8 Way Programmable Input Card - Morley-IAS

8 Way Programmable Input Card - Morley-IAS
8 Way Programmable
Input Card
Product Overview
The 8-way programmable input card is a compact
remote I/O device for the ZX series intelligent multi
protocol fire alarm control panels. This device, along
with other remote I/O devices, the repeater units and
the external printer provide a complete range of
peripheral devices to further enhance the functionality
and expandability of the ZX series systems.
The 8-way input card consists of 8 non- supervised
monitoring circuits built on a single printed circuit board.
Each input is equipped with a pair of terminals to accept
an input form an external NO clean contact suitable for
low voltage / low current switching. Each input can be
individually programmed to generate one of the five input
events in the panel: Fire, fault, bomb alert, class change,
or security.
The “Auto-Learn” facility in the ZX series control panels
will automatically determine the number of modules
connected to the peripheral bus and add each input
card to the list of inputs in the panel. Once the inputs are
learned, then each of these inputs can be programmed
with the desired input event type.
The card can be set in either standard mode with a single
address, zone number and device description common to
all inputs or in expended mode where each input has its
own peripheral address, zone number and device description. When used in the expended mode one 8-way
input card occupies eight peripheral addresses and therefore the addresses 1 to 8 cannot be used by any other
peripheral bus device (i.e. the next bus card/device must
be set to address 9 or higher).
Key Features
Provides 8 programmable inputs
Individual or community addressing
Compatible with ZX series intelligent multi protocol fire
alarm control panels
RS485 communication
Connects to the peripheral bus (port D) on the fire
alarm control panel
Up to 31 can be connected to a peripheral bus
Easy DIP switch addressing
Can monitor normally-open clean contact devices
Fire, fault, bomb alert, class change and security
event options
The 8-way programmable input card requires a 24 V to
28 Vdc external power supply to operate. This may be
taken from the auxiliary power supply output on the ZX
series control panel or any other suitable DC supply of
suitable voltage and current rating.
The 8-way input card connects to the ZX series control
panel via the RS485 peripheral port (port D). An RS485
communication card must be fitted in the ZX series fire
alarm control panel for that purpose.
Stand by: 65mA (all inputs open)
Alarm (max): 97mA (all inputs closed)
Addressing: DIP switch (1-126)
The RS485 peripheral address is set via an onboard
DIP switch and other peripherals can be daisy chained
together on the same line. Up to a maximum of 31 input
points can be used on a peripheral bus. This number is
reduced when any other peripheral devices are used on
the same bus.
Terminals: Maximum cable cross
sectional area 2.5 mm2 (13 AWG) removable block
Peripheral bus: Maximum bus length:
1,200m (3937 ft) Operating Voltage: 24 to 28 Vdc
Current consumption (typical at 24Vdc):
Recommended cable: Belden 8760 or equivalent twisted shielded pair.
Dimensions (HxWxD): 113 x 160 x 22 mm
Weight: 120 gr. (4 oz)
Operating temperature: 0°C to 49°C
Note: 150 Ohm end-of-line resistors required at both ends of the RS485 circuit.
Humidity: 10% to 93% non- condensing
Part Numbers:
Order Codes
8-way programmable input
Other accessories:
RS485 communication module. 795-004-001
Hi-485 high integrity module. 795-038-001
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