Meridian DSP3200 Compact
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New Product Information
Compact Digital Active Loudspeaker
December 2010 (week 51)
December 2010 (week 51)
1. Executive Summary
Active loudspeakers, and more recently DSP loudspeakers, have always been at the
heart of Meridian’s product range. The advantages offered by both active and DSP
technologies are well documented (see white paper “Meridian Loudspeakers: The
DSP Path”) and provide their greatest benefits when applied to a compact
loudspeaker design. The DSP3200 Loudspeaker takes advantage of all of Meridian’s
loudspeaker design know-how, resulting in a truly high-performance compact
loudspeaker that combines coherent, single-source sound with flexible room
placement and mounting methods.
DSP3200 Loudspeaker New Product Information
December 2010
2. Product Description
The smallest model in Meridian’s range of Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
Loudspeakers, DSP3200 is a compact and flexible two-way loudspeaker design
offering a wide range of placement options including bookshelf, stand mount, and wall
mount – with the bracket attachment allowing upright or inverted orientation.
DSP3200 follows a design philosophy that is totally consistent across Meridian’s
complete range of loudspeakers. The cabinet is built to reflect the shape of the
human head, which psychoacoustics suggests provides a more realistic performance,
and is constructed using carefully selected materials that ensure it is both stiff and
well damped.
The fully integrated DSP engine that forms the core of each DSP3200 is used to
perform unique crossover functions as well as providing advanced bass protection
and loudness controls. Each DSP3200 also includes high performance digital to
analogue conversion which feeds into two powerful linear amplifiers, designed using
multiple output devices and very low output impedance to ensure tight control of both
drivers at all times. These amplifiers power a 165mm bass driver and an 85mm widerange driver, both built around extremely stiff die-cast aluminium chassis.
This combination of technologies and materials results in a powerful loudspeaker with
an effortless, natural sound perfectly capable of delivering a room-filling sound and a
level of performance far beyond what might be expected from its compact form.
With single SpeakerLink input and output connections plus a simple channel selector
switch, the DSP3200 Loudspeaker is incredibly easy to set up.
DSP3200 is offered with two high-gloss paint finishes; Traffic White (RAL 9016) and
traditional black.
3. Product Features with customer benefits
DSP3200 uses all of Meridian’s DSP Loudspeaker technologies to produce a room
filling sound that is far larger and more powerful – in both low frequency and
loudness – than is otherwise possible to achieve from a compact cabinet.
DSP3200’s compact cabinet size and careful design result in a loudspeaker that is
perfectly suited to a wide range of room positions – be it on or in furniture, on floorstands, or on wall-brackets.
Digital Signal Processing is used to implement a sophisticated loudness control
that allows DSP3200 to deliver a bigger sound that remains balanced at low
listening levels.
Meridian SpeakerLink connectivity makes DSP3200 quick and easy to setup and
to install. Meridian SpeakerLink control means the advanced audio controls
offered by DSP3200 Loudspeakers can be managed from the front panel of a
DSP3200 Loudspeaker New Product Information
December 2010
connected Audio Core 200, further simplifying installations of DSP3200
Loudspeakers in a stereo system.
Onboard Digital Signal Processing provides dynamic bass protection with very
accurate transients ensuring that when the loudspeaker is played at very high
levels, even over prolonged periods of time, DSP3200 always provides an
effortless sound that is clean and controlled.
The use of a wide-range driver allows the frequency of the DSP crossover to be
moved outside of the speech band, resulting in an effortless sound that remains
clear, open and spacious, even at high listening levels.
Mounted on its wall bracket in the inverted position, DSP3200 fits easily in to
corner locations allowing easy discreet installation. And with Meridian’s advanced
DSP controlling the loudspeaker’s sound it continues to perform with the best
4. Key Sales Objectives
Make DSP Loudspeaker systems more relevant and more accessible to more
Increase sales of compact DSP Loudspeakers, especially in two-channel systems.
Use DSP3200 to increase Meridian system sales with Audio Core 200 and
Meridian Sooloos Control 15.
5. Pricing from January 4th 2011
UK Retail
US Retail
£ 3,750.00 (inc. VAT @ 20%)
$ 6,000.00 (ex. Sales tax)
6. Cannibalisation of Current products
DSP3200 replaces the already discontinued DSP3100 Loudspeaker.
7. Recommended system configuration
Core set up: DSP3200 and Audio Core 200 with i80.
Communication set up: DSP3200 and Audio Core 200.
Communication colour: White (RAL 9016 – Traffic White).
DSP3200 Loudspeaker New Product Information
December 2010
8. Target Customer
DSP3200 will appeal to customers looking to get the best performance from a
compact-design loudspeaker.
DSP3200 provides a perfect solution for customers who want large speaker
performance combined with the convenience of flexible room positioning.
DSP3200 is ideal for customers living in modern homes, with potentially limited
space, who are looking for system solutions rather than specific products.
DSP3200 is ideal for customers who have been impressed by Meridian’s larger
DSP Loudspeakers, but who do not have the space for floor-standing
Key Messages
10.1. DSP3200 distils almost 35 years of loudspeaker design knowledge, including
Meridian’s advanced DSP and active technologies, to deliver a sound that is far
bigger and more powerful than its compact form suggests.
10.2. The combination of flexible mounting options and powerful DSP audio controls
ensure that DSP3200 Loudspeakers perform at their best in every installation.
10.3. DSP3200 Loudspeakers are designed to fit perfectly with Meridian’s range of DSP
Loudspeakers, sharing aesthetic and acoustic design principals, materials and key
Meridian technologies.
10.4. DSP3200 replaces DSP3100 and significantly raises the performance level of
Meridian’s most compact DSP Loudspeakers.
11. Launch Plan
11.1. DSP3200 Loudspeakers were introduced to MAI’s key Premium Partners during
their visit to MAL in June 2010; to key distribution partners at MAL’s distributor
conference in June 2010; and to UK Premium Partners in July 2010.
11.2. DSP3200 Loudspeakers was previewed together with Audio Core 200 as a new,
compact two-channel DSP system at CEDIA 2010.
11.3. DSP3200 Loudspeakers are planned to start shipping (ex MAL) in limited numbers
with black finish from the end of December 2010. Full supply will be available from
January 2011
11.4. A press release will be prepared by AGA and then shared with the other agencies
for communication at the time of launch (week 51).
DSP3200 Loudspeaker New Product Information
December 2010
11.5. DSP3200 will be announced on Meridian’s Facebook and Twitter pages when
shipping commences.
12. Marketing Toolbox
12.1. PR
12.1.1. A press release describing the DSP3200 and Audio Core 200 system will be
made available in support of the preview at CEDIA.
12.1.2. Basic product photography/system renderings will be made available to
support press communication at CEDIA 2010.
12.1.3. A detailed press release will be provided in December 2010 (week 51). This
will be supported by final system and product photography.
12.2. Advertising
12.2.1. A system based advertising creative highlighting the advantages of
DSP3200 and Audio Core 200 will be produced, January 2011.
12.2.2. The advertising artwork should be made available for partners to use locally
and with translation in export markets.
12.3. Website
12.3.1. The main website will require updating to include full information on the
DSP3200 when the product starts shipping.
12.3.2. Photography and data-sheets will be added to the DSP3200 product page
and to the media server when the product starts shipping.
12.4. Brochure
12.4.1. DSP3200 will be included in the next revision of the product brochure.
12.4.2. A dedicated brochure communicating DSP3200 and Audio Core 200 will be
produced to support the product launch.
12.5. Point of Sale
12.5.1. Point of sale to be produced presenting DSP3200 together with Audio Core
200 as a compact DSP system. Delivery and cost TBC.
12.6. Training
12.6.1. Sales Quick Product Guide covering the DSP3200 and Audio Core 200
system should be created by end of January 2011.
12.6.2. Training on DSP3200 will be included as part of the standard “Introduction to
Meridian” and “Installation and Support” training modules.
12.7. Technical Documentation
12.7.1. The DSP3200 datasheet will be available from the time of launch.
12.7.2. Technical drawings of the DSP3200 will be made available from the main
12.7.3. Details on the wall bracket recommended for use with the DSP3200 will be
provided to Technical Support ahead of launch.
DSP3200 Loudspeaker New Product Information
December 2010
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