Philips HX6032/06 Datasheet

Philips HX6032/06 Datasheet
Philips Sonicare For Kids
Compact sonic toothbrush
Kid-friendly Clean
Toothbrush heads for ages 4-6 years
Philips Sonicare HX6032/06 compact brush heads are specifically designed for children ages
4-6 years. Brush heads thoroughly and gently clean young teeth.
Thorough clean feeling in your mouth
• Brush head design maximizes sonic motion
Designed to fit kids' mouths
• Rubber overmold for a safer, gentler brushing
• Soft bristles for a gentle brushing
• Kids-sized brush heads fit your child's mouth
Compact sonic toothbrush heads
Weight and dimensions
• Dimensions brush head packaging: 21.6 h x 7.0 w x
2.2 d cm
• Weight brush head packaging: 0.038 kg
Technical specifications
• Operating time: For optimal results, a new brush
head is recommended every three months.
Items Included
• Hygienic travel cap: 2 pcs
Maximize cleaning performance
Ease of use
• Suitable for these models: Sonicare for Kids
• Brush head: 2
Design and finishing
• Color(s): Red & Blue
• Material brush head: BPA-Free
Thoughtful design and precision engineering ensure
that when this Philips Sonicare replacement brushes
are combined with the sonic motion and flexible
brushing modes, you get a thorough clean.
Rubber overmold
These Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush bristles
have a rubberized head designed to protect young
Soft bristles
Soft bristles for a gentle brushing to protect young
Kids-size brush heads
Two toothbrush head sizes complement the two
power levels for ages 4-6 and 7+
Issue date 2013-04-08
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