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PNY PowerPack Fancy 5200
Make Life Simple
PowerPack Fancy 5200 Ideal Solution for charging your Apple, Android,™ Windows Mobile, and Blackberry® Devices
The PNY Fancy 5200 is a universal rechargeable mobile battery bank designed to provide you power
when you need it. It charges all USB-powered mobile devices, including tablets, smartphones, mp3
players, eReaders, portable game consoles and more. With this emergency battery bank you don’t be
afraid to be out of battery again ! No matter the device, PNY has a solution for you.
Features & Benefits
• Simultaneous charging - With 2 USB outputs, the
Fancy 5200 can charge 2 devices simultaneously.
• Cable Included - Micro USB cable included for both
device and PowerPack charging. For iPhone/iPod/
iPad use your data cable (received with your phone).
• Universal Power - With a 5200mAh lithium-ion battery,
the Portable Power Pack supports charging a wide
range of devices such as Smartphones, eReaders,
Tablets, wireless Bluetooth headsets and more.
• Measurable power - Thanks to a LED Charge
indicator you can easily check remain power.
5200mAh Lithium-Ion
DC Input : Micro USB 5V 1000mA
Output : 2 x USB 5V / 2A
Dimensions : 70 x 75 x 23mm
Weight : 139g
≤ 25
25% - 50%
50% - 75%
≥ 75%
PowerPack Fancy 5200
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