HP K3000
HP Keyboard K3000
Classic yet efficient
A keyboard that excels when it comes to simplicity and comfort.
Game-changing Windows 8 shortcuts
Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Available USB port; Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Audio simplified
Recommended system
LED Indicators
Shift-lock LED; Num-lock LED
Technical Feature
Wired USB connectivity; Full-size “Chiclet” keyboard with number
pad; Multimedia hot-keys, Windows 8 function keys
Out of package: 421.5 x 143.76 x 27.36 mm
Packed: 460 x 174 x 32 mm
Out of Package: 0.45 kg
Packed: 0.61 kg
2 year limited warranty
Additional information
P/N: H6R58AA #A2M; #A2Q; #AB6; #AB7; #AB8; #AB9; #ABB;
#ABY; #ABZ; #AC0; #AC3; #ACB; #ACQ; #AK9; #AKB; #AKC; #AKD;
#AKE; #AKN; #AKQ; #AKR; #AKS; #ARK; #B13; #B15; #B1T; #BED;
UPC/EAN code: A2M: 887758489659; A2Q: 887758489697; AB6:
887758489376; AB7: 887758489413; AB8: 887758489505; AB9:
887758489451; ABB: 887758489703; ABD: 887758489352; ABE:
887758489475; ABF: 887758489406; ABH: 887758489437; ABN:
887758489567; ABS: 887758489543; ABT: 887758489529; ABU:
887758489512; ABV: 887758489536; ABX: 887758489550; ABY:
887758489574; ABZ: 887758489420; AC0: 887758489369; AC3:
887758489345; ACB: 887758489468; ACQ: 887758489673; AK9:
887758489727; AKB: 887758489383; AKC: 887758489581; AKD:
887758489444; AKE: 887758489604; AKN: 887758489611; AKQ:
887758489635; AKR: 887758489390; AKS: 887758489598; ARK:
887758489642; B13: 887758489710; B15: 887758489680; B1T:
887758489666; BED: 887758489628; UUW: 887758489499; UUZ:
Country of Origin
What's in the box
Keyboard, Quick setup guide; Warranty card
Designated function keys bring simplified efficiency in accessing the magic if Windows 8.
Quickly control multimedia with the sleep and mute buttons, volume control, and Office
hotkey. Hot keys grant fast access to your most common tasks.
Superb keyboard functionality
Full-size keyboard provides the tools to get things done. Type in comfort with responsive
keys that are quiet and feel great.
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