Lincoln Brewster Technical Rider
Lincoln Brewster
!This rider is part of your contract with Lincoln Brewster Ministries and The Greg Oliver Agency
(GOA) and is provided to give you information and clarity as to what will be needed by Lincoln and
his crew. In an effort to make this event as successful as possible, we ask that you review this
rider carefully. It contains all contact information, travel, food and hotel requirements. The
Technical Rider contains all equipment requirements and technical needs. If you have any
questions, or if there is a problem with any of these requests, please contact Road Management.
Any changes must be made at least thirty (30) days prior to the event.
Please return a completed, signed Artist Agreement, Additional Terms and Conditions, Rider and
Technical Rider within fifteen (15) days of receipt to The Greg Oliver Agency. Keep one copy of
this rider to use as a guide for preparing for the concert. We can be flexible when necessary and
will do our best to work with your individual situation. Your attention to advance details will be
greatly appreciated and will serve to make the day run more smoothly and less stressfully.
!This rider is attached to and incorporated in the contract, dated _____________ by and between
Lincoln Brewster Ministries, hereinafter referred to as ARTIST, and _________________________
hereinafter referred to as SPONSOR, for the engagement at ___________________ (Venue) in
______________ (City, State) on ______________.
Artist Management:
Lee Fields
(916) 960-6309
!Business Management:
QED Tax Service
6520 Lonetree Blvd.
Rocklin, CA 95765
Sales Manager:
Peter Burton
(530) 368-9712
Kim Sykes
Tel: 916-457-2900
Road/ Production Manager:
Aaron Padilla
(916) 871-6826
!Booking Agent:
GOA, Inc.
1710 General George Patton Drive #104
Brentwood, TN 37027
Tel: 615-790-5540
!Record Company:
Integrity Music / David C. Cook
4050 Lee Vance View
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
Tel: 888-888-4726
Lincoln Brewster Rider
PAYMENT (Deposits and Settlement)
Please return the deposit, made out to GOA, Inc. along with the completed, signed Artist
Agreement, Additional Terms and Conditions and Rider within fifteen (15) days of receipt to
The Greg Oliver Agency.
All travel arrangements for ARTIST will be made by ARTIST’S Road Manager. Travel
reimbursements are due immediately upon receipt and must be received no later than two
weeks prior to the event. SPONSOR agrees to provide one of the following:
1) Full reimbursement for travel expenses upon receipt of reimbursement request. Please
make CASHIERS CHECK or MONEY ORDER ONLY payable to Lincoln Brewster and
send by U.S. Priority Mail or Overnight Delivery Service (UPS, Fedex, Express Mail) to
Lincoln Brewster, c/o QED Tax Service, 6520 Lonetree Blvd. ,Rocklin, CA 95765. Please
note the date of event on your payment.
2) a signed credit card authorization, authorizing all travel expenses to be charged to
designated credit card. (Authorization will be destroyed upon completion of travel.)
C. Balance of payment (final payment) for performance should be made payable to Lincoln
Brewster and provided to ARTIST’S Road Manager, by check, cash or cashier’s check,
prior to the concert on the night of event.
D. ARTIST will only be held responsible for hall/merch fees as stated in contract. Hall/merch
fees cannot be written into this rider and must be stated in the original contract.
E. SPONSOR agrees to have all tickets consecutively numbered. Unless ARTIST is
contracted for a flat / set fee, a complete breakdown of advance ticket sales is required
before doors open. ARTIST reserves the right to monitor all ticket sales. If contract is
against the net, a complete breakdown of receipts and revenues must be presented to the
ARTIST at time of settlement.
! A. All flight arrangements for ARTIST and band will be made by ARTIST’S Road Manager.
Every effort will be made to obtain the best possible fares within the confines of ARTIST’S
schedule. SPONSOR will also be billed for baggage fees in addition to airfare. (See I. B
Page 2)
All hotel reservations for ARTIST and band will be made by ARTIST’S Road Manager.
ARTIST and band will need FOUR (4) hotel rooms (4 duel queen rooms) at a Marriott or
Hilton hotel. SPONSOR will be asked to arrange payment directly with hotel by faxing a
credit card authorization to hotel as soon as reservations are completed, or prepay hotel
fees in the travel reimbursement. Credit card authorizations must be confirmed with
ARTIST’s Road Manager. Depending on ARTIST’S flight schedule, hotel may be booked
near the venue or airport, whichever will best accommodate the ARTIST’S travel needs.
Please be assured that everything will be done to get the best possible rate! If you have a
special rate at a specific hotel, this info must be given to artist road manager before
contract is signed. Because of travel schedules we cannot guarantee we will be able to
stay in a specific city, but will try to accommodate requests the best we can.
C. SPONSOR agrees to reimburse for three (3) rental cars (2 minivans or large SUV’s and 1
full size car) for ground transportation, including fuel and all tolls.
Lincoln Brewster Rider
D. In the event that travel is interrupted (delayed or cancelled flights for example) and band is
required to unexpectedly stay overnight while in route to the event, SPONSOR will be
responsible for all charges for interim lodging,food, and transportation expenses. ARTIST
will make all possible effort to keep additional lodging expenses to a minimum while still
providing reasonable lodging and food for ARTIST and band. Any expenses for interim
lodging will be promptly reimbursed by SPONSOR and due immediately upon receipt of
invoice and receipts.
A. All Meal plans (Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner) should be discussed with ARTIST’s Road
Manager prior to the event. SPONSOR is responsible for meals for ARTIST and band as
soon as travel is initiated and until it is completed. We have found this to be necessary as
airlines no longer provide meals during flights. We have also found that flexibility in meal
planning works best due to different time zones and inability to predict when the band will
be hungry. For those reasons, we ask that meals not be catered at the church or venue.
SPONSOR will notify ARTIST’S Road Manager of which option they prefer. We offer hosts
these options (Options may be combined):
1. SPONSOR may opt for a meal buyout at the following per diem rate:
Total Daily Per Diem $55 Per Person times seven band members. Total daily Per Diem
2. Band can submit receipts to SPONSOR for reimbursement in cash for meals purchased
by them.
3. SPONSOR may opt to take the band to a restaurant for meals. Restaurant most be
coordinated with road manager.
B. SPONSOR agrees to provide an assortment of healthy snacks and beverages for the
ARTIST and band in the ARTIST’S dressing room.
Green Room Food Suggestions
Here are some suggestions for the green room. Please leave all food items sealed and in
original packaging.
Due to food allergies, please no food with MSG.
Bottled Water (Some room temp, some iced please)
Coke, Coke Zero, Dr. Pepper/Mr.Pibb, Mt.Dew, Mellow Yellow, RedBull (sugar free and r
regular), Starbucks Double Shots, Arizona Arnold Palmer
Gatorade (any flavor, not G2)
Cold cuts with cheese & rolls, deli mustard, mayo, etc.
Vegetable tray and fruit tray
Cliff Bars (Peanut Toffee, Strawberry Yogurt, Fudge Graham or Chocolate Peanut Butter)
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Potato Chips (Lay’s Original, Sun Chips, Doritos)
Breath Mints and Gum
Lincoln Brewster Rider
SPONSOR agrees to rent a professional PA sound system to insure a good sound
performance. PLEASE BE PREPARED FOR THIS EXPENSE. If the venue has an
existing PA, rental of additional equipment to augment the system may be all that is
necessary. You will be asked to fill out a Technical Advance Document, which will advise us
of available equipment and help us to determine exactly what, if anything, will need to be
rented. This decision will be made by ARTIST’S Production Manager.
SPONSOR will provide a professional audio technician, a lighting technician and lighting
equipment as described in the Technical Rider, and an authorized representative to
approve the volume level at the time of sound check. SPONSOR will ensure that the hall
manager or custodian is available at all times to help with obtaining access to all areas
and assist in turning on and off house and stage lights. It is extremely important that these
individuals be available from load-in to load-out.
Load-in must begin a minimum of four (4) hours before doors open. Please have a
minimum of four (4) loaders/stage hands available to assist ARTIST from arrival through
departure. It is essential that these individuals are able-bodied and ready to work
immediately upon arrival. SPONSOR is responsible for paying these personnel, if needed.
Please make sure these individuals are available to help with teardown and load-out for at
least one (1) hour after the event.
The stage area should be a minimum of thirty (30) feet deep and thirty (30) feet wide.
Please make sure that the stage is completely cleared prior to ARTIST’S arrival. Ceiling
height must be twenty (20) feet from stage deck, cleared and unobstructed. Please provide
two (2) carpeted stage risers measuring 8’ X 8’ x 24” high for the drums and keys, available
at load-in. All staging and other preparations to be assembled must be completed the day
before the concert.
SPONSOR will ensure that ARTIST will receive an uninterrupted sound check upon
completion of load-in and set-up. No unauthorized personnel will be allowed inside the
auditorium during sound check.
SPONSOR will provide one secure, private, and comfortable dressing room, made
available to ARTIST and band upon arrival. The room will need to have a comfortable
place for six (6) people to sit, relax, and prepare to give a wonderful worship experience to
SPONSOR will provide a Runner eighteen (18) years or older, with reliable and large
enough transportation, who has a good working knowledge of the area and is well-informed
of directions to/from the following: hotel, venue, local restaurants, music stores, shopping
malls, electronics repair shop, etc.
SPONSOR will provide four (4) six or eight-foot tables and a bistro table placed in a welllit area near a primary entrance or exit of the lobby for merchandise. There will need to be
electrical outlets available at the table location. SPONSOR agrees there will be no other
merchandise sold (including T-shirts, audio or videotapes, photos, posters, buttons, etc.)
without prior permission of Management. SPONSOR may sell food and soft drinks to the
SPONSOR will provide four (4) responsible adults (at least 21 years of age) to assist in
selling merchandise for ARTIST. Please assign one volunteer with cash-handling
experience as ‘merchandise supervisor’ and one male volunteer as ‘security supervisor’.
‘Security supervisor’ will be responsible for keeping order while ARTIST signs product. All
Lincoln Brewster Rider
merchandise volunteers need to meet with ARTIST’s Merchandise Sales Manager at the
merchandise tables one hour prior to doors opening. They will be asked to stay until all
merchandise is packed up and accounted for.
C. If there is a concession fee required by the venue, this information should be
communicated to ARTIST’s Road Manager immediately. If we do not have advance
notice, SPONSOR will be required to pay all fees accrued as a result of the sale of
ARTIST’s merchandise.
D. SPONSOR will receive no percentage of any monies received for the sale of such
merchandise, and ARTIST will retain one hundred percent (100%) of the receipts
therefrom, with the sole exception of any financial arrangements with a house charge.
House merchandise fees will only be paid if they are stated in the contract. All
merchandise financial arrangements will be handled through ARTIST’s Merchandise Sales
E. SPONSOR of any event outside of the United States agrees to provide credit card service
and advance merchandise cash to be available for merchandise sales, and will issue a
final check to ARTIST upon completion of the event.
! A. ARTIST must approve any opening acts or speakers in advance to ensure continuity in
praise and worship for the entire event. We believe in new and developing artists,
however, without exception, all opening acts must adhere to the following guidelines:
1. Notification of opening acts should be emailed to ARTIST’s Road Manager. A current
demo tape, photo, or link to video or website of the potential opening act with set list must
be received by Business Manager thirty (30) days prior to the concert date. If sent by mail,
package should be addressed to Lincoln Brewster Management, 1911 Douglas Blvd. Ste
85-359, Roseville, CA 95661.
!2. Opening act must provide their own sound engineer to run sound, lights, etc.
!3. ARTIST’s Road Manager must be notified and approve of any other presentation or
speaker that SPONSOR would like to include within the event.
B. Concert emcee will be available to speak briefly with ARTIST at the conclusion of sound
check, outside of dressing room to finalize introductions, intermission contents, and timing
of concert.
C. Venue must be able to go to complete blackout except for appropriate exit markings, etc.
!! ARTIST may require a spotlight with spotlight operator.
A. SPONSOR agrees that any and all liability insurance required by the state or facility is
properly secured and in effect, and cover all persons involved in this event, including (but
not limited to) ARTIST, crew, and all volunteers. This coverage must be in force from the
beginning of load-in until the completion of load-out. SPONSOR or facility shall hold
ARTIST harmless in the event of injury or death to any persons involved with this event.
SPONSOR and facility shall also hold ARTIST harmless in the event of property damage
caused by concert attendees, or individuals working for SPONSOR. This provision shall
supersede any and all other agreements between SPONSOR, ARTIST, and the facility.
Lincoln Brewster Rider
! B.
SPONSOR agrees to obtain all permits and licenses required by law at their expense.
A. ARTIST will gladly participate in any radio and television interviews, as well as in store
appearances, as his schedule allows. All interviews and appearances must be scheduled at
least 14 days prior to the event and have prior approval of ARTIST’s Road Management.
Please do not schedule any interviews or special appearances for ARTIST without advance
approval from Management.
ARTIST shall have control over production, presentation, and performance for this concert.
Please provide a maximum of twenty (20) complimentary tickets for ARTIST discretion. If
all tickets are not used, road manager will release them for back to you for sale at the door.
ARTIST or representative will provide a ‘comp list’ one hour before doors open.
In accordance with Federal Copyright Law, no portion of the concert may be taped, filmed,
or otherwise reproduced without prior written consent from Management. All authorized
camera personnel shall be issued a photo pass. Still photography is permitted for private,
non-commercial use only. Please, no flash photography during the event. (Flashes can be
very distracting during Worship time.)
A. We are endeavoring to provide a worship concert and presentation of the Gospel with which
everyone (Christian, “non” and all denominational groups) will be comfortable. Any special
requests outside the normal concert setting should be directed to Management in advance.
ARTIST will be offering an altar call at every event, unless requested not to do so by HOST.
Please provide adequate staff to serve during the altar call.
A. In the event that a performance is prevented or cancelled because of (but not limited to)
any of the following: illness or unforeseen emergency, an act of God, an accident, fire,
blackout, lockout, strike or other labor dispute, riot or civil commotion, act of terrorism, the
foregoing failure of technical facilities, failure or delay of transportation facilities, dangerous
weather conditions, national or local state of emergency, any circumstance that may expose
either ARTIST or audience to danger, death or injury of any kind, or any unexpected event,
ARTIST may terminate this agreement.
All attached and enclosed forms must be completed and returned with the contract and
rider. Any additional forms, which are sent to SPONSOR, must be completed and returned
within seven (7) days of receipt. All rider specifications are subject to additions and
deletions by ARTIST. If production needs should change after this rider is signed and
executed, ARTIST and SPONSOR must mutually approve any additional expenses
Lincoln Brewster Rider
By the act of signing this RIDER and the CONCERT AGREEMENT, SPONSOR fully
accepts all provisions of this agreement. THE PERSON SIGNING THIS AGREEMENT
Lincoln Brewster Rider
v1.0 - 2013
Lincoln Brewster Technical Rider
We are happy to work closely with you in order to make this event the biggest success possible. Please
fill out our Technical Advance Document as soon as you receive it, as this will help facilitate finalizing
our gear needs. Please include pictures of the venue’s room showing the stage, seating area, amp
racks, FOH location, and speaker placement 90 days prior to the concert.
Production Manager
Aaron Padilla
p: (916) 871-6826
The stage area should be a minimum of 30 feet wide and 30 feet deep. It must be cleared of all
obstructions (i.e. podiums, pulpits, pianos, greenery, music stands, etc.). Please provide two sturdy,
8'x8'x24'' risers on wheels for the drums and keys. Please have all stage preparations completed before
scheduled arrival of group. In the event that there is more than one band performing, please keep in
mind that the headliners (Lincoln Brewster) gear will be on stage during opening acts’ performance.
Please allow for adequate space for all groups involved. Please have 6 clean white stage towels, and 1
case of bottled water placed at the monitor location.
Stage Hands
At least four (4) stagehands are required to assist with load in/set up and tear down of Lincoln
Brewster’s equipment. Stagehands shall be no less than 18 years of age and able to lift 75lbs/34kg.
Stagehands MUST wear close-toed shoes. Lincoln Brewster is not responsible for any costs incurred
due to crew or union wages. These stagehands are to be separate from audio and lighting load in.
They will assist with band gear and merchandise only.
Sound Check
At the scheduled sound check time, the hall must be cleared of all people (other than the tour and
minimal venue staff approved by tour personnel). This includes all volunteers for the concert. Please
make sure all doors leading into the hall are closed at this time. Sound check takes approximately
45-90 minutes to complete. Lincoln Brewster must be guaranteed a complete sound check prior to the
admittance of the audience for the concert. In the case of Lincoln Brewster being the headlining
artist, set-up and sound check must be done prior to the set-up and sound check of ALL supporting
acts. Lincoln Brewster shall use their full array of equipment, and shall not be required to move any of
the equipment after sound check, i.e. drums. Lincoln Brewster shall not be required to perform under
any other condition. Sound checks for opening acts will happen in reverse order of performance.
v 1.0 - 2013
Lincoln Brewster 1
v1.0 - 2013 . Sound
Lincoln Brewster Technical Rider
System (Production Manager Must Approve System)
. Front Of House (Under NO Circumstances will FOH engineer mix from a balcony location)
. Speakers
Sufficient quantity of professional quality, actively crossed over 4-way system: (NEXO,
L-Acoustics, Meyer,, EV X Array/Line, EAW Line Arrays, JBL VerTecec) Powered by
professional quality amplifiers: (Crown, QSC, or Lab Gruppen, NEXO) Speaker/Amp/
Crossover settings must be properly configured per brand/model. Speaker system must be
capable of producing high quality, distortion-free sound over the entire audience area. System
should be able to produce SPL of 110db (“A” weighted) at FOH mix position. Please verify that
all devices are in working condition and are properly wired. FOH engineer will have final say
on location of PA placement; this includes subwoofers, fills, delays, and mains.
. Preferred Boxes (in no specific order)
Meyer Sound - (M’elody or larger)
EAW - (KF Series or Better)
JBL - (VerTec Series Only 4887 or larger)
Nexo - (GEO S12 Series or larger)
Martin MLA series
Adamson (Spektrix or larger)
L-Acoustics (DV Dosc or larger)
D&B (Q series or larger)
EV - (XLD, XLC, or X-Array)
. Power Amplification
Crown - (Macro Tech & iTech)
Lab Gruppen
QSC - (Power Light)
Nexo - (NX AMP)
Avid - (SC48, Profile, D Show)
Solid State Logic LIVE
Digico - (SD Series)
Yamaha - (LS9-32, M7CL, PM5D, CL Series)
Midas - (Pro Series, XL 8)
Lincoln Brewster Technical Rider - v1.0 - 2013 2
v1.0 - 2013 Lincoln Brewster Technical Rider
NOTE: 'In-House' systems must meet rider specs and are subject to approval. Please provide a
detailed list of all equipment (make/model) as well as the technical personal contact information.
. Monitors
Monitor System must be side stage(band entrance) with a clear view of artist and band. Artist
will travel with own ear package, drum and lead vocal mic package. Sponsor agrees to provide separate
monitor console, all stage cabling (xlr’s and extension cords) and mic stands. If the monitor console
and front of house console share HA gain, monitors must have control. Please email Production
Manager for current stage plot, input list.
Avid - (SC48, Profile, D Show)
Solid State Logic LIVE
Digico - (SD Series)
Yamaha - (LS9-32, M7CL, PM5D, CL Series)
Midas - (Pro Series, XL 8)
. Stands (10 Black Tall Booms, 8 Black Short Booms)
Planet Waves
NOTE: Absolutely NO Aviom, Hearback, or Homemade Console system types.
Lincoln Brewster Technical Rider - v1.0 - 2013 3
v1.0 - 2013 Lincoln Brewster Technical Rider
. Backline (All backline must be setup, checked and tuned before artist and band arrives, and kick
drum must have a mic hole in the front head.)
. Drums (1st Choice) DW Collectors Series
(2nd Choice) GRETCH (USA Maple or Renown Maple)
Drum Sizes
(Kick & Toms Must Have New Clear Heads (TOMS Evans G2) (KICK EMAD (No Remo) )
12” Rack Tom
14” x 6” Snare Drum (Black Beauty Type, Evans Reverse Center Dot)
16” Floor Tom
22” Kick
. Hardware: All hardware must be professional grade (DW Preferred)
(3) Cymbal Boom Stands
(1) Hi-Hat Stand
(1) Snare Stand
(1) Drum Throne
(1) Tom Stand (if rack tom is not mounted on kick drum)
Cymbals: (1st Choice) Paiste twenty Series or 2002 Series
(2nd Choice) Zildjian A Series
Cymbal Sizes:
14” Hi-Hats
19” Crash
. Bass
20” Crash
22” Ride
(1st Choice) GK neo 4x12 cab with 2001 rb Head
(2nd Choice) Ampeg 8x10 cab with SVT head
. Guitars (1st Guitar) (2) Marshall 4x12 cabs with JCM 800 head
(2nd 2nd Guitar) (2) Vox AC30
. Keys
(1) Yamaha MOX6
(1) Yamaha MOX8
.We will need two single X style keyboard stands and a laptop Stand
We will also need:
. (7) guitar stands
. (1) Plexiglas Drum Shield
. (5) 15’ ¼” cables
. (3) Heavy duty Floor Fans
Lincoln Brewster Technical Rider - v1.0 - 2013 4
v1.0 - 2013 Lincoln Brewster Technical Rider
. Lighting
SPONSOR agrees to provide a top quality lighting system with the following specifications:
Lighting console should be next to sound console. The following is a rough and general overview of
minimum lighting requirements for a venue with a capacity of up to 1,000 occupants and should be
referred directly to the lighting company.
Two (2) ground supported, or flown trusses. One (1) downstage and one (1) upstage of equal
length. There should be a minimum of (10) moving lights (Studio spots, Techno beams,
Cyberlight, Mac 250/500/700/2000/3000), LED Pars or Bars and a Leko spot for each stage
position as per stage plot.
. Please provide at least two (2) follow spots with qualified operators. Also please provide a
communication system between both spot operators and the lighting operator.
. Please provide ONE Hazer (not fog) sufficient to fill stage and house with suitable haze.
DF-50 is preferred.
. Please Provide one lighting operator and lighting console.
A black backdrop is to be hung along the back of the rear truss.
Please contract a professional sound and lighting company. Ensure that their equipment is
quality certified, fireproof, and professional. Road management may be able to suggest suitable
. Video
SPONSOR agrees to provide two video drops (DVI or VGA only) at the drum riser. These must
both be active inputs on the primary video switcher. We will be providing lyric content via a 16x9
aspect ratio video feed (necessitating the drum riser inputs) and it is SPONSOR’s responsibility to
provide the necessary hardware to switch, scale, key, or otherwise modify the signal to be compatible
with the in-house video system. As a redundancy for this system, SPONSOR agrees to provide a lyric
computer with one of either Media Shout, Pro Presenter, Keynote, or PowerPoint installed and
authorized and a trained operator. ARTIST will provide the necessary slides for the set as PNG image
files. SPONSOR also agrees to provide a projector and screen or video wall system for display of this
content. Viability of this system is at the sole discretion of ARTIST and ARTIST’s representatives.
Please ensure that a video tech able to configure ad troubleshoot the whole of the system is at the
venue whenever the ARTIST or ARTIST’s representative is present, including but not limited to loadin, soundcheck and show.
Lincoln Brewster Technical Rider - v1.0 - 2013 5
v1.0 - 2013 Lincoln Brewster Technical Rider
. Power
Light and Audio power will be separate. If either audio or lighting equipment is rented,
SPONSOR will be required to provide the one of the following.
1.!Sponsor will provide 150% of estimated power draw for each AUDIO and LIGHTING.
Feeder cable(s) long enough to reach service panel(s). Licensed and bonded electrician on
site to tie in power and to disconnect after concert has concluded.
2. Separate GENERATORS for both AUDIO and/or LIGHTING. Audio will be at MINIMUM
60KW. Lighting will be a crystal-sync and rated at 150% of estimated power draw of
rented equipment. Licensed and bonded electrician on site to tie power and to disconnect
after concert has concluded.
Lincoln Brewster is not to be held responsible for any costs that are involved in the rental of
sound, lighting, power equipment, or electricians.
By the act of signing this TECHNICAL RIDER and the CONCERT AGREEMENT,
SPONSOR fully accepts all provisions of this agreement. THE PERSON SIGNING
Lincoln Brewster Technical Rider - v1.0 - 2013 6
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