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About Intercom Technology
An intercom (intercommunication system) is a standalone, closed-circuit system for
one-way “simplex” and/or two-way “duplex” communication. The general purpose of a
professional intercom system is to facilitate simple to complex communication setups
for a few to thousands of users who need to be continuously on talk and/or listen
mode. Two-way communication systems can operate in half-duplex or full-duplex. With
half-duplex systems, one party talks while the other party listens. With full-duplex
systems, both parties can talk and listen at the same time as if they are in a natural
conversation in person.
Users, who have different roles in a particular operation, can be in a conference or
partyline together. Or they can be sub-divided into a matrix of independent groups in
any one or many private intercom channels. In addition to establishing communication
points, intercom can also interface with third-party devices such as 2-way radios,
4-wire audios, telephone, TV cameras, AES3 digital audio, relay control (for signal
light activation or door control), etc. Coordinating activities via voice or through
third-party devices such as relay controls require low-latency (delays measured
in milliseconds).
The core technology of an intercom system could be based on one of the following
platforms: 2-wire/analog, 4-wire/digital, wireless, and IP networks. The decision
to deploy one platform over the other will greatly depend on requirements,
environment and budget. These intercom platforms operate independently or
can be integrated to form a larger system in order to address specific unique
communication workflow needs. Moreover, intercom systems can be bridged
together with different communication systems as part of a multi-platform solution.
In certain applications, intercom systems need to be geographically distributed to
support the various communication positions in a given workflow. Therefore, they
can be connected over 2-wire or 4-wire; MADI for close-distance connections such
as floor-to-floor; optical fiber for short to long distances within a building; E1/T1 for
inner-city connections; and IP networks (LAN, WAN, or Internet) for connections
across a wide area, across town, and across the country.
Eclipse® HX is the advanced digital matrix intercom platform
for enabling critical communications among work teams.
The system enables direct (point-to-point) and one-to-many
(group and partyline or conference) connections. It is highly
flexible and extensible for large scale installations. Eclipse HX
can also seamlessly integrate with IP communications,
interoperability and SIP telephony interfaces, digital wireless
solutions, and many other platform devices.
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Matrix System Frames & Cards
Point-to-point and conference communication systems for supporting thousands
of user connections on networked wired intercom systems.
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Communication Points
A range of user control options such as the V-Series & i-Series hardwire key panels,
FreeSpeak II digital wireless beltpacks, Agent-IC mobile app and Clear-Com
Concert virtual panels for accessing Eclipse HX.
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Advanced Live Controls
Interactive IFB assignment and management, Production Maestro Pro for
real-time flexible and fast audio and conference routing.
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Interfaces, Interface Frames and Modules
Interface modules for linking to other matrices and remote panel users. Standalone interfaces for connection to external audio, digital and telecom devices.
Interface frames for holding interface modules.
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System Management
Eclipse EHX system configuration and administration, Logic Maestro for conditional
routing and signaling, and HCI for third-party control, automation and status.
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Connectivity Solutions
Intercom Connectivity Solutions for linking intercom systems over IP networks;
routing and distributing signals from intercom, audio and control data over optical
fiber networks; and interfacing communication solutions with SIP telephony
protocols and 2-way radios.
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Intercom Accessories
Compatible microphones and headsets for matrix intercom.
Clear-Com 3
System Frame Cards
Eclipse HX digital matrix intercom systems provide reliable and flexible communications
backbones for non-blocking distribution of audio and data signals across thousands of
users within a communication network. All systems can intelligently trunk over IP, Fiber,
MADI, CAT5, and POTS without compromising on audio quality and performance. Eclipse HX
delivers high system performance, intuitive management software, and high capacity for
system expansion to meet the constant changing production demands.
3RU and 6RU frame cards for the Eclipse HX-Delta, Eclipse HX-Median and Eclipse HX-Omega
system frames to establish intelligent connections.
System Frames
IVC-32-HX Card
Eclipse HX can support thousands
of user connections on a networked,
64-matrices system. Designed and
engineered to meet a wide variety of
communication needs.
Clear-Com Eclipse HX is unrivaled
in terms of speed of performance,
extensibility and scalability.
and scalable communications backbone for point-to-point, partyline or
conference communications.
Eclipse HX-Omega, -Median, -Delta
and -PiCo Matrices provide, flexible
MVX-A16-HX Card
A 16-port audio and data card for use
with panels, interface modules and
direct ports using balanced four-wire
audio and RS422 data interfacing.
Eclipse-HX PiCo
Eclipse-HX Delta
N+1 card redundancy is supported,
enabling a single IVC-32-HX card to
operate as a hot standby for other
IVC-32-HX cards in the matrix frame.
Eclipse-HX Omega
Eclipse-HX Median
Eclipse-HX PiCo
Eclipse-HX Delta
Eclipse-HX Median
Eclipse-HX Omega
1RU x 330mm (1.2 Inch)
3RU x 420mm (16.5 Inch)
6RU x 300mm (11.5 Inch)
6RU x 410mm (16 Inch)
Card slots
Fixed, 1 CPU and 36 ports
2 CPU and 4 slots
2 CPU and 7 slots
2 CPU and 15 slots
Maximum number of ports
Maximum system size
16 frames (if PiCo only)
64 frames (any combination)
64 frames (any combination)
64 frames (any combination)
Redundancy options
Dual AC
AC, DC, CPU, LAN, Trunking
AC, CPU, LAN, Trunking
AC, CPU, LAN, Trunking
Networking / Linking
4-wire, Fiber, IP, MADI, E1, T1
4-wire, Fiber, IP, MADI, E1, T1
4-wire, Fiber, IP, MADI, E1, T1
System interfacing
Remote IP Users/Trunking
Via LQ Series IP interface
IP panels, IP Mobile clients
and trunking to other frames
IP panels, IP Mobile clients
and trunking to other frames
IP panels, IP Mobile clients
and trunking to other frames
Live operations
EHX & Production
Maestro Pro
EHX & Production
Maestro Pro
EHX & Production
Maestro Pro
EHX & Production
Maestro Pro
The IVC-32-HX Card supports up to
32 channels of high quality, low latency
audio over IP networks. Each channel
can be independently configured for
connection to multi-channel V-Series
panels, Agent-IC, Eclipse HX systems
or Concert soft clients. The card uses
the highly regarded G.722 audio
CODEC and is designed to operate
seamlessly over LAN, WAN and
Internet infrastructures.
A wireless cell controller card that
can seamlessly connect FreeSpeak II
digital wireless beltpacks to the Eclipse
HX matrix system for untethered
communications. Alternately, the card
can provide E1 and T1 intelligent
linking to interconnect matrix frames
with signaling.
E-MADI64-HX Card
The E-MADI64-HX (Multiple Audio
Digital Interface) card provides connection with standard MADI devices,
with up to 64 AES3 format digital audio
“four-wires”. The card can be configured
for 24, 32, 48, 56 or the full 64 channels
with sample rates up to 96kHz. It can
also connect V-Series panels over MADI.
IVC-32-HX makes extending intercom
access to new users, in local or remote
locations, both straightforward and
LMC-64-HX Card
The Fiber-Net card enables dual redundant audio fiber network connections to
63 other frames. Comes with a standard
SFP transceiver housing allowing
different fiber options. Single Mode
transceivers supplied.
The IP-based audio level monitor card,
installed in the Eclipse HX system frame,
enables the Production Maestro Pro
application to use the Clear-Vu Audio
Metering for up to 64 channels per
card. Using two standard scaling options, Nordic and VU, the LMC-64-HX
Card enables easy and rapid audio adjustments for any critical application.
Note: Restrictions based on power supply set the
allowable quantity of IVC-32-HX and E-QUE-HX cards.
4 Clear-Com
Clear-Com 5
Communication Points
Integrated FreeSpeak II™ Wireless Beltpacks
Users of Eclipse HX can access the central intercom system using various types of communication
points: hardware key panels, portable digital wireless beltpacks, mobile application on smartphone/
tablet devices, or integrated software client on a personal computer.
Eclipse HX users have the option to
roam while staying connected on
the intercom over a digital wireless
solution. FreeSpeak II operates in the
1.9GHz and 2.4GHz bands, and can
co-operate in the same matrix system.
It provides a robust and reliable wireless connection directly to the Eclipse
HX matrix system and delivers the
V-Series Key Panels
These are available
as Rotary, Lever
and Pushbutton.
powerful matrix capabilities to roaming
FreeSpeak II beltpack users.
The distributed Active Tranceiver
Antennas enable seamless roaming
among beltpack users across expansive coverage areas. The antennas
connect to the E-Que-HX cellular
controller card that is slotted into the
Eclipse HX system frame. As many
as 50 1.9GHz and 40 2.4GHz (or
25 1.9GHz in North America plus 40
2.4GHz) full-duplex wireless beltpacks
can be used at the same time by
strategically placing up to 10 or more
distributed remote antenna to create
an expansive coverage zone. Up to 1,475
ft (450m) range can be achieved under
good radio frequency conditions.
12-Key Rotary Panel
FreeSpeak II Integra
24-Key Rotary Panel
12-Key Rotary Desktop Panel
Broadest variations in form:
• 12 or 24 keys
Distinctive and extensive
graphic display:
• Rotary, Lever or Pushbutton keys
• High contrast yellow OLEDs
• Rack panel or portable desktop panel
• 10-character displays
Unique panel features:
• Native multi-channel IP connectivity
built in (Up to 3 intercom channels
per panel)
• International character fonts
• Supports Roman English and European
character fonts and Cyrillic, Chinese,
Japanese and Arabic fonts
• Dual label facility
• Horizontal or vertical text display
Seven standard variants available:
i-1110E 1x8-key display, gooseneck
and headset connections and
loudspeaker with level controls
i-1200E 2x8-key non-display, gooseneck and headset connections and
loudspeaker with level control
6 Clear-Com
i-1210E 2x8-key display, gooseneck
and headset connections and
loudspeaker with level controls
i-1400E 4x8-key non-display, gooseneck and headset connections and
loudspeaker with level control
Eclipse HX Matrix System
• Listen Again digital memory for
30 seconds audio replay
• Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
for audio routing and Eq.
• Supervisor Capability
i-Series Key Panels
V-Series Panel
• 8 shift pages within panel, and up
to 8 expansion panels
• Color tallies for IFB and partyline
keys (Rotary panels only)
DECT Carrier Frequency Bands:
U.S.: 1.92-1.930
Rest of world: 1.88-1.91
Each region uses approved
5 or 10 bands
i-1430E 4x8-key display gooseneck
and headset connections and loudspeaker with level control with keypad
(dial and assignment menus)
i-1470E as per I-1430E, but with
AUX-101 option (local audio and GPIs)
1.9GHz & 2.4GHz FreeSpeak II
Wireless Beltpacks
• Internal antenna – no antenna
breakage or damage
The all-new five-channel, full-duplex
FreeSpeak II digital beltpack was
uniquely designed for the rigorous
demands of large-scale operations
and continuous communication use.
Ergonomic form factor, intuitive operation, and a rugged housing make the
beltpack ideal for extended use.
• Long battery usage – typically
18 hours of continuous talk time
• Up to five communication routes
per beltpack
• Secure system – beltpacks are
registered to a particular base
station or Matrix
• IP-65 rated: water and dust
1.9GHz Beltpack
• Over-the-air beltpack easy
registration and regionalization
• Real-time monitoring of battery
per beltpack
• “Listen Again” audio memory to
replay last 15 seconds of audio
• Technician’s flash light on bottom
2.4GHz Beltpack
• 1.9GHz and 2.4GHz beltpacks can
co-operate in the same system
e-1410E 4x8-key display extension panel
Clear-Com 7
IP Communication Points
Key Features
Users in ancillary positions or who
work remotely can be given access to
the Eclipse HX intercom system simply
with their mobile phones or tablets.
Similar to a key panel, Agent-IC is
cost-effective, easy to deploy, and
useful from any location where IP
networks are available. Users can
access pages of 6 keys on phone
devices and up to 15 on tablets.
• Secure–NSA approved
esigned for smart phones and
tablet devices
• Accessible on multiple IP networks:
anaged under central administration control
ully featured: point to point calling,
point to multi-point group calling,
partyline, PTT, local cross-point
audio level control and notifications
xcellent audio quality
Advanced Live Controls
Production Maestro Pro
Production Maestro Pro is an add-on
software module of the Eclipse HX
Configuration Software for flexible
and fast conference and lines routing
setup. It manages live external lines in
and out of any small or large intercom
system to user panels and their keys.
Sound Engineers can simply route
four-wire lines to groups of panel
users instantly with the graphical
assignment system.
Production Maestro Pro’s Clear-Vu
Audio Metering enables visual audio
levels on a PC screen using real-time
graphical meters. Clear-Vu provides
both activity and level monitoring
of feeds at a glance and spatially
arranges the audio traffic routed to
monitor speakers.
Production Maestro Pro for real-time flexible
and fast audio and conference routing.
ase of deployment and use—no
training required
Agent-IC mobile operator panel
(mobile devices not included)
Interactive IFB
FreeSpeak II Integra
V-Series Desktop Panels
(within PM Pro)
V-Series Panels
CAT5 Cable
Eclipse HX
Matrix Systems
V-Series (IP enabled)
Agent-IC Agent-IC
Clear-Com Concert
Concert IP-based integrated software client for PCs
(monitor not included)
8 Clear-Com
Clear-Com Concert integrates directly
with Eclipse Systems, enabling remote
users to connect back to the central
intercom system. Permitted Concert
users on PCs simply connect to the internet, LAN or WAN, and immediately
communicate with other members on
the Clear-Com partyline and/or matrix
intercom circuit.
An intuitive, point-and-click user interface and low latency audio experience
make Concert ideal for many communication applications.
The connection between Concert and
Eclipse HX matrix system is enabled
by the IVC-32-HX high density IP card,
which provides 32 IP connections.
The Concert system can operate as
a standalone system even when it is
disconnected from the matrix.
Embedded within Production Maestro
Pro are new IFB Management facilities
delivering a much more interactive
“See-Touch-Hear” all-in-one experience.
This new design allows system managers
to set up, monitor and manage from
a handful through to hundreds of IFB
feeds sourced across one or more sites
from a single centralized view shown
on a tablet, laptop or touchscreen PC.
The active status of external lines
and IFB routing is readily viewed as it
happens. IFB routing can be monitored
audibly at multiple points to confirm
what is being sent to On-air Talent. All
parameters of IFB are easy to change
dynamically and independently from
multiple control surfaces. The system
scales up seamlessly for large events
and for geographically distributed
intercom networks.
Key Features
• Dynamic graphical presentation of
IFB status with both Detailed and
Summary views
• Multiple audio monitors points
per IFB
• Dynamic visual display of IFB status
with option for Assignable VU meters
• Control surface options for IFB
assignment system: tablets, laptops,
and touchscreen PCs
• Up to 200 virtual IFB’s per matrix
frame; Up to 64 matrix frames in
one system
• Supports both Single and Multi-user
administration (Up to 15 system System Managers can work in parallel)
• Virtualized IFBs with dynamic assignment of Program Sources, Intercom
panels, Destination ports and
Talent Return
Clear-Com 9
Interface Frames
Interface Modules
Rack-mountable interface frames offer a scalable way to hold interface modules and directly
connect external audio sources to the Eclipse HX systems.
Connections with third-party devices or panels are enabled in Eclipse HX using a variety
of interface modules.
IMF-3 interface frame holds up to 11 interface modules in a 3RU chassis.
Modular rear-mounted connector units feature two RJ-45 connectors to the
matrix ports and two DB-9s attaching the connected devices. The frame is used
in conjunction with the PSU-101 rack-mountable dual power supply, providing
power to the enclosed interfaces.
IMF-102 interface frame combines an internal power supply, connection for a
second redundant supply, a rear input/ output connector panel and slots for two
modular interfaces – all in a 1RU chassis. The compact frame offers a practical
way to add two interfaces to an Eclipse HX-Omega, Median, Delta or PiCo
Matrix frame. A PSU-101 can be added for power supply redundancy.
PSU-101 is the power supply for the IMF-3 interface frame. It has both an audible
failure alarm and failure relay contacts to activate a remote signal. A single
PSU-101 will power a minimum of two interface frames depending on the type
of interfaces and their individual power requirements.
Standalone Interfaces
IFB-104 (Matrix IFB interface) provides an easy way to connect Matrix systems
to 4 on-air Talent channels using IFB (Interruptible FoldBack). The IFB-104
interface receives program audio from either an Audio Console or intercom
Matrix and intercom from up to four ports on the Matrix intercom frame and
sends IFB outputs to the on-air talents. Both the audio inputs and outputs are
transformer isolated. A single program input can feed all 4 IFB outputs. DC power
is only necessary if the talent receivers connected to the IFB ports require it.
BAL-8 (8-way Transformer Balance unit) is a 1RU interface containing eight
transformer isolated ports. The unit isolates the connection between matrix
ports and peripheral devices such as two-way radios and four-wires. (All Eclipse
HX matrix direct outputs are low impedance and electronically balanced.)
TW-60 interface supports “Radio Interoperability” and interfaces with up to four
Land Mobile Radios. The interface can connect to earphone, microphone and
push-to-talk radio controls. An audio output delay, to allow key-up time of a radio
system on the outbound side of each connection, is also included with delay
between 0 and 5000ms. Receive level, Transmit level and Delay time are three
separate controls for each radio.
10 Clear-Com
CCI-22 (Dual Partyline Ring Interface
Module) connects two 2-wire full-duplex partyline circuits with the matrix.
The interface supports Clear-Com signaling to and from the matrix system,
deriving its power from the external
partyline circuit. Levels and cable
nulling are completely adjustable. The
CCI-22 works with Clear-Com and
other third-party two-wire intercom
systems. The CCI-22 can also connect
to V-Series panels for remote operation
over IP networks.
FOR-22 (Dual 4-wire Transformer
Balance and Radio Relay Control
Module) connects two external
four-wire circuits to the matrix. The
module provides proper impedance
matching, transformer isolation and
level adjustments between systems. It
also supports external relay activation
and call-sense circuitry. The FOR-22
can also connect to V-Series panels for
remote operation over IP networks.
AES-6-CX and AES-6-RJ
The six-channel AES-6-CX module
connects V-Series panels to Eclipse
HX matrices over AES3 digital audio
pairs (RJ) or Co-Ax (CX), providing
two audio paths to the intercom panel.
Alternately, these modules can be used
to connect Eclipse HX to third party
equipment, with AES interface ports.
TEL-14 (Dual Telephone Interface
Module) The two-line, auto-nulling
digital hybrid telephone interface
module is designed for establishing
IFB connections between the main intercom and remote production trucks,
and enabling telephone calls directly
from any intercom panel in an Eclipse
HX matrix.
RLY-6 (6-way Relay Control Module)
provides six fully programmable SPDT
(Single Pole, Double Throw) relay
outputs to support dedicated switching functions external to the matrix
system. This provides for external DC
signal light activation or door control,
for example.
GPI-6 (6-way General Purpose Input
Control Module) provides six general
purpose Opto logic inputs into the
matrix, allowing external sources to
trigger routing changes and other
events through the matrix system.
Clear-Com 11
EHX Configuration Software
EHX gives system administrators and operators an intuitive graphical view of the system, panels
and control logic for ease of configuration and management of the entire Eclipse HX network.
Built-in automation, pre-set factory
configuration, and intuitive hardware
discovery powerfully enhance the
out-of-box start-up experience.
• Programmable and real-time
V-Series Panel audio routing-mixing
• Simple user interface for set up
of matrix cards and ports
• DTMF dial tone inward
conditional access
• Hardware graphical diagnostics
and reporting
EHX Features
• Activation of relays, routes, and
DTMF sequences via controls
• Event and status logging
• Global label based key latch disable
• Highlighted off-normal
crosspoint levels
• Automatic setup of initial configuration by hardware discovery and
default factory configuration
• Configuration upload from frames
• Real-time key assignment routes,
IFB and partyline routing
• Centrally set global and local
IFB operations
• Configuration of frame and
panel relay controls
• Online Help
• Port I/O audio level control
• Fast software algorithms enable
real-time, system-wide updates
entrally set local and global
ISO routes
• User rights for managing user types
and access levels in software
configuration maps stored in local
memory per frame
• Resource chart to display user
configuration limits
System Management
Logic Maestro
In the everyday running of a communications system between many
users working on a single or multiple
projects, there is often the need to link
the intercom to other systems, like
signal lights or door control, or change
the routing depending on external
states such as microphones being live.
Such conditional interfacing has been
programmed in software using Control
Macros scripts within the Eclipse HX
Configuration Software (EHX) system
until now.
HCI (Host Control
Panel Programming
EHX configuration
Logic Maestro control macro
Logic Maestro augments text based
Control Macros with a simple and
graphical logic programming tool within
EHX, enabling significantly easier
programming of powerful intercom
control functions. Logic Maestro is a
free, add-on module.
Eclipse matrices include the option to
have third party control systems make
changes and receive status information
within Eclipse HX intercom networks.
Eclipse HX HCI (Host Control Interface)
is an open protocol, which allows a
third party computer or automation
system to control an Eclipse HX matrix.
The protocol provides a rich set of
control and monitor commands which
are used to implement a wide variety
of control applications. HCI commands
include crosspoint control, audio level
control, panel key assignment, GPI
monitoring, and routing/monitoring of
both conferences and IFBs. HCI can
implement many types of application,
including placing intercom under third
party automation system control. It
can also be used to help tie Eclipse HX
systems intelligently to other makes
of intercom system. The protocol is
licensed per matrix frame and includes
supporting utility software and
Note, HCI is designed to be used by
software engineers. In addition to
the HCI license, Clear-Com provide
a starter support package to assist
application development. If required,
extended support is available for more
complex requirements.
Cards configuration
12 Clear-Com
Clear-Com 13
Field Staff:
Team members often need to work off
site. While in the field, they need to talk
to the producer, director or operations
manager to receive instructions. This
communication link is over IP using any
one of several communication points.
mobile app
(on smartphones
or tablets)
V-Series IP control
panel (in mobile units)
Clear-Com Concert
Soft Panel (on PCs)
Encore/HelixNet partyline
systems connected to
Eclipse HX via (LQ Devices)
Remote Bureau:
• V-Series IP
control panel
• DX210 wireless
Sports Production:
Control Room
• Eclipse HX matrix system
• FreeSpeak II wireless beltpacks
• Clear-Com Gateway (for radio
bridging or interfacing)
• V-Series IP enabled control panels
• Concert Server (for Concert
Soft Panels)
Security/Law Enforcement:
Common on large campuses are internal
security teams. They are typically
speaking on two-way radios and may
be disconnected from other communication systems. With the Clear-Com
Gateway interoperability solution
and SIP interfacing, law enforcement/
security and other IP phones can be
patched/bridged with the Eclipse HX
communication network seamlessly
allowing the security team to speak
with other authorized users.
2-way radios
(connected to
Eclipse HX
via Clear-Com
Internal Communications inside
Campus over LAN
ncore/HelixNet partyline
systems connected to Eclipse
HX via LQ Devices)
reeSpeak II wireless beltpacks
and V-Series panels
IP Phones (via Gateway)
2-way radio
In a neighboring city, a remote bureau/
office is set up for a subset of team
members. They often need to communicate with those in the Control Room.
This is possible over IP connectivity,
using the IP-enabled V-Series panels
and a local wireless system called DX
Series that are connected to Eclipse HX.
On the campus, a mid-size sport venue
often hosts local team sporting events.
These events are often captured,
produced and broadcasted out to the
community/internal television channels.
Communication between camera
positions, visiting mobile units, and
Director all take place within the venue,
and links back to headquarters via the
Eclipse HX system.
Control Room:
Communications over
IP Connectivity
& SIP Interfacing
2-wire & 4-wire connection
using LQ IP Interfaces
At the heart of the communication network is the Eclipse HX matrix intercom
system, where the Control Room is
typically situated at the headquarters or
main facility. It enables communications
within the building and all surrounding
buildings that make up a wide area
campus. Users who need to communicate within the network are typically
on V-Series key panels at fixed locations,
integrated FreeSpeak II wireless
beltpacks, beltpacks for mobility inside
and outside of the building, or Concert
Soft Panel at remote office locations.
These user controls are connected
over 2-wire, 4-wire and IP connections.
14 Clear-Com
Clear-Com 15
Clear-Com offers connectivity solutions designed for linking multiple intercom systems together
over IP networks, routing and distributing audio and video signals over optical fiber networks,
and interfacing communication solutions with SIP telephony protocols and 2-way radios.
LQ Series IP Interfaces
LQ devices extend and connect any combination of 2-wire partyline intercom and 4-wire intercom/
audio over IP circuits (House LAN, Corporate WAN or Internet connections).
MUX-22-CC Video
Signal Transport
Video Inputs
and Outputs
Scalable, protocol independent routing,
repeating, transport and distribution
of multiple professional video and
audio signals such as SD/HD/3G-SDI,
over the same optical fiber cable.
Equipped with 4 video inputs and
4 outputs, and 4 four-wire RJ45
matrix ports.
V-Series Panel
Single Mode Fiber
Video Inputs
and Outputs
For linking multiple systems
from different locations:
Place an LQ device at each end of
the intercom system, then establish
links among the LQ devices using the
Core Configuration Manager from
any browser.
Eclipse HX Matrix
Fly Pack
Linking 4-wire with 2-wire intercom system
Linking 4-wire with 4-wire intercom system
ProGrid Signal
Transport Solution
ProGrid is a premium-grade audio
and signal transport solution, offering
high performance and resilience as
well as fast and flexible deployment.
Based on the open AES3 and AES10
(MADI) standards, ProGrid is designed
for ultra-fast transport, distribution,
and routing of audio, intercom, video
signals* and control data using the
OPTOCORE® (Optical Fiber) and
SANE (Synchronous Audio Network
+ Ethernet) platforms. All serial data,
word clock sync, analog, AES, MADI
audio with timecode, and all major
brand intercom signals are transmitted
synchronously at extremely low latency
and across long distances over ProGrid.
The ProGrid family consists of
several categories of devices:
Analog Audio Converter Devices:
Digital I/O interface devices for
transporting audio and data signals
devices connect 2-way radios, intercoms, telephones and IP networks.
Clear-Com Gateway supports standards
based IP interfacing for Voice-over-IP
(VoIP), RoIP, Unicast, Multicast and
SIP applications for connectivity and
interoperability. Each IP module comes
with eight SIP accounts. When connected to Clear-Com intercom systems,
Clear-Com Gateway provides a SIP
interface that can emulate a Tel-14.
Clear-Com Gateway is an interoperability platform for linking and bridging
disparate communication systems to
deliver advanced radio interfacing and
IP connectivity on a single platform.
The compact CG-X1 and CG-X4
Intercom Interface Devices: Seamless
integration of intercom audio and
control data from Clear-Com intercom
panels, interfaces and matrices
Digital MADI Interface Devices:
Two MADI input and two MADI output
ports for transmitting up to 128 input
and 128 output digital audio channels
One 4-wire from Matrix to Gateway
AES/EBU Connectivity Devices:
Digital audio interface with AES/EBU
ports for connecting and transporting
32 AES/EBU digital audio channels, i.e.
64 mono channels
* Composite video is available over the Optocore network using the PG2-MADI-FX and
PG32-AES-FX units. HD SDI video is available through the use of the MUX-22-CC.
16 Clear-Com
Yamaha Interface Cards: Direct
connection of Yamaha consoles to
the fiber links.
Clear-Com Gateway
Radio 4
One 4-wire from Matrix to Gateway
Four ports 4-wire from Gateway to radios
Radio 3
Radio 1
Radio 2
® OPTOCORE is a registered trademark of OPTOCORE GMBH.
Clear-Com 17
Clear-Com offers the broadcast set of wired, wireless, and IP intercom solutions. In addition
to the matrix intercom system, here are the other sets of products that are used worldwide.
Compatible Intercom Headsets
Partyline Intercom Systems
Clear-Com Encore
Analog 2-wire, group communication
systems with intuitive plug-and-play
design and superior audio clarity best
known as the “Clear-Com Sound”.
Flexible, scalable, and intelligent
digital network partyline system
platform for dynamic group
Sales Part #
Mic type
Mic/Headphone Impedance
Mic Boom
Single-ear muff
200/400 Ohms
300-degrees rotation for muting mic on/off
Wireless Intercom Systems
Double-ear muff
200/400 Ohms
300-degrees rotation for muting mic on/off
DX Series—2.4GHz
Single-ear muff
200/400 Ohms
Double-ear muff
200/400 Ohms
Single-ear muff
2.2K / 40 Ohms
360-degrees rotation for left or right side use
Double-ear muff
2.2K / 40 Ohms
360-degrees rotation for left or right side use
Single-ear muff
200/200 Ohms
360-degrees rotation for left or right side use
All DX Series wireless intercom
systems feature Spectrum-Friendly™
technology for interference-free operation. The DX Series enable full-duplex
communications in a range of system
offerings, from a portable base station
Single-ear muff
200 Ohms
None (Listen only)
FreeSpeak II—1.9GHz & 2.4GHz
Compatible Intercom Microphones
FreeSpeak II™ is the most powerful
and sophisticated distributed wireless
solution. Its ability to maintain a strong
and continuous wireless connection
Sales Part #
Compatibility with
10 cm (3.9")
34 cm (13.4")
49 cm (19.3")
V-Series matrix user panels, HelixNet Main
station and Remote station
WBS—518-608MHz and
Sales Part #
Compatibility with
25 cm (10")
45 cm (18") Plug-in
Both microphones are compatible with the
I-Series user panels
18 Clear-Com
WBS Systems operate in select
frequency UHF bands. Whether WBS
is used as a standalone wireless
for few wireless users to co-located
rack-mount base stations for up to
16 full-duplex users on two channels.
DX Series intercoms are cost-effective,
easy to set up, and deliver exceptional
sound clarity.
across an expansive coverage area
while providing crystal-clear digital
audio makes FreeSpeak II the ideal
wireless roaming solution.
communication system or combined
with wired intercoms, its frequency
agility, rich feature set, audio clarity and
performance reliability make every
WBS system an excellent choice.
Clear-Com 19
Corporate Description
Clear-Com, an HME company, is a trusted global provider of professional
real-time communications solutions and services since 1968. We innovate
market proven technologies that link people together through wired and
wireless systems.
Clear-Com was first to market portable wired and wireless intercom systems
for live performances. Since then, our history of technological advancements
and innovations has delivered significant improvements to the way people
collaborate in professional settings where real-time communication matters.
For the markets we serve – broadcast, live performance, live events, sports,
military, aerospace and government – our communication products have
consistently met the demands for high quality audio, reliability, scalability
and low latency, while addressing communication requirements of varying
size and complexity.
Our reputation in the industry is not only based on our product achievements,
but also on our consistent level of customer engagement and dedication to
delivering the right solutions for specialized applications, with the expertise to
make it work. Around the globe and across markets, Clear-Com’s innovations
and solutions have received numerous awards and recognitions for ingenuity
and impact to customers.
Americas and Asia-Pacific Headquarters
California, United States
Tel: +1.510.337.6600
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]
Europe, Middle East, and Africa Headquarters
Cambridge, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 1223 815000
Email: [email protected]
China Representative Office
Beijing, P.R.China
Sales/Marketing Tel: +86 10 59002608
Service Tel: +86 10 59000198
Email: [email protected]
© 2015. Clear-Com LLC. All rights reserved. ® Clear-Com and the
Clear-Com logo are registered trademarks of HM Electronics, Inc.
Optocore and SANE are registered trademarks of OPTOCORE GmbH.
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