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2017 Catalogue

Dry Erase Tools Use a different colour for each subject!

23 cm

30 cm

Isometric 2-Sided Dry-Erase Boards

Each of the dry-erase boards are 0.5 cm isometric dot array on 1-side and the other side is 1 cm isometric dot array. Set of 10.

206678 - $7.95

Spectrum Colour-Coded Activity Pouch

Our dry-erase pouches are suitable for every grade level, allowing students and teachers to insert pages of suggested activities, open-ended problem solving and discussions on assessments. When you are done with the inserted page, simply erase the work and reuse the Pouch for the next lesson!

205778 Set of 5 pouches: one each of red, yellow, purple, green and blue $11.50


Set of 10 pouches: 2 each of red, yellow, purple, green and blue, and 4 Spectrum Dry-Erase Markers (206608) $20.60

23 cm

Spectrum Dry-Erase Pouch

Our Dry-Erase Pouch is suitable for every grade level, allowing students and teachers to insert pages of suggested activities, open-ended problem-solving exercises, and discussions on assessments. When you are done with the inserted page, simply erase the work and reuse the Pouch for the next lesson!


Set of 5


206606 Set of 10 with 4 Spectrum Dry-Erase Markers (206608) $15.25

13.1 cm

Dry-Erase and

Chalkboard Eraser

Ideal for erasing dry-erase marker and chalk.

206722 - $1.75


“1 cm”

30 cm

Write ‘N’ Wipe Boards (Thick Plastic)

These double-sided, no-tear, plastic boards can be used with dry-wipe or wet marker pens. Blank on one side and available with 1 cm grid for drawing, or X/Y axis for graphing. Sets of 10 and 30 boards.

206180 1 cm grid, Set of 10 $12.95

206182 X/Y Axis, Set of 10 $12.95


1 cm grid, Set of 30



X/Y Axis, Set of 30


Black Write ‘N’ Wipe Boards (Thick Plastic)

These new black boards are made of thick no-tear plastic, ideally working with our neon dry-erase markers. The colours of the markers on the black boards will bring additional contrast to all of your graphing activities!

205772 1 cm grid, Set of 10 $12.95


X/Y Axis, Set of 10



Spectrum Dry-Erase Markers

Dry-erase markers with fine tips. Set of 4, with felt tips on each marker.

Colours: black, blue, red, and green.


Set of 4 $


Neon Dry-Erase

Markers – Set of 4

Colours: white, green, pink, and blue. (For 205772 and 205774.)


Pack of 4


Tel: 1.800.668.0600

Dry Erase Math Boards

• Special UV coating to reduce ghosting

• Eliminates paper waste

• Perfect for monitoring and assessing

students progress

Spectrum’s Double-Sided (XY) Axis cm Grid Dry-Erase Math Boards

Size: 30 x 22.5 cm. Classroom Kit includes:

• 30 dry-erase, double-sided boards

• 40 cone-tip markers (10 each of black, purple, and blue; 5 green, 5 red)

• 30 washable student erasers

• 2 convenient storage boxes


Classroom Kit


Dry Erase Tools

Spectrum’s Double-Sided 1 cm Grid

Magnetic Dry-Erase Math Boards

Double-sided boards are magnetic on both sides. Both sides are blank with write-on/wipe-off surfaces.

Size: 30 x 22.5 cm. Classroom Kit includes:

30 boards, 40 markers, and 30 washable student erasers.


Each Board


206277 Classroom Kit $250.00

Post-It® Easel Pad

– 30 Sheets

Draw charts and graphs easily with this pad featuring a faint blue grid (2.5 cm square).

Adhesive-backed sheets stick safely to most wall surfaces.

Paper resists bleed-through.

Pad of 30 sheets measures

62.5 x 75 cm.

206560 - $41.95

Spectrum’s Double-Sided Teacher Math Board

The perfect visual aid to demonstrate important math concepts. One side features board includes stand, 4 markers (purple, black, blue, red), and eraser.

Size: 46.3 x 37.5 cm.

206275 - $25.50


Graphs & Grids

Graph Paper Pads

All of our graph paper have blue lines for easy-to-read notations when using pencil or ink. Pack of 100 (21.6 x 28 cm).


1 cm Squares


206200 0.5 cm Squares $4.95


Dotted Graph Paper


Perforated Graph Chart

Rub a chalk-dust-filled eraser over these durable charts and leave the pattern on the chalkboard. Chart is attached to sturdy spring rollers. Pattern consists of 3.75 cm squares. Dots divide sides into

5 parts for decimals and fractions. 90 x 105 cm.

203696 - $125.95

Write and Wipe Chart

The background surface is white with black grids. Both sides of the chart feature the write and wipe surface.

Under rolled to hug the wall. Heavy-duty steel spring roller and pull-down ring. Chart has

2.5 cm squares emphasized in fives with bold X and Y axes. Number scale runs from +21 to -21.

Measures 120 x 162 cm.

203698 - $146.75

Grid Rolls

Great for graphing activities! Available in 1.25 cm ruled paper. 87.6 x 60.9 cm tablet paper roll.

206562 1.25 cm $49.95

Overhead Graph Grids (Dry-Erase)

Demonstrate graphing, geometric or fractional functions or plot a project along with your class.

Activity guide included.

206408 cm $10.95





Write/Wipe Grid Chart – 2” Squares

Very convenient for line graphs and bar graphs as well as for histographs.

205966 - $165.95

Features include:

• under rolled to hug wall

• heavy duty 1.25” sturdy spring roller

• pull down ring

• 1.2 m x 1.7 m (48” x 65”) size

• chains for hanging when using back side


The write/wipe surface is a special laminated material for use with dry-erase markers. Hard-tipped writing instruments such as ball point pens, lead pencils, and chalkboard chalk will cause permanent damage to the write/wipe surface.

Tel: 1.800.668.0600

206393 - $2.50



MiniPlots® Algebra Pad (50 sheets)



• Repositionable

• Sticks flat

• Erasable

• 50 sheets per pad

7.5 x 7 cm Post-Its, pre-printed with a variety of designs for math on each sheet!

Use to graph algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics & basic math by hand!

Go to to see more!

206375 - $2.50

206381 - $2.50

MiniPlots® Trigonometry Pad (50 sheets)

206274 - $2.50

206379 - $2.50

206377 - $2.50

MiniPlots® Geometry Pad (50 sheets)





3 Dimensional Cube Pad



3 Dimensional Cone Pad



3 Dimensional Cylinder Pad







3 Dimensional Pyramid Pad

206401 $2.50

3 Dimensional

Rectangular Prism Pad



3 Dimensional XYZ Axis Pad



3 Dimensional Sphere Pad

206419 $2.50

Isometric Dot Pattern Pad



MiniPlots® Flat Pack Kits

Each of these sets contains

6 different pads mounted on

8.5” x 11” card stock.

50 sheets per pad.


For Algebra


206413 For Trigonometry $15.95


For Geometry



Compact Mobile Math Cart - Hands on Tools Kits

Customize Your Cart in 3 Easy Steps!



Your Cart


Select Your

Math Kits


Place Your


Each kit comes packaged in it’s own Mobile Math Cart Storage Container!

Spectrum Weight/Mass

Gram Cubes Scale Kit

Compact Digital Scale (1),

Stacking Coloured Mass

54 pc, Stacking Rectangle

Weights 76 pc, Cubes (1cm)

100 pc, Cubes (2cm) 100 pc,

Measuring Cups 3 pc.

206708 - $58.00

Spectrum Opaque and Clear

Geometric Models Kit

Clear geometric 2D/3D with folding shapes (8cm) 6 pc, opaque geometric 3D shapes (8cm) 6 pc, opaque coloured geometric shapes (2.5cm) 40 pc.

206707 - $60.00

Spectrum Colour Tiles Kit

Colour tiles 4000 pc.

206709 - $107.00

Spectrum 2cm Hex-A-Link Cubes Kit

1,000 interlocking 2cm cubes, 10 colours.

206706 - $81.00

Spectrum Essential Tool Kit

Tangram (2) set, Pentominoes (1)

, Algebra set (1), Base-Ten Rods 50 pc, Base-Ten Flats 10 pc, Base-Ten

Decimeter Cube (1), Base-Ten (cm)

Cubes 200 pc, Base- Ten chips 100 pc, Attribute

Blocks 60 pc, Interlocking 2cm Cubes 50 pc,

Geoboard 2-sided 2 pc, Fraction Tiles 51 pc, Colour

Tiles 100 pc, Pattern Block wood 100 pc, Deci-Rods

68 pc, 2-Colour Counters 100 pc, Red/Blue Square

Tiles 100 pc, Red Dotted Dice 12 pc, Blue Dotted Dice

12 pc, Geosolids Wood 12 pc.

206723 - $105.00


Spectrum 5cm Clear

Geometric Models Kit

Clear 5cm Geometric Models 51 pc, Teacher Models Guide

(14 pages) 3 pc.

206710 - $42.50

Spectrum Red Base Ten Kit

Base 10 decimeter cube 3 pc, base 10 flats

30 pc, base 10 rods 90 pc, base 10 (cm) cubes 500 pc, base 10 mat 3 pc, base 10 chips 200 pc.

206714 - $79.75

Spectrum Blue Base Ten Kit

206713 - $79.75

Spectrum Yellow Base Ten Kit

206712 - $79.75

Spectrum Orange Base Ten Kit

206711- $79.75

Tel: 1.800.668.0600

Spectrum Calibrated

Circular 2-Sided Geoboard Kit

30 Calibrated circular geoboards 2-sided (18 and 24 pins), Polydron starter set 20 pc, Frameworks starter set 20 pc.

206705 - $99.00

These kits are designed to help students build a solid conceptual foundation in mathematics through an investigative approach, as reflected in the inquiry model of learning.

Geometric Volumetric Kit


• Geometric Solids Wood Set

(2 sets of 19 pieces per set)

• Volumetric Solids Set (2 sets of 15 pieces per set)

• Geometric Solids Plastic Set (1 set of 40 pieces)

• Volumetric Solids Activity Book, 48 pages (1)

• Storage Container with Lid (1)

206619 - $73.95

Compact Mobile Math Cart

Complete with a

Selection of Essential

Manipulatives for the Secondary Math


Compact Mobile Math Cart

Storage Container with Lid

206629 - $6.00

Spectrum Compact

Mobile Math Cart

Our storage cart is complete with selections of essential Math manipulatives for the Secondary classroom! The storage containers are suited to fit 2 custom kits per shelf. One of each of the 6 kits listed on this page are included with our Compact Mobile Math cart. (206615, 206617, 206619,

206621, 206623, and 206625).

206627 - $810.00

Spectrum Storage Cart with Three Metal Shelves

The shelves can be adjusted to different heights; the frame of the rack is thick with rounded corners includes also 4 durable wheels. The shelves are 56 cm in length and 39 cm in width.

The Spectrum storage rack measures 109 cm H x 70 cm W x 41 cm D.

206567 - $199.95

Algebraic Thinking Kit


• Algebra Tiles Single Variable Set in Storage Tray

(10 sets of 89 pieces per set)

• Algebra Tiles XY Double Unknown Variable Set

(1 set of 40 pieces in storage tray)

• Algebra Dice (1 set of 6 dice)

• Multiplier Dice (1 set of 6 dice)

• Integer Ruler with Cubes and Activity Tasks (1)

• Algebra Tiles Activity Book, 52 Pages (1)

• Storage Container with Lid (1)

206621 - $89.95

Math-Vu Mirror Geometry Kit


• Math-Vu Mirror with Protractor

& Enhancer (25)

• Math-Vu Mirror Guide (1)

• Storage Container with Lid (1)

206617 - $108.95

Measurement Learning Tools Kit


• Circle Protractor (15)

• Percent Protractor (15)

• Protractor 180 Degree (15)

• Drawing Compass/Ruler (15)

• Angle Ruler (15)

• Wind-Up Tape (15)

• Clear Plastic Ruler (30)

• Clinometer with Activity Tasks (10)

• Storage Container with Lid (1)

206623 - $165.95

Graphs and Grids Board Kit


• XY Dry-Erase Boards 1 cm Grids

(1 set of 30 boards)

• 1 cm Grid Boards (1 set of 30 boards)

• 4-Quadrants Pad, 20 x 20 Units

(15 pads of 50 sheets per pad)

• 4-Quadrands Pad, 16 x 16 Units

(15 pads of 50 sheets per pad)

• Dry-Erase Markers, Set of 4 Colours:

blue, black, red, & green

(8 sets of 4 markers per set)

• Dry-Erase Cloths Set of 10 (1)

• Storage Container with Lid (1)

206625 - $127.95

Fraction Learning Tools Kit


• Fraction Equivalency Flip Chart (1)

• Fraction Dice (1 set of 6 dice)

• 8-Sided Fraction Dice (1 set of 6 dice)

• Fractional Slide Ruler Set (2 sets of 5)

• Fraction Tiles Set

(10 sets of 51 tiles per set)

• Magnetic Fraction Tiles (1 set of 51 tiles)

• Storage Container with Lid (1)

206615 - $135.95


Financial Literacy

Money Flip Chart Canada and US

This extra-large versatile flip chart teaches coins and bills from a penny to $100. One side of the flip chart has currency from the United States and the other side has Canadian currency.

The flip chart covers the name of the coin or bill, the value, what it looks like, and groups of coins or bills that add up to that value. This teacher desk version measures 7.9” x 24” (20 x 61cm). Canadian side also includes

French translation.

206715 - $30.25

61 cm

US Mixed Bills Set

This set contains 25 x $1.00, 20 x $5.00,

20 x $10.00, 20 x $20.00, 5 x $50.00 and 10 x

$100.00. Total of 100 pieces.

206717 - $2.95

US Mixed Coins Set

Set of 94 Coins includes 30 pennies, 20 nickels, 20 dimes, 20 quarters and 4 half-dollars.

206716 - $3.10

Consumer Math

Success Kit

Teacher’s Guide

A proven aid for students who need to sharpen or develop their basic concepts. More than

50 specific, consumer areas detail how math shows up in an everyday situation, followed by practice problems and teacher notes. Select just the situations your students need to cover, or use the entire book in a life skills setting. Sample topics include: Collateral loans; Retail store charge accounts;

Heating costs; Wages and salaries; Stocks and bonds;

Telephone bills, and Vacation planning. 328 pages.

206534 - $47.00

Casio Financial


• Full dot display – 4 line

• See all the variables easily “What if?”


• Simple & Compound

Interest calculation

• Investment appraisal

• Amortization

• Converts between

% interest rate and

Effective interest rate

• Days calculation

• Depreciation

• Bond calculation

• Break Even – Units and dollars – 6 methods

• Cost/Sell/Margin

• Statistics – Data editor (grid)

• Solar Plus with battery back-up

205770 - $40.95

Job Power

Job Power:

Choose Your


Student Guide

How do you decide what job is best?

What kinds of questions should you be asking?

Developed for high school students, this book helps prospective job seekers break down the many components that go into choosing a career. Filled with checklists, action sheets, sample documents, and role-playing activities. Topics include: Who am I?; What Are

My Skills?; Kind of Company?; Job Satisfaction;

Possible Occupations; and List of Contacts. 64 pages.

206528 - $20.95

Job Power: Master the Job Search

Student Guide

The second title in this series walks the reader through a variety of exercises and activities that narrow down the job search. Laying the Groundwork includes targeting particular resources, and itemizing an individual’s success stories.

Create a Winning Resume covers the purpose of resumes, how to create one, and the language to use. The Four Proven Ways to Find a Job includes sections of how to network, writing target letters, employment agencies, and responding to ads.

Your Work Plan develops step-by-step approaches to succeeding in the job search. 64 pages.

206530 - $20.95

Consumer Mathematics

Help students add to their real-world knowledge

Uses a step-by-step approach to strengthen moneymanagement skills. Explains how to spend wisely and create a balanced budget. demystifies concepts such as getting a loan and establishing good credit.

Teaches crucial life skills such as buying insurance and filling out a tax return.


Student Text, 232 pages


206538 Teacher’s Guide, 44 pages $8.95


Workbook & Answer Key, 128 pages


Job Power:

Ace the Interview

Student Guide

Developed for high school students, this book helps prospective job seekers with that final, critical step in getting a new position: the job interview. Filled with checklists, action sheets, sample documents, and role-playing activities.

Topics include: Identify Your Strengths and

Weaknesses; Skills on the Job; Your 60-Second

Infomercial; Difficult Questions You May Be

Asked; Making a Good First Impression; and Letter

After an Interview. 64 pages.




Tel: 1.800.668.0600

Financial Literacy

15.5 cm

31.5 cm

Spectrum Starter Money Pack

Includes 20 x $5, 20 x $10, 20 x $20, 10 x $50, 10 x $100, 50 x pennies, 50 x dimes, 50 x nickels, 50 x quarters, 25 x tonies, 25 x loonies. Packed into a money tray with a clear custom lid. Tray size: 31.5 cm x 15.5 cm.

206412 - $17.50

28 cm

50 cm

Spectrum Complete Money Pack

Set contains a 12 compartment tray with see-through storage lid, and: 100 each of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters, 50 each of toonies and loonies, 100 each of $5, $10, and $20 bills,

50 each of $50 and $100 bills. Our bills are printed in colour on one side and produced at 60% of actual size.

205474 943 Pieces $41.95

Consumer Mathematics

This very practical series will help students and teachers to understand mathematics as it relates to their everyday lives. Each book covers basic math concepts and skills before exploring the more specific topics. Clear explanations are followed by ample practice. Each section also has a pretest, a section review, and post test. All books are 180 pages.

This highly relevant series explores a wide range of topics, such as:

• Using a calculator, pencil and paper, or mental math

• Calculating wages

• Filing income tax returns

• Budgeting household expenses

• Renting and obtaining a mortgage

• Investing in stocks, bonds, and savings accounts

• Buying insurance

• and many more!

The Mathematics of Trades and Professions

206577 - $44.95

The Mathematics of Housing and Taxes

206579 - $44.95

The Mathematics of Work

206581 - $44.95

The Mathematics of Banking and Credit

206582 - $44.95

Canadian Money: Bills


$5 Canadian Bills Set of 100


206343 $10 Canadian Bills Set of 100 $3.25


$20 Canadian Bills Set of 100


206347 $50 Canadian Bills Set of 50 $1.95


$100 Canadian Bills Set of 50


Canadian Money: Coins

Set of 500: 50 Loonies, 50 Toonies, 100 Pennies, 100 Nickles, 100 Dimes, 100 Quarters.

206351 - $13.95

The Mathematics of Personal Finance and Investments

206583 - $44.95

The Mathematics of Automobiles and Transportation

206585 - $44.95


Fraction Learning Tools

14 cm

58 cm

FX-55plus Casio Fraction Calculator

• Natural textbook input and display

• User definable math input/output

• Division with remainder

• VPAM TM order of operations

• Fraction calculations, mixed and improper

• Random Integers (definable range)

• Fraction Simplification

• Fraction/decimal conversion

• Reoccurring decimal display

• Time calculations

• Powers, Logarithmic

• Percent calc. & conversion

• Two way power (solar & battery)

205808 - $21.95

Fractional Slide Ruler

This ‘ruler’ is designed to help students see the relationship amongst fractions, decimals and percent. By using the slider, which is located in the middle of the ruler, students can move from fractions to decimals, and decimals to percents by simply moving the slider. This visual tool will enable them to see how these are related, which is larger and by how much, and preform operations on each of these. The slider is designed to be reset in the position with no red increment before starting the operation.

206298 Teacher Model $19.50


Student Model 25 cm x 6 cm, Set of 5


33.7 cm

Fraction Equivalency

Flip Chart

Our Equivalency Flip Charts provide a versatile resource for learning and reinforcing recognition of Decimal

Fractions and Percents. Each flip chart includes 56 printed cards representing 15 different fractions and 4 blank cards. The cards in the student flip chart are randomly sequenced.

206299 Large Demonstration Flip Chart $16.95


Student Flip Chart, Set of 10


19.5 cm

9 cm

15.9 cm

Math Fraction Dice

Set of 6 six sided dice 1, 1/2, 1/3, 2/3, 1/6, and 5/6.

206295 - $4.00

Math Decimal Dice

206294 Set of 6 $4.00

Fraction Ruler Set

Helps make the task of explaining measurement and fractions easier for the teacher and more concrete for the students. Three of the rulers target how to measure to the nearest

1/8”, 1/4”, and 1/2”, with 1 ruler showing all

3 measurements each colour coded. Teach equivalent fractions, improper fractions, mixed numbers, and fraction reduction. Works splendidly with overhead projectors. Set of 4 rulers.

205836 - $4.75


10 Sided Math Fraction Dice

Set of 6 ten sided dice covering 1/10 to 10/10.

206574 - $4.00

8 Sided Math Fraction Dice

Set of 6 eight sided dice covering 1, 5/8, 3/4, 1/4, 7/8,

3/8, 1/8, and 1/2.

206296 - $4.95

Tel: 1.800.668.0600

Mini Fraction Tiles

Set of 51 Pieces. The length of the longest tile is 15.2 cm. All mini sets are packaged into a custom storage unit. The Fraction Set includes 1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, 1/6,

1/8, 1/10, and 1/12.

206307 Opaque $5.50




Fraction Learning Tools

Magnetic Fraction Bars – Set of 51

Set of 51 pieces covering: 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, 1/6, 1/8, 1/10, 1/12 and 1. The longest bar measures 40 cm.

206565 - $16.95


Teacher’s Aid

Overhead Tiles

Colourful, comparative percent, decimal, or fraction tiles in 23 x 25 cm plastic tray. Set of 51 tiles representing 1/2,

1/3, 1/4, 1/5, 1/6, 1/8,

1/10, 1/12, and 1.



Clear Fraction Tiles with Tray


205480 Clear Decimal Tiles with Tray $8.95


Clear Percent Tiles with Tray


205480 205482

Tiles Sizes:

5 x 3cm, 10 x 6cm,

20 x 6cm, 20 x 12cm.


1/16, 1/8, ¼, ½, and 1.


0.0625, 0.125, 0.25, 0.5, and 1.0.

Fraction/Decimal Prolific Balance

Our Prolific Fractions/Decimal balance is an excellent visual tool to illustrate equivalence while working with our large double-sided

Fraction/Decimal tiles. One set of 31 doublesided tiles and suggested tasks are included.

206677 – $32.95

Foam Magnetic Equivalence Fraction Circles

The easy to grip colour-coded pieces let students see, feel, and compare equivalent fractions. Use the large 22.5 cm foam fraction circles on any magnetic surface. Set includes

51 proportional foam magnetic pieces showing fractions in a whole, halves, thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths, eighths, tenths, and twelfths.

Expand your lessons with the 36 additional magnetic pieces showing fraction, decimal, and percentage equivalents.

206676 – $42.75


Prolific Tile Set

Set of 31 tiles.

206675 – $13.75

Set of 31 Blank Tiles




Fraction Circles

These plastic fraction circle pieces make up a 8.5 cm

circle. Each set includes: 1,1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, 1/6, 1/8, 1/10 and 1/12 fraction pieces. Each fraction gradation has its own distinct colour.


Clear 51 pieces


Buy both Clear Fraction Rings (204274) and

Fraction Circles (204276) and Save!

206188 - $10.40

Clear Fraction Rings

Expand the learning possibilities of our fraction circles

(204276) with this set of 6 rings: fraction equivalent ring, percent equivalent ring, decimal equivalent ring, decimal percentage ring, degree compass ring and time ring.

204274 Set of 6 $5.75


Geometry and Trigonometry

22.5 cm

CircleTrig™ Geoboard

With pegs every 15 degrees around the circle and every 2 cm around the perimeter of the circumscribing square.

The engraved degree marks on the circle and millimetre marks on two sides of the square extend the geoboard’s use to trigonometry topics, making it the most versatile circle geoboard around. The 11 x 11 square, 22.5 cm geoboard on the other side can be used to make

important connections between geometry and algebra.


Opaque Blue


205764 Clear $4.50

Pythagorean Theorem Tile Set

This hand-held puzzle gives students an opportunity to discover and visualize the reasoning behind one of the classic and most accessible proofs by rearrangement for the Pythagorean Theorem. The set includes a 15 x 25 cm frame, 11 foam tiles, and a teacher’s guide with activities.

206605 - $11.15


Trig Trainer

Introductory Kit

A trigonometric function generator that provides a hands-on approach to the teaching of trigonometry. Allows students to explore basic relationships of the sine, cosine, and tangent functions with two-digit accuracy. Made of highimpact styrene. Activity book contains 24 lessons exploring the basic functions and their relationship to the unit circle. Kit includes student Trig Trainer, overhead Trig Trainer, and activity book.

73582 Introductory Kit $34.95


Single Trig Trainer



Nasco’s Triggles Trigonometry Memory Cubes

Grade 9+

Trigonometry cubes that can be used for study and review. One student rolls the cubes and has 30 seconds to name the answers to the items on the cubes.

After points have been totaled, the next student gets a turn. The game continues until students have reached a predetermined point total. Includes 6 cubes, scorepads, and 3-minute timer. For 2-5 players.

206670 - $27.95


Trig Trainer Poster

Full colour, 60 x 90 cm poster with accompany- ing set of transparent sine and hypotenuse arms.

73588 - $20.95

Tel: 1.800.668.0600

Hands-on Trigonometry Proofs


This set contains four separate “proofs” of trigonometry relations, with examples of a Pythagorean identity, a sum formula, a double-angle formula, and two sum-to-product formulas. Demonstation of each relation is accomplished by physically rearranging the pieces to establish equalities of areas or lengths. These are not rigorous mathematical proofs, but rather visual common-sense proofs. As such, they help make these abstract relationships real and believable. By actually handling the pieces, students engage their minds to a greater degree than they would by merely looking at the proofs on paper.

The colour instructions describe how each proof is demonstrated, and four reproducible worksheets reinforce the material. Contains 20 magnetic foam pieces.

206334 - $39.95

Folding Geometric Solids

Folding geometric shapes with clear casings. These shapes unfold to teach and demonstrate perimeter, surface area, volume, symmetry and area.

8 cm

10 cm

Geometry and Measurement

Set includes the following

transparent shapes: cube, cone, cylinder, rectangular prism, triangular prism, hexagonal prism, square pyramid, triangular pyramid, also included is 8 folding shapes (nets) that fit into the transparent shapes.


16 pcs, 8 cm


Set includes the following

transparent shapes: hexagonal prism, pentagonal prism, cylinder, cube, triangular prism, triangular pyramid, pentagonal pyramid, hexagonal pyramid, cone, square pyramid, also included is 10 folding shapes (nets) that fit into the transparent shapes.


20 pcs, 10 cm


Giant Geometric Set

Investigate measurement, size relationships, volume and 3-D geometry with this set of ten 20 cm tall shapes. Includes Cube, rectangular prism, square pyramid, hexagonal prism, triangular prism, cone, cylinder, triangular pyramid, and 2 hemispheres.

204052 - $85.95

61.5 cm

19.5 cm

Spectrum Geometric Shapes Flip Chart

Our Geometric Shapes Flip Chart provides a versatile resource for learning and reinforcing recognition of 13 3D geometric shapes. Each flip chart includes

78 different geometric shapes, 63 printed cards, and 6 blank cards.

206662 - $22.95

Clear Geometric Solids

These solids demonstrate the relationships between volume, size and shape.

This set contains 17 pieces which are made of durable plastic and can be used with most fillers as all lids are removable and easy to clean up. Each piece measures up to 10.5 cm tall.

205394 - $51.50

Volumetric Relational Solids Set (5 cm pieces)

These relational sets can be used to determine the surface area of three-dimensional structures, the volume formula, and the relationship among the solids. Removable base and stopper for easy filling.


Set of 15


206607 Set of 17 with Teacher’s Guide, 14 Pages $15.75

Volumetric Solids Teacher’s Guide

This resource book is an ideal compliment to the Volumetric Solids Set (205390). 48 pages.

205392 - $11.95



Geometry and Conics

Comes apart!

Template – Circles

41 circles from 2 to 34 mm in diameter. Built-in ink risers.

205904 $7.95

Dissectable Cone

The conic sections are clearly visualized with the aid of this 23 x 15 cm cone.

20022 - $75.95

Conic Sections

7-12 This set contains four cones cut four different ways to reveal the different conic sections: circle, ellipse, parabola, and hyperbola. Four reproducible worksheets cover various properties of the conic sections, including their descriptions using

Cartesian and polar coordinates, their foci, and their eccentricity. Cones measure 7 cm across the base and

10 cm in height.


Set of 8 pieces


The Circles of Descartes

Grades 7-12 This 55 x 85 cm poster describes the

Descartes Circle Theorem and shows some of the beautiful and complex figures, known as Apollonian packings, that can be created using the theorem. Some arrangements lead to intriguing number sequences, such as the squares (1, 4, 9, 16, 25...). Includes a 4-page lesson guide and worksheets that may be copied.

206338 - $16.95

Reflect-View Mirror

An excellent tool for teaching the basics of geometry, including axes of symmetry, reflections, transformations, and congruence.

203160 Each $2.95


Set of 100


Great Value!

Reflect-View: Geometry with a Transparent Mirror Book

(High School) 48-page activity guides covering a variety of geometry topics. Solutions, extensive glossary, and blackline masters included.

203164 - $13.95

CaddyStack™ Reflect-View Mirror

Contains 32 Reflect-View and a teacher’s guide, all packaged in a CaddyStack.

203166 - $91.95

Great Value!

QuickStudy® Geometry Charts

Geometry doesn’t have to be complicated as long as you have the QuickStudy® Geometry study charts. The charts are laminated, very detailed and simple to read.

206324 Geometric Formulas Chart $8.95


Geometry – Part 1


206328 Geometry – Part 2 $8.95


Polyhedra in Our World

This 55 x 85 cm poster uses photographs of realworld scenes and objects to demonstrate the role that polyhedra play in nature and human-made objects. Includes a 4-page lesson guide and worksheets that may be copied.

206340 - $16.95

Perspex Prisms Set

Made from polished acrylic. Very high quality. All

25 mm thick. Seven pieces in a strong storage box.

206371 Set of 7 $48.95

Tel: 1.800.668.0600

The Tech Tub™ is a versatile, locking and re-charging solution designed to support various combinations of iPads®, Chromebooks and other tablets.

TechTub™ Tablets Storage Solution

Tech Tub™

Tech Tub2



Premium Cart -

Holds 32 devices

Features include: Two handles for ease of mobility

• Tubs break apart using clips • Ideal for sharing small sets of devices • 4” locking casters • Power timer for charging (requires

1 outlet)Premium Cart

Locking front doors and top shelf for laptops or other instructional uses.

206724 - $2,340.00

Tech Tub


Tech Tub™ is a cost-efficient locking storage and re-charging solution designed to support iPads®,

Chromebooks and other tablets. Secure, highly portable and lightweight. Vented to ensure airflow and prevent overheating. Add your own powerbar and padlock. 5-year warranty. Size: 31.8 W x 40.9 D x 35.7 H cm (12.5” x 16.125” x 14”).

206573 - $69.45

Premium Tech Tub


– 6 Tablets

• Holds six tablets with or without cases

• Adjustable dividers to accommodate up to six devices

and cases

• Cable management pocket to keep cables organized,

out of sight, and in-line with each device

• 6 outlet internal power strip

• 2 padlocks with the same keys

•Locking block and pin to lock tub to counters and


• Cable management for power strip cord (on back)

206572 - $241.55

Tech Tub


Premium: Holds 6 Chromebooks™

Tech Tub® features adjustable dividers for different sized devices and a cable management channel to keep cords neat and organized. Tech Tub® for Chromebooks™ has been designed with a taller lid to accommodate a wider range of Chromebooks™. Tech Tubs® are secure, mobile and lightweight, and make device sharing and charging easy.

206571 - $360.35

Tech Tub



– 10 Tablets

Tech Tub® has the capability to hold up to 10 iPads® or other tablets. It includes a 10 outlet

USB hub that allows you to charge tablets and sync Apple® devices in 1 unit. Tech Tubs® are secure, mobile and lightweight, and make device sharing and charging easy.

206695 - $540.00



60”/150 cm Wind-Up Tape

Fibreglass tape in windup case. Locks and holds in position and automatically retracts at the touch of a button. One side in inches and the other in cm/mm.

204286 - $1.35

Easy Grip Handle!

Intermediate Rule

Designed to show the relationship between dm, cm and mm on one edge and calibrated in mm on the other.

203716 - $0.75

150 cm Fibreglass Tape


Top quality fibreglass tapes will not break or tear. One side is calibrated in cm. The other side is calibrated horizontally in inches.

204284 Package of 10 $5.75

SI Relationship Rule

Same as our Intermediate Rule with a chart showing proper symbols for units of length, area, mass and volume on the reverse.

203718 - $0.75

Senior Rule

Both edges calibrated in mm with one edge numbered in cm and the other numbered in mm.

203720 - $0.75

Clear-view 1/8” Scaled Metric Ruler

205424 - $0.80

Clear-view Ruler 12”, Pack of 12, 6 Colours, 1/16 Scale

Two each of red, green, blue, orange, yellow and purple.

205428 - $8.25

Metric/Imperial Ruler

One edge has cm and mm, and the other has imperial markings.

205660 - $0.75

Clear-view Flexible Ruler, Pack of 12

2 of each blue, red, green, orange, yellow and purple.

205426 - $11.25

Senior Metre Stick

Calibrated one side in 0.5 cm and numbered each cm. Reverse side is calibrated in mm. Dead length and made of break-resistant plastic.

203830 - $5.95


Clear-view Ruler 6”

205412 - $0.45

Clear-view Metric Ruler 30 cm

205408 - $0.80

Clear-view Ruler 12” (cm/mm)

205410 - $0.80


Small Ruler Box

205432 - $1.95

15 cm

Storage Box with Divider

29 cm x 19.3 cm x 7.3 cm

205434 - $4.95

Clear-view Ruler Orange 12”

Metric/Imperial 1/16 Scale

205420 - $0.80


Clear-view Flexible 12” Orange Ruler

205422 - $0.95


15 cm Clear-view Rulers – Kit of 30 in

Ruler Box

205436 - $10.50

30 cm Clear-view Rulers – Kit of 30 in

Ruler Box

205438 - $17.50

Tel: 1.800.668.0600



Straight Edges, direct comparison of inches and centimeters

Pinch and slide cursor into position


Markings in 15° increments

Cursor, 2 pencil/pen placements

Swivel Disc – “Point” safely marks center of circle

Triman Compass/Ruler

You can draw circles, triangles and straight lines with this unique 4-in-1 drawing compass/ruler, construct, copy and read angles, measure and convert inches and centimeters, and create patterns.

To use the compass, pinch and slide the cursor to the desired position and lock it, place your finger on the transparent swivel disk, place your pencil point in one of the two cursor holes and draw a circle. Inch markings to 11 cm (4.3”). Compass comes in a solid opaque or clear (overhead) version.


Solid Opaque





205248 Package of 10 $11.85

205252 Package of 10 $11.85


An easy-to-use, lightweight clinometer that measures in degrees just like a protractor – makes calculating height simple!

Laminated for durability and suitable for right- or left-handed use. Designed with students and their safety in mind. Teacher

Task included.

203708 - $7.75


This traditional English caliper is used for precise measurements. The body is constructed of brass and features a stainless steel screw adjustment. 25 x 1 mm pitch.

206254 - $17.95

Adjustable Triangle Slope & Rise 10”

Graduated arch manufactured in one piece with arm. Precision divider in half degrees. Rise/tangent and slope/secant. With inking edges. Made from crystal clear dimensionally stable acrylic.

205254 - $25.95

Bulls Eye Compass

A 4-in-1 instrument that draws circles, measures length (in. or cm) and has a built-in protractor.

204282 - $1.65

50 m

10 m

30 m

Geometry Math Set

This student math set includes fundamental drawing aids: a 15 cm ruler, 45˚ and 60˚ triangles,

10 cm protractor, pencil and compass with shortened safety point for student safety.

205406 6-piece Set $2.95

Great Value!

Circle Protractor

The circle protractor can be used to actually create the arc of an angle. Alternatively, it can be used as a basic 360° protractor with single degree calibrations. Diameter

12.5 cm.

203726 - $2.75

Wind-Up Meter Tapes

Durable, high quality, fibre-glass tapes in ABS plastic, wind-up cases.

Calibrated one one side in cm and on the other in inches. Useful in outdoor activities, track and field, rough terrain, mud and water. Will not tear, break, or stretch.


10 metres/33 feet

$5.75 Great Price!

206166 30 metres/100 feet $10.75 Great Price!


50 metres/165 feet

$15.75 Great Price!

Electronic Stop Watch

Features hour, minute, seconds display; calendar display 24 hour stop watch.

203774 - $4.95

Percent Protractor

Clear, flexible plastic with a 12.5 cm diameter. Ideal for making pie graphs and for showing the correlation between percent and degrees. Scales can be used to draw axes of a graph.

205244 - $0.75








Clear-view Protractor Set of 24

6 of each colour: blue, Green, yellow and pink.

205430 - $10.25

Clear-view Protractor 6”

205414 - $0.70

Clear-view Protractor 4” Orange

205416 - $0.50

6” Protractor

Open centre with accurate 6” ruler. Clearly printed calibrations.

205404 - $0.40


Essential Chalkboard Accessories

Chalkboard Accessories

(Thick Plastic)

A T-Square

Printed 0-100 cm on both edges.

203722 - $7.75

B Protractor

180° protractor, printed in single degrees. Maximum height 25 cm with 45 cm base and easy-grip handle.

203724 - $6.35

C Compass

Supplied with rubber suction cup, separate metal point, and white board marker holder.

203728 - $7.60

D Ruler

Printed 0-100 cm on both edges.

203730 - $7.60

E Triangles

45 cm triangles with pads on the reverse to prevent rub off when used on whiteboards.




203734 60° $6.35

Complete Set of 6

205238 $34.95

Great Value!

Wood Rulers

We use only select hardwoods. Numerals and graduations are sharply delineated. Edges are straight and true. Protective lacquer finishes are clear and durable.

School Ruler with Plain Edge

205925 30 cm/12” $1.40

mm, cm, inches

School Ruler with Metal Edge

205923 30 cm/12” $1.40

mm, cm, inches

Economy Trundle Wheel

The all-plastic trundle wheel comes with a loud, non-wearing, clicking device which is activated in either direction with each full metre revolution. It is a unique method for measuring long distances in the classroom or outdoors. Comes apart into 2 pieces for storage and is easily reassembled.

204288 - $19.95

Deluxe Trundle Wheel

Features adjustable measuring unit for “click” indicator at one metre or half metre. Non-slip rubber tread makes measuring on any surface easy! Extendable handle adjusts to three different lengths. The perfect trundle wheel for every classroom!

205396 - $21.95

Angle Ruler

Flexible, clear plastic. Includes 12”, 30 cm and 360° scales.

206423 - $1.70

206424 Class Pack of 25 $40.35

Pie Chart Measure

360° blue tint template. Ideal math tool to help students understand, measure and construct pie charts.

205807 - $1.75


Tel: 1.800.668.0600


Compact Digital Scale 5 kg/5000 g

This digital scale features auto power off, mode button for grams, pounds, and ounces. Capacity is 5 kg/5000 g, accuracy is 1.0 g/0.1 oz, and 4 AA batteries are included.

205798 - $35.95

Compact Digital Scale 2 kg/2000 g

This digital scale features tare function, auto power off, one 5 cup clear bowl. Capacity is 2kg/2000g, accuracy is 1.0g/0.1oz, unit changing from kg to lb., and 4 AA batteries are included.

205800 - $23.95

Digital Counter Timer

This easy-to-use countdown timer is able to count down or up in minutes and seconds. It will track time up to

99 minutes 59 seconds and includes a 60-second alarm.

It can be used on a flat surface with a self-standing option, clipped on or placed on a magnetic surface.

206257 - $7.95

Hooked Weight Set

Set of nine weights consisting of one each of 10 g, 50 g, 100 g, 500 g, 1,000 g, and two each of 20 g and 200 g weights. Weights are made of cast iron with a black enamel finish.

206369 - $67.95

Vernier Caliper

The Vernier Caliper’s roller adjustment and locking screw provides fast, easy, and precise measuring. It is made of steel with a double scale which is calibrated in both English and metric. 120 mm x 0.1 mm and 5” x

0.25” measurements.

206256 - $7.95

Cubic Metre Set

A set of 3 alternately coloured dm triangle metre sticks,

9 blank triangle metre sticks, and 8 corner inserts for construction of an accurate inside dimension cubic metre. When unassembled, the blank metre sticks are very useful for introductory metre and square metre activities.

206664 - $45.95

3-Key Operation Timer

This well-made timer features a start and stop key that allows you to begin and end a timing count. The lap key will stop the timer count while the timer is running in the background mode: simply press the key again to restore the running count. The on/reset key is to turn on the display and reset the counter to zero. If the timer is inactive for several minutes, it will automatically turn off. Timer can be used on a flat surface with a self-standing option, clipped on, or placed on a magnetic surface.

206609 - $9.25


Grades 9-12

GeoLeg is the quantitative tool that increases student involvement. Students slide three or more GeoLegs together to build polygons so they can explore and see concepts and relationships. GeoLeg is also a visual for circle concepts and angles formed by intersecting lines. GeoLeg is a safe compass and an easy-to-use protractor. It is clear for the overhead and made of sturdy polycarbonate.

203874 Set of 6 $35.95

203172 Set of 24 $136.50



Spectrum Colour-Coded Spring Scales

This series of eight colour-coded spring scales can be used for both force and mass measurements. Each scale is calibrated in both Newtons and grams. The top is flat on one side so that the scale can be used with an inclined plane. The scales incorporate a unique zero adjustment. The main feature is the clear plastic tube, which allows students to see the action of the spring.

206308 100 g/1 N $2.75 206312 2 kg/20 N $2.75


250 g/2.5 N

$2.75 206313

3 kg/30 N


206310 500 g/5 N $2.75 206314 5 kg/50 N $2.75


1 kg/10 N

$2.75 206315

10 kg/100 N



Set of 8


206319 Set of 6 (250 g, 500 g, 1 kg, 2 kg, 3 kg, 5 kg) $15.50

Circular Protractor

Our 360 degree protractor measures

15cm in diameter, and has beveled edges with finger lift.

206686 - $1.25

Pro-Circle Protractor

This convenient 360 degree protractor offers multiple circles in sizes ranging from 1mm to

30mm in diameter.

206683 - $1.00

Roll-n-Draw Ruler

This innovative multi-use tool is ideal for drawing vertical lines, horizontal lines, parallel lines, angles and circles.

30 cm

Roll-n-Draw Ruler - 30cm

206685 - $3.00

Roll-n-Draw Ruler - 16cm

206684 - $1.75


Spectrum Force Meters

The unique design of the Force Meter/Spring Balance means that they not only weigh suspended objects but in addition, using the extended rod, can also measure the force of pushing or pulling an object. They are colour coded, calibrated in grams and Newtons and have a clear flat area on the rod so you can, using a dry erase marker, create your own scales.

Instruction and ideas sheet included.


Force Meter 2.5 N/250 g

$12.50 206327

Force Meter 20 N/2 kg


206323 Force Meter 5 N/500 g $12.50 206329 Force Meter 30 N/3 kg $12.50


Force Meter 10 N/1 kg

$12.50 206330

Force Meter 50 N/5 kg


Tel: 1.800.668.0600

Mathematical Learning Objects

Manipulatives for the Secondary School Mathematics Class

How do they help students deepen their conceptual understanding of mathematics? When students use manipulatives appropriately in the classroom, they have many opportunities to improve communication skills, share ideas, and use appropriate mathematical vocabulary.

These objectives can be achieved by using some of the manipulatives listed on this page.

Student Number Balance (32 x 12 cm)

An easy, visual way to learn equivalents and number relationships. A T-shaped balance with weights that visually demonstrates number relationships and operations as well as pre-algrebra concepts. Includes scale, twenty 10 g weights, and student notes.

206190 - $5.50

Teacher Number Balance

Includes scale and twenty 10 g weights.

206192 - $14.50

32 cm

Gram Cube Scale Kit

Includes: 3000 interlocking 1 cm linking unit cubes and 1 digital scale.

205832 - $99.95



66L x

21H cm Number Balance Starter Kit

Includes 1 Teacher Balance and

10 Student Balances.

206194 - $62.50

12 cm

Demonstrate, explore and model in 4 quadrants with the X-Y Coordinate board!

Spectrum Foam Equivalence Dice Set

This set of 36 dice is a great way to create games and supplement lessons when comparing fractions, decimals, and percents. Set includes 4 each of 3 different fraction dice (sides display

























, ½, and 1), decimal dice (sides display 0.083,

0.1, 0.125, 0.166, 0.2, 0.25, 0.333, 0.5, and 1), and percentage dice (sides display 8.33%, 10%, 12.5%,

16.66%, 20%, 25%, 33.33%, 50%, and 100%).

205846 - $20.50

X-Y Coordinate Board

Ideal for use in lessons requiring algebraic thinking, this unique board has sliding axes that allow maximum flexibility for coordinate graphing. Use the provided pegs and rubber bands to model points, line segments, functions, and conic sections. The 15 x 15 grid and sliding axes allow students to illustrate numbers from -14 to 14 on both the X and Y axes. Each set includes 50 pegs, 20 rubber bands, and one board.

206656 X-Y Coordinate Board $4.95

206658 X-Y Coordinate Board, Set of 10 $44.55

206660 X-Y Coordinate Board, Set of 30, with plastic container $133.50

206566 X-Y Replacement Pegs, 50 pieces $0.95

10 Sided Fraction Dice





through to






Set of 6



Mathematical Learning Objects


The 12 pieces can be used to build spatial sense, develop geometrical visualization, proportional reasoning, and allow students to create conceptual models. Research says that problem solving activities increase when students gain spatial reasoning skills.

Pentominoes with Clear Set

Pentominoes are colourful plastic shapes composed of 5 squares each, all of which must share at least one side. Contains 18 sets, bucket, teacher’s guide

(22 pages), and overhead set.

204254 - $49.95 Special Price!

206380 1 Opaque Set (12 pcs.) $2.75


Clear Set (12 pcs.)



Tangrams are used for exploring geometry, proportional reasoning, area and algebra.

Contains 30 sets, guide (22 pages), 1 overhead set in a container.

205232 - $26.75


Clear Tangrams


1 cm Graduated Graph Board with Tasks

Gather data in a colourful and tactile way using our 1 cm graph board along with 1 cm cubes! Topics such as number facts, solving word problems, different arrangements of cubes and real statistics are for teachers and students to show, discuss and problem solve their data gathering! Our 1 cm graph board features: 2 dry-erase side panels, 10 (1 cm) slots marked in increments of 1 cm. Six tasks are included.

206289 - $5.50

1 cm Graduated Graph Board Group Set with Linking Cubes

Set includes: 5 graph boards, 500 (1 cm) linking cubes, 4 dry-erase markers, tasks and a storage container.

206290 - $41.50

1 cm Graduated Graph Board Group Set with Non-Linking Cubes

Set includes: 5 graph boards, 500 (1 cm) non-linking cubes, 4 dry-erase markers, tasks and a storage container.

206291 - $41.50

Calibrated Circular 2-Sided Geoboard – 18 & 24 Pins


• 24 pins (to illustrate increments of 4, 8, 12 and 24 pins)

• 18 pins (to illustrate increments of 8 and 18 pins)

• 14 x 14 square grid

• Stackable

• Geobands included.

206068 - $2.25

Circular 2-Sided Geoboard CaddyStack Set

Contains 30 geoboards and a stackable CaddyStack storage bin with 4 removable partitions and translucent plastic snap lid.

206070 - $60.75

Math-Vu™ Mirror

New and improved 3-in-1 unit offers more features than any other! Geometry instrument with scale, reflective enhancer card, ruler/protractor template unit has imperial and metric measurements.

Each Math-Vu™ mirror unit has a storage slot for enhancer card and template.

206292 - $4.95


Mirror Packs Concave/Convex

Mirrors, Plastic

10 x 10 cm. Package of 10.

206422 - $13.75

3D Foam Pentominoes

Our 3D Pentominoes set includes 12 (2 cm) pieces, made of high density foam.

206718 – $11.95

Tel: 1.800.668.0600

Base Ten

These blocks can be used to

illustrate decimals, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of decimals, and the meaning of a percent.

Mathematical Learning Objects

Great for Desk Work and Overhead Activities


Red & Blue


Manipulatives for the Secondary School

Mathematics Class

How do they help students deepen their conceptual understanding of mathematics? When students use manipulatives appropriately in the classroom, they have many opportunities to improve communication skills, share ideas, and use appropriate mathematical vocabulary. These objectives can be achieved by using some of the manipulatives listed on this page.

Flexible Plastic Mirrors -


5 x 7 cm, 2-Sided

206691 Set of 4 – $5.95

206692 7 Sets of 4 – $39.50 SPECIAL PRICE!

7.5 x 12.5 cm, 1-Sided




206693 Set of 25 $25.95

10 x 15 cm, 2-Sided




CLEARVIEW™ Base Ten Starter Interlocking Set, 333 Pieces

This set includes 20 flats, 50 rods, 200 interlocking unit cubes, 1 double-sided vinyl Spectra-Mat, and a Point of Departure Teacher’s Guide in a plastic storage bin.

205476 - $67.95

CLEARVIEW™ Base Ten Interlocking Set, 715 Pieces

This set contains enough materials for 6 students working in pairs. Includes 60 flats, 90 rods, 500 interlocking unit cubes, 3 double-sided vinyl Spectra-Mats, and Base Ten Blocks

Activities Book. All packaged in a plastic storage bin.

206206 - $157.00

CaddyStack™ CLEARVIEW™ Base Ten 1/2 Class Interlocking Set

Includes 60 flats, 150 rods, 500 unit cubes, 6 vinyl Spectra-Mats, and a 96 page activity book, all packaged in a CaddyStack.

204278 778 Pieces $190.00

Base Ten Kits come with

Base Ten Chips

White Plastic Mirror Clips, Set of 20

Sturdy and practical that hold mirrors for all your reflections/symmetry activities.

206690 - $4.35

Relational Rods

(Cuisenaire Rods) help students visualize mathematical concepts. They are used primarily to help students develop and deepen their understanding of fractions and proportional reasoning.

Geometric Solids (25 mm)

Set of ten different geometric solid shapes (sphere, hemisphere, triangle prism, rectangular prism, cube, hexagonal prism, triangle pyramid, pyramid, cone and cylinder. Four colours, 40 pieces. Hollow Plastic.

206293 - $10.95

Cuisenaire® Rods Introductory Set

Contains 74 rods, tray with lid and Activity Guide.

Set includes 22 white; 12 red; 10 light green;

6 purple; and 4 each of the yellow, dark green, black, brown, blue, and orange rods. For 2-3 students.


Plastic Rods


204270 6 trays of 74 rods each with 6 lids and 1 guide


Cuisenaire® Rods in a Bag

Contains 74 plastic rods in a bag.

206186 - $9.99

Clear Cuisenaire® Rods

Exactly matching the colour and base dimensions of the Cuisenaire® Rods, this set contains 20 white;

8 red; and 4 each of light green, purple, yellow, dark green, black, brown, blue and orange rods.

204272 Set of 60 $8.95


Mathematical Learning Objects

Manipulatives for the Secondary

School Mathematics Class

How do they help students deepen their conceptual understanding of mathematics? When students use manipulatives appropriately in the classroom, they have many opportunities to improve communication skills, share ideas, and use appropriate mathematical vocabulary. These objectives can be achieved by using some of the manipulatives listed on this page.

Interlocking Cubes

help students develop spatial sense.

They are also used to develop understanding of number and measurement concepts. The variety of colours allows cubes to be used in probability experiments. They can also be used to create, identify, and extend patterns.

Geometric Solids

can be used to show the meaning of and how to determine surface area, volume of geometric solids, relationships among the solids, and how to look at and analyze various geometric solids.

75 mm

Hex-a-Link™ 2 cm Cubes

Contains 1000 interlocking cubes. Guide included (26 pages).

204252 Class Set (1000) $85.00 Great Price!


Set of 100


206406 Set of 50 $6.95

Interlocking 1 cm/1 g Cubes

Link in all 4 directions. 10 colours.


Package of 1000 in a container


206372 Set of 100 $3.75


Set of 200


Two-Colour Counters

can be used to model integers, addition of integers, subtraction of integers, multiplication of integers, and division of integers, data management and probability, proportional reasoning, and measurement.

Deluxe Wooden Geometric Solids Set

Set of 19 in a container.

205744 - $15.95

206378 Set of 6 in a container $6.25

Colour Tiles

The variety of colours allows the tiles to be used for probability, measurement, fractions, patterning, and proportional reasoning.

Two-Coloured Counters (Red & Yellow)

204256 Package of 200 $9.65


Package of 100


206402 Package of 1000 in a container $44.50

Two-Coloured Counters (Red & Blue)

205784 Package of 100 $5.25


Package of 200


205788 Package of 1000 in a plastic bin $44.50

Clear Red & Blue Set


Package of 50


Clear Red & Yellow Counters


Package of 50


Pattern Blocks

are used to create, identify, and extend patterns. Students can use the many relationships among the various pieces to explore fractions, angles, proportional reasoning, algebraic reasoning, patterning, and measurement.

Colour Tiles

Set contains 400 2.5 cm square plastic colour tiles with teacher’s guide (22 pages) in a container.

204260 - $19.95


Set of 100


Clear Colour Tiles

52 tiles in 4 colours.

204262 - $2.25


Clear Pattern Blocks

204266 - $4.75

Tel: 1.800.668.0600

Wooden 1 cm Pattern Blocks

Set contains 250 coloured blocks in a bag.

204264 - $14.50


Set of 50

$5.50 NEW!

206376 Set of 100 $9.50

Mathematical Learning Objects

Deci-Blocks™ are designed to extend the mathematical value of Pattern

Blocks. This compatibility enables students to do many more tasks than are possible with Pattern Blocks alone.

The Deci-Blocks™ can be utilized to deepen students’ logic and reasoning to understand the many areas of


The Pattern Block Shapes

The Next Generation of Pattern Blocks


The Deci-Blocks™ combined with the

Pattern Blocks can be utilized to represent all the Fractions that are needed. This is clearly one of the strengths of the


Examples of Mathematical topics when working with Deci-Blocks™ and Pattern Blocks:

• Modeling Fraction Relationships

• Solving Algebraic Equations and Balance Scales

• Balance Equations and Augmented Matrices

• Systems of Equations from a Geometric Perspective

• Polygon Congruencies

• Transformations

• Angle Measurements

• Probability Applications

We recommend that students have access to both regular pattern blocks and Deci-Blocks™ when working with our Deci-Blocks™ set as listed on page 24.

Combining Deci-Blocks™ with Pattern Blocks


Deci-Blocks™ Teachers’ Book –

Grades 9-12

Rich problem-solving activities with Deci-

Blocks combined with Pattern Blocks.

Topics provide a beginning framework for

Algebraic equations, modeling fractions relationships, congruencies, angle measurements, transformations, probability and many more. Includes selected answers.

206564 Grades 9-12 Teachers’ Book,

93 pages


Deci-Blocks™ Template

Illustrates all 6 shapes of the Pattern Blocks and

Deci-Blocks™, with both imperial and metric ruler markings along the outer edges.

206364 - $2.25

Deci-Blocks™ with Pattern Blocks Set in a Plastic Container with Tasks

Set of 302 pieces.




206392 Hollow Plastic $21.95

Deci-Blocks™ Set in a

Plastic Container with Tasks

Set of 52 pieces.




206394 Hollow Plastic $10.50

Manipulatives for the Secondary

School Mathematics Class

How do they help students deepen their conceptual understanding of mathematics? When students use manipulatives appropriately in the classroom, they have many opportunities to improve communication skills, share ideas, and use appropriate mathematical vocabulary. These objectives can be achieved by using some of the manipulatives listed on this page.

Hollow Plastic

Deci-Blocks™ Clear Combo Set

This set contains 6 of each shape of the

Deci-Blocks™ and 1 set of 49 pieces of the overhead Pattern Blocks in a container.

206646 - $5.95

Deci-Blocks™ Clear Set

This set contains 6 of each shape of the

Deci-Blocks™ in a container.

206644 - $3.00



Dodecahedra Dice (1-12)

206587 Set of 6 $3.95

30-Sided Dice (1-30)

205364 Set of 2 $4.25

10-Sided Double Dice

Can be used to create percentages, practice basic math functions and enhance all games and activities.

205206 Set of 6 $5.75

Icosahedra Dice (1-20)


Set of 6


Positive & Negative Number Dice

Set of 12 extra-large 2 cm numbered cubes -2,

-1, +2, +3, +4 and +5. Provides practice in basic operations, > & <, random number sets, simplifying/ combining integers and pre-algebra skills.

205360 Set of 12 $17.95

Standard Coloured Dice, 1.6 cm

In green, red, blue and yellow.

206225 Set of 24 $4.95

Round Dice with Weighted Centre

Set of 6.

206696 - $16.25

Transparent Colour Spinners (Thick Plastic)

These spinners can be used by students at their desks or on overhead projector.

204172 3 colours $2.75


5 colours


204178 6 colours $2.75


8 colours


20-Sided Double Dice

Bag of 6, twenty sided double dice.

206226 - $5.75

24-Sided Dice

These polyhedral dice come in 5 colours:white, blue, green, red, and black. Numbers 1-24. Set of 5.

206227 - $5.75

Blank Dice and Label Set

Self-adhesive labels for 1.5 cm dice in 3 colours to make numeral, fraction, operational, and other specialty dice.

Includes 36 dice and 340 labels.

204150 Set $7.75

Transparent Number Spinners (Thick Plastic)

These spinners can be used by students at their desks or on overhead projector.

204180 1 to 5 $2.75


1 to 6


204186 0 to 9 $2.75


1 to 8


206154 Set of 9 Spinners $23.50

Probability Learning Tools Kit

This kit includes;

• Playing Cards (set of 6)

• Bag O Dice (108 multi-sided)

• Probability Dice (2 sets of 10)

• Probability Kit (695 pieces)

• Colour Spinner Sets (15)

• Number Spinner Sets (15)

• Blank Cube and Label Set (276 pcs.)

• OH Playing Cards

• Two-Colour Counters

• Coins Set (500)

• Activity Cards

• Storage Container

204188 - $229.95

Unique Double Dice, Clear,

2.5 cm

Two outcomes with one roll!




3-in-a-Cube Dice

A math kit in a cube. Three 5 mm (¼”) dice in a clear 25 mm

(1”) cube. Cube holds 1 red, 1 white, and 1 blue die.

206228 - $0.75


Tel: 1.800.668.0600


Probability Comprehensive Kit

Grades 9-10

This comprehensive kit allows students to investigate random and selective sampling and binomial expansion and distribution.

The probability Kit Contains:

• Binostat with 150 balls

• Six sampling bottles

• Sampling beads

• 24 Dice

• Six dice shakers

• Set of playing cards

• Activity guide

206680 - $136.95

Spectrum’s Bag-O-Dice

Ideal for games, probability and problem solving.

Contains 18 each of 4-sided, 6-sided, 8-sided, 10-sided,

12-sided, and 20-sided dice. Total of 108 dice.

203900 - $31.75

Sampler Dice Set #1

97 pieces in a box: 20-sided (36), 12-sided (7),

10-sided (28), 8-sided (7), 6-sided (10), and 4-sided (9).

205840 - $46.25

Platonic Solids Dice

The Platonic Solids are useful in a wide variety of probability experiments. Set includes Hexahedra,

Tetrahedra, Octahedra, Dodecahedra, Icosahedra, and

Decahedra Dice.

205636 Set of 6 $3.25

Standard Dice, 1.2 cm

203338 Set of 12 $2.95

Standard Dice, 1.6 cm


Set of 12




Operation Dice


Bag of 10


Sampler Dice Set #2

With 4 special decade dice, boxed, 100 pieces.

Includes 20-sided (18), 12-sided (7), 10-sided (36), decade (13), 8-sided (7), 6-sided (10), and 4-sided (9) dice.

205842 - $46.25

(Regular Size – 6.5 x 9 cm)

Deluxe Playing Cards

204154 - $2.50


Set of 6


Playing Cards, Basic Classroom Kit

Kit includes: playing cards (30 decks), 1 overhead playing cards set (52 pieces), activity book (108 pages), in a convenient plastic container.

206584 - $87.00


Algebraic Thinking

4 Colour Opaque Algebra Pieces Student Sets


Students build geometric models of polynomials exploring first-hand the concepts related to them. This

4-colour set matches the Clear set (203212), so students can be actively involved in teacher- directed lessons.

35 pieces per set.


1 Student Set


203206 5 Student Sets $17.25


30 Student Sets


203210 100 Student Sets $310.00 GREAT VALUE!

4 Colour Clear Algebra Pieces


Set of 70 clear plastic pieces in 4 colours and 3 shapes. Comes with a 52-page book showing how the pieces are used to model algebraic concepts.

Includes modeling, the Zero Principle, adding and subtracting of polynomials, and factoring trinomials.




203214 Clear Pieces Only $3.95

4 Colour Algebra Pieces Classroom Set


Includes 30 student sets, 1 clear set, activity book (204060), and storage container.

203216 Set $102.50 Not Shown


206230 Magnetic Algebra Tiles (72 pcs.) $15.95

XY (Double Unknown Variable)

Algebra Pieces Extension Set

This set has the XY, Y and Y


pieces to be used in conjunction with the regular set (204062). The tiles are rectangular shapes that provide models of variables and integers. Includes 40 pieces in a storage tray: 20 Y pieces 36 x 10 mm (10 red and 10 blue; 10 Y


pieces 36 x 36 mm (5 red, 5 blue); and 10 XY pieces 53 x 36 mm

(5 red, 5 blue).

205 812 $3.25

Double Unknown Variable Algebra Pieces Kit

This set includes 10 single variable clear Algebra Pieces

(204062) with tray, 10 XY Double Unknown Variable

Pieces with tray, the Algebra Pieces Activity Book (52 pages), and a storage container.

206134 $111.50

Buy both

Algebra Pieces

Sets (204062

& 205812) and Save!



Integer Two Colour Pieces (1 cm)

These tiles are great for addition, subtraction and multiplication of integers. They can also be used as spare pieces for our own Algebra Pieces

and Tray set of 60.

205156 - $2.25

28 cm

20 cm x x


Single Variable Clear Algebra Pieces™ with Working Storage Tray (89 pieces in total)

Includes 8 X2 squares (4 each of blue/red) 20 of X2 tiles

(10 each of blue/red), and 60 of X2 unit chips (30 each of blue/red).

204062 - $7.95

Single Variable Clear Algebra

Pieces™ Group Kit

This set includes 10 single variable clear

Algebra Pieces with

Tray (204062), the

Algebra Pieces Activity Book (52 pages), and a storage container.

206132 - $82.25


1 x x x



Algebra Pieces Single Variable Class Set

Contains 30 trays of Overhead Algebra Pieces (204062), activity book (204060), 1 FREE XY Set valued at $3.95, and a plastic storage container.

204064 - $225.25 Not Shown GREAT VALUE!


Tel: 1.800.668.0600

Investigating Algebra with Algebra Pieces

Resource Guide


A great introduction to algebra concepts, the activities in this 52-page resource guide introduce students to the zero principle, polynomials and trinomials. Canadian-authored by Sharon Gillies of the

London Catholic Disctrict School Board.

204060 - $11.95

See page 31 for our

2-Colour Algebra Pieces Kit!

Algebraic Thinking

Algebra Pieces

Algebra Pieces are used to build concrete area representations of abstract algebraic concepts. The concrete representations help students become comfortable with using symbols to represent algebraic concepts.

Four-Pan Algebra Balance


Unlike any other balance, this one makes it possible to physically show that -1 < 0. Weights placed on the outer pans represent negative integers and those placed in the inner pans represent positive integers. When you place a weight in each pan on one side of the centre post, the balance remains level as (-1) + (+1) = 0. Ideal for small group work, this sturdy 42.5 cm balance comes with four plastic pans, four canisters, a set of plastic weights, and a teacher’s booklet.

203200 - $55.50

Balance Benders™

Students develop deductive thinking and pre-algebra skills as they solve balance puzzles. Students must analyze each balance to identify the clues, and then synthesize the information to solve the puzzle. Includes teaching suggestions, balance tips, and detailed answers.

48 pages.


Gr. 8-12+ Level 3


Red and Blue Algebraic

Square Tiles (2 cm)

Double sided, 3 mm thick.


Set of 200


206316 Set of 100 $3.75

Algebra Lab Gear – 2-Student Set

The 2-Student Set consists of 90 pieces. The “number” blocks are yellow (24 one, 8 fives, 2 twenty-fives) and the “variable” blocks are blue (18x, eight y, four xy, eight x2, four 5x, two 5y, two y2, three x2y, three xy2, one x3, one y3). There are also two corner pieces per set which extends use into multiplication into the third dimension.

206591 - $37.25

Algebra Dice

16 mm moulded cubes for making games and activities that help demonstrate basic algebraic functions.

204068 - $4.25

Algebra Lab Gear – 10-Piece Corner Set

Set of 10 corner pieces to be used with the

Algebra Lab Gear.

206592 - $12.40

In-depth curriculum support for Algebra Lab Gear is provided through on-line resources available at

Multiplier Dice

These X, 2X, and 3X 16 mm cubes are used for an introduction to basic algebra solving for X and other functions.

204070 - $4.25


Algebraic Thinking


The lengths of the rectangular xtile and ytile are not an integral number of 1tiles. Similarly, the bases and heights of the x2tile, the y2tile, and the xytile are not an integral number of 1tiles. This is not a construction defect, but is done deliberately to guarantee uniqueness when students use the tiles for factoring. Have the students discover this feature before you begin the algebra unit.

The Algebraic concepts covered:

• Ratios

• Integers

• Polynomials

• Factoring

• Solving Equations

Alge-Tiles™ Student

Replacement Sets

“x” Tile Set

43 pcs.

203294 - $6.95

Introductory Alge-Tiles™ Class Set

This special set was designed to develop the understanding of ratio, integers, and equations. The set is made up of 15 sets of “x” tiles (43 pcs. in each set) plus 90 “y” tiles, activity sheets, and teacher’s notes (50 pages), plus a large magnetic demonstration set stored in a storage container.

Recommended for students working in pairs.

203314 - $155.95

206589 French $155.95


Alge-Tiles™ Student Organizers 10 pc.

Tiles not included.


Alge-Tiles™ Class Set

Contains 15 “x” sets and 15 “y” sets, plus 15

Alge-Tile™ Student Organizers and a teacher’s blackline resource binder (130 pages) in a storage tub.

203280 - $239.95





Magnetic Large


Magnetic board not included.


137 pieces



86 pieces


Alge-Tiles™ Clear Set

137 pieces covering both the “x” and “y” sets. Our special overhead “organizer” is included to make the pieces easier to handle on the overhead.

206698 – $36.00


“y” Tile Set, 25 pcs.


Hands-on Algebra Class Kit

Includes 30 sets of foam Easyshapes Algebra

Tiles, Working with Algebra Tiles book (120 pages), one set overhead algebra tiles.

205504 - $155.95

The Integer Overhead Number Line Rule

Integer Overhead Number Line Rule

Combining the Interger Line Rule with the Integer 1 cm Cubes

This algebraic rule demonstrates the connection between the integer line and integer 1 cm cubes. The blue cubes represent a positive value and move to the right on the integer line. The red cubes represent a negative value and move to the left on the integer line. This set includes 1 integer overhead number line rule,

30 each of the red and blue overhead stackable 1 cm cubes, and activity tasks.

206144 - $4.25


1 cm Overhead Spare Cubes

50 red and 50 blue cubes.

206148 $3.50

Tel: 1.800.668.0600

61 Cooperative

Learning Activities for Algebra 1

This book explores key concepts including solving equations, factoring, slope, graphing, functions and more.

Includes step-bystep procedures, suggested materials and notes on effective group strategies, plus detailed lesson plans, objectives, assessment guidelines and more.

158 pages.


203268 - $31.95

Algebra Teacher’s

Activities Kit

Grades 9-12

150 ready-to-use activities with real-world applications. Developed to motivate and challenge students. Ten sections provide strategies for implementing activities and are accompanied by answer keys. The activities supply students with quick feedback and many of the answers are selfcorrecting.

325 pages.

205616 - $42.50

Active Algebra

Strategies and Lessons for

Successfully Teaching Linear


Grades 9-10

Based on recent research on the adolescent brain, Active

Algebra presents a living, working example of how teachers can use active learning techniques to make linear relationships more meaningful for students.

Active Algebra includes comprehensive coverage of:

Active learning strategies; Mental math; Student presentations; Graphing calculators; Classroom management and discipline; Authentic classroom experiences; and Brain research and mathematics.

192 pages. Includes CD and reproducible lessons.

206353 - $61.50

2 Colour

Algebra Pieces Kit

Algebra Pieces are used to build concrete area representations of abstract algebraic concepts. The concrete representations help students become comfortable with using symbols to represent algebraic concepts.

Algebraic Thinking

28 cm

20 cm

4 Colour Algebra Pieces with Working/Storage Tray


Includes 1 set of overhead 4 colour algebra pieces (70 pieces).

205612 - $3.25 GREAT PRICE!

Kit includes:

• 15 Single Variable Overhead Algebra

Pieces with Tray

• 15 “XY” Double Unknown Variable Algebra Pieces with Tray and Activity Tasks

• 15 Integer Overhead Number Line Ruler with

1 cm Cubes and Activity Tasks

• 15 “XY” Axis Write-on/Wipe-off 1 cm Grid Board

• 1 Algebra Pieces Resource Book (52 pages).

All packed into a storage container.

206320 - $199.95

Nelson From Patterns to Algebra Basic Kit

This kit contains:

• Wooden Pattern Blocks (100 pcs)

• 2 cm Linking Cubes (100 pcs)

• Integer Number Line Rule with Tasks and Cubes

• Graph Paper 0.5 cm (100 pcs)

• Graph Paper 0.5 cm, 4 Quadrants

(100 pcs)

• Colour Tiles set (100 pcs)

• Overhead Colour Tiles (52 pcs)

• Red & Blue Tiles (100 pcs)

• X Y Coordinate Board with Elastic Bands and Pegs

• X Y Board Write/Wipe 1 cm

• Dry-Erase Markers, set of 4

• Straws Pack (100 pcs)

• Storage Container

206250 - $49.00

For more information on the Nelson

“From Patterns to Algebra” resources, please visit:


Mathematical Learning Objects

Why use

The Algebra Game?

Because everyone who plays wins! Here’s how students and educators alike will benefit from The Algebra Game:

Students will...


recognize connections between different card features


understand how cards relate and write about those relationships


build conjectures to support observations


improve problem-solving skills


develop proficiency in recognizing algebraic equations

Teachers and tutors will...


encourage cooperative learning


gain additional ways to assess student achievement


save time with ready-to-go lessons and worksheets


be able to accommodate different learning styles


help students actively build knowledge with understanding

Quadratic Equations Card Set

The quadratic formula is demystified as students piece together and match up the various parts – vertex, axis of symmetry, discriminant and quadratic formula. The goal is to match these cards to the factor, root, point pair, and graph cards to discover the connections to the quadratic equation.

All decks have a sampling of non-function parabolas and include several parabolas that are in translated positions. Contains 8 decks of 60 cards each, including 12 graphs with 6 matching components for each graph, plus a

60-page teacher manual.

205816 - $62.25

Linear Graphs Card Set

Students can make sense of linear equations by matching slope and y-intercept cards. They will quickly grasp the interconnections between cards and how the distinct parts – graphs, point, pair, slope, and y intercept – fit together with equations.

All decks used together provide a greater variety of parallel and perpendicular line pairs for extra practice or added challenge. Contains 5 decks of 60 cards each, including 12 graphs with 5 matching components for each graph, plus a 60-page teacher manual.

204028 - $62.25

Trig Functions Card Set

All three trig functions – sine, cosine and tangent – and their reciprocals have matching graphs, point pairs, and equations. Clues about a graph’s amplitude and period are imbedded in equations so students learn how the equation effects the related graph. Contains 4 decks of 60 cards each, including 12 graphs with 5 matching components for each graph, plus a 64page teacher manual.

205820 - $62.25


Conic Sections Card Set

By using all of the conic section decks together, students become proficient at recognizing conic equation characteristics for circles, parabolas, ellipses and hyper-bolas. When each deck is used separately, Algebra Game players can study equation and graph characteristics – including foci, eccentricity, point pair, and standard form rotation

– in greater depth. All of the decks have three examples of conic equations with translated origins.

Contains 5 decks of 60 cards each, including 12 graphs with 5 matching components for each graph, plus a 70-page teacher manual.

205818 - $62.25

Solving With Pythagoras Set

Use the Solving With Pythagoras card decks and teacher manual and have your students making relational decisions about triangles within minutes!

Deck of Cards

Students classify and compare triangles cards to learn about side and angle relationships.

There are 8 sets of 6 similar right triangles and 8 more cards have triangles with variables

(total of 64 cards). Students can figure out the value of x that would make the triangle similar to one of the other sets. Five cards are NOT triangles and 3 triangles are not right triangles.

The discussions initiated by these cards significantly increase retention.

Teacher Manual

The activities support high school topics and go with any textbook lessons for similarity proportions, the Pythagorean Theorem, trig ratios, triangles in regular polygons, plus area and perimeter. Blank activity card templates and mats let teachers write their own directions for lessons. 62 pages.

505938 Set $45.95

Tel: 1.800.668.0600

Algebra Math Posters

Algebra Tips Posters

These posters will help ease the burden of teaching the challenging subject of algebra. Helps students think for themselves. Whenever possible, the posters try to show the how and why of a concept, because students only remember what they truly understand. Topics include functions, absolute values, radicals, quadratic formula, and more.

Each poster measures 48 x 63 cm. Set of 12 posters.

206355 - $67.95

Algebra Poster Set

Help students grasp difficult math concepts and correct common algebra mistakes. These posters zero in on areas such as slope, the coordinate plane, graphing, scientific notation, “like” terms, and multiplying binomials. Also included are posters to help with some common mental mistakes. Each poster measures 48 x 63 cm. Set of 12 posters.

206357 - $67.95

Advanced Algebra Poster Set

Provide help to students struggling to learn new algebra concepts. These posters reinforce concepts students have already learned in pre-algebra and first-year algebra. At the same time, the posters introduce new topics such as complex numbers, matrices, the number E, and logarithms. Learning new algebra concepts will become less intimidating with the use of definitions, mnemonics, and visual reference. Each poster measures 48 x 63 cm. Set of 12 posters.

206358 - $67.95



Polydron is completely compatible with Frame works

The Original


ath is a snap! with Polydron, the versatile, easy-to-use building system. These durable, plastic shapes snap together by means of a unique clip hinge, making it easy for students to create 2-D and 3-D shapes. Polydron is a proven system for helping students develop their spatial sense.

Only at


Polydron Basic Start-Up Kit

Kit includes 5 equilateral triangle pieces, 8 square pieces, 4 rectangular pieces and 3 isosceles triangle pieces.

206260 - $21.50


Geometry Set (Large Set)

Designed for use with the Investigating Mathematics Using

Polydron resource book. Contains 50 equilateral triangles,

20 squares, 12 pentagons and 10 hexagons. Storage bin and

48 page Teacher’s Guide included.

205374 - $83.95

Polydron Classroom Set

For a class of 30 students. Includes a resource book with a variety of lessons. Contains

200 equilateral triangles, 80 squares, 24 pentagons, 20 hexagons, 80 right angle triangles, 60 isosceles triangles, 30 rectangles, 49-page resource book and plastic storage bin.

Total 496 pieces, enough materials for up to 30 students.

205138 - $295.50

Investigating Mathematics Using Polydron

9-10 The activities in this book are designed to be used for the grades 9-10. Students will explore and discover geometric properties, work with measurement, patterning, and algebra.

The activities from this book will encourage collaboration and discussion among students. Although there is a natural sequence, the activities in this book can be used alone or in conjunction with other resources to help meet the expectations of a grades 9-10 mathematics program. Includes teacher’s notes, solution and glossary.

By Canadian authors Sylvana Simone and Caroline Rosenbloom.

48 pages.

203104 – $13.95

Polydron Pyramid Set

39 pieces build 7 different pyramids or 5 different tetrahedrons. Contains 8 different shapes. A modelling sheet showing models, components, and individual nets is provided.

203106 - $29.00

Polydron Prism Set

48 pieces build 8 different prisms. Contains 9 different shapes. An ideal resource for any classroom. Complete with modelling sheet.

203108 - $36.00


Frameworks Classroom Set

Includes 240 equilateral triangles, 120 squares, 120 right angle triangles, 60 pentagons, 30 rectangles,

30 large equilateral triangles and 30 hexagons, plus a 49-page resource book and large plastic storage bin. Total 632 pieces.

203088 - $321.95

Tel: 1.800.668.0600

CLEARVIEW™ Geoboards

Relations & Functions

How do Geobards help students?

Geoboards are particularly useful in developing conceptual understanding of area and perimeter. When students work together using geoboards, they have opportunities to improve communication skills, share ideas, and use mathematical vocabulary.

15 cm


CLEARVIEW™ Circular Geoboard

Circular 24-pin board for the overhead projector.

204044 - $2.25

CLEARVIEW™ 15 cm Geoboard

5 x 5 pin array for the overhead projector.

204046 - $2.25

CLEARVIEW™ 22.5 cm Geoboard

11 x 11 pin array for the overhead projector.

204040 - $4.50

Isometric 22.5 cm Geoboard

204041 - $4.50

Not Shown

22.5 cm




Transparent Rainbow Geoboards

Set of 6, 1-sided, clear, 22.5 x 22.5 cm geoboards.

11 x 11 pins.

205154 - $25.25


75 gram bag.

206681 – $1.75

CaddyStack™ Geoboards

30 Clear-View Geoboards (15 x 5 x 5 pin, 15 circular), 400 rubber bands and a 26-page teacher’s guide, all packaged in a CaddyStack.

204360 - $68.25 Great Value!

204362 CaddyStack™ 5 x 5 Pin Kit $68.25


CaddyStack™ Circular Kit


Thick Plastic!

Geometry Drawing


Template includes

25 geometric shapes, 1 protractor, imperial and metric ruler marking along the outer edges in clear plastic.

205828 Each $4.25

Stacking for convenient storage!

Link-a-Board™ Thick 11 x 11 and 5 x 5

An expandable geoboard with a special linking feature that allows students and teachers to connect 2, 3, 4,

6 and more geoboards together to provide a greater working surface. Joining 4 boards together will create pins along the X and Y axes, as well as at point zero, that are spaced 2 cm apart. Allows students to rotate geometric figures clockwise and counterclockwise about a point (function of the geoboards). The boards can be stacked for convenient storage!

22 cm


5 x 5 Set of 4.

206593 Red $12.00




206595 Yellow $12.00





11 x 11 Set of 4.

206603 Red $15.00




206599 Yellow $15.00




Circle Template

206682 - $1.50

12 cm

Our template has a total of 35 circles ranging in size from 1mm to 35mm in diameter, it includes a 22cm ruler on one side of the template and a 6” ruler on the other side.


Math Posters in the Classroom

Geometry Cut and Post Posters

Each poster summarizes the main principles of the designs being depicted.

Ideal for reviewing the properties and identities of the various quadrilaterals.

Includes 5 - 46 cm x 61 cm posters and instructions.

206720 - $31.50

Tessellations Teaching Posters

This easy to use set of four posters introduces the concepts of tesselations with examples of basic tesselations as well as practical applications such as tiles, quilt, graphic design, and geometric patterns.

Three of the posters illustrate step-by-step how to create translation, rotation, and reflection tesselations.

Printed on card stock with holes for hanging and protective coating. 45 x 60 cm.

205443 Set of 4 Posters $45.95


Set of 3 posters. Cut them apart to create an 8.4 metre strip of pi 18.8 cm high.

204242 - $26.50

Mechanical Geometry

Four-bar linkages, automobile linkages, straight-line linkages, parallel linkages. Set of 4, 42.5 x 55 cm.

203808 - $30.95



Designed by Dale Seymour, this set covers the most important types of polyhedra and some of the history and concepts used to create them. Set of 6 laminated posters, 42.5 x 55 cm.

204244 - $32.95

Tel: 1.800.668.0600

Math Posters in the Classroom

Geometry Poster Set of 12

Give students an angle on tricky geometry problems. Posters use colourful graphics and catchy headlines to help students understand and remember important geometry concepts. Topics include types of triangles, terminology for triangles and circles, formulas for area and distance, formal proof, Pythagorean theorem, and more. Each poster measures 48 x 120 cm. Set of 12.

206361 - $69.95

Geometry Revisited Poster Set of 12

A collection of colourful posters loaded with tons of information about geometry, including laws of reasoning, congruence transformations, properties of congruence, angles, the fundamental theorem of similarity, and more.

Each poster measures 48 x 120 cm. Set of 12.

206362 - $69.95

Greek Math Posters

Transport your students back in time to meet some of the ancient world’s mathematical pioneers. Each poster illustrates the life and accomplishments of a notable ancient Greek. Mathematical representations of the discovered concepts are also featured. Size: 60 x 75 cm.

Poster Set A

Set of 4 posters includes Eratosthenes, Euclid,

Pythagoras and Thales of Miletus.

206363 - $52.95

Poster Set B

Set of 4 posters includes Appolonius of Perga,

Archimedes, Eudoxus of Cnidus and Pappus.

206365 - $52.95

Poster Set C

Set of 4 posters includes Hypatia, Aristarchus of

Sarnos, Heron of Alexandria and Claudius Ptolemy.

206367 - $52.95


Interactive Whiteboard Charts

These Math Whiteboard Charts cater to a wide range of abilities, covering fundamental and complex mathematical subjects such as circle properties and theorems. The Worksheets and Quizzes provide teachers with a great method of assessing students’ understanding of important topics and can be used as an exciting activity that can be performed in the classroom or at home.

Visual Learning at its Best!

Features include:

• Interactive Charts

• Quiz Questions

• Fun Features

• Printable Worksheets

Interactive Whiteboard Charts


Volumes and Areas

Solids and their Nets

Rules for Exponents

Scatter Graphs

Pythagorian Theorem



Circle Properties

Trigonometry for all Triangles

Angles of Elevation and Depression

Types of Triangles

Angle Properties

Area and Perimeter

Circle Theorems

Product # Price

206478 $16.95





























PC System Requirements: Pentium III or above; Windows 98 or later; 64

MB RAM; CD ROM Drive; 800 x 600 colour display (24 bit recommended).

MAC System Requirements: G3 or above; OS 9.0.4 or above; 64 MB system

RAM; 800 x 600 colour display (24 bit recommended).


Tel: 1.800.668.0600

28 cm

Interactive Whiteboard Tools

Interactive Tool Kit 206654 – $70.00


Pinch and slide cursor into position

Straight Edges, direct comparison of inches and centimeters

20 cm


Markings in 15° increments

Swivel Disc – “Point” safely marks center of circle

Cursor, 2 pencil/pen placements

Single Variable Overhead Algrebra Pieces™ with Tray

(89 pieces in total)

10 cm


Circular Protractor

22.5 cm

Folding Geometric Solids

– 10 cm

6” Protractor

30 cm


“1 cm”


Write ‘N’ Wipe Boards

23 cm

XY (Double Unknown Variable) Algebra

Pieces Extension Set with Tray

Suggested tasks included.

• Y (10 x 36 mm), 10 red and 10 blue.

• XY (36 x 53 mm), 5 red and 5 blue.

• Y2 (36 x 36 mm), 5 red and 5 blue.

Trig Trainer

A trigonometric function generator that provides a hands-on approach to the teaching of trigonometry.

Dry-Erase Markers

Set of 4 dry-erase, fine-tip markers in black, blue, red, and green, with felt tips on each marker.

Fraction Squares

Fraction Circles

Interactive Tool Kit Contains all of the tools shown above in a storage bin. 206654 $70.00


Technology: Calculators

TI-Nspire™ CX-CAS

Colour Screen,

Thin Design,



Stay mobile, continue learning – Transfer class assignments from hand-held to computer.

• Explore higher-level math concepts

• Visualize in full colour

• Real world images

• Recharge with ease

• Calculate in style

• 3D Graphing

206452 - $282.95


Teacher Pack**


TI-83 Plus

Introduce real-world data and lists with available data collection and list editor systems. Input functions, trace graphs and scroll table values simultaneously with the graph-table split-screen feature, plot data, perform advanced statistics and regression analysis.

203490 - $188.00

**Teacher Pack – Graphing Calculators

Contains 10 graphing calculators, a poster, calculator transparency, 10 guidebooks,

10 unit-to-unit cables, 40 batteries, a volume purchase coupon, and a CD with resource information.

TI-84 Plus Silver Edition

Comes with 30 preloaded

Apps and has 9x the memory of the TI-83 Plus for storing up to 94 Apps. Interchange- able face-plates for a custom look.


TI-84 Plus

Silver Edition Teacher,

Pack of 10**



TI-84 Plus Silver

Edition ViewScreen Pack


TI-84 Plus

Built-in USB port with cable (included) means fast and easy data transfer. Preloaded Apps for algebra, geometry, pre-calculus, history, science and more. Has

3x the memory and 2.5x the speed of the TI-83 Plus.

The high-contrast display is easier to read from almost any angle. Fully compatible with CBR™, CBL™ and

CBL 2™ data collection systems.

204100 TI-84 Plus Calculator $215.95

204102 TI-84 Plus Teacher Pack of 10** $2150.95

204104 TI-84 Plus ViewScreen Calculator $274.95

TI-30X IIs

New 2-line display scientific calculator.

206072 - $25.50

Calculator-Based Ranger™ (CBR™ 2)

Compatible with TI-73, TI-83+, TI-84, TI-86,

TI-89, TI-92, and TI-Nspire

Start collecting and analyzing real work motion data – distance, velocity, and acceleration – through hands-on experiences using the CBR and TI compatible graphing calculator. The CBR kit includes a mounting clamp, a link cable, a teacher’s guide, and 4 AA batteries.

203404 - $187.95

Calculator-Based Laboratory™ (CBL™ 2)

203402 - $350.00

GraphPack Storage Case

Rolling storage case with 30 numbered pouches for graphing calculators. Reinforced, structured sides protect contents during transportation.

Features a zip-up top, carry handle, padded hand grip, outside pockets, and a pull-up handle with wheels for rolling. Measures 32.5 x 42.5 x 27.5 cm.

206611 - $185.95


Tel: 1.800.668.0600

CaddyStack™ with Graphing Calculator Inserts

This CaddyStack and inserts holds 20 graphing calculators. An excellent way to keep track of your classroom set, with numbered slots and lockable lid.

203496 CaddyStack and Inserts $15.95


Inserts Only


Calculators: Casio

Casio Prizm Graphing Calculator

Full Colour LCD Screen

With over 85,000 Brilliant Colours

• High-resolution colour LCD with full textbook-style display

• Picture Plot enables learning from real life pictures

• Multitude of functions that leverage the colour LCD

• Spreadsheets and Conditional Formatting

• Conics

• Extended Battery-life, 140 hours performance

• USB Connectivity

206042 - $183.75

Casio Scientific Calculator Plus

• 252 Functions

• Dot Matrix Natural Textbook Display

• Fraction calculation

• Logarithm

• Standard deviation

• Combination and Permutation

• Table function

• 9 variable memories

• Slide-on hard case

• Solar battery

206044 - $23.95

FX-300MS Casio Scientific Calculator Plus

• 240 Build in Functions

• Two way power

• Dot Matrix, 2-line display

• Multi-replay function

• Fraction calculations

• 9 variable memories

• Slide-on hard case

206046 - $21.50

Casio Overhead Calculator for (206046)

206048 - $112.95

Casio Advanced Scientific Calculator

• 403 Functions, Two way power

• Random Integers

• New calculations priority sequence

• Fraction calculation

• Standard deviation

• Combination and Permutation

• Paried-variable stats regression analysis

• Logical operations

• Table function

• 40 scientific constants

• Engineering symbol calculations

• 40 metric conversions – 20 pairs

• 9 variable memories

206054 - $33.95

Casio all Purpose Scientific Calculator

• 144 Functions

• Large 10 + 2 Digits

• Solar Power

• Slide-on hard case – New Case with Plastic keys

All-purpose Scientific Calculator offers fraction calculations, and trigonometric functions.

206056 - $16.95

Casio Overhead Calculator for (206056)

206058 - $112.95

Casio Desktop Calculator

• Large, 8 - Digit Display

• Easy Tax Calculations

• Durable Metal Memory

• Solar Powered with

Battery Back Up

• Auto Shut Off

206060 - $13.95

Casio Basic Solar Calculator

• Calculator for Everyday Use

• Large LCD 8-Digit Display

• Pocket Size

• Durable Metal Faceplate

• Solar Powered with Battery Back Up

• Auto Shut Off

206052 - $9.95


Mathematical Games

Integer Chess

Integer Chess helps students understand and develop proficiency in skills involving graphing and making vector-like moves on the coordinate plane. This game can be played using simple to complex strategies, challenging novice and masters alike. For 2-4 players.

206176 - $28.75

High School Bingo Game Set

Grade 9+

Encourage students to solve algebra and geometry equations quickly and easily. Topics include solving linear equations, factoring, area and volume, right triangles, and more. Set of 3 secondary/high school bingo games includes: Algebra Equations, Algebra, and Geometry. Each game includes 30 bingo cards (12.5 x

15 cm), 50 problem cards, master answer list, and plastic markers.

206648 - $59.95

Square Root Puzzle

Handcrafted mind-teaser. The object is to maneuver the largest square out through the slot in the frame without lifting, turning, or removing any of the other pieces. Measures 22.5 x 19 x 3 cm.

206650 - $30.95


Collect as many stones in your Mancala as possible.

Place on a playing surface and place 4 stones in each of the bins numbered 1 through 12. Hinged board folds in half and has a box catch to secure the pieces inside. Includes Mancala game board and 48 stones.

206652 - $24.95

PrimePak™ Card Game

Think FACTOR! Don’t just multiply and divide. That’s what players must do when playing any one of four card games with this unique deck. In all four games, players form factor sets. Because 14 = 2 x 7, the numbers 14,

2, and 7 form a factor set. Prime wild cards can be used for prime numbers only. The primes included in the deck of 171 cards are 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, and 19. For

1-6 players, 6 deck levels.

203608 - $22.50

Canadian Chess’n

Math Association

Equate® Board Game

Have fun creating equations cross-word-style while honing math skills from simple addition to fractions and algebraic logic. Includes a laminated playing board, 190 tiles, a 23-page rule booklet with math review, and 4 fences behind which players hide their tiles. Adapts to many levels. For 2-4 players or teams.

203596 - $39.50

Equate® Advanced Tiles

Play Equate® at higher levels. Contains 197 tiles including positive and negative integers, integer exponents, fractions, the four basic operations, and equal symbols. Includes a rules pamphlet.

203602 - $14.50

Complete Chess Kit

A tournament set with plastic pieces, vinyl board and rules, all packaged in a tube for easy transportation.

The most popular chess product in Canadian schools, produced by the Chess’n Math Association.

203616 - $32.95

Hands-On Algebra!


A collection of 159 ready-to-use games and activities. Organized into five major sections: Real

Numbers, Their

Operations, and Their

Properties; Linear Forms;

Linear Applications and

Graphing; Quadratic

Concepts; and Special

Applications. 640 pages.

203906 - $47.95


Tel: 1.800.668.0600

Professional Resources

Getting it Right

Aligning Technology

Initiatives for Measurable

Student Results

A fresh look at technology planning for schools.

Designed to help educational leaders, decision makers, and teachers wade through the complexities of aligning technology planning with learning goals. Organized around a problem-solving model based on solution fluency, the authors outline how to improve test scores, meet curricular requirements, foster relevant staff development, and provide measurable accountability for technology expenditures. Included are sidebars with advice and comments from educators who have successfully integrated technology initiatives with learning goals. Their experiences help light the path through the journey toward “getting it right” for 21stcentury learners. 180 pages.

206616 - $44.95

Planning for Technology

The context and rationale for the technological shift to the classroom.

• Practical integration of computers into the curriculum through administrative planning and essential training.

• Key processes and research necessary to develop an effective technological public relations agenda.

• Financial options available.

• A structural model for an evaluation and assessment plan. Planning for Technology is a valuable resource that will enable administrators and teachers to consider how best to make the transition from using out-dated models of technology to facing today’s academic realities head-on.

206062 233 pages $51.95

Real-Life Math

Decimals and



Integrate a real-world, problemsolving focus into math classes!

Teaches decimal notations, arithmatic with decimals, mixed decimals, and organizing information by percentage.

90 pages.

205940 - $27.95

Real-Life Math

Fractions, Ratios, and Rates


Teaches fractions, equivalent fractions, finding patterns, ratio, solving proportions, rates, and unit pricing. 94 pages.

205942 - $27.95

The Digital Diet

Today’s Digital Tools in Small Bytes

This concise “diet” of digital tools helps beginning and experienced users investigate a variety of tools at an individual pace and incorporate them into today’s classroom to foster productive learning. 168 pages.

206622 - $48.95

Cyber Savvy

Embracing Digital Safety and Civility

How to teach students online safety and citizenship. This book integrates expertise is risk prevention, law, and education to provide a collaborative and positive process for teaching secondary students positive social norms, safety, and “netiquette”.

It lays out the steps for teaching young people how to: keep themselves safe; disclose and consume information wisely; respect the rights, privacy, and property of others; take responsibility for others’ wellbeing when needed; and respond to inappropriate or dangerous situations. 176 pages.

206620 - $46.95

Real-Life Math

Tables, Charts, and Graphs


Teaches students to create, read, and interpret a variety of visual presentations.

78 pages.

205944 - $27.95

Real-Life Math

Data Analysis


Covers the basis of statistics, the ways statistics are used, how to determine when data changes are statistically significant, and even how statistics are misused. 86 pages.

205946 - $27.95

Copyright Clarity

How Fair Use Supports Digital Learning

This jargon-free guide clarifies principles for applying copyright law to 21st-century education, discusses what is permissible in the classroom, and explores the fair use of digital materials. 144 pages.

206624 - $42.95

Teaching With the

Tools Kids Really Use

Learning With Web and Mobile Technologies

This resource helps educators integrate Web and mobile technologies and tools into classroom instruction and offers a model for selecting appropriate tools and technologies. 152 pages.

206626 - $42.95

Real-Life Math:


26 activities make data collection and description, outcomes, probability, tree diagrams, multiplying probabilities and odds fun and understandable.


80 pages.

203412 - $27.95


Professional Resources

What's Your Math

Problem? Getting to the Heart of Teaching

Problem Solving

Dig into problem solving and reflect on current teaching practices with this exceptional teacher’s guide. Meaningful instructional tools and methods are provided to help teachers understand each problem solving strategy and how to use it with their students.

Teachers are given opportunities to practice problems themselves and reflect on how they can better integrate problem solving into their instruction. 240 pages.

206721 - $35.00

101+ Great Ideas for Introducing

Key Concepts in Mathematics

A Resource for Secondary School Teachers

2nd Edition

This updated edition outlines 114 ready-to-use techniques and actual equations for innovative instruction of algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, and more. 296 pages. Paperback.

205678 - $59.95

Thinking Through Quality Questioning

Deepening Student Engagement

Asking the right questions is the right answer! This groundbreaking book provides teachers with an accessible, research-based blueprint for developing student meta-cognitive skills and ensuring that students take responsibility for their own learning.

The authors use the findings of cognitive scientists to highlight quality questioning behaviors and explain how to apply them for improved student outcomes. Key features include: short vignettes of quality questioning in action; evidence that ties question strategy to student achievement; an overview of collaborative, written, electronic, and group response strategies; and examples of how quality questioning connects to formative assessment. 208 pages.

206630 - $54.95



Arranged into integrated topics: banking, budgeting, paying bills, investing, employment, income taxes and more. Package includes complete teacher notes, occupation card, pay cheques, erasable calendar, in/out centre, expense tickets, evaluation sheets and much more. 108 pages.

203672 - $35.95

Calendar Problems from the

Mathematics Teacher

NCTM Publication

A valuable resource to promote problem solving and mathematical entertainment for senior high school students and educators. 400 problems organized by topic and classified into 14 sections

– among them are number theory, coordinate geometry, puzzles and games, facts and quickies.

Provides detailed solutions to almost all problems. 124 pages.

203660 - $46.95

Hands-On Math


with Real-Life


2nd Edition

Filled with classroomtested projects that emphasize cooperative learning, group sharing, verbalizing concepts and ideas, efficient researching, and writing clearly in mathematics and across other subject areas.


441 Pages



How the Brain Learns Mathematics

The author discusses the cognitive mechanisms for learning mathematics and the environmental and developmental factors that contribute to mathematics difficulties. This groundbreaking text examines: children’s innate number sense and how the brain develops an understanding of number relationships; implications of current research for planning mathematics lessons, including discoveries about memory systems and lesson timing; and methods to help secondary teachers detect mathematics difficulties. 264 pages.




Uncovering Student Thinking in Grades 6-12

Research findings show that formative assessment is an important strategy for improving student achievement in mathematics. This practical resource provides tools and examples that allow middle and high school teachers to gauge students’ knowledge of core mathematics concepts and strengthen their ability to teach effectively and to reveal common understandings and misunderstandings in student thinking. Fieldtested with teachers and students. 248 pages.

205950 - $57.95

Brain-Compatible Mathematics

2nd Edition

Build upon a student’s neural wiring for learning with this second edition of a powerful bestseller that bridges the world of brain research with improved mathematics instruction. Featured are updated teaching samples, connections to the most recent standards, newest research findings, and integration to other content areas. 200 pages. Paperback.

205688 - $54.95

Problem-Based Learning

2nd Edition An Inquiry Approach

This teacher-friendly second edition offers step-by-step procedures that make this effective teaching model highly doable for all teachers, with examples showing problem-based learning in action. 192 pages.

206632 - $55.95

Tel: 1.800.668.0600

Professional Resources

Understanding and Engaging


Inspire adolescents’ participation and boost their academic, research, metacognitive, and social skills through proven motivators, brain-compatible activities, study skills strategies, and the effective use of technology. 168 pages.

206618 - $53.95

Teaching Teenagers

A Toolbox for Engaging and Motivating Learners

Provides practical advice on how to be an inspirational teacher and produce highly motivated students. Contains 220 positive, practical teaching ideas that are relevant to both new and experienced classroom teachers. 200 pages.

206610 - $75.95


Student Synapses

Grades 9-12

Today’s students must be able to collaborate, innovate, and think critically to solve real-world problems.

Backed by research, this practical guide provides secondary teachers with tired and trusted lesson plan in multiple subjects that Engage students,

Accelerate learning, and Encourage critical thinking. 160 pages.

206666 - $52.95

Learning Activities from the History of Mathematics


Problem solving activities and resources centred around mathematics history! Includes the biographies of 23 important mathematicians spanning many centuries and cultures. Historical learning tasks provide 21 in-depth treatments of a variety of historical problems. 269 pages.

205934 - $34.95

Developing Thinking in Geometry

The book draws on pedagogic constructs developed at The Open

University’s Centre for Mathematics

Education by a team of mathematics educators with a

20-year track record of innovative and influential approaches to teaching and learning geometry.

288 pages.

205676 - $68.95

5 Practices for

Orchestrating Productive

Mathematics Discussions

Learn the 5 practices for facilitating effective inquiry-oriented classrooms: Anticipating what students will do and what strategies they will use in solving a problem.

Monitoring their work as they approach the problem in class. Selecting students whose strategies are worth discussing in class. Sequencing those students’ presentations to maximize their potential to increase students’ learning.

Connecting the strategies and ideas in a way that helps students understand the mathematics learned. Includes a professional development guide. 104 pages.

206687 – $49.95

Common Sense

Assessment in the


This comprehensive guide will give you the tools to effectively implement assessment in the classroom and empower you to use assessment more effectively in order to inform and strengthen instruction. It discusses the importance of effective and efficient grading and provides strategies for teachers to learn what students truly understand and their mastery of concepts. The book includes helpful checklists, rubrics, and graphics to support student learning and help teachers make good decisions about the types of assessment to use in the classroom. 200 pages.

206688 – $32.95

Secondary Lenses on Learning

Participant Book

The Secondary Lenses

on Learning program participant book guides math leaders in examining leadership tasks and responsibilities that contribute to an effective mathematics program. 424 pages.

206425 - $66.95

Pictorial Biography Sets


Set includes 20 posters on 27.5 x 35 cm parchment. They are of such high quality that they are well worth framing.

Mathematicians I

Contains Descartes, Einstein, Erter, Fermat,

Gauss, Leibniz, Newton, Pascal, and others.


20 Posters in All


Going Google

Powerful Tools for 21st

Century Learning

The author explores the wide array of

Google tools and shows how to use them in the classroom to engage students and foster digital learning.

224 pages.

206426 - $62.95


Index / Terms and Conditions

Activity Pouches ...................... 2

Alge-Tiles™ ........................... 30


.... 5, 7, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33

Algebra Dice .......................... 29

Algebra Game, The ............... 32

Algebra Lab Gear .................. 29

Algebra Pieces ................28, 31

Algebra Posters ..................... 33

Algebraic Square Tiles .......... 29

Angle Ruler ............................ 18

Base Ten............................6, 23

Bingo ..................................... 42


101+ Great Ideas for

Introducing Key Concepts

in Mathematics ................... 44

5 Practices Orchestrating

Productive Mathematics

Discussions ........................ 45

61 Cooperative Learning

Activities for Algebra 1 ....... 30

Active Algebra ....................... 31

Algebra Teacher’s

Activity Kit .......................... 30

Balance Benders™ ............... 29


Mathematics ....................... 44

Consumer Math Success Kit ... 8

Calendar Problems ................ 44

Common Sense Assessment in

the Classroom .................... 45

Consumer Mathematics ......8, 9

Copyright Clarity .................... 43

Cyber Savvy .......................... 43


Teachers Guide .................. 25

Developing Thinking

in Geometry ....................... 45

Digital Diet, The ..................... 43

Getting it Right ....................... 43

Going Google ........................ 45

Hands-On Algebra! ................ 42

Hands-On Math Projects ....... 44

How the Brain Learns

Mathematics ....................... 44

Investigating Algebra with

Algebra Pieces ................... 28

Investigating Mathematics

Using Polydron ................... 34

Job Power: Ace the Interview .. 8

Job Power: Choose Your

Career .................................. 8

Job Power: Master the

Job Search ........................... 8

Learning Activities from the

History of Mathematics ...... 45

Life-Project ............................ 44

Mathematics of Automobiles

and Transportation, The ....... 9

Mathematics of Banking and

Credit, The ........................... 9

Mathematics of Housing and

Taxes, The............................ 9

Mathematics of Personal

Finance and

Investments, The.................. 9

Mathematics of Trades and

Professions, The .................. 9

Mathematics of Work, The ...... 9

Planning for Technology ........ 43

Problem-Based Learning ....... 44

Real-Life Math: Data

Analysis .............................. 43

Real-Life Math: Decimals and

Percents ............................. 43

Real-Life Math: Fractions,

Ratios, and Rates .............. 43

Real-Life Math: Probability .... 43

Real-Life Math: Tables, Charts,

and Graphs ........................ 43

Secondary Lenses

on Learning ........................ 45

Sparking Student Synapses .. 45

Teaching Teenagers .............. 45

Teaching With the Tools Kids

Really Use ............................. 43

Thinking Through Quality

Questioning ........................ 44

Uncovering Student Thinking in

Mathematics ....................... 44

Understanding and Engaging

Adolescents........................ 45

What’s Your

Math Problem!?! ................. 44


For your convenience, all catalogue prices are quoted in Canadian dollars and do not include the cost of transportation or any applicable taxes.

These charges will be added to your invoice separately. Prices are FOB

Newmarket, Ontario.


Because our suppliers sometimes make significant price increases during the life of our catalogue, we must reserve the right to change prices without notice. Wherever possible,

SPECTRUM/NASCO Canada will absorb small increases from suppliers but if there is a large cost increase, we will notify you before filling your order.

In the rare event of a typographical error, we reserve the right to charge at the correct price.



All applicable provincial taxes will of invoicing. GST (or HST) will be added to orders where applicable.

For your reference, our GST number is R104958731.


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Newmarket, Ontario, and shipping & handling charges will be added to your invoice. A minimum $15.00 shipping charge will be applied to all orders, so we would encourage you to make sure your orders total more than $50 before shipping charges.

When Spectrum ships to your institution, arrangements normally include delivery to your building’s front door or loading dock. If the shipping

Box Cars and

One-Eyed Jacks ................. 27

Calculators ..............8, 10, 40-41

Chalkboard Accessories ........ 18

Chalkboard Erasers ................. 2

Chess .................................... 42

Circle Protractor ..............17, 20

Circle Template ................14, 35

Circles of Descartes, The ...... 14

Clinometer ............................. 17

Colour Tiles .......................6, 24

Compasses ......................17, 18

Conic Sections ...................... 14

Conics .................................... 14

Cubes ..........................6, 21, 24

Cubic Meter Set ..................... 19

Cuisenaire® Rods ................. 23

Deci-Blocks™ ........................ 25

Decimal Dice ......................... 10

Dice .................................26, 27

Dissectable Cone .................. 14

Dry Erase Boards ................2, 3

Dry Erase Markers .................. 2

Dry Erase Pouches ................. 2

Easel Pad ................................ 3

Equate® Board Game ........... 42

Equivalence Dice ................... 21

Fibreglass Tape ..................... 16

Financial Literacy ................8, 9

Force Meters ......................... 20

Four-Pan Algebra Balance .... 29

Fraction Balance ................... 11

Fraction Bars ......................... 11

Fraction Circles ..................... 11

Fraction Dice ...................10, 21

Fraction Equivalency

Flip Chart ........................... 10

Fraction Rings ....................... 11

Fraction Ruler ........................ 10

Fraction Tiles ................... 10, 11

Fractional Slide Ruler ............ 10

Fractions ...................... 7, 10, 11

Frameworks ........................... 34

Games ................................... 42

Geoboards .............6, 12, 22, 35

GeoLegs ................................ 19

Geometric Models ................... 6

Geometric Shapes ................. 13

TERMS & CONDITIONS company’s assistance is going to be required to carry the parcels further into your building, Spectrum must be informed in advance and the additional handing charges of the freight forwarder will apply.

This logo on items in the catalogue, indicates that additional shipping charges appl y.


Items not in stock at the time of processing your order will be shipped when available and invoiced separately. Please note that backorders under $25.00 may be canceled.



If within 30 days of receipt of your order, for any reason you are not completely satisfied with any one of our products, simply call our customer service department and we will do everything we can to make you happy

Geometric Solids ...7, 13, 23, 24

Geometry .....5, 7, 12, 13, 14, 34

Geometry Drawing

Template............................. 35

Geometry Math Set ............... 17

Geometry Posters ...........33, 37

Graph Board .......................... 22

Graph Charts ........................... 4

Graph Paper ........................4, 5

Graphing ..............................5, 7

Greek Math Posters .............. 37

Grid Paper ............................... 4

Integer Chess Game ............. 42

Integer Overhead Number

Line Rule ............................ 30

Integer Two Colour Pieces .... 28

Interactive Whiteboard

Charts................................. 38

Interactive Whiteboard Tools . 39

Link-a-Board™ ...................... 35

Mancala Game ...................... 42

Mass ........................................ 6

Math Cart ................................. 7

Math-Vu ................................... 7

Math-Vu™ Mirror ................... 22

Mathematicians ..................... 45


.............13, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20

Mechanical Geometry

Poster ................................. 36

Micrometer ............................. 17

MiniPLOTS®............................ 5

Mirrors .............................22, 23

Money ..................................8, 9

Nelson from Patterns to

Algebra Basic Kit ................ 31

Number Balance .................... 21

Overhead Graph Grids ............ 4

Pattern Blocks ....................... 24

Pentominoes .......................... 22

Percent Protractor ................. 17

Pi Poster ................................ 36

Pie Chart Measure ................ 18

Platonic Solids Dice ............... 27

Playing Cards ........................ 27

Polydron ................................ 34

Polyhedra in Our World

Poster ................................. 14 with your purchase. In the event that a returned order has any packaging, manuals, accessories, or other items missing, the return may be refused, or we may deduct the value of any of the missing items. Due to copyright laws, CDs, Software, DVDs and videos in opened packaged may only be exchanged for the same item if original purchase is defective. All returns must be authorized by our

Customer Service Department (1-800-

668-0600), which will provide you with a Return Authorization Number.

Please (1) include our invoice number,

(2) indicate our Return Authorization

Number on the outside of the package being returned, and (3) indicate the reason(s) for returning the goods. For damaged shipments or errors on our part, no restocking charge will apply.

On all other returns, a 15% restocking charge will apply. Items with the part number starting in “Z”, are considered special order items and a

Polyhedra Poster ................... 36

Posters ................33, 36, 37, 45

PrimePak™ Card Game ........ 42

Prisms .................................... 14

Probability ........................26, 27

Professional Resources ...43-45

Protractors ............................. 18

Pythagorean Theorem

Tile Set ............................... 12

Reflect-View .......................... 14

Relational Rods ..................... 23

Relations & Functions ........... 35

Roll-n-Draw Ruler .................. 20

Rulers ............16, 17, 18, 18, 20

Scales ..............................19, 21

Solving With Pythagoras ....... 32

Spinners ................................ 26

Spring Scales ........................ 20

Square Root Puzzle .............. 42

Statistics ..........................26, 27

Stop Watch ............................ 17

Storage .................................. 15

T-Square ................................ 18

Tangrams ............................... 22

Tech Tub™ ............................ 15

Tessellations Teaching

Posters ............................... 36

Timers .................................... 19

Triangles ..........................17, 18

Trig Trainer ............................ 12

Triggles Trigonometry Memory

Cubes ................................. 12

Trigonometry .....................5, 12

Trigonometry Proofs .............. 12

Trundle Wheels ..................... 18

Two-Colour Counters ............ 24

Vernier Caliper ....................... 19

Volumetric Solids ...............7, 13

Weights ..............................6, 19

Wind-Up Measuring Tape ...... 16

Wind-Up Meter Tapes ............ 17

Write ‘N’ Wipe Boards ............. 2

Write and Wipe Charts ............ 4

X-Y Coordinate Board ........... 21

15% re-stocking charge will apply on returns, unless the item is defective in which case the re-stocking charge will be waived.


SPECTRUM/NASCO Canada will honour all manufacturer’s warranties on products purchased from

SPECTRUM/NASCO Canada (proof of purchase will be required).


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It is important to note any visible damage to your shipment on the delivery carrier’s receipt before the driver leaves. If the damage is hidden, please call the carrier immediately to report this. Delays of 2 or 3 days can result in the carrier refusing to pay claims for hidden damage.

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Spectrum 5cm Clear Geometric Models Kit

Clear 5cm Geometric Models 51 pc, Teacher Models Guide (14 pages) 3 pc.

206710 - $42.50

Spectrum Weight/Mass Gram Cubes Scale Kit

Compact Digital Scale (1), Stacking Coloured Mass 54 pc, Stacking

Rectangle Weights 76 pc, Cubes (1cm) 100 pc, Cubes (2cm) 100 pc, Measuring Cups 3 pc.

206708 - $58.00

Spectrum 2cm Hex-A-Link Cubes Kit

1,000 interlocking 2cm cubes, 10 colours.

206706 - $81.00

Spectrum Colour Tiles Kit

Colour tiles 4000 pc.

206709 - $107.00



TELEPHONE: (905) 898-0031

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