Wireless M2M Solutions

Wireless M2M Solutions
Wireless M2M Solutions
Pulse is a global leader in antennas for wireless device applications. We have a uniquely far-reaching understanding of
antennas and RF issues of modern mobile terminals. Combining our openness to new ideas with our extensive R&D has
made us the technology leader in our field.
As the Machine to Machine (M2M) marketplace evolves from wired to wireless technologies, engineers are demanding
higher performance, easy to implement antenna solutions. Pulse, with our local technical support and superior performance record, is the ideal partner for customers as they grow their Wireless M2M Solutions.
Pulse offers solutions covering frequencies from 13.6 MHz to 6 GHz covering technologies such as WLAN, WiFi, Zigbee, ISM, GPS, Cellular, LTE, GSM, UHF and VHF. Key Pulse antenna applications for Wireless M2M are Smart Metering,
eHealth, Remote Monitoring, Automation and Control, Navigation, Location Based Services, Public Safety and Security
For more information on the full range of products including the feature products listed below, please visit the Product
Finder on our web site at http://productfinder.pulseeng.com/categoryList.
Outdoor Solutions
Outdoor antennas are located outside and require more robust mechanical construction as they are exposed to environmental conditions. Pulse outdoor solutions are wind rated
to 100 MPH and are IP (Ingress Protected) to IP-65 or IP-67.
IP-68 is available to customer specification. Key applications
include metering, mesh networks, infrastructure, small to medium base station deployments and remote monitoring.
W5012, W5010, W5001
• ISM 868 MHz, 915 MHz,
2.4 GHz, Zigbee & WLAN
• IP65 rated and UV protected
High gain omnidirectional
824-960/1710-2170 MHz
Gain of 2 to 4 dBi
IP-67 rated and UV Protected
External Solutions
External antennas, located outside the customer product but not subjected to outdoor weather conditions, are exposed
to less hazardous environmental conditions than outdoor antennas. Pulse external antennas are offered in a variety of
mounting options supporting the diverse nature of Industrial applications. These include direct connection, magnetic
mount, wall bracket and integrated cable assembly.
Cellular coverage over the LTE
700-900/1800-1900/2100-2700 MHz
Swivel mount
SMA connector
• Zigbee and WLAN applications
• 2.4-2.5 GHz
• SMA connector
Shadow Low Profile Transit Series
Low profile
Frequencies from 698 MHz to 5.9 GHz
Ideal for use on the NMOHFGPS mount
Single and dual band models
Industrial form factor
Direct mount
SAN DIEGO: 619 674 8100
Cellular blade antenna
850-960/1800-2100 MHz.
Adhesive mount
Multiple cable and connectors available upon
ASIA: 86 755 33966678
W1900, W1910
Penta band stubby antennas
Less than 2” (50 mm) tall)
850-960/1800-2100 MHz.
Straight or right angle connections
WEB: http/www.pulseelectronics.com
LS102.G (05/13)
Wireless M2M Solutions
Internal Solutions
Internal antennas connect directly to the motherboard as a board level component or via connector, thus integrating the
antenna inside the final enclosure. Pulse’s expertise in the mobile phone industry with integrated and multi radio solutions is key to offering a large range of high performance standard products for the industrial M2M Sector. Ceramic chip
antenna information is available on the Pulse product finder. Custom product development is also available on request.
• For applications requiring cellular
connections with limited board
• 824-960/1710-1990/1920-2170 MHz
• Multiple cable and connector options available
• Compatible with leading GPRS
• Adhesive mount
W3544A & B
• PCB hybrid Cellular antenna for SMD
pick and place
• 824-960/1710-1990/1920-2170 MHz
• 1.02 x .3 x .12 inches (26 x 7.65 x 3 mm)
• Over 50% radiated efficiency
• Design for the future now with the new
W3554 LTE Antenna
• PCB with Cable and Connector
• 690-960 / 1710-2700 MHz
• Over 50% radiated efficiency in all bands
W3126, W3127
• Embedded component
• 315 MHz and 433 MHz
• Featured on TI dev boards
(CC11XX, SUB 1GHz series)
Navigation Solutions
Pulse carries a full line of GPS antennas - from ceramic chips for integrated applications to multi band solutions for mobile applications. Our GPS development competency leverages multi band technology enabling continuous GPS signal
reception when the co-located communications antennas are transmitting. Originally designed for the AVL (Automatic
Vehicle Location) market, Pulse GPS antennas can be customized to meet specific design requirements.
GPS Ceramic Chips
• Small footprints
• PIFA and monopole
• Roof mounted GPS/LTE/GSM/WIFI Antenna
• Cable 1: 698-960/1710-2170/2300-2700 MHz
Cable 2: 2400-2485/5150-5875 MHz
Cable 3: 1575.42 MHz
• IP-65 rated and UV protected
• Outdoor application
• .5 x .5 in (13 x 13 mm) GPS
ceramic patch
• Special tuning options available upon request
Worldwide Headquarters
12220 World Trade Drive
San Diego, CA 92128
Tel 858 674 8100
Fax 858 674 8262
Larsen Brand Antennas
3611 NE 112th Avenue
Vancouver, WA 98682
Tel 360 944 7551
800-268 3662 (USA)
Fax 360 891-0057
800 525 6749 (USA)
European Headquarters
Pulse GmbH & Co. KG
Zeppelinstrasse 15
Tel +49 7032 7806 0
Fax +49 7032 7806 12
Asian Headquarters
B402, Shenzhen Academy of
Aerospace Tech Bldg
Tech-Innovation Internat’l
10th Kejinan Road
High Tech Zone
Nanshan District, Shenzhen
PR China
Tel 86 755 33966678
Fax 86 755 33966700
• Active GPS antenna
• 1575 MHz
• Adhesive mount (dashboard or windshield)
• Active GPS/Cellular blade
• 860-960/1710-2170/1575 MHz
• Adhesive mount
• Indoor or outdoor applications
Pulse North Asia
3F, No. 198, Zhongyuan Rd
Zhongli City (32068)
Taoyuan Hsien
Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel 886 3 4356768
Fax 886 3 4356823
Pulse (Suzhou) Wireless
Products Co, Ltd
#99 Huo Ju Road
(#29 Bldg, 4th Phase)
Suzhou New District
Science & Tech Industrial Park
Jiangsu Province
Suzhou 215009 PR China
Tel 86 512 6807 9998
Fax 86 512 6809 8023
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