Philips LPL10UVX1 Datasheet

Philips LPL10UVX1 Datasheet
Philips LED Inspection
High-Power Luxeon LED light
with UV leak detector
See better, work better
Cordless professional lighting tool
The latest upgrade of the Philips rechargeable LED inspection lamp with docking station
is ready for every maintenance job. Thanks to the high power Philips Luxeon LEDs, strong
light performance is delivered under all circumstances.
High-Power Philips Luxeon white LED light
• Soft natural light that is comfortable to the eyes
• Wide beam angle: up to 70°
• Light output: 220 lumens
See what remains hidden for others
• Eliminates all shadows
High resistance
• Resistant to chemical & workshop solvents
• Strong impact resistance -IK09
• Water & dust protected -IP66
Leak detection indicator
• Easily spot leaks in air conditioning systems
High-Power Luxeon LED light rechargeable, with UV leak detector
Light output: 220 lumens
Strong impact resistance -IK09
The robust case is designed for a very tough working
environment and conforms to IK09.
Resistant to chemical
The high power white LED's provide 220 lumens of
light output to ensure that you are not left in the
dark when trying to spot even the smallest details.
The colour of the light is soft natural white with a
colour temperature of 6500 K, the best solution for
long-time repair jobs because it does not strain the
As well as resisting knocks, the case for our
inspection lamp are resistant to water, chemical and
workshop solvents.
Wide beam angle
Soft natural light
Maximum visibility
Beam angle: 70°
Color temperature: 6500 K
Light output: 220 lumens
Number of LED: 8
• Hook: 360° retractable hook
• Impact protection rating (IK): IK09
• Ingress protection ration (IP): IP66
• Operating temperature: -10° to 50°
• Battery life time: 4 hr
Technical specifications
• Charging time: 4 hours
• Lamp dimensions (mm): 452 Length * 45 Wide * 53
• Operating line voltage: 100-240V
• Power consumption: 2,5W
Product weight
Soft natural light that is comfortable to the eyes
during longer periods of time. Light with a colour
temperature between 6000 and 7000 K. Brighter
light might be extremely clear but is unnatural to the
eye and will lead to fatigue.
Easily spot leaks
Eliminates all shadows
Eliminates all shadows
Water & dust protected -IP66
Not only does this LED inspection lamp have a very
strong main beam, it is also equipped with an UV-A
leak detector. This will help you to easily spot leaks
in air conditioning systems without any additional
tools required. Simply add leak detection fluid to the
A/C system and any leak will show up.
Issue date 2014-07-24
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EAN: 87 27900 38942 5
Outer Carton
The wide beam angle of 70° will enable you to focus
on specifics part and to deliver the right amount of
light you need.
The LED inspection lamp is water resistant, and
conforms to IP66.
• with docking station: 660 g
• without docking station: 400 g
Number of consumer packagings: 6
Outer carton (L x W x H): 35 x 28 x 45 cm
Gross weight: 1.95 kg
GTIN: 1 87 27900 38942 2
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