
Floor Covering & Cleaning – See Carpets/ Rugs
Flowers – 186/Four Vases of Red Roses;
Food – 14/Two $25 Hungry Howie’s Gift
Certificates; 36/$25 gift certificate to the Stagecoach; 44/Dark Horse Brewing Co. Two Pints
and one Pizza; 45/Bowling & Pizza Party;
48/$100 Schuler’s Restaurant Gift Certificate;
55/Cake of the Month; 59/$25 gift certificate to
the Stagecoach; 62/Two gift certificates at the
Marshall Moonraker; 68/White Lasagna Dinner
for 10; 68/48 Egg Rolls; 73/$25 gift certificate
to Charley’s of Albion; 75/Louie’s Bakery $25
Gift Certificate; 97/Three Cases of Great Northern Randall Beans; 102/$25 Hungry Howie’s
Gift Certificate; 103/Two $10 Louie’s Bakery
Gift Certificates; 120/ $25 Hungry Howie’s
Gift Certificates; 123/$250 Moonraker of Battle
Creek; 130/Dinner for Two at Lopez Taco
House; 136/$25 Gift CertificateMarshall Moonraker; 145/Justin Brown Four-Course Meal for
Eight; 164/Pasche’s;214/Dark Horse Brewing
Co. Two Pints and one Pizza; 258/Applebee’s
Gift Cert.; 291/Harvey’s Fresh Picked Produce;
292/Harvey’s You Pick Produce; 299/LaCasa
Mexican Restaurant; 409/Malia’sDinner for
Eight; 500/HBC Pig Roast for 100; 514/Atlas
Beer & Dinner for ten;
Football – 509/MSU Football Season Tickets;
Furniture - 58/Two Cedar Adirondack Chairs;
128/Child Rocking Chair; 159/$500 Christensen’s Furniture; 211/Antique Pie Crust Table;
239/Hanging Rack; 244/Hanging Rack; 246/
Rangoli Chest of Drawers; 290/Pair of Catalina
Zero Gravity Chairs;
Gift Baskets – 12/Winston Park Shell Basket
with Subway Snack Items; 50/Green Scene
Kitchen Gift Basket; 125/Men’s Hair Care Gift
Basket; 140/W.K.Kellogg Gift Selection;
158/Wendy’s Gift Basket; 227/Salon Essentials
Gift Basket; 307/Firekeepers Casino Package;
Gift Certificates/Merchandise & Service –
17/Glasses or Sunglasses gift certificate;
19/Olie’s Tree Farm-$60; 47/$75 Daphne’s
Custom Framing & Gift Gallery; 48/$100
Schuler’s Restaurant Gift Certificate; 49/$25
Amazing Grace Antiques Gift Certificate;
65/$100 Stanley Lawn & Garden; 87/$75 in
Custom Framing from Darling & Company
Framing & Art; 258/Applebee’s Gift Cert.; 260/
Team Active; 293/Heritage Cleaners $100;
299/LaCasa Mexican Restaurant;
Golf – 27/Four Rounds of Golf with Cart at the
Medalist; 35/Marshall Country ClubTen
Rounds;64/Medalist Golf for Four with Cart;
89/Golf at Duck Lake Country Club; 275/Four
18 hole rounds of Golf at Battle Creek Country
Club; 284/Cleveland HiBore Golf set & Bag;
296/Binder Park Golf & Cart for Four; 298/
Binder Park Golf & Cart for Four; 401/Tomac
Woods Outing; 505/Osprey Golf Extravaganza;
Grills and Grilling –250/U of M Game Day
Party Set; 280/Weber Grill Set; 508/Kitchan
Aide Stainless Outdoor Gas Grill;
Group Events – 5/Tea Party or Book Reading
at National House Inn; 7/Scrapbooking Weekend for twelve; 45/Bowling & Pizza Party; 68/
White Lasagna Dinner for 10; 107/Zarzuela
Dinner for 12; 110/Dinner for Eight at Cascarelli’s in Albion; 145/Justin Brown FourCourse Meal for Eight; 169/Franke Center
Tickets & Zarzuela $80; 190/Paula Tucker Dinner for Eight; 230/20’x 20’ Tent Rental; 252/
Italian Dinner for Ten at Cascarelli’s of Homer;
404/P.J.’s Feast for 25; 405/Dark Horse Beer
Tasting for 20; 407/Ride in Santa’s Sleigh; 409/
Malia’sDinner for Eight; 500/HBC Pig Roast
for 100; 514/Atlas Beer & Dinner for ten;
Health & Beauty – 4/Shampoo, Cut & Style at
Design Studio East with Nicole Sauter; 9/Regis
Hair products; 13/Pedicure and Manicure at
Design Studio East with Morgan Baylis;
21/Facial at Design Studio East with Molly Collins; 24/Cut, Color & Style with Angie Bidwell
of Turning Point Salon; 40/Haircut and Style
with Penny Southwell at Turning Point Salon;
46/Haircut and Style with Maura McCarthy at
Turning Point Salon; 24/Cut, Color & Style with
Angie Bidwell of Turning Point Salon; 71/Highlight at Design Studio with Terri Letts; 80/Gloss
or Tone at Design Studio East with Brittany Lamanuzzi; 100/30 minute massage at Design Studio East with Steve Lewis; 125/Men’s Hair Care
Gift Basket; 141/Massage at Design Studio East
with Amanda Hagaman; 161/Self Improvement
package; 203/Philips Sonicare Toothbrush; 210/
One Hour Massage Craft Chiropractic; 221/One
Hour Massage with Mary Ann Churchill; 232/
Philips Sonicare Toothbrush; 236/Mary Kay
Set; 241/Tooth Whitening Set; 314/Z’s Salon
Haircut & Style with Michelle; 315/Z’s Salon
Manicure with Carolyn; 316/Z’s Salon Haircut
& Style with Lisa; 317/Z’s Salon Haircut &
Style with Nicole;
High School Sports – 39/Two SMAC League
Hockey – 262/Grand Rapids Griffin Hockey for
16 at VanAndel Arena; 281/MSU Hockey;
Home Decorations – 6/58”x104” Embroidered
Tablecloth; 25/Six Pink Pillowcases; 33/Seth
Thomas Clock; 34/Blue Ribbon Tablecloth; 57/
Three pair of blue pillowcases; 58/Two Cedar
Adirondack Chairs; 81/Off-White Tablecloth;
101/Three Pair of Pillowcases; 104/ GrapevineWreath; 139/Western Style Garden Cross;
144/Two Light Brown Pillowcases; 153/Raku
Vase; 159/$500 Christensen’s Furniture; 167/
Plate Caddy; 181/Handpainted Star Box; 182/8”
Zentangle Gourd; 189/Stained Glass Panel; 202/
Handmade Card Case; 206/Flower Inlay Wodden Box; 211/Antique Pie Crust Table; 220/
Depression Candy Jar; 239/Hanging Rack; 244/
Hanging Rack; 246/Rangoli Chest of Drawers;
247/Beatriz Ball Platter; 250/U of M Game Day
Party Set; 251/Pair of Pyramid Rock Lamps;
255/Beatriz Ball Platter; 271/Summer Party Set;
274/Rolling Ice Cart; 517/Hospital Columns;
290/Pair of Catalina Zero Gravity Chairs; 295/
Rustic Cabinet by Al Byam
Home – Interior Design – 122/Residential or
Office Interior Design and Products;
Home Improvement – 10/Humidifier with
Installation; 29/Two Handymen for 5 hours
each; 82/200 lbs of Water Conditioning Salt; 96/
Two Handymen for 5 hours each; 114/Furnace
& A/C Cleaning; 137/Front Door Gift Cert. 168/
Aprilaire Humidifier; 237/Four Hours SubCompact Tractor; 264/Security Analisys; 305/
Up to eight gallons of paint for two rooms;
517/Hospital Columns;
Horses - See Equestrian
Hunting & Equipment – 23/12 Month Family
Hunting Membership to Andy’s Acres; 90/12
Month Corporate Hunting Membership to
Andy’s Acres;
Inns; Hotels and Motels – 20/One Night Stay
at Serendipity Property; 42/One Night Stay at
the Marshall Holiday Inn Express; 48/OneNight
at Rose Hill Inn; 192/One Night Stay at the
Hampton Inn; 208/Two Night Stay at the Comfort Inn of Marshall; 231/Victorian Villa Overnight Stay in Union;
Jewelry – 66/ Tri-colored Silver Necklace;
183/Garnet Necklace; 184/Three Freshwater
Pearl Necklaces; 188/Stone/Copper Bracelet;
226/Custom Necklace Set; 270/Mens Eco Drive
Watch; 279/Blue Topaz & Diamond Pendent;
318/ Five Strand Freshwater Pearl Baroque
Necklace; 408/Ruby & Diamond Earrings; 503/
Diamond Solitaire Earrings;
Kitchen Appliances – 54/Designer Series
Crock Pot; 139/Coffee Pot:
Kitchenware & Utensils – 28/Martha Stewart
Cooking Set; 70/Calphalon 10-pc Cookware
Set; 250/U of M Game Day Party Set; 254/Bamboo Accessories; 255/Beatriz Ball Platter;
Landscaping, Gardening & Lawn Care –
19/Olie’s Tree Farm-$60; 22/Line Design
Green Mt. Sugar Maple tree; 29/Two Handymen
for 5 hours each; 58/Two Cedar Adirondack
Chairs; 65/$100 Stanley Lawn & Garden; 67/
One Hour Professional Residential Landscape
Design Consultation with Tim Banfield; 96/Two
Handymen for 5 hours each; 120/Snow Removal & Lawn Care; 129/Line Design Chanticleer
Tree; 147/$150 Baker Tool Gift Cert.; 156/
Bird Bath; 162/Myrtle Ground Cover; 173/
Poulan Chain Saw; 215/Family Tree Package;
219/5,000 sq. Feet Fertilizer; 237/Four Hours
Sub-Compact Tractor; 265/Outdoor Firepit;
517/Hospital Columns;
Memorabilia/Colletibles – 127/Signed Miguel
Cabrera Jersey; 146/Leamy Sports Collectibles;
187/Signed Austin Jackson Jersey; 297/American Girl Doll of the Year Set; 321/First Edition
Marshall City Directory; 501/Sparky Anderson
Autographed Baseball; 517/Hospital Columns;
Music and Musical Instruments – 77/Apple
16GB iPod Nano; 86/Ukulele; 143/Private Music lessons; 148/Apple iPod Touch 64GB; 149/
Three Hours of Hot Blue Jam; 229/BOSE IE2
Headphones; 264/Bits & Pieces; 269/Harman
Kardon SoundSticks III; 309/Four 1/2 Hour
Guitar Lessons; 311/Four Brass Band Tickets;
Parades- 407/Ride in Santa’s Sleigh;
Pets & Pet Care – 11/One Dog Spay or Neuter/
Cat Spay; 85/ Six Week Dog Obedience Class;
171/Dog Grooming for Any Size Dog; 183/Cat
Scratching Post; 300/Pet Playtime Gift Basket;
301/Pampered Pet Gift Basket; 302/New Leash
on Life Pet Gift Basket;
Photography – 105/Family Portrait with Sykora Photography; 119/Portrait Session and 8x10
at Sykora Photography; 166/Beautiful Moments
Photography; 170/Nicole Christian Photo session: 166/$100 Beautiful Moments Photography; 178/$100 Beautiful Moments Photography;
185/$100 Beautiful Moments Photography;
199/$100 Beautiful Moments Photography;
228/Sweet Smiles Photo Session; 321/Craft
Politics – 506/Behind the Scenes Tour of Michigan Capitol; 320/First Edition Marshall City
Pottery- 84/Raku Workshop;
Raffle Tickets - 313/Two I’ve Got Your Back
Raffle tickets;
Savings Bond & Money– 38/$500 Savings
Bond; 133/One Ounce Silver Coin; 150/Edward
Jones Financial Assessment;
Sporting Goods, Sports and Equipment –
63/Scuba Classes for four; 109/Three Disc Set
for Disc Golf; 250/U of M Game Day Party
Tennis - 312/Private Tennis Lessons;
Theater Tickets – 92/Cornwell’s Dinner &
Show; 169/Franke Center Tickets & Zarzuela
$80; 289/Season Passes to the Franke Center;
Tools – 8/20 pc. Screwdriver kit; 18/Fastenal
500w Cooper Work Light; 56/Makita DriverDrill; 147/$150 Baker Tool Gift Cert.; 173/
Poulan Chain Saw; 205/20 pc. Screwdriver kit;
276/Shop Vac; 278/Poulan Chain Saw; 282/
Craftsman Tools;
Trips &Vacations - 3/Weekend at Seahorse
Cottage in South Haven; 7/Scrapbooking Weekend for twelve; 198/Weekend Chicago Gold
Coast trip; 245/Chicago Trip for Two; 294/Chateau Chantal in Traverse City;
402/Chicago Trip for Two; 502/West Virginia
Whitewater Raft trip; 504/North Fork Guest
Ranch; 505/Osprey Golf Extravaganza;
507/England Trip; 510/Telluride Colorado
Condo; 512/Saddlebrook for a week; 513/Seven
Day RV Rental; 515/Taste of Chicago;
Video – TV - DVD Equipment – 1/Xbox 360
4G Kinect Package; 135/Toshiba DVD Player;
138/SONY BluRay Disc Player; 163/Apple TV
Package; 174/PlayStation 2 System; 216/Family Video Package; 234/2nd Generation Apple
TV; 235/32 GB iPod; 249/32 GB iPod Touch;
257/32 inch TV; 261/Philips DVD Player;
263/iPad 64GB; 266/Samsung 19” TV;
White Water Rafting – 502/West Virginia
Whitewater Raft trip;
Wine – 403/Schuler’s Wine Tasting;
Zoo - Binder Park Zoo Tour;
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