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Warm Audio
TB12 Mikrofon
Enkel mik-preamp i god
kvalitet med tone shaping.
Kan gjøre magiske ting
med mikrofonene dine! Må
The Tone Beast is a great
mic pre with loads of gain
that can effortlessly
capture an array of
sources very well. With
top notch CineMag
transformers and multiple
discrete signal paths, it's
hard to beat its big, bold,
fully-professional sound at
its price.
The Tone Beast is a mic
pre that likes to be pushed
and when pushed will
colorize your signal ever
so sweetly. The 2 opamps
and 2 output transformers
at the flip of their switches
won't appear to be much
different, but as one
drives the pre into
harmonic distortion, the
unique character of each
of these components
becomes apparent.
Additionally the Tone Beast
is customizable and allows
for other opamps to be
sourced and easily
swapped into the unit. I've
pulled my best tones from
this pre right at the
saturation point (as loud
as I can push the gain
before clipping). The
output control on the TB12
allows you to limit the
signal exiting the preamp
even when pushing the
gain to really hot levels,
giving you maximum
Discrete 312 preamp
design with coupled
CineMag Transformers
71db of gain
Transformer selection
provides both Steel and
50% Nickel CineMag output
transformers for varying
Transformer bypass
switch allows for removal
of the output transformer
from the circuit
NOK 7 449
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Discrete Opamp selection
provides both the classic
1731(vintage) and
918(cleaner) style
opamps. These are
socketed/swappable with
your choice of 2520 6 pin
footprint opamps.
Impedance switch labeled
TONE to switch between
150 and 600 ohms input
Capacitor selection
between Tantalum and
Electrolytic for different
80hz hipass filter
Polarity Reverse
+48V phantom power
Output attenuation
allowing for saturation
flexibility of both the
opamps and transformers
¼" insert for the use of
inline compressors, eq's
Balanced XLR mic (front
and back), balanced TRS
line, and ¼" instrument
Balanced XLR and TRS
-20db Pad
LED VU Meter
19" rackmountable
External line-lump 24V AC
power transformer for low
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