MMT (Montimage Monitoring Tool) is a monitoring solution that

MMT (Montimage Monitoring Tool) is a monitoring solution that
MMT (Montimage Monitoring Tool) is a monitoring solution that combines data capture, filtering and storage, events
extraction and statistics collection, and, traffic analysis and reporting providing, network, application, flow and user level
visibility. Through its real-time and historical views, MMT facilitates network performance monitoring and operation
troubleshooting. With its advanced rules engine, MMT can correlate network and application events in order to detect
performance, operational, and security incidents. An easy-to use customizable graphical user interface makes MMT
suitable for different user needs.
Solution Overview
MMT is composed of three complementary, yet
independent, modules. MMT-Extract is the core packet
processing module, it is a C library that analyses network
traffic using Deep Packet and Flow Inspection (DPI/DFI)
techniques in order to extract hundreds of network and
application based events, measure network and perapplication QoS/QoE parameters and KPIs. MMT-Extract
is powered with plugin architecture for the addition of
new protocols and public API for integration in third
party probes. MMT-Sec is an advanced rule engine that
analyses and correlates network and application events to
detect performance, operational and security incidents. It
is powered with self-learning capabilities to derive the
baseline network and application parameters for dynamic
threshold based analysis. MMT-Operator collects and
aggregates extracted data, generates network and
application statistics, and presents them via a graphical
user interface. MMT-Operator is customizable; the user
can define new statistics to be collected and configure
new views or customize the large list of predefined ones.
With its generic connector, MMT-Operator can be
integrated with third party traffic probes.
used for example to monitor the access control policy
(authorized users are authenticated prior to using a
critical business application), for anomaly or attacks
detection (excessive login attempts on the application
server), advanced performance monitoring
(identification of VoIP calls with QoS parameters
exceeding acceptable quality thresholds), etc.
Statistics generation
 Configurable reports: MMT traffic reports and charts are
100% configurable. The user can edit pre-configured
reports and create new ones. Different chart types and
graphs can be used including (pie, bars, XYcharts,
Stacked area charts, sequence charts, tables,
hierarchical tables, etc.).
Events, parameters, & verdict
Extracted Events & Parameters
Rules verdicts notification
Events & Parameters extraction
Rules engine and Verdict notification
 Multi-platform solution: MMT is available on Windows
and Linux based distributions. It can be installed as
software on commodity hardware or optimized for
integration in dedicated probes.
 Application classification making possible the detection
of applications using non standard port numbers like
P2P applications.
 Modular solution: MMT is a modular solution composed
of three components, MMT-Extract for the traffic
processing and data decoding, MMT-Sec for rules
analysis, and MMT-Operator for the data aggregation,
correlation and reporting. It is possible to integrate
MMT-Extract and MMT-Sec in third party traffic probes
and to connect MMT-Operator with existing systems.
 Granular traffic analysis capabilities through the ability
to extract a wide range of network and application
based traffic parameters and events (RTT, jitter, loss,
HTTP response time, VoIP MOS, Video QoE, etc.)
MMT Features
 Per application reports: MMT is capable of decoding and
analysing the message exchange of more than 150
widely used application protocols (HTTP, POP, SMTP,
etc.). This gives a possibility to create application based
reports. This can be useful for example to monitor the
response time of an HTTP server, the variation over
time of the quality of VoIP calls, or to draw the message
exchange sequence with a business application.
Packet Processing
Events Analysis
Rules Base
Events Correlation
 Powerful rule engine: that allows the detection of the
occurrence of complex sequence of events that
conventional monitoring does not detect. This can be
Performance and operation monitoring
Network and application usage statistics
Application centric monitoring with Deep
Packet/Flow Inspection and events extraction
Real-time and history reporting
Customizable views and creation of user defined
Important Information
 Partnership plan: Integration of MMT modules with your system
 Demo request: send an email to [email protected]
Montimage, 39 rue Bobillot, 75013 Paris, France
Phone: +33 1 53 80 35 77
Multi-platform, modular solution
Integration with third party probes
[email protected]
Ref: B235-042013
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