Philips 8718291705413 Datasheet

Philips 8718291705413 Datasheet
Philips EcoClassic
Halogen bulb
18 W (23 W)
E27 cap
Warm white
Sparkling halogen light in a familiar shape
The new classic light bulb
The Philips EcoClassic range offers familiar light bulb shapes with a sparkling, natural,
dimmable light. With a lifetime that is twice that of incandescent bulbs, EcoClassic halogen
bulbs have all your home lighting needs covered.
Superior light quality
• Dimmable
• Sparkling natural light
The economical and ecological choice
• Double the lifetime of a traditional bulb
Halogen bulb
18 W (23 W) E27 cap, Warm white
Bulb characteristics
Power consumption
Bulb dimensions
Shape: Standard
Cap/fitting: E27
Voltage: 230 V
Wattage: 18 W
Wattage equivalent: 23 W
Energy efficiency label: D
Power consumption per 1000h: 18 kW·h
Light characteristics
Light output: 204 lumen
Beam angle: not applicable degree
Rated center beam intensity: not applicable cd
Color: Warm White
Color temperature: 2800 K
Light effect/finish: Warm White
Color rendering index (CRI): 100
Starting time: 0 s
Warm-up time to 60% light: Instant full light
Lifetime of lamp: 2000 hour(s)
Average life (at 2.7 hrs/day): 2 year(s)
Number of switch cycles: 8000
Lumen maintenance factor: 0.8
• Height: 97 mm
• Width: 56 mm
Other characteristics
• Mercury content: 0 mg
• Power factor: 1
• Lamp current: 80 mA
Rated values
Rated power: 18.0 W
Rated luminous flux: 204 lm
Rated lifetime: 2000 hour(s)
Rated beam angle: not applicable degree
You control the level of light you need. Dimmable
with all dimmers, this Philips halogen bulb can be
adjusted from a bright, sparkling light to a warm,
cosy glow.
Double the lifetime
This lamp lasts twice as long as a standard bulb. So it
replaces two lamps, for lower cost and less hassle.
The lifetime is based on the average usage of 2,7 hrs
per day or 1.000 hrs a year.
Sparkling natural light
This new classic light bulb provides a sparkling,
natural halogen light, allowing the full richness of
colors in your interior to be seen at their best.
Instant brightness, without delay.
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