colour | 45 ppm monochrome | 45 ppm

colour | 45 ppm monochrome | 45 ppm
ineo 454e
colour | 45 ppm
monochrome | 45 ppm
A decisive boost
to your productivity
Can a multifunctional system really improve the productivity of your office workflow?
Does an office system with all the document functions you need have to be difficult to use?
Can a high-quality multifunctional system be tailored to your needs? Reasonable questions,
we believe. And that’s why the ineo+ 454e has been designed for great speed, high-quality
output and tailor-made ease of use. Just like your smartphone or tablet, this multifunctional
office system can be operated intuitively with perfect ease. Frequently used functions can
be placed on your start screen while functions you don’t use can simply be removed to make
its operation as simple as possible. The ineo+ 454e is an office system that not only boosts
your productivity and produces first-class output, it also adapts to your working habits!
If you’re looking for razor-sharp printouts, excellent
image quality and a wide range of finishing options,
the ineo+ 454e is the solution you need. Whatever your
document requirements – printing, scanning, copying,
faxing, e-mails or tools to simplify your everyday
work – the ineo+ 454e will meet your customers’ quality
requirements, boost the productivity of your office workflow and do all that in extremely economical fashion.
Customised user-friendliness
Many multifunctional office systems are anything but
user-friendly. The ineo+ 454e, in contrast, is simplicity
itself. An intuitive, easily understandable operating
concept ensures that it is as easy to use as your smartphone or tablet. The 9-inch capacitive touchscreen
comes with well-known multi-touch operations such
as flick, drag&drop or pinch in&out. Thanks to a new
menu navigation structure you can also see all functions in one go and select the settings you want with
just a few clicks. Frequently used functions can be
left on the start screen and ones you don’t use simply
removed. This kind of customisation saves you lots of
time, ensures you learn to operate the system in no
time at all, and get more fun out of routine office jobs.
ineo+ 454e with staple/booklet finisher (FS-534SD),
saddle kit (SD-511), paper cassettes (PC-210) and
large capacity unit (LU-204)
ineo+ 454e with staple/booklet finisher
(FS-534SD), saddle kit (SD-511), paper cassettes
(PC-210) and banner tray (BT-C1e)
Excellent green credentials
Protecting the environment, saving natural resources
and reducing energy costs – all key criteria in choosing
the right multifunctional system for your office. Here,
the ineo+ 454e sets new standards in green energy efficiency. Sustainability was a priority in the construction
concept. The system’s “green” functions include automatic deletion of blank pages to avoid unnecessary
copying and wasted paper, as well as sophisticated
hardware to reduce power consumption. As a result,
the machine’s typical weekly electricity consumption
(TEC value) is very low. All this is good news for the
environment and, thanks to the lower electricity bill,
for you too!
Please find more details on our website:
ineo+ 454e – Intelligent. Smart. Intuitive.
All the document functions
The qualities of the ineo+454e are particularly evident if you take
a closer look at the wide range of standard and optional functions.
You’ll also appreciate the system’s ease of use.
High-class scanning performance
> At up to 160 pages per minute the ineo+ 454e is unusually
fast for a system of its class. It also offers a broad choice of
scanning functions. You can scan documents as Word (docx),
Excel (xlsx), PowerPoint (pptx) or readable PDF files without
the need for manual conversion – so you or others can
process the documents without delay. And you can naturally
distribute scanned documents in a variety of ways, e.g. by
e-mail, into Windows folders or to an FTP server. All features
that save time and ease the workload in routine office jobs!
Intelligent solutions for
optimised work processes
> Develop’s software solutions replace time-consuming
manual operations with automated processes. With
convert+share, for example, you can scan a document
as a Word file and then send it straight to a Windows
folder, e-mail address, Google Docs, Evernote or
Microsoft SharePoint. And store+find helps you locate
any document easily and quickly – via a keyword or
full-text search facility.
Extensive finishing and
media options
> Functions such as booklet making, stapling, hole
punching, banner printing and letter folding plus
a broad choice of printable media ensure you can
produce almost any kind of document.
Professional printouts and
colour management
> The print engine and innovative HD toner are finely
tuned to deliver razor-sharp 1,200 dpi printouts with
brilliant colours and easily readable small type.
In combination with a Fiery controller, the ineo+ 454e
also offers excellent colour management possibilities.
you need
Professional printouts and
colour management
Convenient remote
> The print engine and innovative HD
toner are finely tuned to deliver razorsharp 1,200 dpi printouts with brilliant
colours and easily readable small type.
In combination with a Fiery controller,
the ineo+ 454e also offers excellent
colour management possibilities.
> The system can be administered via any web
browser from a desktop computer. Instant servicing
is possible thanks to the display’s remote operating
function. What’s more, you can also simulate the
operating panel on an Android table using a dedicated app. ineo Remote Care allows the system’s
status to be monitored by your Develop dealer. That
way he will be automatically notified when toner
is running low to ensure you never run out. As well
as saving you time and effort, it also means the
ineo+ 454e is always up and running when needed.
Various authentication
> Secure access to the system is ensured through
various means of authentication: PIN numbers,
finger-vein scanning and contactless smart cards.
Improved productivity
> The ineo+ 454e not only delivers 45 ppm in colour
or black and white, it is also an extremely reliable
system with various features that speed up document production. Functions such as on-the-fly
replacement of the toner cartridge so no print job
needs to be interrupted and carbon-copy printing
ensure smoothly running work processes.
Reassuring data security
> These days, you have to ensure that every system
that has a hard disk or is integrated into a network
is adequately protected. Thanks to security features
such as IPsec, S/MIME e-mail encryption and IP
filtering every form of system communication or
document transfer is entirely secure.
Excellent eco-friendliness
> The system’s low energy consumption, economical
running costs and intelligent environmental concept have been rewarded by eco-certificates such as
Energy Star. Eco-friendliness that is also good for
your bottom line!
Time to streamline
your office life!
The ineo+ 454e will simplify your work processes, support you in document production
and protect one of your most valuable assets – company data!
Work processes optimised
An automated production line where all stages of the
production process are perfectly coordinated is something you normally associate with manufacturing
industry. But is this possible in everyday office work?
We believe it is since the ineo+ 454e is an all-round solution that will help optimise your work processes. Thanks
to its numerous useful functions the ineo+ 454e can
reduce the amount of manual work involved in document production and thus minimise the costs involved.
For example, you can scan documents as PowerPoint
presentations or archive them as PDF/A files. Develop’s
convert+share tool allows you to scan a document at the
press of a button, have it converted into the required
format and delivered to whatever destination you want,
e.g. store+find. This tool does away with time-wasting
searches for files by ensuring every document can be
quickly located. In this way, the ineo+ 454e helps you to
streamline your document production line.
Wide choice of media and
finishing functions
Tired of using external shops for specialist jobs such as
invitations printed on thick, high-quality paper? Those
days will be over if you invest in an ineo+ 454e – and
you’ll save yourself time and money. You can print
envelopes, recycled paper, pre-printed paper, overhead
transparencies, many other media, and even thick
card of up to 300 g/m2. A broad range of paper formats
from A6 to SRA3 or user-defined formats and banners
of up to 1.2 metres in length are handled with ease and
printed in excellent quality. Thanks to the numerous
finishing options booklets of up to 80 pages can be
created, letters folded in various ways, handouts stapled or invoices hole-punched. Since pre-printed offset
sheets can be professionally integrated into any print
job, the ineo+ 454e allows you to produce almost any
job in-house!
Focus on data security
Many multifunctional office systems are high on
features and low on data security. Or it comes as an
expensive optional extra! The ineo+ 454e, in contrast,
is certified to ISO 15408 EAL 3, a computer security
standard, and complies with IEEE 2600.1, the international standard for multifunctional printer security.
It also has numerous reassuring features such as
hard-disk encryption, data erasure (when required)
and security standards like TSL, SSL and IPsec. A secure
printing function prevents documents from getting
into the wrong hands and access to the system can be
restricted to authorised users. Invest in an ineo+ 454e
and you can be sure your data stay where they belong
– in the right hands!
LK-102 v3
Encrypted PDF or
Unicode fonts
LK-101 v3
Fax board
2nd line
OCR fonts
LK-105 v3
Fax board
1st line
Various file
formats incl.
Keyboard holder
Upgrade kit
(2 GB Memory)
Output tray
Job separator
Punch kit
USB hub kit
USB hub kit
+ Bluetooth
10-key pad
authen­­­ti­cation kit
Inner finisher
Copy guard kit
Banner tray
Wireless LAN
WLAN for
Android panel
ID card reader
Various ID card
Punch kit
Mount kit
for local ID card
authentication device
staple finisher
1 x 500 sheet paper feeder
Interface kit
for IC-414
Fiery controller
2 x 500 sheet paper feeder
Large capacity tray,
A4, 3,000 sheets
2,500 sheet paper feeder
Copy desk
Large capacity tray,
A4–SRA3, 2,500 sheets
ineo+ 454e
Network protocols
SNMP, HTTP/HTTPS, IPP, AppleTalk, EtherTalk, LDAP
General Data
PCL 6, PS 3, XPS, Fiery IC-414: Adobe PS 3
Type of machine
Console system (built-in scanner)
Printing and copying speed
> A4: max. 45/45 ppm (colour / black & white)
> A3: max. 22/22 ppm (colour / black & white)
Print system
Paper feeder
> Standard: 1,150 sheet, max. 6,650 sheet
> 500-sheet universal cassette
(A5 –A3, 52–256 g/m2)
> 500-sheet universal cassette
(A5 – SRA3, 52–256 g/m2)
> 150-sheet bypass (A5– SRA3, width: 90 to 320,
length: 139.7 to 1,200 mm and banner,
52 – 300 g/m2) for standard paper, envelopes,
OHP, thick paper, banner
Paper format
A6–SRA3, customised paper sizes;
banner paper, max. 1,200 x 297 mm
Ethernet 10 BaseT/100 BaseTX/1000 BaseT, USB 2.0
(iFax standard)
Print functions
Direct print of PCL, PS, TIFF, XPS, OOXML and
PDF documents, 0verlay, cover page, watermark,
carbon copy, mixmedia and mixplex, banner print
Fax memory
Uses system memory
Scan Specifications
Type of scanning
Scan to E-mail/FTP/Box (HDD)/PC (SMB)/
WebDAV/Me/Home/USB/DPWS, Network Twain
Max. 600 dpi
Size of originals
Max. A3
Dimensions (w x h x d)
615 x 921 x 685 mm (without options)
Scanning formats
TIFF, PDF, Compact PDF, JPEG, XPS, Compact XPS,
Optional: PDF/A (1a/1b), Searchable PDF/PPTX/
DOCX/XLSX PDF/A (1a/1b), Encrypted PDF,
Linearised PDF
Approx. 101 kg (without options)
Scan adresses
2,100, LDAP-support
Warm-up time
25 seconds or less
220 – 240 V / 50/60 Hz
Copy Specifications
Printer Specifications
Standard: Embedded controller with 800 MHz
(SoC architecture)
Optional: Fiery controller IC-414, 2.6 GHz
Document feeder
> Dual scan document feeder
> 100-sheet, max. 163 g/m2
> A6 to A3
Copy pre-selection
1 – 9,999
Standard controller uses system memory /
hard disk (2 GB RAM/250 GB hard disk)
Fiery IC-414: 2 GB, 160 GB hard disk
25 – 400 % in 0.1 % steps
Max. 1,800 x 600 dpi
(with Smoothing Technology)
High quality mode: 1,200 x 1,200 dpi
First A4 copy
5.5 / 4.6 seconds (colour/black & white)
30855 Langenhagen
Fax functions
Polling, time shift, PC-Fax, Receipt to
confidential box, Receipt to E-mail, FTP, SMB
> Inner finisher with 50-sheet multi position
stapling, stack capacity of max. 500 sheets,
optional punch kit (2/4 hole)
> Floortype finisher for 50-sheet stapling:
stack capacity of max. 3,200 sheets + 100 sheets
via inner tray, optional saddle kit (for booklet
stapling and letter fold) and punch kit (2/4-hole)
> Job separator, max. 200 (150/50) sheet capacity
> Paper feed cabinet (500 sheets)
> Paper feed cabinet (2 x 500 sheets)
> Large capacity tray for 2,500 sheets (A4)
> Additional large capacity tray
for 3,000 sheets (A4)
> Additional large capacity tray
for 2,500 sheets (SRA3)
> Large capacity tray
> Copy desk
> 10 key pad
> Banner tray
> Working table
> Fax unit
> Fiery Controller
> Security kit
> Keyboard holder
> USB interface kit
> USB interface kit with Bluetooth
> Biometric authentication kit
> Miscellaneous card solutions
> Mounting kit for card reader
> Sender stamp kit for documents
> i-Option (additional functions)
> WLAN adapter
> Kit for Android remote control
> store+find (opt.), convert+share (opt.),
Personal Applications (opt.), Enterprise Suite (opt.),
Fiery Profiler Color Management (opt.),
Data Administrator (user accounts & cost centres),
Card solutions (opt.), Unix/Linux support,
SAP support, EveryonePrint (opt.), PCounter (opt.)
Print: 1,800 x 600 dpi
(with Smoothing Technology)
Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe GmbH
Transfer rate / transfer speed
33.6 kBits/s, < 3 sec. ITU-No. 1
Software Solutions
250 GB
Europaallee 17
Fax Specifications (optional)
Windows Vista/Vistax64/7/7x64/
8/8x64, Windows Server 2003/2003x64/2008/
2008x64/2008 R2x64/2012x64/2012 R2,
Mac OS X 10.x, Unix, Linux, Citrix
Scanning speed
Max. 160 ipm (colour/black & white)
Printable area
Max. 307.1 x 437.1 mm (SRA3)
Max. 291 x 1,193 mm (banner paper)
Copier functions
Chapter and cover mode, test copy, colour image
adjustment, creative mode, poster mode, book copy,
glossy copy, ID card copy, watermark, stamp,
date/page stamp, copy protection, 2 in 1 / 4 in 1 /
8 in 1, overlay (optional)
All data relating to the paper capacities of the document feeder, the final processing
Phone +49 511 7404-0
accessories and the paper cassettes apply to paper weighing 80 g/m2 unless expressly
stated otherwise. All data relating to the speed of printing, scanning or faxing apply to
paper of an A4 format weighing 80 g/m2 unless expressly stated otherwise.
All data relating to paper weights apply to media that are recommended by Konica
Minolta. All technical data correspond to knowledge available at the time of going to
print. Konica Minolta reserves the right to make technical alterations.
Develop and ineo are registered trademarks/product titles owned by Konica Minolta
Business Solutions Europe GmbH.
All other brand or product names are registered trademarks or product titles of their
respective manufacturers. Konica Minolta does not accept any liability or guarantee for
these products.
October 2014
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