Philips HD2051/01 Datasheet

Philips HD2051/01 Datasheet
Philips Daily Collection
Soy milk maker
100% Safer, Healthier,
Uses 100% food-grade lubricant for this Philips soy milk maker HD2051/01, allowing you
to enjoy smooth and fresh homemade soymilk with your family worry-free.
Safe to use
• 100% food-grade lubricant on motor shaft seal & bearings
Easy cleaning
• Cageless design makes cleaning easier
• Enlarged bottom radius of inner pan allows for easy cleaning
Easy filtering
• Finish filtering in one pour without stirring
Better cutting performance
• Unique blade & streamlined ribs for finer cutting & grinding
Easy to use
• Four programs to enjoy your favorite drink easily
Soy milk maker
1.0~1.2L 900W
100% food-grade lubricant
Specially designed sieve
• Sieve
• Measuring cup
Design specifications
• Materials of outer housing: stainless steel
• Color(s): White and green
• Weight appliance: 2.0 kg
Technical specifications
100% food-grade lubricant on motor shaft seal &
Finish filtering in one pour without stirring thanks to
the specially designed sieve
Cageless design
Uniquely shaped blade
The cageless design and smooth surfaces without
screws and protruding edges are easier to clean
Uniquely shaped blade combined with streamlined
ribs on the housing for finer cutting and grinding
Enlarged bottom radius
Favorite drinks made easily
The enlarged bottom radius of the inner pan allows
for easy reach, so you can give it a clean sweep in one
Making your favorite drink is easy by selecting the
right program, including dry/soaked soymilk, five
grains soymilk, rice paste & veggie/fruit juice
Issue date 2013-04-10
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Version: 3.0.1
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Capacity: 1.0-1.2 l
Voltage: 220 V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Motor power: 120 W
Heating power: 900 W
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