TotalFlow BatchBuilder V2.2

TotalFlow BatchBuilder V2.2
CRD # 17-1548-3f
TotalFlow BatchBuilder 2.2.
TotalFlow BatchBuilder V2.2
RICOH TotalFlow BatchBuilder is a solution for mid-large size commercial and book printers. Its focus is to organize
incoming orders from multiple sources and produce them efficiently on continuous feed, cut sheet, or a combination of both
based on different job criteria.
Orders, and their specific attributes, come through input systems such as MIS or web to print (W2P). Enabling XML mapping
capabilities, through the use of recommended third-party software, allows XML to flow into RICOH TotalFlow BatchBuilder
through input hot folders, and supports integration with these upstream systems. Jobs can be automatically preflighted for
problems and users create filters based on media width and height, document size, finishing type and so on, thus grouping
"like" jobs into batches. The batches then can be imposed with Ultimate Impostrip and pushed to output hot folders, creating a
highly efficient workflow for short-run digital jobs.
This release features
Ability to set up filters for automated imposition selection
Getting the logs for support can be configured and ran from the UI
Setup custom command lines for each output for actions like LPR printing
Ability to set up job aggregation based on ISBN, SKU, file name or other common criteria. Print once to fulfill
multiple orders of similar jobs, such as different quantities of the same book, and separate at finishing or shipping
Setup automation schedule for what period of time the automation feature is allowed to take place and the
maximum number of batches allowed during that time period
Ability to send CSV from outputs and also from job status updates
Ability to launch new viewer for 1up or imposed jobs
Run manual imposition prior to batches being sent
Activate an imposition review process using new viewer to approve, or reject jobs in a batch prior to being sent to
final output destination
Setup multi-level sort criteria for jobs to customize the grid view
Ability to show custom states on the dashboard, turn state on/off plus set color for each state. Also can select one
week or two week views
Manually add a local paper catalog to each output
Request paper catalog for each output from JMF enabled printers
Select custom media and size for batch tickets and banner sheets
Ability to scan barcode or search for order number to create a quick reprint of a job or order
Setup different colors for banner sheets to draw attention to different production requirements
Ability to set customer order quantity vs. normal copies (print quantity)
Edit the footer tray by turning buttons on/off or customize the data that each button shows
Ability to take in postscript files
Ability to see thumbnails of each job and open viewer for more options
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CRD # 17-1548-3f
TotalFlow BatchBuilder 2.2.
Support for existing Pitstop Server customers with the preflight feature
Support network scanners to eliminate keyboard function
Ability to select 2 and 4 year MA
Set new alerts for jobs not matching imposition filters, imposition is ready to review, and barcode scan errors
while using a network scanner
UI and usability enhancements -
New calendar and options for selecting dates
Manual entry allowed for setting time value
Numeric ranges can be set in filters instead of having to add additional attributes
More columns added to job search function along with due date visibility
Batches show icon when triggered from automation and also which triggers created the batch
Automation schedule icons added to filters and batches
Right click options have been consolidated and more options are available
JMF output option is improved to pull in available virtual printers when supported
Better user experience with barcode scanning
Order duplication for ease of recurring work
Weekdays and weekends added to filter automation
Removed 32 character limits for Job Name, Paper Name, Imposition, Order Number, and Customer
Final Release Dates:
Final Release Announcement Date: May 25, 2017
Final Release Date: May 25, 2017
Item Numbers
The following table contains the base product plus features.
Item Number
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CRD # 17-1548-3f
TotalFlow BatchBuilder 2.2.
A complete list of all item numbers is in the attached file. The new items include:
2 and 4 year MA
The ability to integrate multiple systems, like W2P and MIS, automate workflows and track jobs through production are critical
for medium-large commercial and book printers. TotalFlow BatchBuilder will bring in work from these different upfront
systems using hot folders, batch like jobs together, and send the data and files directly to output hot folders. The user is
provided with an overview of all work coming in, and the most efficient way to produce it, thus eliminating touches along the
way that would in the past cost time and money.
TotalFlow BatchBuilder 2.2
•Base Product (BatchBuilder is sold as a base product with 6 optional features)
•XML Input / Mapping
•Orders / Job Management
•Job Aggregation
•Batch Management
•Command Line Execution for Outputs
•Imposition (Must have Ultimate Impostrip)
•Barcodes for Status, Tracking, and Reprints
•Triggers & Alerts
•Manual Job Submission
•PDF/Postscript + Hotfolders
•Custom Fields
•PDF Viewer
•5 Outputs Included
•Banner Sheets
•Optional Features
•Unlimited Outputs
•XML/JDF Output
•List File RPD
•Notify Add On with Print System Attachment Fees
TotalFlow BatchBuilder Base Functions
Provides a browser based UI – Can use any of the browsers listed below
-Internet Explorer 11 or later
-Mozilla Firefox 19 or later
-Google Chrome 21 or later
-Safari 5 or later
-Microsoft Edge
Takes in XML/JDF, or CSV generated from Web2Print, MIS, custom systems, or high end Prepress systems,
such as Prinergy, Apogee, Prinect or Esko, using input hot folders that can have default attributes applied to
them (an XSL mapping file is required to transform incoming order and job attributes into TotalFlow
BatchBuilder attributes). Hot folders can be local or on a network.
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CRD # 17-1548-3f
TotalFlow BatchBuilder 2.2.
Three user roles –
-Administrator (full rights)
-Operator (limited access to Admin tab and alert triggers)
-Viewer (no access rights, view only)
Lets you receive alert notifications in the UI and also via email for –
-XML and mapping inconsistencies
-Input and output errors
-Batch errors
-Mapped network drive errors
-Jobs overdue
-Preflight errors
-Waiting for files
-Requires proof
-Too big for automated filter, matches combined filter and automated filter, partial match of
combined filter, job does not match filter, job does not match imposition filter
-Duplicate order
-Low disk space
-Imposed jobs waiting for review
-Imposition errors
-Barcode scan errors while using network scanner
Takes in the PDF/PS data stream, and will push to output hot folders when batched. There is no size
restriction on these files.
Mapping enablement, using professional services or recommended 3rd party software, lets you map order and
job attributes to and from BatchBuilder so that important job ticket information can flow to output hot folders.
The 3rd party software we recommend is Altova MapForce (
Order Integrity prevents filters from recognizing any job until all jobs from the same order are in an unbatched
state. This can be turned on or off at the input hot folder and is important for book printing.
Filters are setup by the user with pre-defined or custom attributes, such as document or media size. Orders
come into BatchBuilder and if job(s) within the orders match filter attributes they can group together in that
filter for batch output. The three types of filters are:
 Simple Filter – One filter with predefined attributes to help user batch like jobs.
 Combination Filter – Consists of a minimum of two sub-filters or components that are linked
together. All work that batches from these filters will batch together and will be shown as linked.
This filter type is part of the “Order Integrity” and is critical for publishing and kitting workflows
where parts of an order need to be tracked.
 Proof Filter – One filter with predefined attributes to help user create batches of jobs requiring a
proof. It allows jobs to batch with a quantity of “1” without affecting original order specifications
and places jobs in a “proof out” state.
You can manually batch order parts (jobs) across multiple batches for efficiency with scheduling, printing,
and finishing. Jobs can be added to any batch and can also be deleted out of any batch.
Rules can be created to aggregate jobs in a batch so that instead of sending multiple of the same job with
different quantities to the output BatchBuilder can send one file with an accumulative total of copies. This
way the job only prints once then can be reconciled in finishing or shipping to break apart for the different
Lets you set retention time for orders and batches to help with disk space and re-prints. Also can set retention
for amount of history kept to be available for viewing within the dashboards.
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CRD # 17-1548-3f
TotalFlow BatchBuilder 2.2.
Lets you create custom attributes that you may want to batch off of for downstream devices.
Light integration with Ultimate Impostrip - when Impostrip is enabled impositions can manually be assigned
to incoming jobs, or filters can be setup to automate the process. When batches are sent jobs will be imposed
and then BatchBuilder will send to the output hot folders. Also included is the ability to gang batches of work
together to take advantage of sheet optimization when required.
Manual imposition can be performed prior to batches being sent and users can switch between 1up and
imposed views.
Imposition review process can be activated in the batch dialog allowing users to approve or reject any job
before being sent to the output.
Lets you queue batches of PDF/PS to an output device. An output device in BatchBuilder is a hot folder of
another software system or a Print server like TFPM/RPD or a DFE. Since the software is hot folder driven
the only requirement is the output device needs to be able to accept PDF/PS (to automate and take advantage
of setting properties at the printer using XML/JDF/CSV or MIME customers will need to purchase the
additional feature).
Lets you reorder batches queued to an output device.
Lets you edit properties for orders, jobs, alerts, users, inputs, outputs, filters and batches.
Setup local paper catalog for each output or automatically retrieve from JMF enabled printers with XML/JDF
Output feature
Manual orders can be submitted from the UI. These can also have attributes applied upon submission as well.
Lets you move queued batches between output devices
Using barcodes and/or Order Numbers you can easily select which jobs of an order need to be reprinted and
re-send with the same settings or you can edit and resend with new values
Lets you add up to 20 custom states and 20 locations to help with job tracking. When job status and location
are updated in UI, BatchBuilder can be configured to send out XML/JDF/CSV to update another system.
Lets you print banner sheets with each job and add colored borders if you want to use it as a slip-sheet. Colors
can be defined based on production requirement like all jobs that receive an envelope show blue on the banner
Batch tickets can print with batch as a pdf, sent to another directory as xml, and/or be sent to a laser printer
available from the BatchBuilder server.
Batch tickets and banner sheets can be sized using the defaults of BatchBuilder or can have the size and media
customized to your environment.
Choose between 3 of 9, Datamatrix, or QR barcodes to add to the batch tickets and banner sheets. Barcodes
can be scanned with a handheld USB device or network scanner. With a network scanner BatchBuilder can be
setup to understand the desired result from each scanner and update the state and location without using the
keyboard. Custom barcodes can be added for use with other systems such as an MIS while the BatchBuilder
ID barcodes are for the purpose of updating the status and location within the UI.
Command line execution is available for each output to handle other tasks that batches need to go through.
Customizable dashboard views available with ability to download csv file.
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CRD # 17-1548-3f
TotalFlow BatchBuilder 2.2.
Run manual backups when needed or restore system from a backup right from the UI.
Get logs from the UI for troubleshooting and support requests.
Additional Features
 Automation – This will allow you to use automation on the filters. You can have one trigger or several using
and/or logic. Also you can setup a schedule to adjust how many batches are automatically allowed to be
created during a specific time period.
Unlimited Outputs – This additional feature allows an unlimited number of output hot folders (the base option
only comes with five).
XML/JDF/CSV/MIME Output – This feature will allow you to send XML/JDF/CSV + PDF/Postscript or a
MIME package whereas the base software only allows PDF.
List File RPD – This feature creates a RPD (Ricoh Process Director) list file. The RPD list file contains a list
of all the jobs from the sent batch and will maintain the order it was sent in.
Preflight – This feature allows the creation and application of custom profiles and actions to incoming jobs to
help prevent production issues resulting from problematic PDF files. Customers can also integrate
BatchBuilder to an existing Pitstop Server.
Notify Add On – This feature parses data coming out of printers and automatically sends the “Print” complete
status to BatchBuilder. There will be print system fees associated with this feature that is outlined below.
Copy Count Support on the InfoPrint 5000
Improving the productivity of Ricoh solutions, TotalFlow BatchBuilder can automatically request a variable number of
copies when submitting PDF jobs to the InfoPrint 5000. Previously, the print operator set copy count. Now, batches of
jobs can be created, each with their own copy count, resulting in a significant improvement in system throughput while
reducing the potential for errors.
Key to this support is the use of a JDF job ticket to pass the job information. The JDF job ticket is combined with the PDF
file in a MIME format, ensuring that the correct copy count is applied to the job.
The following are considerations concerning this new support:
 Only the Copy Count value within the XML job ticket will be used. All other job ticket attributes will be ignored.
 The maximum number of copies supported by the InfoPrint 5000 is 32,767. If a job is submitted with a larger value,
the copy count will be set to 32,767.
 If the job is submitted with a copy count of zero, the copy count will be set 1.
 Error messages are not returned to the submitting software.
 Note: An invalid JDF job ticket will result in the job being aborted.
 The InfoPrint 5000 requires microcode level v2.9.112 or higher to support copy count.
 To create the needed job ticket from BatchBuilder the XML/JDF Output Feature must be purchased.
Print System Attachment Requirements
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CRD # 17-1548-3f
TotalFlow BatchBuilder 2.2.
Print System Attachment features are only required for TotalFlow BatchBuilder software when the Notify Add On Feature is
The Print System Attachment features are at different levels (tiers) based on the printer speeds. For low and medium speed
devices the fee is per engine, and for high and ultra high-speed devices the fee is per system.
Print system attachment feature categories (features) are as follows:
63-110 impressions-per-minute (low-speed)
111-300 impressions-per-minute (medium-speed)
301 -1499 impressions-per-minute (high-speed)
1500+ impressions-per-minute (ultra-high-speed)
A print system attachment feature is required for each physical printer that sends out a printed complete status. A “physical
printer” may be a printer or a controller and printer combination. The only exceptions are set forth below:
Required Print Attachment Feature Exceptions
1) A print system attachment feature has already been purchased for other Ricoh software, such as Ricoh Process Director.
2) Physical printers that are used only for test, development and cold backup do not require printer attachments.
3) The Notify Add On Feature was not purchased
Customer Responsibilities
The customer is responsible for correctly reporting printer speeds at initial license purchase and at subsequent maintenance
renewals or upgrades.
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CRD # 17-1548-3f
TotalFlow BatchBuilder 2.2.
BatchBuilder System Requirements
TotalFlow BatchBuilder can be installed on one of the systems listed below.
Windows 7 (SP1)
Adobe Acrobat Reader
version 10 or higher
Adobe Acrobat Reader
version 10 or higher
Adobe Acrobat Reader
version 10 or higher
Adobe Acrobat Reader
version 10 or higher
Adobe Acrobat Reader
version 10 or higher
Adobe Acrobat version 10
or higher
Windows 8
Windows 10
Windows Server 2008
R2 (SP2)
Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2016
with Desktop
*If you install TotalFlow BatchBuilder on an operating system that is running on VMware software, the system might
experience a drop in performance. To avoid any TotalFlow BatchBuilder performance issues, make sure you
allocate a separate disk drive for the VMware software. Also is using a VM it requires static IP address.
In addition the following hardware and software is required:
CPU – Quad Core Processor 2.7 GHz or better.
Main Memory – 8 GB RAM or higher
Hard disk
We recommend 500 GB of available space for the initial installation and up to 1 TB
depending on usage.
Note: The amount of space required varies greatly, depending on the size and number
of orders and jobs and on the specific processes that are set within TotalFlow
BatchBuilder. Using a SSD type hard disk is recommended for better performance.
1280 x 1024 pixels or higher
Note: Maximize the browser window when you use this application. If the size of the
browser window is not large enough to display the user interface, you might
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CRD # 17-1548-3f
TotalFlow BatchBuilder 2.2.
experience problems with truncated display.
Setup Guide
User’s Guide
Readme File
Terms and Conditions
The information provided in this announcement letter is for reference and convenience purposes only. The terms and
conditions that govern any transaction with Ricoh are contained in the applicable contract documents, such
as the Ricoh Software License Agreement and the Ricoh Software Maintenance Agreement for Production
Printing Software.
Licensing: The Ricoh Software License Agreement governs your use of the program. These programs have a One-timecharge (OTC) for use of the program, and an annual (or multi-year if available) renewable charge for ongoing support, which
includes telephone assistance, as well as access to updates and new releases of the program as long as support is in effect.
Trial Period
TotalFlow BatchBuilder base product plus Automation, Unlimited Outputs, XML/JDF Output, List File RPD and Notify Add
On features allow for a 60-day trial period. The Preflight feature allows only a 30-day trial period.
Maintenance Service Offerings
TotalFlow BatchBuilder is covered by the Ricoh Software Maintenance Agreement for Production Printing Software. This
agreement applies for subscription and support (also referred to as software maintenance) when purchased with the software
product or as a subsequent renewal of software maintenance. The software maintenance agreement does not require customer
While your software maintenance is in effect, RICOH provides assistance for routine, short-duration installation and usage
(how to) questions and code-related questions. RICOH provides assistance via telephone and, if available, electronic access,
only to your Information Systems (IS) technical support personnel during normal business hours (published prime shift hours)
of the RICOH support center. This assistance is not available to end-users. RICOH provides Severity 1 assistance 24 hours a
day, every day of the year. For additional details, consult the Ricoh website at:
Software maintenance does not include assistance for the design and development of applications, your use of programs in
other than their specified supported operating environment, or failures caused by products for which RICOH is not responsible
under this agreement.
1 Through 5-year Maintenance Agreement
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CRD # 17-1548-3f
TotalFlow BatchBuilder 2.2.
The first year of MA is included in the purchase of the software. Customers may elect to add or renew their MA for 1, 2, 3, 4 or
5 year(s). This agreement will also have Cold Backup, Restricted Use and After license options.
Warranty Period
The program is warranted for 90 days as stated in the Ricoh Software License Agreement.
Ordering Information
This product is ordered by choosing the base product, optional features, and desired maintenance. If requested a DVD,
including installer, EULA, notes, and the Setup and User Guide can be manufactured and sent to Users, otherwise it is by
digital download.
Accessibility by people with disabilities
TotalFlow BatchBuilder has the following capabilities for vision-impaired users:
Can display content in large-font mode without losing visual focus
Provides all information and can be understood without color
Provides support for interfaces commonly used by screen magnifiers
Provides all information visually, without the use of audio or multimedia
Complex actions such as drag and drop can be achieved by context-menu
Web pages do not contain anything that flashes more than three times in any one second period, or the
flash is below the general flash and red flash thresholds
TotalFlow BatchBuilder has the following capability for users with mobility impairments or limited
hand use:
Provides support for keyboard navigation
Provides ability to use without short-term time limits
U.S. Section 508 Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) can be requested from the Web site
TotalFlow BatchBuilder, when used in accordance with Ricoh’s associated documentation, is capable of satisfying the
applicable requirements of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, provided that any assistive technology used with the product
properly interoperates with it. A U.S. Section 508 Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) can be requested using
Ricoh’s Web site at
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CRD # 17-1548-3f
TotalFlow BatchBuilder 2.2.
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or both:
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registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
Oracle and Java are registered trademarks of Oracle and/or its affiliates.
Firefox is a registered trademark of Mozilla Foundation.
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We disclaim any and all rights to those marks.
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CRD # 17-1548-3f
TotalFlow BatchBuilder 2.2.
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