Flexible IP door communication –
high quality, elegant, screwless
• Voice and image
• Stable one-piece stainless steel front plate
• Hidden fastening
• State-of-the-art VoIP technology
• Use of existing networks
The intercom series CompleteSteel: A stable one-piece stainless steel front
in high-quality design and flexibly equipped for IP door communication with IP
Order your door station according to your requirements and take advantage of
our wide range of modules. Whether surface- or flush-mounted, one button or
several buttons, IP camera or RFID – you get exactly what you need.
Compatibility & Integration
Whether displaying the door video on SIP telephones, smartphone and tablets
(iOS and Android), Windows etc. or the flexible SIP connection of video door
stations in telephone systems: Our products convince with extensive compatibility and ease of integration.
Product videos:
In our product videos you see the direct connection of our SIP video door stations with IP phones from well-known manufacturers, smartphone and tablets
(iOS and Android), PC workstation, etc.. Let us entertain you!
Your perfect intercom
Easy mounting
Vandalism protection
Hidden fastening
Various sizes
High quality design
Stainless steel
Flexibly equipped
Protection class IP65
Get your individual IP video intercom and take
advantage of our wide range of modules!
IP intercom
SIP door module
The SIP door module is an intercom with loudspeaker, hands-free microphone
and inputs for external call buttons.
The device is the ideal solution for vandal protection requirements or for outdoor applications. It includes a phone directory with 76 speed dialling numbers,
which can be triggered via external buttons. The characteristic features of this
robust intercom are fast call setup and very good audio quality.
Further advantages are:
Protection class IP65 with integrated poke-through protection as complete
mechanical unit, which is mounted directly from the rear onto a front panel.
Priority of voice from the control station; which means dialog is possible
even if there are loud noises in the intercom’s environment.
An integrated switch with 24V output for direct CP-CAM connection or
daisy-chaining of several intercoms (e.g. in tunnels).
Simple configuration via the built-in multilingual web server (German, English, French and Italian).
Emergency call logic: Features such as redialling, call acceptance confirmation of the control station over DTMF, call forwarding to other destinations.
ECO: Cost-optimised version without internal switch, CP-CAM, light
relay, EasyLan, Matrix Module and Keypad Module.
PLUS: Compared to the MAXI version but is working with a DSP audio
chip for echo cancellation and open duplex.
2x Ethernet over RJ45, push-fit screw terminal for 24V
supply, 2 relays (door opener +light), Easy-Lan,
direct call buttons, central call button, lighting output.
Ribbon cable connector for matrix and keypad modules.
CE mark:
EMC to 2014/30/EU, EN 61000-6-2/EN 61000-6-3,
EN 55011/EN 55022
Temperature range: -20 °C to +55 °C
Protection class:
IP65 in conjunction with suitable housings.
PoE supply:
Class 0, endspan or midspan for self-supply.
Operating voltage: 24 VDC as alternative to PoE supply
max. 4 VA without, max. 8 VA with connected CP-CAM
Article No.:
33-1000 (SIP door module MAXI)
33-0999 (SIP door module ECO)
33-1384 (SIP door module PLUS)
IP camera
CP-CAM Steel
The CP-CAM Steel is an IP video camera with IR night vision function for use
outdoors and in areas at risk of vandalism.
The CP-CAM has a flush design, the lens is protected by a breakproof glass,
which protects the product of any sabotage (in comparison to the hemispherical
glass covers used by other manufacturers),
8 integrated IR spotlights ensure good illumination even at night.
In the web browser using JAVA plug-in via Motion JPG,
with possible image rotation in 90° steps.
Individual frame mode over HTTP protocol in JPG format.
Simultaneous access of several PCs is possible.
Using web browser after authentication.
Night vision:
Automatic switch-on of the IR function to night operating
mode below the adjustable brightness value.
UDP status:
Status messages over UDP for pop-up software.
VGA colour CMOS image sensor
2.5 mm f1:2.0 with fixed aperture 2.0, focussing range
20 cm to infinity, viewing angle: horizontal approx. 83°,
vertical approx. 65°, diagonal approx. 111°.
Colour image adjustable up to 640 x 480 (VGA).
Hardware-based JPEG compression with max. 25 images
per second with QVGA.
Image resolution:
100BaseTX Ethernet interface.
Patch cable, 0.25 m to RJ45 socket included in scope of
supply. Therefore direct operation with SIP door module
MAXI/PLUS is possible.
CE mark:
EMC to 2014/30/EU, EN 61000-6-2/EN 61000-6-3
EN 55011/EN 55022
Temperature range: -20 °C to +55 °C
(-20 °C after 15 minutes operating time)
Protection class
IP65 in conjunction with suitable housings.
PoE supply:
Class1, endspan (voltage is fed to the 4 data cables).
Midspan (PoE on free cores) is not available.
Operating voltage: 24 VDC direct supply (20-36 V) on 2 free data cables as
an alternative to PoE.
Maximum 4 VA.
Article No.:
(CP-CAM Steel)
Call initiation
Central call button
For connection to the SIP door module ECO/MAXI/PLUS instead or
together with 1-4 call buttons IP67.
Vandalism protected stainless steel button with illuminated bi-coloured
(green/red) LED ring. Power for LED ring is drawn from SIP door module.
Following operating conditions are displayed:
Logging on, ready, establishing call, intercommunication
Article No.:
33-1297 (Central call button)
Call button IP67 & lettering modules
The call buttons are connected directly to the SIP door module ECO/MAXI/
PLUS where they trigger adjustable speed dialling destinations.
Vandalism protected stainless steel button. With 2 connection wires (8 cm
black). Diameter 19 mm, depth 40 mm.
The lettering module allows a label from the rear with 12 mm slide-in strips.
The labeling panel is illuminated with LED. The Power for the LEDs is supplied
by the SIP door module.
Article No.:
(Call button IP67)
(Lettering module-1B)
(Lettering module-2B)
(Lettering module-3B)
(Lettering module-4B)
Direct dial keypad with 16 buttons
For connection to the SIP door module MAXI/PLUS. Parallel 1-4 call buttons
IP67 and the central call button can be connected.
Allows entry of phone numbers, speed dialling numbers and pin codes e.g. for
door openers.
Keys in premium quality, anodised with blue back-light. The Power for the
LEDs is supplied by the SIP door module.
Article No.:
(Direct dial keypad with 16 buttons)
Call initiation & LED module
For connection to the SIP door module MAXI/PLUS. Parallel 1-4 call buttons
IP67 and the central call button can be connected.
For every SIP door module MAXI/PLUS the following connections are possible
1 x DisplayModule with 60 destinations or
2 x DisplayModule with 30 destinations each or
3 x DisplayModule with 20 destinations each or
4 x DisplayModule with 15 destinations each
Additional lettering with individual slide-in strip from rear.
Article No.:
33-1259 (SIP-Display32 installation kit)
Diode matrix modul
The SIP door module MAXI/PLUS provides a digital interface via the ribbon
cable connector, allowing to address up to 75 individual call buttons by arrangements of external diodes.
Each diode matrix module has screw type terminals to connect up to 15 call
buttons. Each door station allows a cascading of five boards and the settings
are made by jumpers.
Open circuit board for installation in protected areas.
Article No.:
33-1127 (Diode matrix module)
LED module
In various designs used for visual indication of operating conditions. Based on
customer preference a wide variety of operating conditions can be displayed
by different colored foil including printed texts or symbols.
LED-Module single „Info“: Not divided, large-scale lighted
display field e.g. for company name or house number.
LED-Module double „Traffic light“: 2 lighted display fields
e.g. for the visualization of turnstiles „Stop“/“Go“.
LED-Module quadruple „State“: 4 lighted display fields
e.g. for the visualization of all four states of a door station
„door call“, „door opening“, „speaking“, „not reached“.
Radar & RFID
Motion detector
Temperature-independent radar motion detector. Adjustable sensitivity for recognition of persons from 3-10 meters. Integrated light sensor, can be used as
twilight switch or to activate radar function. MAXI version features additionally
EasyLAN interface and parameterization of all settings via data bus.
Due to radar technology, operation behind glass or wooden walls is possible.
Article No.:
(Motion detector ECO)
(Motion detector MAXI)
Transponder reader ID6-Steel
Vandalism protected transponder reader with Baudisch.EasyLAN interface for
connection to the central devices of the Baudisch access and time recording
With 2 integrated switching relays and with optical (2 multi-coloured LEDs) as
well as acoustical status feedback.
Self contained access control for up to 5000 transponder chips.
Article No.:
(Transponder reader ID6-Steel)
Mounting kits for customers‘ readers
Custom readers can be integrated in Baudisch door stations by using the
Baudisch mounting kit. The reader is provided by the customer. An offer for
the integration of new readers which are not listed are available on request.
Article No.:
(Interflex IF 7xx)
(Primion L58A)
(Telenot cryplock R-MD Vario)
(the complete list is available on request)
Front & housings
CompleteSteel Front
V4A stainless steel front for Baudisch rear mounted modules (components of
SIP module system), incl. closure frame, incl. cutouts according to specification.
Stainless steel
Article No.:
33-1585A (CompleteSteel Front 1x1)
33-1585B (CompleteSteel Front 2x1)
33-1585C (CompleteSteel Front 3x1)
33-1585D (CompleteSteel Front 4x1)
(CompleteSteel Front 5x1)
(CompleteSteel Front 2x2)
(CompleteSteel Front 3x2)
(CompleteSteel Front 4x2)
CompleteSteel flush-mounting box
Flush-mounting box CompleteSteel: mounting from the front, incl. mounting
frame CompleteSteel, incl. hollow wall mounting kit, incl. unlocking tool for
opening the front.
Article No.:
33-1508A (Flush-mounting box 1x1)
33-1508B (Flush-mounting box 2x1)
33-1508C (Flush-mounting box 3x1)
33-1508D (Flush-mounting box 4x1)
(Flush-mounting box 5x1)
(Flush-mounting box 2x2)
(Flush-mounting box 3x2)
(Flush-mounting box 4x2)
CompleteSteel on-wall box
On-wall box CompleteSteel: incl. mounting frame CompleteSteel, incl. 4
screws (4.8 x 50mm) with Torx drive and 4 hollow wall anchors, incl. unlocking
tool for opening the front.
Article No.:
33-1665A (On-wall box 1x1)
33-1665B (On-wall box 2x1)
33-1665C (On-wall box 3x1)
33-1665D (On-wall box 4x1)
(On-wall box 5x1)
(On-wall box 2x2)
(On-wall box 3x2)
(On-wall box 4x2)
Configuration example
Configuration example
In this example the CompleteSteel intercom consists of
CompleteSteel front 4x1 (33-1585D, according to specification)
CP-CAM Steel (33-1001)
SIP door module PLUS (33-1384)
3 x call button IP67 (33-1296) with lettering module-3B (33-1505)
Transponder reader ID6-Steel (33-1197)
Flush-mounting box 4x1 (33-1508D)
CP-CAM Supply Interface / IO Interface
If the CP-CAM is not to be supplied over PoE but instead conventionally with
24 VDC, the supply interface allows simple looping in of the power supply
to the free cores of the Ethernet supply.
Two digital IO ports directly at the camera can also be used as inputs or outputs for special projects (e.g. remote control via the web). The IO interface
(fully equipped version of the supply interface) implements these on 2 inputs
with electrical isolation (opto-couplers) or 2 outputs (relays, 24V 1A) and enables the necessary power supply to be fed in from 24 VDC.
Article No.:
33-0901 (CP-CAM supply interface with I/O functions)
33-0901E (CP-CAM supply interface, without I/O functions)
LAN-Secure Adapter
When IP components are installed in public areas it is necessary to ensure that
in the event of sabotage, it is not possible to access data in the company‘s Intranet via the external network cable.
This is achieved by installing the LAN-Secure Adapter between the camera and
the network (switch) in conjunction with a sabotage contact in the housing of
the intercom or at installation site of the camera. This module is looped in a protected area in the network cable. In case of sabotage, it completely separates
the line and the power supply.
More information is found in the product catalog.
Article No.:
33-0216 (LAN-Secure Adapter)
LAN-Secure Switch
The LAN-Secure Switch with PoE protects network and data against wanton
hardware destruction and unauthorized network access.
Intelligent sabotage loops report attempts to manipulate the connected devices.
In this case the connection to the network is physically disconnected via the
Ethernet uplink. Via an optocoupler input is e.g. the connection to a building
management system possible.
More information is found in the product catalog.
Article No.:
33-1381 (LAN-Secure Switch)
Configuration via web server
Both the SIP door modules and the cameras provide the user with numerous
adjustment options and functional features.
To achieve this, both systems have built-in web servers, which can be reached
from any PC in the network via the web browser. The multilingual web interface (German, English, French and Italian) makes starting up and maintenance
considerably easier.
In addition, the web interface has also been developed in-house by Baudisch.
The quality of the interface is therefore clear and “European”, clearly distinguishing it from imported products. All dialogs are of course protected by a
user password.
Functions of the SIP software
Phone directory: 1 central call number, 4 direct calls, alternatively up to 75 direct
calls through diode matrix modules (33-1127).
Call logic:
Parametrised call redial if destination unavailable and call forwarding to other destinations in the same group.
Announcements: 2 individual wave files can be installed for call identification (the
called person therefore hears where the call originates) and as
ringing tone (playback at the loudspeaker and to the caller).
Door opening: DTMF suffix dialling, code for each call destination can be set
SIP Codecs:
iLBC, Speex, PCMU, PCMA, GSM 6.10, G.726-32
The whole software can be updated over IP.
UDP status:
A UDP status message cyclically displays the operating status
and the call number of the respective remote devices. This
acts as an interface for building management systems and to
control the video pop-up software.
The Baudisch.SIP door module has to date been tested with the following
system solutions and is compatible with their software:
3CX Free Edition
Asterisk Cluster
Siemens HiPath, Open Office
Octopus NetPhone
You find our complete compatibility list on our website!
Video integration
Video display in the web browser
The video data of the CP-CAM can be called up directly via the IP network,
independent of a voice connection or the SIP server. This is a major advantage.
The coloured video images can be viewed in several places in the network
(also simultaneously) via the web browser.
If necessary, a protected access with password protects the camera images
against unauthorised viewing.
Worldwide access to the camera images is possible if the user’s network has
an appropriately configured router.
Basic License
As an alternative to video display in a web browser, this software enables
automatic display (pop-up) of the door video image on the screen.
With the incoming call, the image of the matching Baudisch IP camera is immediately displayed at the called workstation PC – which saves the user having to
manually start the display and to manually select the camera.
By mouse click the door can be opened and the light can be turned on.
Article No.:
36-0213 (Basic License)
Additional License
Supports up to 16 cameras which can be displayed simultaneously in a display
matrix. Thus, multiple angles are possible. In particular, larger buildings with
many entrances can be monitored and managed. Even cameras from other
manufacturers can be integrated.
Article No.:
36-0213E (Additional License)
Recording License
The integrated image and video memory can document every door call automatically or on demand. This allows traceability of all door calls. The recording
license expands the base license with the options „print“, „save“ and „record“
for image and video.
Article No.:
36-0213S (Recording License)
Connection options
The TouchMe IP indoor intercom is the perfect addition to our SIP Video Door
Stations. Installed inside in central places, you immediately see who is standing at the door. With the integrated handsfree set, it is possible to communicate directly with the person at the door.
With the integrated highly luminous 7“ display with touch surface, you are in
full control. Via touch you open the door or call the lift for your visitors. Switch
the door station to „do not disturb“ mode and upon your return you can access
all missed door calls. If you are out of the office, you can forward the door call
over a network to your cell phone and even open the door.
Additionally, you can integrate the facility lightning, blinds and alarm systems
as well as media technology making the TouchMe an indispensable product in
your house and facility control.
SIP station with touch display, video display, 2 microphones, 2 speakers
each 2W, EasyLan
Intuitive touch operation
Intelligent door management with IP video
Integrated building control and monitoring
Concierge and control station
Article No.:
33-1310 (TouchMe Maxi)
33-1311 (TouchMe Eco)
Get more information about the two versions on our website, in the product
catalog or in the TouchMe brochure.
VASERControl DoorCom App (iOS + Android)
With the VASERControl Application a SIP/VoIP-based communication can be
built with the Baudisch SIP door station while the CP-CAM directly lets you
see the person in front of the door on the smartphone/tablet. In addition each
SIP based telephone in the network can be called.
The VASERControl App of Natural Software Services SL is available in the
AppStore and in the Google Play Store.
You want more information about the use in conjunction with our SIP video
door stations? Just contact us!
More mobile solutions you find on our website.
Connection options
IP phones
Door communication on the desk directly via the VoIP phone. Consistent use
of open standards and interfaces allows easy integration of the Baudisch SIP
door stations. We work closely together with manufacturers of VoIP devices.
Key features:
Video display of an incoming call before answering
Door opening, light switch via keystroke
With the desktop phone snom (760), the video image of the CP-CAM can be
directly displayed in the phone display.
The image of the required camera can be connected at any time using the
phone’s speed dialling keys. If the SIP server has a suitable function or in case
of direct configuration without SIP server, this is also possible automatically in
the call state.
During a call a suffix dialling code at the snom phone can of course also be
used to trigger the switch output for door opening in the SIP door module.
Detailed information and application notes are available on request.
Suitable product videos are found on our website.
More phones
Auerswald COMfortel 3200 + 3500 + 1400 IP + 2600 IP
Gigaset DE700 IP PRO + DE900 IP PRO + Maxwell 10
Siemens OpenStage 60 HFA
Innovaphone IP232 + IP111
Yeahlink T46G
See suitable product videos and our compatibility list on our website.
The list of compatible VoIP phones is growing steadily.
An astonishingly wide range
of possibilities.
SIP video door stations
Made in Germany.
ComStele – stanchions
ModularSteel – V4A modules
TouchMe – IP indoor door station
Highend door station
We would be pleased to
advise you about these other
products of our firm.
Simply contact us.
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