Philips CA6500/18 Datasheet

Philips CA6500/18 Datasheet
Milk frother
• SENSEO® Milk Twister
Amazingly velvety foam
The SENSEO® Milk Frother provides the freedom to create and enjoy a variety of hot
and cold coffee recipes at home. Thanks to its innovative frothing whisker, you can enrich
delicious coffee choices with amazingly velvety smooth milk foam.
Easy to clean
• Non-stick coating
• Smooth inner jug facilitates ease of cleaning
• Lid dishwasher proof
For Hot & Cold recipes
• Capacity to prepare milk foam for two cups
• Hot & cold milk frothing for a variety of coffee recipes
Perfect milk foam
• Magnetic whisking at the ideal temperature and speed
Easy to use
• Cordless, 360 degree base for easy lifting and placing
• One touch operation
Milk frother
SENSEO® Milk Twister
Magnetic whisking
2 cups
• Packaging dimensions (WxDxH): 15.1 x 21,7 x
15,1 cm
• Product dimensions (WxDxH): 13 x 13x 20 cm
Technical specifications
Capacity: 120 ml
Cord length: 0.75 m
Frequency: 50 Hz
Power: 420-500 W
Voltage: 220-240 V
Design and finishing
• Color(s): White
• Materials: Plastic
Set to the ideal temperature and speed, the
SENSEO® Milk Twister and its innovative frothing
whisker creates the ultimate in foam stiffness and
With a frothing capacity of 120 ml you can prepare
milk foam for two cups at a time.
Easy to clean
General specifications
• 2-year worldwide guarantee
• 360 degrees base
• Non slip feet
For Hot & Cold recepies
Country of origin
• China
Milk frother performance
• Frothing capacity: 120 ml
• Frothing time: 130 sec
The Milk Frother provides the freedom to create
and enjoy a variety of hot and cold coffee recipes at
home such as a latte macchiato, cappuccino or the
perfect iced coffee.
It requires only a rinse and a swipe of towel thanks
to non-stick coating and smooth surface.
Dishwasher proof
Lid dishwasher proof for easy cleaning
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