Philips AD385/93 Datasheet

Philips AD385/93 Datasheet
docking speaker with
with Lightning connector
for iPod/iPhone
8W, rechargeable battery
Enjoy music from your iPhone 5, wirelessly
with this docking speaker
On your desk or anywhere else, the AD385 docking speaker delivers crystal-clear sound
that fills the room. Compatible with iPhone 5/latest iPods via the Lightning connector,
features Bluetooth and rechargeable battery for wireless music.
Crystal clear sound
• Wireless music streaming via Bluetooth
• Bass Reflex Speaker System delivers a powerful, deeper bass
• Shielding technology to block mobile phone interference
Enjoy your favorite music
• Fast charging and play music via Lightning connector
• Audio-in for portable music playback
Advanced versatility
• Built-in rechargeable battery for even better portability
Docking speaker with Bluetooth®
Bluetooth® with Lightning connector, for iPod/iPhone, 8W, rechargeable battery
Bass Reflex Speaker System
quickly while playing, so you don't have to work
about the battery running out.
iPad compatibility
Wireless music streaming
iPhone compatibility
• via Bluetooth: iPad, iPad 2, iPad mini, iPad 4
• via Lightning connector: iPhone 5
• via Bluetooth: iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4,
iPhone 4S, iPhone 5
iPod compatibility
Bass Reflex Speaker System delivers a deep bass
experience from a compact loudspeaker box system.
It differs from a conventional loudspeaker box
system in the addition of a bass pipe that is
acoustically aligned to the woofer to optimize the
low frequency roll-off of the system. The result is
deeper controlled bass and lower distortion. The
system works by resonating the air mass in the bass
pipe to vibrate like a conventional woofer.
Combined with the response of the woofer, the
system extends the overall low frequency sounds to
create a whole new dimension of deep bass.
• via Lightning connector: iPod nano 7th generation,
iPod touch 5th generation
• via Bluetooth: iPod nano 7th generation, iPod
touch 5th generation, iPod touch 3rd generation,
iPod touch 4th generation
Bluetooth is a short range wireless communication
technology that is both robust and energy-efficient.
The technology allows easy wireless connection to
iPod/iPhone/iPad or other Bluetooth devices, such as
smartphones, tablets or even laptops. So you can
enjoy your favorite music, sound from video or game
wireless on this speaker easily.
Play and charge via Lightning
• Output power: 8 W RMS
• Sound system: stereo
• Volume control: up/down
Bluetooth profiles: A2DP
Bluetooth range: line of sight, 10M or 30FT
Bluetooth version: 2.1
Audio in (3.5mm)
• Product dimensions (WxDxH): 300 x 133 x
116 mm
• Packaging dimensions (WxDxH): 387 x 161 x 143
• Product weight: 1.3 kg
• Weight incl. Packaging: 1.65 kg
Enjoy your favorite music while charging your iPod/
iPhone via the new Lightning connector! Just dock it
directly on the speaker to play your hand-picked
tunes in superb sound. It also charges your device
The Audio in connectivity allows direct playback of
Audio in content from portable media players.
Besides the benefit of enjoying your favorite music in
the superior sound quality delivered by the audio
system, the Audio in is also extremely convenient as
all you have to do is to plug your portable MP3 player
to the audio system.
Issue date 2014-07-24
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All Rights reserved.
Version: 1.0.3
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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12 NC: 8670 001 04802
EAN: 69 23410 72211 6
• Power supply: 100 - 240V AC, 50/60Hz
• Battery type: Li-Polymer
• Battery life time: 5 hr
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