reports - Revesby Workers Club

reports - Revesby Workers Club
Sports Reports
0411 407 915
ATHLETICS – JUNIOR Christine Butters
9792 2031
9771 5474
BASEBALL Matthew McAnally
0414 246 227
0414 189 482
Rhonda Butt
0402 015 547
9773 7486
9771 6923
9543 1979
0418 603 551
9731 0957
BRIDGE Gaye Allen
0410 127 326
CRICKET Ray Benham
9773 7157
Dean Semlitzky 0413 292 337
DOMINOES Colin Suttle 9771 2322
EUCHRE Gaye Roscarel
0424 531 699
Dean Semlitzky 0413 292 337
0415 544 457
FOOTBALL - LADIES (SOCCER) Claire Geary 0415 544 457
GARDEN Carol Griffith 9774 2072
4625 9115
GOLF – MENS Phil Kilazoglou
0437 960 043
GOLF – SENIORS John McGuigan
0413 422 945
0419 204 688
0419 223 097
MOONEY MOONEY FISHING CLUB Karen Goldrick 9985 9406
NETBALL Kellie McFarlane
9771 0456
PHYSIE and DANCE Rhonda Young
9771 2443
0418 629 168
RBC BOWLS - MENS Dave Roberts
0402 860 492
9773 7650
9792 4569
9772 2100
SCRABBLE Gordon Meggs 9534 6905
9773 6752
SOFTBALL Karen Rushton
4647 7286
0438 510 146
SWIMMING Bronwyn Hatzis
0408 282 745
TENNIS - JUNIOR Adele English 9771 5665
0404 349 001
0418 213 680
TOASTMASTERS Roy Ashpole 9644 2107
WELFARE CO-ORDINATOR Janelle Harris 8707 6916
WRITERS’ GROUP Neridah Tyler - Perry
9773 7052
Liaison Director: John Rodwell
The 2015-16 season of Little Athletics
commenced in late August and is well
underway. The season runs through until
mid March 2016 and registrations are
accepted via our website right through
the season:
We had over 190 athletes registered
48 The Journal Nov / Dec / Jan
prior to season commencement and are
hoping to eclipse last season’s numbers
of 231. At the beginning of the season
new athletes were taught all the skills
involved in track and field events while
returning athletes refined their skills in
readiness for the Annual Zone Carnival
where they compete against athletes
from 6 Centres within our Zone. The
Zone carnival this year is being held at
The Ridge Athletics Ground from 11-13
December. It is also anticipated that we
may have some teams competing in the
State Relays at SOPAC in late November
although this is yet to be finalised. As with
most sports Little Athletics requires a large
number of parent volunteers to assist in
the running of our Competition nights. We
are also grateful to a number of ex-athletes
and ex-committee members who come
along and assist us with setting up each
Friday, judging our walks events and
helping out with canteen as needed.
For any information or enquiries please
contact Christine on 0413886431.
Christine Butters
President RWLAC
Liaison Director: Ian Stromborg
24 June 2015
1st Val Rochford, Marie Rogers,
June Ryan, Lyn Rolls
2nd Judy Moon, Jean Richard,
Judy Moon, Lotti Shadelie
8 July 2015
1st Roma Stiles, Lyn Rolls, June Ryan, Marie Rogers
2nd Lorraine Sockall, Marie Baikie, Lotti Shadellie, Shirley Glenday
15 July 2015
1st Marie Roger, Olive Swan,
Loris McCallum
(Val Rochford, Edna Roberts)
Jean Richard, Phylis Mernill,
Lyn Rolls, June Ryan
22 July 2015
1st Jean Larncy, Dulcie Kenny,
Lyn Rolls
Loris McCallum, Jean Richard,
Joy Dalton, Lorraine Seckall
29 July 2015
Congratulations to the winners of the
Achievers Award
1st Jean Richard
2nd Dulcie Kenny
Well done to you both.
29 July 2015
1st Jean Richard, Val Rochford,
Shirley Glenday
Lyn Rolls, Lotti Shadellie, Dulcie Kenny, May Noonan, Shirley Glenday
Sports Reports
12 August 2015
1st Val Rochford, Roma Stiles,
Olive Swan
Shirley Glenday, Dulcie Kenny, Jean Larncy
17 August 2015
1st June Ryan, Lotti Shadellie,
Dulcie Kenny
2nd Roma Stiles, Olive Swan,
Val Rochford
Jean Reichart, Jack Medbury
8 September 2015
Brenda Excell, Ken Sayers
Shirley Glenday, Val Austen
Helen Tran, Mario Fabiana
June Ryan, David Lewis
We still have only one more competition to
go ie The President’s Cup. On completion
of this, all results will be posted.
We would like to welcome any ladies
who wish to take up Indoor Bowls. Please
contact Val Rochford on 02 9771 1780.
We are always looking for new members
and you will be made very welcome.
For further information, please contact
Jean Reichart, our Secretary, on 9771 6923.
Val Rochford
Publicity Officer
Val Austen
Publicity Officer
Liaison Director: Ian Stromborg
23 June 2015
Ken Sayers
Val Austen, Jim Tetlow
Marie Rogers, Jack Medbury
Jean Reichart, Lottie Schadeli
30 June 2015
Marie Rogers, Van Tran
Lyn Rolls, Mario Fabiana
June Ryan, John Rolls
Brenda Excell, Jack Medbury
7 July 2015
Anna Fabiana, John Rolls
Marie Rogers, Frank Dare
Shirley Glenday
Lyn Rolls, Tom Ferguson
14 July 2015
Shirley Glenday, Mario Fabiana
Maria Rogers, John Gibbs
Helen Tran, Jack Medbury
June Ryan, Ken Sayers
21 July 2015
Doris Dare, Rosa Treeby
Lottie Schadeli, Jim Tetlow
Muriel Baikie, Frank Dare
June Ryan, Jack Medbury
28 July 2015
David Lewis
Lyn Rolls, Jim Tetlow
Anna Fabriana, Jack Medbury
Marie Rogers, John Rolls
4 August 2015
Marie Rogers, Brenda Excell
Shirley Glenday, Phil Treeby
Mario Fabiana
June Ryan, Jim Tetlow
11 August 2015
Jean Reichart, Phil Treeby
Anna Fabiana, Jack Medbury
Marie Rogers, Tom Ferguson
Rosa Treeby, Frank Dare
18 August 2015
Anna Fabiana
Brenda Excell, David Lewis
Lottie Schadeli, Mario Fabiana
Liaison Director: Ian Stromborg
Again it is my pleasure to report on the
activities of our Women’s Bowling Club
Upcoming Events
10th December – Break Up Day
13th December – Combined Presentation
Any Ladies wishing to take up Lawn Bowls
are most welcomed and should contact
our Secretary Pat Tate on 97310957
Margaret Pullen
Publicity Officer
Liaison Director: Ian Stromborg
History of the Bowl for Others
In 1961, the President of the New South
Wales Women’s Bowling Association
Mrs Gladys Pattison envisaged the
tremendous potential there was for
women bowlers to assist the less
fortunate in our community.
Our Club Triples Championship was
finished in July. The winners were L
Gallant, N Gray and B Park with runners up
M Holloway, F Hadden and B Graham.
A meeting in November 1961 resulted
in the bowl for other club being formed.
Subscription donations from the charity
Gala and Special Days, spiders, wrong
bias etc annually results in cheques being
presented at the BFC Luncheon. The
date was September 25 at Masonic Club
Sydney, at which we were represented by
eight of our lady bowlers. To name few
of the charities was Sydney Eye Hospital,
Air Ambulance, Diabetes, Cancer, Asthma
and Dementia. President Edna thanked all
for their attendance and their generosity
supporting the charities.
On July 26th our annual Christmas in July
Mixed Triples Day was held sponsored by
Jackies Bowls Shop. A great day was held
with 24 teams competing from various
clubs around the area. It was a very
successful day with a team from Roseland
Flame Bowling Club winning the day. It is
a pleasure to announce that we donated
$900 to the Australian Cord Blood Assn.
Coming Events
Invitation for Past Presidents and Friends
Day at Revesby Workers Bowling Club 20
Homelea Ave Panania, forms have been
posted to all clubs giving details.
Thursday 29 October Morning Tea at
10am. Lunch cost $10 Play will be two
bowls triples. Contact Secretary, Pat Tate
02 9731 0957 or 0408 006 404.
On September 3rd the Club Minor Singles
Championship was held with J Jackson
defeating P Tate.
Past President and Friends Christmas
Luncheon Wednesday 25 November at
Masonic Club Sydney 12 Noon. Lunch
costs $45. Closing Date: Wednesday
11 November. Contact Beryl Warwick
4422 9657. Always a delicious lunch and
Christmas treat. All are welcome.
The past three months have been a very
busy time with the following events
In June the final of our Club Pairs
Championship was completed with
winners P. Tate and J. Calderon defeating
S. Rimmer and D. Hopkins.
In September each year we hold our Spring
Triples Day sponsored by Daryl Melham.
What a great day we had again with 28
teams competing in it from many bowling
clubs in the Metropolitan area. The
weather was so kind to us and lovely to be
playing in such Spring weather.
Two games of 13 ends bowls were
held and this was followed by a lovely
smorgasbord lunch. The winners of the
day were a team from Revesby Workers.
N Aggett, K Jacobson and M Pullen with
runners up being a composite team
J. Pavey, P Shiels and P Johanson.
As we go to print our Club Consistency
Championship is being held and results
will be in the next journal.
Wednesday 6th January 2016 Past
Presidents and Friends are invited toward
Women’s Bowling Club and enjoy their
hospitality and a game of two bowls
triples, lunch cost $10. Forms will be
posted to all clubs late October or early
November with full details.
Early Greetings
Wishing you and your family a very Merry
Christmas and a very Happy New Year.
May 2016 bring you happy days, good
health and enjoy great bowling.
Beryl Harmer
Sports Reports
Liaison Director: Ian Stromborg
The final of the Revesby Workers Major/
Minor 2015 pairs was decided in July in
a closely fought nip and tuck match that
couldn’t be decided in the normal 21
ends. Kip Royall and skip Doug Hawkins
really had a battle royal against Laurie
Wilson and Shane Matakaiongo (Spiff )
with hardly a struck match between them.
Their card read; 7all after 7 ends, 11 all
after 11 ends, 13 all at 13 ends, 15 all
at 15 ends and 18 all after what should
have been the final 21st end, so forcing
the game into golden point. Its a pity
that there had to be a winner or loser
after such an even contest. Kip took the
mat for this definite final end and just to
show much a good lead is worth, he cool
as ice put down two bowls right on the
jack and neither Laurie or Spiff (or Doug)
could get inside them. Game, set and
match to Kip and Doug. Congratulations
to Kipand Doug as our new champs and
also Laurie and Spiff for providing such a
great contest.
The final of the veterans singles
championship was played on 19 August
at Homelea Ave between Ross Graham
and Adrian Hart.The game was played
over a shortened version of the normal
singles championship, something that
was put to a vote because someone
thought the longer version was too much
for our veterans (over 70’s) and finished
up pleasing nobody.It was still a very
good contest between these two vets,
who gave it their all, with only 2 shots
separating them after 20 ends, which
were also close being 10 apeice. Doesn’t
get much closer than that, but there had
to be a winner and that was Adrian Hart
who just edged out former vets champ
and Olympian (basketball, Rome 1960)
Ross Graham. Neither player collapsed
from exhaustion or needed mouth to
mouth (glad about that)after the game
and certainly could have played more
ends. Perhaps the committee could have
a rethink on this matter.
On Wednesday 26 August it was bring a
buddy day at the fibro, meat tray mania
day as usual. Winners rink drawn out of
barrel, was rink 2, losers rink was also rink
2. Jackpot was at maximum $600 that
day and also went to rink 2.No we are not
going to name the lucky six clean living
gentlemen who won, (plenty have done
that already) but it goes to show that the
place to be is the fibro.
Meat tray mania, where up to 12 big meat
trays are there to be won each day, will
continue right up to Christmas, there will
be hams too so don’t miss out. Get in for
your chop. The 5th/Sept was a Saturday
50 The Journal Nov / Dec / Jan
social pairs game between D/D v M/M
and after 3 ends M/M were leading 8-0.
D/D were having a bad run and skip D was
not happy at all while skip M was feeling
smug and was talking it up, patronising
his opponent .Then it was 15-1, and after
10 ends it was 20-2. Skip D was blaming
the selectors, the weather, the atom bomb
etc for his misfortune in having to play
with this bunch of losers etc, etc. Skip M
was almost off the planet as he took great
delight in watching team D squirm and
curse about everything being set against
them. Then a slight change came about, as
it can in our game and D/D then won the
next 5 ends in a row, all just by the single
shot, 20-7. No need to panic thought M, we
will get back on track soon. But a 3, then a
4, suddenly DID cause panic and with good
cause, as after 21 ends of a 25 end game,
it was 20-20. M went quiet, not so cocky
now, while D was full of praise for all those
people he was not too keen on earlier.
Then as if by magic M/M got a big FIVE
shots on end 22. ” We are back”, thought
the now once again smug M, and hurried
to get the next end going only to see
D/D win it by 2 shots, to make it 25-22
to M/M. Here, M casually suggested “we
make this the last end, save bowling them
back etc. ”. “ Bull------T!!” said D, its UP and
bloody BACK!!. D/D still needed 4 to win,
in two ends and after getting one shot
on the 24th end they now needed 3 to
win on the last. In a close fought last end
team D/D also won the last end with a
TWO to make it 25-25, a DRAWN match!!
Incredably they won the ends 16 -9 . (14
out of the last 16) D/D were now friends
with all, but would have liked another
end, while M/M were not quite so smug
now. It should have ended there but the
comp. winners had to be decided.
Winning rink was called, not D,or M’s.
Losers rink 2 was called, OURS! D/D were
quick to stand up, but no, a count back
said the meat trays go to LOSERS M/M.
Huh! Someone said Smug b------s. While M
just smiled(smirked) with meat tray under
arm. Well sometimes it just pays to lose,
but of course that is why we love to play
this great game.Well don’t we?
This will be our last report for 2015 so
on behalf of Pres. Ray Hopkins we would
like to say thank you to all the committee
members and volunteers for their help
in 2015, to Jan Stiskala of Stonecraft for
his continued support of our club, his
stone products are much sort after and
wish all members and friends all the best
for the coming Christmas and new year
festivities as well as good bowling in 2016.
Remember the place to be is THE FIBRO.
Merv Elder
Publicity Officer
Liaison Director: Christine Benham
The Annual General meeting was held on
22 July at which meeting the following
Office Bearers were re-elected – President,
Trevor Heaslip; Secretary, Christine Benham,
Treasurer, Ray Benham; Vice Presidents,
Chris Reid and Steve Floyd and Assistant
Secretary Lindsay Le Bas. It was also great
to see Ben Heaslip put up his hand to take
on the role of Social Coordinator! Daryl
Melham, Col Heaslip, and Terry Semlitzky
were appointed patrons of the Club in
recognition of their commitment and
interest shown in the Club over many years.
Registrations were held in August, with
good numbers of players signing up. 7
senior sides have been affiliated (the same
as last season) and 9 junior and mini sides
(one more than last season). Competition
commenced on 12 September and we are
having mixed success, but having lots of
fun in the process!
Selections for the Bankstown District
Cricket Association’s Junior representative
sides are in process and we expect some
of our fine young players will again be
selected in those teams.
We launched our season by participating in
a 20/20 match against a combined Georges
River District Cricket Club (GRDCC) and
Rockdale Council team. The game was
organised to commemorate the opening
of the newly refurbished Bexley Oval. We
were delighted to have been invited to play
at such an important event and picked a
strong Over 40 team to represent the Club.
Before the game commenced, Rockdale
Mayor Shane O’Brien, who captained
the opposition side, officially opened the
refurbished grandstand and wicket area, as
well as a new children’s play area. Revesby
Workers’ Club President, who is also a Patron
of our Cricket Club, was asked to address the
crowd and presented Mayor O’Brien with
a plaque in recognition of the special day
and as a thankyou from our Cricket Club for
being invited to participate...and we were
victorious on the day!
Pictured are Cricket Club President, Trevor
Heaslip, Revesby Workers’ Club President,
Daryl Melham and Rockdale Mayor, Shane
O’Brien during the formalities at Bexley Oval.
It is not too late to register to play cricket
with The Workers for the 2015-16 season.
Players of all ages and abilities (juniors and
seniors) are most welcome. For enquiries,
please contact Chris on 9773 7157.
Chris Benham
Sports Reports
Liaison Director: Terry Semlitzky
Contacts for the Darts are President Dean
Semlitzky, Secretary Terry Semlitzky,
Captains Andrew Gregory/Brian Smith.
We lost a dart stalwart with the passing of
Lyn Brooke, Lyn was a life member of the
darts club, our thoughts and condolences
to Stewart, Terry and family.
The next club championships will be
the singles Sunday 20th September with
the doubles held Sunday 18th October,
10am start.
The next quarterly meeting will be held
Thursday 19th November.
The presentation day will be held Sunday
22nd November at The Fibro.
The Dart Club conduct a game of
Drawn Doubles every Thursday night in
the Sports Bar. This open to members
and visitors and you don’t have to be
a champion. There are meat trays for
1st, 2nd, 3rd, there is a mens and ladies
highest score and a lucky door prize.
This is raffle night and members badge
draw, so amble down to The Sports Bar
and have your name submitted.
The following are the results 18/6 Yorrick
Yon, Jon Piggott, M/hs 180 Mick Rignall, L/
hs 111 Lynda Fields. 25/6 Yorrick Yon, Dean
Semlitzky, M/hs 180 Trevor Bligh, L/hs114
Margaret. 2/7/ Trevor Bligh, Brian Smith,
M/hs 180 Phil Larkin, L/hs 103 Lynda
Fields. 9/7 Yorrick Yon, Jon Piggott, M/
hs180 Trevor Bligh, L/hs105 Margaret. 16/7
Trevor Bligh, Dean Semlitzky, 23/7 Simon
Douda, Mitch Wise, M/hs180 Yorrick Yon,
L/hs 125 Cindy Heyhoe. 30/7 Yorrick Yon,
Andrew GHregory, M/hs 140 Trevor Bligh,
L/hs 119 Margaret McKone.6/8 Yorrick Yon,
M/hs180 Mick Franklin, L/hs 100 Cindy
Heyhoe. 13/8 Trevor Bligh, Phil Larkin,
M/hs156 Trevor Bligh, L/hs 78 Margaret
McKone.20/8 Phil Larkin, Brian Smith, 27/8
Adrian Ferriarlo, Yorrick Yon, M/hs Mick
Franklin, L/hs 100 Cindy Heyhoe.3/9 Phil
Larkin, Brian Smith, 108 Yorrick Yon.
There is a game of drawn doubles at The
Sport & Recreation Club for members
& visitors, the 1st Friday in the month,
names in by 6pm.
The Bankstown District competition is
now under way with Revesby fielding 5
teams on the Monday nights.
The 24th Annual Charity Trivia Night
was held at The Sport & Recreation Club,
Homelea Ave, Saturday 22nd August, the
darts club had a table and $1900 was
raised for Bankstown Hospital. This social
night has raised over $50,000 for the clubs
various charities conducted by the Bill
Bullard Charity.
Newcastle Workers’ Club were our guests
in August to compete in the 46th annual
competition, Revesby were successful in
defending all three trophies, albeit narrowly.
We look forward to defending them at
Panthers in 2016.
Terry Semlitzky
Liaison Director: Terry Semlitzky
The committee of the Domino Club
are: President Robert Murray,
Secretary/Treasurer Colin Suttle,
Committee: Robert Murray, Colin Suttle,
Daryl Heaton, Laurie Clark, Greg Bryce.
The Domino’s play every Sunday morning
at 10.30am in the Sports Bar and is open
to members and visitors. All welcome.
The following are results:
7/6 Robert Murray & Donna Hanley
14/6 Robert Murray & Colin Suttle
21/6 Julie Martin & Daryl Heaton
28/6 Robert Murray
5/7 Robert Murray & Louise Laurent &
Laurie Clark
19/7 Robert Murray
26/7 Daryl Heaton & Bertha Podobransky
2/8 Greg Bryce
9/8 Laurie Clark
16/8 Daryl Heaton & Laurie Clark
30/8 Cathy Hanley & Louis Laurent
‘Double Blank’
Terry Semlitzky
their names.
We need starters for the charter boat, 2nd
Sunday in the month, make sure you have
your names down.
The following are the progress scores:
Branko 82, R Davis 49, D Saunders 39, S
Saunders 39, J Innis 24, V Savija 20, Craig
12, Scott 10, Joshua 7, Grant 5. Vic Savija
caught a 1.2k Morwong and Ron Davis a
0.7k Reddie.
The Picnic/Presentation Day, held in tandem
with the dart club, will be held at the Fibro,
Sunday 22nd November, 11am start.
The 24th Annual Trivia Charity Night raised
$1900 for the clubs charity, Bankstown
‘Barry Mundy’
Terry Semlitzky
Liaison Director: Dennis Hayward
The Football (soccer) Club’s 2015 winter
season has come to an end! This year we
had 38 teams from grade 6 to over 45.
Of the 21 competitive teams we had 12
make the semi-final rounds and 5 teams
compete in the grand finals.
Congratulations to this year’s RWFC
premier teams – All Age Ladies 1, All Age
Men C, and 15/1. Congratulations also to
our major individual award winners:
Junior Sportsperson
Kimon Diomis
Liaison Director: Terry Semlitzky
Senior Sportsperson
Conrad Archbold
Revesby has 3 Fishing Clubs and all
members and guests are welcome to
participate in their outings.
Kon Piniros Over 35 Memorial Trophy
Dermot Thomas
Charter Boat Main Club Fishing departs
from Wollongong.
Contact Dean Semlitzky 0413 292 337
Revesby Bowling Club Small Boats
Contact Peter Taylor 0408 403 337
Mooney Mooney Hawks Fishing Club
Contact Karen Goldrick 9985 9406
Fishing Club contacts: President Chris
Andronicus, Secretary Dean Semlitzky,
Treasurer/Reef Capt Terry Semlitzky.
Fishing Club contacts: President Chris
Andronicus, Secretary Dean Semlitzky,
Treasurer/Reef Capt Terry Semlitzky.
The Charter Boat outings are held on
the 2nd Sunday of the month, aboard
the Jenny Lou, departing Wollongong
Harbour. There is a list for interested
members on the Fisho’s noticeboard in
the Sports Bar, if any member misses out
on the ballot, they will be eligible for the
next trip, providing they re-submit, or OK
Manager of the Year
Steve Simmons
Coach of the Year
Chris Bush and Matt Leedham
AAL1 Player of the Year
Kate Hinton
Premier League Player of the Year
Ben O’Flaherty
Congratulations also to Elizabeth Di Santi
and Taylor Watts from AAL1 who took out
all the AAL accolades at the Bankstown
Association annual awards night.
Off the field this year we raised $4,625.50
for the RWC Bill Bullard Charity, with a
Bunnings barbecue and a very wellattended trivia night. We had 12 coaches
undertake coaching courses and 14
coaches and managers qualified in first
aid. 270 players, coaches, managers
and committee attended the Senior
Presentation Night, and the juniors
enjoyed a presentation fun day complete
Sports Reports
with jumping castles, rides and a free bbq!
Whilst most Clubs are having some wellearned rest in the off-season this is not
the case for RWFC! Throughout the preChristmas summer period we have three
programs running – Kindy soccer (4-6 year
olds), 7-10 soccer, and we are hosting a
12 team ladies 7-a-side competition. Our
AGM will be held on Sunday 8 November.
We will be registering players for the 2016
winter season from January 2016. Training
will commence from February for many
teams – juniors from March. Please keep
an eye out on our website for further
details about registering for 2016.
For more information go to
Claire Geary
Liaison Director: Christine Butters
New members are always welcome. We
meet on the first Saturday of the month
(except for January) from 10am until 12
noon, in the Cabaret Room at the RWC.
We have some interesting guest speakers.
At our October meeting, we will have
Lynne Cairncross a volunteer from the
Royal Botanic Garden & Domain Trust.
November, our guest speaker will be Don
Burgill, who will speak on birds and the
use of pigeons during the wars.
Also at our October meeting, we will have
the second part of our Fun Flower Show.
Our members are encouraged to show
something from their gardens. We have five
categories, which are; largest and smallest
fruit and largest and smallest vegetable, also
a native plant in a pot or basket.
Our tour organiser Judith Cologon has
planned our fourth coach trip for this year.
October 10th we will travel down the
coast enjoying the magnificent views, to
the Berry Garden Festival. We will enjoy
lunch at the Berry Bowling Club, and view
as many gardens as possible. Price is $55
which includes, coach, morning tea, lunch
and entry into the gardens.
Carol Griffiths
Publicity Officer
Liaison Director:
The Revesby Ladies’ Group held its
annual morning tea sale, auction and
raffle on 19th August. A cheque for
$8,380 was presented to the Workers’
Club Charity Foundation. Together
with an anonymous cash donation and
five business cheques collected by the
Ladies’ Group and previously passed to
52 The Journal Nov / Dec / Jan
the Foundation for tax receipt purposes,
our collection totalled $9,000. Not quite
up to our $10,000 of last year but still
a supreme effort. Many thanks to the
many ladies (and some gentlemen)
who assisted on the day and days prior.
And particular thanks to Phyllis Aldridge
who again worked tirelessly to make
the event such a success.
We also had three enjoyable outings,
and were enlightened by some
very interesting speakers during the
quarter. Thanks to Bev Spring for
arranging the speakers. Thanks also
to our behind the scenes committee
members for their work.
Marj Heyhoe
Liaison Director: John Rodwell
Ladies Golf at Revesby Workers is 50
years old in 2016.
Any previous members who would
like to help us celebrate please contact
Phyllis on 97743767.
If you would like to join us and enjoy
playing golf no matter how good you are
we still have a few games left this year:
7th November Hudson Park 8.30am
21st November Sefton 8.30am
5th December Sefton 8.30an
Come on the day or contact Phyllis.
Hope to see lots of new people.
Jan McNaughton
Publicity Officer
Liaison Director: John Rodwell
The winners are too numerous to mention
in this short article, so readers are invited to
visit our informative web site at for detailed
information about our Club, news, upcoming
events schedule and weekly event summary
with winner’s photos and results.
A mild, damp winter saw a good turnout of
players, with the highlights being the 2BBB
Championships (won by Steve Vaughn and
Rossco Hamer) and the 4BBB Matchplay
(won by Phil White and Rod Keen).
The concluding months for 2015 will
see a plethora of golfing events played
out over many great courses (Glenmore,
Cabramatta, Bankstown, HilltopMollymook, Antill Park, Campbelltown,
Hurstville and Georges River).
Event highlights will be the International
Cup, Presidents Cup and Guzzlers Cup, as
well as inter-club challenge matches, such
as the Lawson Cup at Cabramatta, Revesby
versus Goulburn Workers at Bankstown,
Revesby versus Canberra Workers at
Hilltop-Mollymook and finally, Revesby
versus Oakdale Workers at Antill Park.
And don’t forget a couple of BBQs
managed by our new Social Secretary,
John McDonald, are coming up after the
golf games to make the day just that more
satisfying and delicious.
The last game of the year will be the
extremely popular 2 Man Ambrose
Christmas Day event at Georges River,
followed by a huge feed and plentiful
supply of liquid refreshments to refresh
our memories of all the fun we had
throughout the year - so happy golfing :-)
Ken Little
Publicity Officer
Liaison Director: John Rodwell
August 2015 Results
4 August
2nd K. Sayers 27/18
R. Byrne 19/16 stableford
11 August
2nd R. Hart 22/13
R. Hunt 18/18 stableford
18 August
1st 2nd
R. McLachlan 31/18
K. Hicks 31/17 stroke
25 August
1st 2nd J. McGuigan 34/16
R. McLachlan 36/17 stroke
Point Score to date
J. McGuigan 75 leading R. Hart 74.
John McGuigan
Publicity Officer
Liaison Director: Dennis Hayward
Year to September
Vessels assisted
People moved to safety
Recorded Duty Hours
Fuel Consumed
Now that winter has almost gone and
spring is almost upon us we have been
busy on upgrading our members, with
training both on our vessels and at the
base to achieve the standards required
to be able for this to happen we have 7
members qualified to Cert IV Training &
Accessing, this allows us to train our crews
in First Aid, Sea Survival and Fire fighting
Sports Reports
on a vessel as well as other training
packages in the marine environment.
need one leotard for the year (no shoes
During the last quarter we were tasked
by the Water Police to assist in several
medical evac’s in our area as well several
assists on the river both day and night we
also responded to a MAY DAY off the coast
near Maitland Bay.
We have classes from babies through to
ladies, 1st lesson is for free!
Activities we will be involved in the near
future are a major Search and Rescue
exercise involving all the units from
Shellharbour to the Hawkesbury/Broken
Bay area. The annual Canoe Classic this
involves paddlers between Windsor &
the ramp beside the M1 road bridge total
distance 110Km this event is in support
of the Arrow Foundation for research into
bone marrow transplantation. Suppling
safety vessels for the Ski event.
Tamara Jurinic
Publicity Officer
We have already been advised by our
friends from the RFS of several hazard
reduction burns in our area before the
summer arrives.
To all our boating friends remember to
check all your safety equipment, lifejackets
and engine is serviced before you launch
for the summer season also check the fuel,
as what has been there since last season
could contain water also it may have gone
sour resulting in possible problems also
remember to log on when you go out
and log off when you get back.
Need a boat licence?
Contact Merv Collins 0419 223 097
New members are always welcome. No
experience is required, membership and
training are free and uniforms are supplied
after a qualifying period.
Contact Ken Edwards on 9985 9012
or 0412 320 116.
Merv Collins
Unit Commander
Liaison Director: Dennis Hayward
Revesby Workers Physie and Dance have
had a spectacular start to the competition
season. All of the girls performed
extremely well and this was reflected with
the abundance of individual places.
Team and Champion girl competitions
are almost here and the girls have
been working extremely hard in their
preparations. The girls are striving for a
place to go to nationals, that will be held
at the Concourse Chatswood and the
Sydney Opera House.
We are a small friendly club where we
believe in having fun and building
Physie is a low cost sport where you only
Come join our friendly club in 2016, visit or
contact Diane 0418 220 260 for more
best of luck to all players.
Revesby won the Sutherland Shield and
will be defending the Bankstown City Cup
later this year.
Terry Semlitzky
Liaison Director: Christine Butters
Liaison Director: Terry Semlitzky
Revesby had it’s best turn up to the State
Turtles in over a Decade. Troy, Phill, and
Johno for the open and Darcy, Daniel and
Zen representing the club in the juniors.
At the 2015 AGM the following were
elected, for the Snooker Club, President
Alan McCarthy, Vice Pres Brian Mooney,
Sec/Treasurer Kevin Bowerman. Club
Captain Jack Garland, Handicap
committee Michael Smith, Stephen Lloyd,
Hamish Woudsma.
The first day at Bass Point saw a good turn
of quality divers in average conditions
Johno battled on despite showing all the
signs of the onset of the Flu. Troy did the
best of the day for the club and young
Daniel got a few good fish including a
very good Blue Mowie.
Condolences to life member Noel Ahern,
whose wife Greta passed away, Greta was
also a life member of the snooker club.
The next saturday Port Kembla saw
calmer conditions. Congratulations to
Troy for a well deserved victory in the
veteran division. The next comp will be
at Narooma in September, Bendalong in
November and Currawong in December.
The club conducts a social game of drawn
doubles every Monday in the Sports Bar,
names to be submitted by 5.30pm, with
prizes for the winners and runners up.
There are also lucky door prizes, so come
along for an enjoyable afternoon.
The following are the results:
1/6 Alan McCarthy, Joe Tugyi, 2nd Jack
Garland, Kin Kwan
22/6 Wayne Davis, Joe Tugyi, 2nd Malcolm
Winter, Emil Buolos
29/6Bill Tugyi, Kin Kwan, 2nd George Liu,
Malcolm Smart.
6/7 Alan McCarthy, Dowan Chand, 2nd
Wah Au, Peter Kallas
13/7 Wayne Davis, Dewan Chand, 2nd
Ingred Winter, Brian Mooney
20/7 Brian Mills, Glen Everett, 2nd Kin
Kwan, George Liu
27/7 Alan McCarthy, Michael Smith, 2nd
John Stan, Hamish Woudsma
3/8 Iner Boskowski, Phillipe Brigant, 2nd
Michaek Smith, Jainhut Pan
10/8 Pat McGreal, Bill Tugyi,, 2nd Kan Au,
M Paul
17/8 Hamish Woudsma, Bill Tugyi, 2nd Iner
Boskowski, Joe Tugyi
24/8 Joe Tugyi, Hamish Woudsma, 2nd Kin
Kwan, Wah Au
31/8 Sunny Chan, Joe Tuhyi, 2nd Kin
Kwan, Hamish Woudsma
2/9 Joe Tugyi, Julian So, 2nd Keith Short,
George Liu
The next game against the Catholic Club
will be held on Sunday 11th October,
there is a list on the noticeboard for
interested players.
The finals of the club championships,
Billiards was won by Alan McCarthy,
who defeated Joe Tugyi, the rest of the
championships are all into the semi finals,
Brad Montague
President RWSC
Liaison Directors:
Terry Semlitzky / Chris Benham
Any enquiries for booking the club for
your party ring main club or call Kerrie at
Sport & Rec, 8707 6955 there have been
quite a few parties held over the festive
season. There have been some enjoyable
Barefoot Bowls Parties recently. This is
available to sporting bodies members
and visitors, there is a minor charge
to participate and a menu available if
catering is required. There is a new Bar B Q
for interested patrons.
The Charity Trivia night was recently held
there and it is a great venue for social
The Friday Night Darts are attracting good
crowds, these are held on the first Friday
of the month and are run on a very social
basis, so come along for a good night.
Juniors are most welcome to participate, if
accompanied by Mum or Dad.
The Cricketers fully support the Fibro and
we look forward to their patronage now
the cricket season is open. We’d like to see
more sporting bodies making use of these
great facilities. Extensions of reasonable
trading hours are negotiable.
“Fibro Fanatics’
Terry Semlitzky
Sports Reports
Liaison Director: Christine Butters
0415 260 221
What is Toastmasters and what can it
do for you?
Toastmasters will give you the skills and
confidence to express yourself in any
situation. It is the most efficient, enjoyable
and affordable way to gain confidence
while meeting new friends and having fun
in a supportive environment. Once you
have confidence and can express yourself a
new world of possibilities will open for you
and your life will change.
Congratulations to our club contest
participants, Debbie Murphy, Martin
Stralow, and Ray Toyer.
This year our club has reached a milestone
of 10 years. A Club celebration luncheon
will be held at the club on Sunday 8th
November and we would love to see
anyone who has been a member or had
any association with Revesby Toastmasters.
Our Club meets on the 2nd and 4th
Thursday of each month and visitors are
always welcome. Why not come along, you
won’t regret it.
For further information and details regarding
the luncheon or if you would like to know
more about Toastmasters please contact
Roy Ashpole 0428 256 088 or 9644 2107.
Debbie Murphy
Club President
Liaison Director: John Rodwell
Budding writers, looking for a start? or
a practised veteran happy to share your
experiences? Then get right down to
it. Fill in a hole in your diary and get
down to the Macarthur Room at the Club
where mentors and beginners meet over
afternoon tea, first Saturday of the month.
The Revesby Workers’ Club Writers’
Group is always on the lookout for new
members to join in on our “publishing
excursions”. We believe everyone has a
story to tell and each and every memory
can be the seed for a blossom in Spring,
to be nurtured for harvest and for the
everlasting pleasure of readers and
writers alike. We are in the nurturing
business after all. A joint project of
Writers’ Club members entitled “The
Revesby Bus” is soon to be in print, with
an end of year release planned.
The Macarthur Room, where we meet, is
accessed through Dixon Lane, east of the
new retail complex. Join us 1pm to 4pm
first Saturday of the month. Enquiries to
President Neridah Tyler 9773 7052 or the
Asst. Secretery
Kev Murphy
54 The Journal Nov / Dec / Jan
Top: Revesby Workers’ Mixed Indoor Bowls Group
Middle: Cricket Club President Trevor Heaslip, Revesby Workers’ Club President
Daryl Melham and Rockdale Mayor Shane O’Brien during the formalities at
Bexley Oval.
Bottom Left: Revesby Workers’ Ladies Indoor Bowls 2015 Achievers Award winner
Jean Reichart and runner up Dulcie Kenny.
Bottom RIght: Revesby Workers’ Club Directors Dennis Hayward, John Rodwell
and Terry Semlitzky with Greyhoud Club CEO, Tom Green, after the running of the
Revesby Workers’ Gold Cup at Potts Park in September.
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