PLEASE NOTE: This rider is for general informational purposed only. Riders for individual
events will be available with the contract.
24’ wide x 24’ deep x 24” high (higher if available) with a minimum of 3
sets of steps
(one off the front edge of stage)
Three – 6’ x 8’ risers; set on up stage section for musicians
Two - 6’ x 8’ risers; set left and right of stage for sound cabinets
Electric Requirements: 10 – 20 amp (120V) quad boxes to stage
Dressing Room:
HYPR requires a nearby, private area for dressing/breaks.
The dressing room should contain:
• Lighting in dressing room (if pipe/drape)
• 8 chairs
• 1 clothes/coat racks for costumes
• 1 separate 20amp circuit for hair dryers, make-up mirrors,
• water/soda/coffee service for 8, set 2 hours prior to show
(minimum 2 cases of bottled water, room temperature)
5 Double Hotel Rooms on or adjacent to performance site
HYPR travels with 9 people total (8 on-stage, 1 technician)
9 flights are r/t from Orlando
* All flight times and schedules must be approved by act prior to
Ground Transfers:
Transportation to/from venue city airport. If hotel rooms are not provided
on or adjacent to performance site, ground transportation must be
provided to/from hotel and venue.
Per Diem:
Rate to be determined by Purchaser as appropriate to location.
Minimum per diem is $50 per person, per day on site ($75 per for
international dates). Please note that if the act is required to arrive a
day prior to the event, per diem is required on that day). Per diem is
not required on the day the act returns home.
Show Length:
HYPR can perform 3 forty-five minute sets during a 4-hour event.
Video Taping:
Artist agrees to allow Image Magnification of their performance.
Purchaser shall provide Artist with one copy of all footage of HYPR in
Betacam SP format within 10 days following performance at no cost to
Room Set-Up:
HYPR suggests that in planning the layout of your room, for groups of
500 people or less, the dance floor should be placed to keep the
audience within 18’ of the front edge of the stage.
INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL NOTE: PURCHASER is responsible to apply and pay for all work visas / permitting
and musicians unions, as required by local Government as well as pay for any and all country entrance/exit
charges. PURCHASER will pay ARTIST in full if ARTIST is delayed or denied entrance to country due to lack of
PURCHASER’S lack of procuring and processing the correct paperwork.
Purchaser’s Initials__________
HYPR National Rider continued . . .
Sound/Light Requirements
Minimum 3-Way System with Subs capable of clear, clean sound
quality at 110db at Mix Position with:
Minimum 24 channel front of house mixer with 4 separate monitor mix ability.
4 high quality wireless mics (4 handheld wireless)
Mics for instruments, 5 Direct Boxes for Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Seq. Keys, Keys with all
appropriate microphones, stands and cables.
4 separate monitor mixes / Minimum 7 wedges
Pearl, Tama, Yamaha (or similar) with all pedals, throne, High hat w/ cymbals, Single Kick, 2
Mounted Toms, 1 Floor Tom, 1 ride/2 crash cymbals
Guitar #1:
Roland JC-90 Guitar Amp (2ND Choice - Fender Hot Rod Deville 4x10)
Direct box for acoustic guitar
Korg Triton or Trinity Sustain Pedal Keyboard Stand
Single Peavy KB-300 amp or similar or separate monitor mix
Bass Amp - Eden 800 World tour or equivalent (2nd Choice - Hardtke or similar)
Bass Speaker Cabinet Eden extension cabinet 4x10
Appropriate lighting to present HYPR in a theatrical, high energy show.
Minimum three (3) color wash
One (1) follow spot w/operator is requested
HYPR requires 2 hours to set and sound check. This must be completed a
minimum of 1 ½ hours prior to Showtime.
If 1 ½ hour minimum is not possible, Purchaser must provide a hot meal for eight people
directly after sound check (this is NOT in lieu of per diem).
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