AEG 88541001, 88541002 Datasheet

AEG 88541001, 88541002 Datasheet
Inspired by the past, the retro-line ECLIPSE combines a timeless design with high
quality features. The cordless base unit and handset are embedded in a single,
continuous element with curved contours. A crystal clear display and high quality
speakerphone increases its functionality. ECLIPSE is a DECT cordless telephone
which sets a new standard in today’s world of home communication.
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" 1.6" dot matrix LCD Display " Name tagging
г Viewable area of LCD 34 x 24 mm г Pre-dialling facility (manual dialling)
г Blue display backlight г Pause dialling
п Backlit keypad п Switchable flash time
г GAP compatible г Mute key (Secrecy facility)
г Expandable up to 4 handsets " Handset power on / off
г Eco mode г Ability to name handsets
г Handsfree in handset г Keypad lock
г Phonebook for 200 names & numbers г Paging button
г Received calls list: 10 numbers г Last number redial memory length: 24 numbers
г Last number redial: 5 г Phonebook name length: 12 characters
г Selective delete of redial entries г Memory number length: 24 numbers
г Alarm г handset name length: 10 characters
" Ringer volume control: 5 levels " Number of characters per line on LCD: 14
г Handset receiver volume control: 3 levels г Battery standby time: 230 hours
г 5 monotone & 5 polyphonic ringtones г Battery talk time: 13 hours
г Base station / handset system security (PIN code): 4 numbers г Range up to 300 m
г Caller ID/ CLIP* г Batteries: 2x AAA NiMh
п Calls list includes time / date of call п Low battery warning
*only if the network supports this function
EAN EAN Units per Measurements Measurements
Reference . 2 2 о
unit carton shipping carton shipping carton shipping carton unit carton
Eclipse 10 black 541001 5012786029934 5012786030503 6 36x35x27 (cm) 24 x17x11 (cm)
Eclipse 10 white 541002 5012786030336 5012786030510 6 36x35x27 (cm) 24 x17x11 (cm)
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