Philips 871150024979125 Datasheet

Philips 871150024979125 Datasheet
Philips Refrigerator lamp
Incandescent lamp
15 W
Clear E14 cap
Tubular lamp designed for Refrigerator
Proven technology
Reinforced filament makes Philips T-shape refrigerator lamp resistant to vibration. TCLICK design with integrated lampholder reduces integral costs of refrigerator lighting.
Not suitable for household room illumination
• Developed for refrigerators
Long useful life in refrigerators and freezers
• Reinforced filament
Incandescent lamp
15 W Clear E14 cap
Luminaire fit
• Shape: T25
• Fitting/Cap: E14
• Voltage: 230-240 V
• Average life(at 2.7 hrs/day): 1y year(s)
• Lifetime of lamps: 1000 hour(s)
Power consumption
• Lamp dimension (height): 57 mm
• Lamp dimension (width): 25 mm
• Wattage: 15
• Energy efficiency label: E
Special purpose lamps
• Description: Intended special purpose
• Suitability: Not for household roomLighting
Issue date 2013-04-22
Owner: PFS Automated
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12 NC: 9241 977 44451
EAN: 87 11500 24979 1
Developed for refrigerators
Developed for refrigerators
Reinforced filament
Reinforced filament
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