LanTEK® II Series Cable Certifier

LanTEK® II Series Cable Certifier
LanTEK® II Series Cable Certifier
■ Best price/performance options models ranging from 350 MHz to
1000 MHz for Category 6/ISO E
through Category 7A/ISO FA
■ High speed testing saves time and
■ Most internal memory available store over 1700 Category 6/ISO E
tests with graphs
■ Patented testing method - eliminate
expensive permanent link adapters
and test with patch cords for most
■ Extraordinary fast fiber testing with
FiberTEK® FDX - the first dual
wavelength, bidirectional fiber
certification tool
■ Large, ultra-bright display - 4.3 in.
wide screen display with white LED
backlighting provides easy viewing
of high-frequency data plots
■ 350 MHz & 500 MHz models are
fully upgradable to 1000 MHz
■ Smart lithium-ion battery
technology - 18 hour battery life
with self calibrating “fuel gauge”
for accurate capacity readings
LanTEK® II 350/500/1000
LanTEK II offers the best speed, performance and price available today. Nine second
Cat 5e and 14 second Cat 6 tests with full performance data plus 10 Gigabit Alien
Crosstalk testing that’s more than 4x faster than other systems make LanTEK II the
ultimate copper certification platform. The patented universal adapter systems lets you
certify most cabling with off-the-shelf patch cords saving time and money by eliminating
the need for proprietary permanent link adapters.
The optional FiberTEK FDX modules provide the world’s only dual wavelength,
bidirectional fiber certification available that’s more than 3x faster than existing
testers. Three models provide the needed performance without the added expense;
choose from 350 MHz/Cat 6, 500 MHz/Cat 6A or 1000 MHz/Cat7A all with accuracy
independently verified by ETL.
LanTEK II also offers ultimate versatility with options for certification of TERA, GG45 and
EC7 category 7/7A systems, plus M12 industrial Ethernet and coaxial test adapters.
IDEAL DataComm
Cut the Power Cord
The new smart lithium battery technology provides an amazing 18
hours of use in the field. The revolutionary battery technology has two
charging modes that offer the best flexibility available. Slow charge
the battery overnight while it is inside the LanTEK II, or remove the
battery and plug in to its dedicated charging port for a quick 5 hour
charge. Plus, the battery’s internal fuel gauge automatically selfadjusts every time the pack is completely discharged and recharged,
providing accurate charge readings over the life of the battery pack.
More Ways to Save
Save time and money in more ways than ever with LanTEK® II.
Universal Link Testing
The patented testing process eliminates the need for costly permanent
link adapters. By using universal test adapters for Category 5e through
6A certification, patch cords are typically the only item that needs to be
replaced when worn or damaged. This eliminates the wait and expense
of proprietary adapters meaning more time is spent testing and less time
searching for replacement parts.
Channel and Permanent Link Testing with One Adapter
Only LanTEK allows permanent link and channel certification without
changing adapters. The patented DualMODE function allows cabling to be
certified to two different standards with one press of the Autotest button;
half the time it would take with any other certifier.
Certify cabling to both Category 6 permanent link and Category 6 channel
link standards at the same time, satisfying requirements from cabling
manufacturers and end users without costing any more time in the field.
Or certify cabling to existing current standards and proposed future
standards which eliminates retesting at a later date.
Fast Test Times
Category 5e certification in 9 seconds,
Category 6 in 14 seconds, and Category
6A in only 16 seconds with graphs! Plus
enjoy fiber certification that’s 3x
faster and 10 gigabit alien crosstalk
certification that’s 4x faster than the
Most Memory Capacity
LanTEK II has 7x the storage capacity
as competitive certifiers. Save an
astonishing 1700 Category 6 results
with graphs. If the memory fills, simply
off-load the data to a USB thumb
drive for portability and archiving.
Three Models to Suit Any Need
LanTEK II is offered in three models: 350, 500 and 1000. The LanTEK
II-350 offers 350MHz of frequency sweep to certify Category 6 cabling
and below. LanTEK II-500 sweeps to 500MHz, and is the only certifier
designed specifically for Category 6A cabling. LanTEK II-1000 is the
world’s fastest certifier with a full 1GHz of certification bandwidth to
go well beyond Category 7/ISO Class F (600MHz), all the way to ISO
Class FA (1000MHz) standard to support shared cabling applications
such as CATV, Ethernet and voice in the same cable.
Maximum Reporting Power
(IDC) software puts the
power in the fingertips of the
user. The main test grid
display can be customized
to display and sort by
virtually any test parameter
allowing for quick
identification of tests that
are below desired performance margins. Quickly scan through plot
data by choosing a plot type and scrolling through the test list to
instantly refresh the plot for each test. This makes visually scanning
through reports and searching for anomalies a breeze. IDC offers
many reporting options such as detailed, brief, and single line
reports, plus export data in XML, CSV and PDF formats. Plus the
unique ability to customized the plots by inverting the scales, toggling
linear or log frequencies and even adjusting colors makes IDC the
most user friendly and powerful cable reporting software ever.
LanTEK® II Series Cable Certifier
FiberTEK® FDX Key
Time Saving Fiber Certification
The FiberTEK FDX option allows users to add full Tier
1, standards compliant fiber certification capability
to the LanTEK and LanTEK II certifiers. Tier 1
certification utilizes a light source and power meter to
measure the power loss of optical cabling. FiberTEK
FDX modules incorporate dual light sources and a
wide range power meter to allow testing loss of fiber
links as well as to measure the light emitted from
active network equipment for troubleshooting.
The full-duplex FiberTEK FDX represents the pinnacle
of fiber optic certification, saving time and simplifying
documentation by completely eliminating the need to
swap launch cords or swap modules. The unique fullduplex operation tests a single strand of fiber at two
wavelengths and in both directions, plus measures
the length with one press of the Autotest button. This
means that for each fiber, five test parameters are
saved for each cable ID making it the easiest to use
fiber certifier ever.
Three types of FiberTEK FDX are available to suit
every installation. Multi-mode (850/1300nm) kits
are available with either LED light sources for
10/100Mbps certification, or VSCEL/laser sources
for 1Gbps and faster certification of laser optimized
fiber. Single mode (1310/1550nm) kits feature
laser sources as well. Combination multi-mode and
single mode kits are available to further increase the
FiberTEK FDX value.
Five results with one Autotest, the
fastest fiber certification solution
The only solution that completely
eliminates the need to swap fibers
or modules, allowing complete
one-step certification of horizontal
and backbone cabling.
Simplified Testing
Unlike other fiber certification add-ons that require
up to four separate testing steps to test each
fiber at both wavelengths and in both directions,
FiberTEK FDX can accomplish this task in one easy
step. FiberTEK FDX revolutionizes the whole fiber
certification process by utilizing a sophisticated full
duplex optical module that lets each fiber be certified
in one simple step with no reversing of patch cords
or swapping of optical modules. Four attenuation
measurements plus length in one press of the
Autotest button. The simplest way to certify fiber.
More than twice as fast as any
other fiber certification tester
Complies to TIA/ISO/IEC
certification standards.
Available with both LED and
VCSEL/laser multimode sources
for 10/100Mbps or 1/10G
Real-time power meter to aid in
troubleshooting active equipment
Field changeable adapters (SC,
ST, FC) eliminate the need to
carry multiple hybrid launch
Handset Dimensions
Height/Width/Depth: 10in/5in/2.1in (25.4cm/12.7cm/5.3cm)
Handset weight w/ battery
Display: 2.4lbs/1.1kg; Remote: 2.3lbs/1.0kg
Lithium ion, 7.4VDC, 6.6AH; Input: 12V/2A DC; Typical operating time: 18 hours (new battery running a Cat6 test every 2.5 minutes, full backlight); Charge time: 4 hours quick
charge with battery removed from handset, 6 hours inside handset.
Input power
Handset: DC 12-15V, 2A; Line/mains power: AC 110-240V
4.3” wide screen TFT, 480 x 272 pixel, 95 x 54mm viewable area
Adapter port: 168 pin ultra low crosstalk, mini-USB device port, USB host port (display handset only), four pin serial port (service use only), 1/8” talkset jack, power/charging jack
Frequency range
LanTEK II-350: 1-350MHz, LanTEK II-500: 1-500MHz, LanTEK II-1000: 1-1000MHz
Non-volatile flash, storage capacity for 1700 TIA-Cat 6 tests with graphs. Tests can be copied to USB flash drive, up to 64GB.
Wire map, DC loop resistance length, capacitance, NEXT, insertion loss (formerly attenuation), ACR-N (formerly ACR), return loss, average impedance, propagation delay, delay
skew, power sum NEXT, power sum ACR-N (formerly power sum ACR), ACR-F (formerly ELFEXT), power sum ACR-F (formerly power sum ELFEXT), alien crosstalk (with optional
AXT testing kit)
Length measurement
0-2000 ft.; 1 ft. resolution, +/-(3% + 3 ft.)
Supported cable types
TIA/EIA Category 3, 4, 5, 5E, 6 and 6A: 100Ω
ISO/IEC Class C, D, E, EA, F, FA: 100Ω
Cat 6/6A Class E/EA RJ-45 permanent link adapters: shielded and un-shielded cable, universal adapters provide channel, permanent link and basic link measurements.
Supported connectors
Additional adapters: GG45, ARJ45, TERA, EC7 (MMCPRO3000), Coax 50-75Ω (BNC connector), M12 industrial
Tone generator
Integrated into display and remote handset, compatible with standard analog inductive probes, selectable tone (high/low/warble) 500/600 Hz, selectable pin output.
Input protection
100V @ 25mA
Operating temperature
0°C to 50°C, non-condensing
Storage temperature
-20°C to 70°C, non-condensing
MIL-PRF-28800 F, Class 3
Supported languages
Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish
Baseline: Certified by ETL to meet IEC 61935 Level III/IIIe/IV; Channel/Permanent link: TIA 568-B.2-2 and IEC 61935 Level III/IIIe/IV
Warranty (LanTEK II/FiberTEK
One (1) Year from date of purchase
Batteries and accessories are warranted 90 days from date of purchase
PC Software
Requirements: Microsoft Windows® XP or Vista, 512MB RAM, 500MB hard disk + 1GB for every 1,500 Category 6 tests
LanTEK® II (any model)
User changeable adapter (SC, FC, ST), 2.5mm ferrule
Laser safety
Multi-mode 850 VCSEL: class 3, 5mW max; multi-mode 1300 laser: class 3, 5mW max; Single mode 1310 & 1550: class: 3, 5mW max
Power meter accuracy
± .5dB from 0dBm to -40dBm 850-1550nm; system dynamic range 40dB
Length accuracy
±3%; maximum distance measurement 3000m
Display resolution
Power/attenuation: 0.1dB, length: 0.1m/0.1ft
Cat #
LanTEK® II-350: TIA/EIA Cat6, ISO Class E certifier w/ Cat6 adapters
LanTEK® II-500: TIA/EIA Cat6A, ISO Class EA certifier w/ Cat6A adapters
LanTEK® II-1000: TIA/EIA Cat7A, ISO Class F/FA certifier w/ Cat6A adapters
Contents: LanTEK® II display and remote handset, two smart lithium ion batteries, two 110-240V power adapters with US/EU/UK plugs, lockable semi-rigid carrying case, Cat6A F/FTP patch cords, USB cable,
DataCENTER data management and reporting software, two headsets, hanging straps, and ETL accuracy certificate.
Multimode (850/1300nm) kit with LED light sources for standard multi-mode fiber, 850nm LED, 1300nm LED
Multimode (850/1300nm) kit with VCSEL/laser light sources for laser optimized fiber, 850nm VCSEL, 1300nm FP laser
Single mode (1310/1550nm) kit with laser light sources for single mode fiber, 1310nm FP laser, 1550nm FP laser
Combination MM/SM kit with LED MM sources and laser SM sources (33-990-FA01 & 33-990-FA03)
Combination MM/SM lit with VCSEL/laser MM sources and laser SM sources (33-990-FA02 & 33-990-FA03)
Contents: Two FiberTEK FDX modules, lockable semi-rigid carrying case, SC, FC, ST adapters for modules (2 ea), SC-SC patch cords (MM kits: 3x 62.5µm, 3x 50µm; SM kits: 3x 9um SMF) compliant to ISO/IEC
14763-3 standard, quick reference guide, and electronic operation manual.
Specifications subject to change without notice.
Becker Place, Sycamore, IL 60178, USA / 815-895-5181 • 800-435-0705 in USA
International offices:
Australia • Brazil • Canada • China • Germany • Mexico • UK
Form No. P-2870
For complete sales office contact information, visit us at:
Printed in U.S.A.
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