All principals, teachers, Executive members of the District, Club officials and coaches, development officers and other guests are invited to attend the “LET'S GET THE
BALL ROLLING" youth development lawn bowls promotion to be held at the Goodwood Bowling Club on Thursday 9 June 2016. Those attending this event, which is
endorsed by both
BOWLS SA, will
hear more about
the exciting school
and club partnership drive!
As all bowlers already know, bowls is a sport that promotes a healthy lifestyle and
offers fun for the whole family, so the community as a whole can only benefit by
the adoption of bowls as a school sport. Club bowling greens offer a place where
different generations can enjoy quality time together and for those wanting to
take the sport more seriously, each club has coaches who gladly offer further training. Bowls SA working together with WP Bowls is willing to train teachers as certified assistant coaches, with schools making use of the local club greens, assisted by
club members. In turn, clubs will promote membership, introduce various club activities and grow business partnerships whilst promoting their love of the sport.
The lawn bowls promotion of the 9th of June is a roll out campaign in Cape Town
with presenter Trevor Davis, Bowls SA Executive Member, as they launch their
#BOWLS:1sport4life youth transformation drive.
The hosting club, Goodwood BC, will take the “LET'S GET THE BALL ROLLING" one
step further with the vision of youth development and transformation when they
will get the teachers, learners, coaches and club members on the greens a week
later on YOUTH DAY. The 16th of June is also the same day that WP Bowls district
has encouraged all clubs to roll out a range of fun activities for youth of all ages.
But where did this process start?
See page two for more!
9 June 2016 at
14:00 at the Goodwood Bowling Club corner of
Milton and Dirkie Uys street Goodwood Cape
Town(behind Goodwood Sports Club)
Contact Glenda Pontes, 082 371 2940
Monthly M&M news
ISSUE 02 MAY 2016
Highlights in this issue
Plett on a roll P. 3
Convenors Corner P. 4
Ekurhuleni U’19/35 P. 5
Limpopo schools kids P. 6
Lekkerbreek Invite P. 7
24 Hour Challenge P. 8
Bowls Legend P. 9
Business Leagues P.10/11
Personalities P.12/13
We introduce you to.. P.13
Youth Tournament P.14
Feel Good Story P.15
Convenor, Ilze Bakkes on
teaching and leadership in
See pg 4
Both the Lekkerbreek Youth
Camp and Outeniqua Youth
Festival takes place during
the School Holidays
Female U’25 Player from
Eden Bowls
see page 13
Monthly M&M NEWS
ISSUE 02 MAY 2016
But where did this start? Despite Goodwood being a centrally located club
in Western Province, hosting various large competitions and tournaments over
the years, there has been a decline in membership. Being one of the strongest, the club decided to embark on a road with a new vision and a mission to
rebuild the club and ensure it is a club that show the way forward in development and transformation and as such introduce new members to the sport of
bowls. Why development and transformation?
With stats showing a decline in clubs (76 to current day 34 in Cape Town) the
question should be WHY NOT?! Glenda Pontes said they realised that they
weren't alone in dwindling membership and realised that something drastic
needed to be done to save the sport and “break the brick wall mentality” of
the age old game of bowls. We need to respect the legacy of a wonderful
game and hand it down to our youth without exclusion to ensure it’s sustainability. JP Naude, President of the Western Cape Provincial Sport Confederation,
recently stressed that we “need to change the narrative ‘we live in modern
times with new dimensions’ ‘we need to think out of the box’. The transformation charter is part of the constitution that governs our country. We all
need to ask ourselves whether we as a club have done enough to make our
sport accessible to all members of our community.”
The hard working committee together with willing club members and freelance
marketing go getter and ex-educator, Glenda Pontes started the process of
increasing the club membership. Trevor Davis, Executive Member Bowls SA
and members of the Membership & Marketing standing committee immediately responded to Glenda’s request for assistance, leading up to various members of both WP and Bowls SA
Standing Committees meeting with the Goodwood BC to give advice. With the knowledge and guidance of
various individuals, Bowls SA Executive and it’s M&M committee and Glenda’s tenacity, the arrangements
were made for the Lawn Bowls Promotion on the 9th of June. ‘Without the sponsorship of PK Print and the
tireless ’round the clock’ creative input of Bronwyn Smith this project would have fallen flat’ Mrs Pontes told
us. “Youth at Bowls” graphics were created for the event, including invitations, advertising, banners, etc. ‘I
appreciate the efforts of the team and with the backing received from the committee and club we can only
grow from here’ according to Mr Roy Ward, President of Goodwood Bowling Club.
Well done Goodwood BC. We wish your club all the best for the events as well as for the future of Bowls Development
and Transformation. Keep us posted on the growth of your membership!
Roy Ward, President of
Goodwood BC with the
young people that assisted during the photo shoot
for the “Youth at Bowls”
marketing, advertising of
lawn bowls for the future
of Bowls.
Bowls South Africa is making a concerted effort to involve younger
players in the sport of lawn bowls and the Western Cape Education
Department is also encouraging schools to adopt lawn bowls as a
school sport.
The club, led by president Rodney Hill, is excited at the prospect of not only developing an appreciation for the game in
the community but also of a youth team which will grow and
one day compete on a national level.
Owen Calverley represeneting Bowls South Africa and Sharon
Calverley, one of the managers for the Eden District U19 squad,
attended the inaugural session to provide encouragement and
some essential resources to ensure that the first session got off
to a flying start. They were both highly impressed by the enthusiasm shown by the coaches and management committee of
Plettenberg Bay Bowling Club to get this project rolling.
Remote control
To launch a successful youth bowls programme takes vision,
commitment and lots of enthusiasm. Well done to Plett on
achieving this fantastic milestone! We look forward to seeing
some of their young players competing at district and national
level in the near future.
The Plettenberg Bay Bowling Club is therefore thrilled and very fortunate
that Wittedrift High School have supported such a move. On Friday 20
May, 18 Wittedrift students had their first of what will be weekly
lessons on the bowling green. Qualified coaches led by Graham Morris
took the students through their first steps on the green, frustrating moments at times when a simple looking game can be so difficult and exciting times when there was clear improvement throughout the session.
National Standing
& Marketing
The Tall and Short of the
U’19 Tournament!
Christian Kerr (JBA) 16,
Tinaye Rungano (BGN) 9,
Xavian Kramer (JBA) 10
Rowan Watkins (SFS) 17
Monthly M&M NEWS
ISSUE 02 MAY 2016
One sometimes just stand in awe at what can be achieved if the
right people and the right tools get used! Working and studying at
a university puts one in an environment where, on every day of the
week teaching and learning takes place, where new ideas are
formed and problems are solved, new methods and possible newly
formed structures are looked at. Yet sometimes the research and
“search” in the industry and in sport does not happen. Yet lately, I
have seen how individual members of our sport has taken it to task
to improve the membership, grow the sport, get youth involved at
clubs and of course look closer at the transformation scorecard.
These individuals are getting down and dirty, doing their research
and are willing to learn and soak up information like sponges. We
welcome our new “bowling students” and we salute each of you for
your dedication and hard work.
Yours in Bowls
Ilze Bakkes
UNDER 19/35
Under 35 Bowls is healthy in Pretoria.
BGN recently won Gold in the U35
Quadrangular that took place in Alberton where it was evident that bowls is
not just another pastime amongst the
younger players in Pretoria but is
growing in strength. Brian Thomson,
The Players of Gauteng North, the overall
President of Ekurhuleni Bowls, extendwinners of the Ekurhuleni Quadrangular
Tournament 2016
ed an invitation to surrounding Districts to participate in the Under 19/35
Quadrangular tournament scheduled for the weekend of 30th April and 1st May 2016.
The competition, now in its second year, attracted young bowlers from all around
The Under 19’s could enter 2 teams of four players designated A & B and for the Under
35’s they could enter 1 team of eight players per gender. The Under 19’s played three
games of 15 ends, 3 sets per game and in two pools of four teams to determine the winner of each pool and to determine the order of the runners up. The pools comprised of
two A teams and two B teams, none from the same District. The winners and runners
up went on to compete on the Sunday. The Under 35’s played all games as 3 sets of
seven ends totalling 21 ends. The scoring was easy, with the Under 19’s getting 1 point
awarded to the winner of each set and 2 points to the winner of the game. Game points
total 5. The Under 35’s were awarded 1 point to the winner of each set and 2 points to
the winner of each game. The match having the higher aggregate score accumulating
a further 3 points. The game points totalled 5 each and the match a total of 13.
With strong competition from the Johannesburg (JBA) based bowlers the Bowls Gauteng North (BGN) Under 35’s fought back and won the tournament. The Under 35’s
bring about a new spirit to the game which was evident in the way they showed their
passion during practices at CBCOB in the evenings and the final
preparation in their practice games against the Colts and Fillies.
The energy they bring to the game is remarkable.
Evidence of their quality is the fact that
Dylan Mitchell, Pieter Troskie and Phil
Baily progressed to the finals of the BGN
Men’s Trips competition only narrowly
losing there. Also represented in the U
35’s were three Bowls SA Junior Masters
2016 participants – Rienie Lucas, Carmen
Fourie and Cecil Bornman. With the U
35’s performing well, the future success
of the inter districts teams in the national
tournaments are almost guaranteed.
The winners of the 2nd
Ekurhuleni U19/
U35 Quadrangular
Tournament were:
Under 35 section
Bowls Gauteng
North Men
Under 35 section
Ekurhuleni Ladies
Under 19 section
Bowls Gauteng
North “A”
and JBA “A”
taking honours in
Pool A / B respectively.
ISSUE 02 MAY 2016
Recently the activities and growth in the Sport of Bowls has been noticed in the Limpopo district. The School’s project started off during a Limpopo Exec meeting where the discussion came up (as with all the Districts) of
how is the District can build the Sport of Bowls and get the children involved. After the meeting Hanlie, Wally (Lekkerbreek Club President) and
Philip Olivier got together and decided to contact the local schools and ascertain how they could promote the sport at the schools.
They met up with the head master of Eugene N Marais Primary School in Mookgophong
(Naboomspruit) at a tabs-in event at Naboomspruit where they took the bowls development trailer to
promote bowls to the community members. It was agreed that the sport period at the school could be
used to do a bowls promotion. With the backing of
the principal and with the teachers assistance, the
learners were introduced to bowls on the rugby
fields! Dedication pays off as the group set aside five
days for visiting Naboom Primary School, marking
out six “greens” where the kids could roll with the
Bowls SA trailer being on duty. The reaction of the
kids and their enthusiasm is great! The learners between grade 4 and grade 7 formed individual groups
and every day a different grade took part. There
were plus minus 50 to 70 kids per session with overall
250 children over the 5 days. Wow!
The group of people that have assisted in making an impact on development and promotion of the
Sport of Bowls in Limpopo is Hanlie, Wally, Aranda and Philip. They are now busy planning a competition where the teachers, the learners and several club members of Naboomspruit will be participating.
It was then agreed with Naboomspruit Bowls Club to have their greens on a Friday afternoon from 14:30
where the kids who are interested could play on an actual bowling green. On average, there are currently 8 children plus a further 4 parents attending the coaching and social time on Fridays.
The group also met with the Sport and Recreational teacher at Warmbaths Primary School, then they
had a session at the Warmbaths School where a total of 91 kids attended! Phil Botha, the teacher at
the school, played a role in assisting them to have a fun day where quite a number of children and social
members of the club (plus minus 100 people) participated. The Warmbaths Bowling Club made their
greens available and there are now 13 children playing bowls every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon at
the club. Duiwelskloof was not left out with three schools there to be visited. At the first of the
schools, one of the so called 'under privileged’ schools, the interest and excitement was high. Already a
programme has been put into place to work together with the other two schools to set up a league between the three.
Well done Limpopo and keep us posted, especially growth in numbers!
The team of Philip, Aranda, Wally and Hanlie will be the organizing committee to host the schools week at Lekkerbreek during the coming holidays from 11 to 17 July 2016 and the interest is unbelievable. The invitations have been circulated far and wide and not only will there be children from Limpopo but also from BGN and
JBA. They will be making use of the Bowls SA trailer under the management of Philip Olivier. This trailer is extremely popular as has been shown in past weekends where it had to be split three ways! The group are hoping
to have 50 children between the age of 7 – 17 but they can go up to 19 year olds too because the focus will be to
build the under 19’s for the Nationals. If this camp proves popular, they would like to extend it to the under
25’s, etc. as the camp will provide a good training ground for the future. This is not aimed at specific clubs and
anybody may join them. The format for the week will be finalised closer to the time depending on numbers, but
the idea is to have an introduction to bowls. They will also be offering coaching to all bowlers. Furthermore
there will be a competition for the children with prizes. Lekkerbreek is situated on a game farm with quality accommodation, two swimming pools and a bowling green stringed for 8 rinks. Over and above the bowls, the participants will be taken for a walk in the field and be introduced to the bushveld fauna and flora. There is also a lot
of buck on the farm as well as zebras and giraffes which one can see during the walk in the veld.
Why is this group doing it?
Well according to Hanlie: “We love bowls and wish someone did this many years ago at our schools!”
What a wonderful idea
to promote and develop
Bowls and do it at a
place like Lekkerbreek.
Well done to this group
and please support
them. Parents and players – go and watch
our new talent!
ISSUE 02 MAY 2016
37 players
2 teams i.e. the
Challengers and
the Daredevils.
consisting of 4
players on the
green for
hours & 4 min
198 ends played
A club which was looking for something different and also wanting to do some
team building, did research and traced the latest bowls-playing record in the
Guinness World Book of Records which was held by a bowling club in the United Kingdom who played bowls for a 105 hours! The fundraising officer had a
dream of beating this mind-boggling record but it was decided to rather reach
for a twenty four hour endurance challenge. The result was that Fochville Bowling Club recently set a new South African record when they played continuous bowls
for twenty four hours and four minutes! Although the club members were rather
sceptical at first, they pitched in to make it happen. Enthusiastic members of the club
started organising and were given tasks or asked for donations. The greens had to be
set up for the challenge, a caravan organised for people who wanted to sleep overnight, food, gazebos, setting up cameras, getting the local paper involved, having a
barman for 24 hours, organising wood for a bonfire right through the night and informing the club neighbours of the attempt were just some of the myriad of tasks that
had to be ticked off.
Winners:The Challengers
The challenge took place on Saturday 29 April 2016 with Bowls SA Executive, Fred Kruis, opening the event.
The South African flag was raised and the club members sang the national anthem, where after all the members
joined in on a countdown to get the first jack rolled at exactly 13:00 on the Friday afternoon. The club even had
their own Haka and the atmosphere was electrifying. Good bowls were played and the event was filled with
laughter, lots of humour, lots of cheering and of course chirping from the side lines! Some members stuck it
out and stayed for the duration of the twenty four hours! The club had a constant audience which diminished a
little in the small hours of the night. Serious bowls were played and spectators even saw some world class
games. The members that had to play in the wee hours of Saturday morning got the support that they needed
to keep their eyes open and their bowls rolling. Needless to say that by the end of the challenge most members
were tired and just ready to go home!
The real winners were the members of the Fochville club. It is initiatives like this that creates excellent bonding
between members which in turn makes for an excellent club! The committee and members make a huge effort
to grow the club. All work towards a common goal to recruit and coach new members, involving the kids from
the school and coaching them, setting up various team building functions specifically for the schools and
churches, enjoying sponsorship days, organising a fundraising day for the blind bowlers. It is all hard work but
the club firmly believes that having a common goal, being committed and doing proper planning and putting in
the hard work and having fun, bonds members like nothing else can.
The Fochville Bowling club has doubled their membership over a period of four years. During 2012 the club had
33 members and over the years it has grown – from 39 to 45 to 53 to 62 in 2016. According to the club secretary, they have a committee who work together like a dream and stick together like glue, so who knows what
they will achieve in the future!
Two BOWLS administrators were honoured for their
work by the Western Cape Cultural Affairs and Sport.
Aloma Smith from the Strand Bowling Club and Koos
Louw from George Bowling Club were invited to attend
the legends function where they received their awards from
the Minister of Cultural Affairs and Sport, Ms Anroux Marais.
Koos Louw together with Walter Oosthuizen,
Aloma Smith started her bowling career in 1992 in KwaZulu
Exec Member of WP Bowls and Aloma Smith
Natal. She joined the Strand Bowling Club in 1994. During
1999 she started to introduce the Sport of Bowls to the underprivileged. Like so many administrators in the sport, she offered her services voluntarily and became involved full time with youth development and coaching in the Helderberg Basin. As a result of her dedication many a young player of colour has joined clubs as fully fledged members and a number of them have become champions. She takes great pride in the fact that 20 of the youngsters that took part in the Annual U19
Development Inter Districts tournament won gold and silver medals. Her input and leadership has
given many a young player the opportunity to be recognized for their leadership and they continue
to be invited to various camps and tournaments. Aloma has served on various committees, both at
District level and on the Standing Committee of Bowls SA for Promotion and Development. She is a
Lifelong member of the Strand Bowling Club where she is still actively involved with coaching,
bowls administration, the business league and development.
Koos Louw joined George Bowling Club in 1995 and in the following year was
selected as treasurer of the club. He held this position until July 2005 and again
between 2010 and 2012. During that time he also served as competition secretary for Bowls Southern Cape (now Eden Bowls). He held the position of competition secretary until 2009, a total of 11 years! With the establishment of
Western Cape Bowls, during May 2013, Koos was selected as the Secretary/
Treasurer of this body. Koos has also served on several Organising Committee's
of National Tournaments during his tenure. Koos was awarded Hononrary Life
Membership of Eden Bowls and received the Administrator of the Year Award at
the Annual Sport Awards of the SWD Sports Council during 2012.
We are so honoured that Lawn Bowls in South Africa has several members that
give of their time (and lots of times are out of pocket) for the growth and love of
the sport. Thank you for giving back to the sport!
Monthly M&M NEWS
ISSUE 02 MAY 2016
Business Leagues: Blessing or Curse?
They stand in clumps on our greens dressed in every
colour imaginable. Some are wearing tekkies, others
are barefoot. They are loud, even raucous and very often their exuberant laughter is liquorfueled. Are these bowlers, potential bowlers, casual bowlers or just non-bowling socialites?
Should we welcome them, tolerate them or turn our backs on them?
I must admit that the first time I saw a business league game taking place on our greens at the
exact time that I was wanting to quietly roll a few practice bowls, I was more than a bit put out
and told the club president so, in very short sentences. These people get to play on the greens
that are maintained by the subs that I pay to the club. They disregard the basic etiquette of the
game and completely hog all the facilities twice a week. Not cool, not fair! I suspect that a number of bowlers around the country will agree with those sentiments whole-heartedly. “Hear,
hear!” I hear here.
Fast forward a year or two to when I had more insight into the financials and membership details of the club and I began to understand just how important our business leagues are to the
survival of our club and also our beloved sport as a whole. Those loud, brash bowls-loving nonbowlers offload a truckload of hard cash into our much-needy club budgets and then one by one
they get bitten by the bowling bug and often end up joining our clubs where we can channel
their enthusiasm and emerging talents, turning them into very motivated competitive bowlers.
Our 2014 club champion-of-champions is an ex business league player. We have recently again
spotted some jaw-dropping raw talent which we are actively working to harness for our club’s
benefit. Quite frankly, this is a resource that no club can afford to disregard. Yes, they often
need to be gently chided about their etiquette and yes, club members need to get involved to
measure and offer “legal advice” when requested, then to do a general cleanup after the games.
However, if we are honest with ourselves, that is a small price to pay for the rewards that our
clubs reap in the process.
Boland Business League
Business leagues are:
A direct source of revenue for your club;
A potential source of new members for your club;
An opportunity for team-building WITHIN your club as your members facilitate the
tasks peculiar to the league; and most importantly,
it’s a platform to showcase your club and its facilities to the broader public.
These potential bowlers actually talk to their friends and spouses about the sport and how your club
treats them (both good and bad!). Their team photos with broad smiles appear in the local newspaper
and the whole town gets the message that bowls is not only for old white men in white clothes. Right
now I can walk into any shop in town wearing my club colours and I get asked about the game. Even
our local ice-cream vendor asks how my game went when I stop off for a post-game comfort-in-acone treat! I am now one of many bowlers who are starting to fully appreciate just how vital these
business leagues are for the sustainability and GROWTH of our sport. The benefits that our clubs reap
by far outweigh any of the perceived negatives.
I therefore just have to ask this one loaded question: does YOUR club have a flourishing business
league? If so, write and tell us how you have made it work and share your best-practice advice with
us. If not, why not? Chat to the M&M standing committee member tasked with liaison for your district and let’s figure out if and how your club can also harness these benefits. Go on – you know you
should! At the very least, let’s have a conversation.
Do you want to get the positive news on bowls?
Then do not
delay—add us today! Follow us on Google and on Facebook.. To receive the “Get It Rolling” Newsletter electronically please send an email to [email protected] with the heading GET IT ROLLING NEWSLETTER. The newsletter will also be placed on the Bowls SA website.
Monthly M&M NEWS
ISSUE 02 MAY 2016
The Friendly (Home) U’19 team
of the Southern Free State in
their SFS sponsored shirts!
Back row:
Lesedi Ramotseoa
Middle row:
Alfred Mvendaba ( Manager),
JC Brown,
Malepa Moeketsi,
Kagisho Matlhe
Front row:
Matsholo Nonyane,
Robert McTyre,
Ruan Watkins,
Roche Toerien
Each year the Under 19 players vote
for the female and male personality
of their tournament.
The 2016 U’19 Female Personality
was Boland’s Cecilia Challis and the
U’19 Male Personality was Xavian
Kramer from JBA.
Xavian was also named the Under 19
Personality of the Tournament during
the Prizegiving.
Well done both of you . M&M
Individual presentations were made to U’25 players
during the Medal Ceremony at the recently held Inter
Districts. Jackie Rabie from Eden Bowls, but playing
for SFS Bowls, was voted as the U’25 Personality and
Fippie Van Vreden, KZN Country, were selected as
the Player of the Under 25 Inter District Tournament . Both are seen here
with Bowls South Africa President, Kallie Haupt.
WE INTRODUCE… Jackie Rabie
The Personality of the U25 Inter District Tournament this year
was a young lady, Jackie Rabie, a remarkable talented player from
George. With both her parents playing the sport, it seemed quite natural that she would set her feet onto a bowling green yet Jackie was introduced to the sport by her older sister and she started playing in 2012 at
Outeniqua BC in George. She moved to Bloemfontein whilst studying
where she played at Municipals, recently returning to play at George BC.
Her coaches are Elma and Trevor Davis.
Jackie is a keen sportswoman and her varied list of achievements is still
growing:Selected for the 2016 U25 Masters
Caddied for the Ladies Asian & Ladies Sunshine Golf Tours
Represented Southern Cape (now Eden) at Under 18 SA
golf Amateurs
Selected for NMMU hockey team
Jackie played for the Southern Free State U25 due to a mix of events.
Having already been selected to play in the Inter Districts, the district
thought it best not to select her to play in the U25 side as it would have
meant two weeks of play. Due to her having played in the U25 Masters
Singles earlier this year, the selectors realised that it was important that
she take part in the U25 Inter District Tournament, but at that stage the
Eden team had already been selected. SFS approached her to play and
the rest is now part of the statistics! She played for the Southern Free State team together
with Brendan Bakkes, Cecile Krige and David Nel and the four of them went on to receive
Bronze at the Tournament. Jackie was voted the Personality of the U25 Tournament.
She was recently informed that she has been invited to one of the Zone Camps of Bowls SA.
At 21, Jackie is a third year student studying through Unisa. One of her dreams and goals is
to open a remedial school or to run a programme for learners with special learning needs or
disabilities with assistance of therapy dogs.
We wish Jackie all the best for the future and good bowling!
Monthly M&M NEWS
ISSUE 02 MAY 2016
The Annual YOUTH TOURNAMENT (normally held in Oudtshoorn) moved to Outeniqua
Bowling Club in George this year. Always an amazing tournament, the youngsters will be
able to compete in an Open Section as well as a Development Section against each other.
The Open Section for the young men and ladies that played Bowls before. With so many
new faces coming through the clubs, the Development Section promises to be the one to
watch, especially for the coaches looking for new talent! The dates of the tournament is
the weekend of Saturday 25 June till Sunday 26 June2016. Please send your interYou are hereby invited to enter an Open Format team
(trips) for this tournament. Please bring all the youth you
have and come and enjoy a weekend of bowls with us.
Due to the change in venue and having only 2 greens available this will now be open for U/19’S only. It will still be
played in an open section for those playing longer than 2
years and a development section for novices playing less
than 2 years. Depending on the amount of entries we
might still have a few places open for U/45 PLAYERS. The
three members of your team need not all be from the
same bowling club, and in any combination. To avoid disappointment, you are earnestly advised to send in your
entry ASAP. Entries will be accepted on a first come first
serve basis. Accommodation will be arranged on request
and the Outeniqua Club would like to see all young bowlers at this tournament!
Saturday 1 of 12 ends and 2 of 15 ends
Sunday 2 of 15 end
The entry fee is R450.00 per team
Morning tea or coffee & rusks on both days,
Mid-morning brunch on Saturday,
Potjiekos dinner on Saturday evening,
Mid- morning tea & sandwiches on Sunday
Email: [email protected]
Closing date 19 June2016
Contact Person Philip Hattingh
Monthly M&M NEWS
01 01
FEEL GOOD STORIES The Aaahhh moment
This group of eager young
players keep growing every week as they bring
more friends along!
Starting them real
Talent at JBA
Trevor Davis
email [email protected]
Cell 071 877 3328
Ilze Bakkes
e mail [email protected]
Cell 083 414 3113
Malcolm Webster
e-mail [email protected]
Cell 074 221 0719
Henk Prinsloo
e-mail [email protected]
Cell 082 557 8584
Ronnie Cloete
e- mail [email protected]
Cell 082 970 5751
Owen Calverley
e-mail [email protected]
Cell 072 768 5662
Fonny Meyeridicks
e-mail [email protected]
Anina Black
email [email protected]
Cell 076 784 9596
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