Philips AC4030
Air Purifier
Car and desk
NAV technology
Forest fresh scent
Healthy air on the go, always
With natural virus removal
Enjoy natural protection against airborne viruses with the Philips car and desk air purifier.
Its advanced natural ingredients remove airborne viruses from the indoor air around you
and create your own personal safe zone, wherever you go.
Healthy Air
• Natural, safe and effective removal of viruses *
• With AC filter for effective TVOC removal **
• Fills your air with natural freshness
• Create your personal safe zone wherever you go
• 2-step fan speed lets you adjust air flow to your liking
• Easy to use for car and desk, fits in cupholder
Air Purifier
Car and desk NAV technology, Forest fresh scent
Design specifications
• Materials of main body: ABS plastic
• Color(s): Metallic grey/ silver
Weight and dimensions
• Virus removal rate: *81.5 %
• Filters out TVOCs: **75 %
• Product weight: 0.3140 kg
• F-box weight (incl. product): 0.5046 kg
• F-box dimensions (W x D x H): 127 x108
x291 mm
• Product dimensions (W x D x H): 65 x 65 x
193 mm
Technical specifications
Voltage: 220-240 V
Cord length: 2.0 m
Noise level: 38 (low) - 43 (high) dB
Wattage: 2.7 W
Frequency: 50 Hz
Effective virus removal
• AC filter: AC4113
• Anti-virus cartridge: AC4178
Logistic data
• EAN F-box: 69-2341073279-5
• 12NC code: 883 4030 00710
• Country of origin: China
Natural ingredients remove airborne viruses in the
air inside your car and office *
AC filter
The Activated Carbon filter effectively removes
harmful gases from the indoor air around you **
Forest fresh scent
The natural virus removal ingredients emit a forest
scent that fills your air with natural freshness.
Portable virus protection *
Create your personal safe zone against airborne
viruses. Philips' car and desk purifier provides you
with portable natural protection against our invisible
enemies, wherever you go *
2-step fan speed
2-step fan speed lets you adjust the air flow to your
Easy to use for car and desk
Issue date 2013-12-05
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Simple to use and easy to maintain. Place in your
cupholder or on your desk and simply plug in to your
car or office power supply to enjoy your personal
safe zone.
* Tested for MS2 virus species removal at Intertek Institute, USA
(tested 2hrs in 11 m3 chamber)
* * Tested for TVOC removal referring to GB/T 18883-2002, tested
2 hrs in 1m3 chamber at SIMT institute, China.
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