Philips GC027/00 Datasheet

Philips GC027/00 Datasheet
Fabric Shaver
Removes fabric pills
Suitable for all garments
Extra brush incl.
USB rechargeable
Fabric Shaver
Revive your old garments instantly
The Philips fabric shaver allows you to easily and quickly remove fabric pills from all types
of garments. All your garments, whether it is your sweater or your blanket, will look like
new again!
Effective and quick pill removal
• Large blade surface for covering a large area at once
• Up to 8800 rounds/min blade rotation for effective removal
• 3 sizes of holes in the mesh to tackle all sizes of pills
• Remove the most stubborn pills with the extra pill brush
Easy to use
• The pill container is easy to remove and empty
• The cleaning brush helps to clean your appliance after use
• Recharge your Fabric Shaver any time
Safer choice
• Blades automatically stop rotating when the cap is removed
• Safer for the environment: cadmium free battery
Fabric Shaver
Removes fabric pills Suitable for all garments, Extra brush incl., USB rechargeable
Large blade surface
USB rechargeable battery
USB rechargeable battery
Cleaning brush
Extra pill brush
Height adjustment cap
Technical specifications
• Product weight: 0,145 kg
• Weight of product in pack: 0,317 kg
• Product dimensions: 15 x 6 x 7,8 cm
Logistic data
• A-box dimensions: 30,5 x 42,5 x 40 cm
• F-box dimensions: 19 x 13,4 x 7,1 cm
Large blade surface ensures that larger area of the
garment is covered at the same time, hence less
strokes are needed to make your garment look new
Special design shavinghead
Due to the mesh with 3 different sizes of holes, all
sizes of fabric pills will be drawn into it and effectively
removed from the fabric.
8800 rounds/min blade rotation
Recharge your Fabric Shaver any time with USB
charging cable.
Large removable pill container
The container, where the shaved off pills are stored,
is easy to remove and empty.
Extra pill brush
The extra pill brush will lift fibers such that even the
most stubborn pills can be removed.
Cleaning brush
Blades rotate up to 8800 rounds/min for effective
and quick removal of the fabric pills from your
The cleaning brush helps to easily clean your
appliance after use. Please follow the quick start
guide included in the packaging to clean the
Extra safety
Cadmium free battery
The blades of the fabric shaver will automatically
stop rotating when the cap is removed. This way you
will avoid damaging yourself or your garments
The battery of your Philips appliance is cadmium
free, which makes it a safer choice for the
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