Distributor 3 allows seamless integration and control of
Meridian DSP Loudspeakers with RS232-based distributed
audio and home control systems.
The Distributor 3 allows the addition
of three Meridian DSP Loudspeaker
zones to a distributed audio system.
Utilising Meridian SpeakerLink,
the loudspeakers in each zone
are connected seamlessly via the
Distributor 3 to any existing RS232based home control system.
Typically installed after the matrix
switch for distributed sources,
Distributor 3 allows the control
system to be used for source,
switching and zone control.
Distributor 3 contains three
identical and discrete sections that
can operate independently or share
a common source, playing any
home audio source via Meridian
DSP Loudspeakers.
Distributor 3 is intended to be easy
to install and to integrate seamlessly
with a control system and audio
sources. It derives its power
through Meridian SpeakerLink and
is designed to fit in an equipment
rack using the included rack-mount
Distributor 3 consists of three totally
independent sections.
Each section takes a stereo input
signal, typically from the wholehouse audio matrix switch, either
analogue unbalanced, S/PDIF digital
coax, or Meridian SpeakerLink and
relays it to a pair of Meridian DSP
Loudspeakers. Analogue input
signals are converted to digital
format at 24-bit, 96 kHz sampling
for the highest quality.
Multiple sections of the Distributor
3 may be fed from the same source.
The source is fed to any one of
the inputs in one section and the
Aux Digital Output (S/PDIF coax)
of this section is fed to the Digital
Input of the next; if needed, the Aux
Digital Output of that section may
be fed to the Digital Input of the
third. Additional Distributor 3 units
may be used where more zones are
Key Features
• Allows Meridian DSP
Loudspeakers to operate
seamlessly with systems
featuring RS232 and distributed
audio systems.
• Distributes central sources
across three additional zones
• Simply add up to three more
Meridian Loudspeaker zones
with each Distributor 3
• Discrete control of each zone via
• Analogue, S/PDIF and
SpeakerLink inputs per zone
• Analogue signals converted to
24-bit/96kHz digital
• Separate or identical sources for
each zone
• Universal source connectivity:
SpeakerLink, analogue and
• Indicator lights for source and
• Sturdy metal enclosure,
optionally rack-mounted
Distributor 3 includes three identical, independent zones sourced by analogue, digital or SpeakerLink inputs
Typical application of Distributor 3
Installation & Operation
Typically, the audio matrix switch
controlled by the RS232 automation
system will provide a stereo audio
signal to be fed into the appropriate
input of the Distributor 3 zone,
alongside the RS232 signal from the
control system via the DB9 socket
provided (see typical application
diagram above).
Twin SpeakerLink outputs from
the zone then allow “home run”
connection to the Meridian DSP
Loudspeakers in each zone. Each
pair of DSP Loudspeakers is
controlled via an associated RS232
Most installations will require no
configuration or customization.
However, a USB connector in
each section provides access to
a command-line interface for
assigning Meridian Sources to the
individual physical inputs in each
section if they need to differ from
the defaults (Digital = CD, Analogue
= Radio and SpeakerLink = Aux).
Additional configuration capability
is also available via the commandline interface.
Distributor 3 is manufactured to
the highest standards in Meridian’s
factory near Cambridge, UK, and
features a durable rack-mount metal
case with top-quality connectors
and 6-layer printed circuit boards
for optimum audio performance.
Outline Specifications
Inputs (each of 3 sections)
• 1 x RS232 control signal (DB9)
• 1 x SpeakerLink (RJ45)
• 1 x Analogue stereo pair (phono)
converted internally to 24-bit
96kHz digital
• 1 x Digital S/PDIF coax (phono)
• 1 x USB B type for configuration
if required
Outputs (each of 3 sections)
• 2 x SpeakerLink (RJ45, Master &
• Digital Aux S/PDIF coax (phono)
for linking between zones
• 430 (16.9) x 112 (4.4) x 43.50
(1.71) (W D H mm (in))
(1U, 19in rack-mounting)
• 1 kg (2.2 lb) approx.
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