E:\datasheet\sf line\s12pdata.cdr - Musik

E:\datasheet\sf line\s12pdata.cdr - Musik
Powered 12"Compact Sub-Woofer
12" Woofer
Birch Plywood Box
Class AB internal Power Amp Module
Integrated Stereo 24 dB/oct X-over
Medium and Large PA
Open Sites
Audio Visual
Fixed Installation
1000 Watts RMS
126 dB Max Spl @ 1 mt
40Hz - 150Hz +/- 4 dB
Female XLR bal. Input
Male XLR Link Out and High-Pass Out
38x50x52 cm 24Kg
The S12P is a self-powered Sub-woofer enclosure
designed for use in a variety of theater, corporate and
audio-visual applications, as well as in numerous fixed
installations ranging from nightclubs and bars to disco and
live-music pubs. It consists of a custom 3” voice coil 12” low
frequency driver in a compact vented enclosure, optimally
tuned for extended low frequency response, together with a
powerful integrated amplifier module. The S12P features a
new Class AB amplifier capable of delivering 1000 watts
rms into 8. to give optimal performance from the drive unit.
This gives the capability to reproduce transients accurately
with ample headroom, while the limiters protect the woofer
from being over driven. A 24 dB/oct slope crossover
ensures perfect satellites match. An 80mm fan ensures
perfect forced cooling in every condition. The enclosure is
constructed from 18 birch plywood, heavily braced
internally. Recessed iron handles are fitted for easy lifting
and carrying. On one of the sides of the box are provided
four wells points to install optional wells for easy transport
possibility. An integral pole mount is fitted to the top of the
enclosure to allow satellite speaker to be mounted at the
correct height above the subwoofer. It is finished in black
semi-matt textured paint An exclusive steel mesh grille
protects the drive unit from damage.
L’S12P è un Sub-woofer attivo progettato per essere
utilizzato in varie situazioni, come teatri, concerti,
conferenze o installazioni audio e video. Inoltre è
particolarmente adatto alle installazioni fisse in locali quali
pub, discoteche, live music pub, etc.. È composto da una
bobina da 3” montata su un cono da 12” il tutto in uno
chassis reflex appositamente studiato per esaltare le basse
frequenze. L’S12P monta un amplificatore in classe AB
capace di ben 1000 watt rms su 8 ohm. Il tutto permette di
riprodurre al meglio tutte le dinamiche mentre il limiter
protegge l’altoparlante da sovraccarichi e distorsioni. Un
cross over integrato a 24 dB/oct offre un taglio accurato per
le uscite “satellite”. Inoltre una ventola da 80mm ne
garantisce il corretto raffreddamento in ogni condizione d
utilizzo. La cassa è costruita in multistrato di betulla da
18mm, con maniglie in metallo incorporate e flangia per
aste da 35mm sulla parte superiore. Il tutto verniciato in
nero semi lucido, compresa la rete frontale posta a
protezione dell’altoparlante.
XXL Inside - HP Sound Equipment s.r.l. www.xxlinside.com
Viale Roma 7/i 50037 San Piero a Sieve (Firenze) Italy - tel/fax +39 055 8487222 e-mail: [email protected]
Powered 12"Compact Sub-Woofer
Frequency (Hz)
Technical Specifications
Power Handling
Max Power
Operating Frequency Range
Frequency Range
SPL 1W/1mt
Maximum SPL
800 watt RMS 1
1200 watt RMS
8 ohm
35Hz - 150Hz
40Hz-150Hz +/-4 dB
96 dB
126 dB
Cross Over
Ty p e 2 4 d B / o c t s l o p e
Frequency 150Hz
Tr a n s d u c e r
L o w F r e q u e n c y 1 2 " Wo o f e r w h i t 3 " Vo i c e C o i l
C o n n e c t o r B a l a n c e d t w o X L R ( St e r e o I n p u t )
Wiring It is possible to feed the amplifier both with mono
a n d St e r e o S i g n a l . I n c a s e o f m o n o u s e i t i s
p o s s i b l e t o c o n n e c t j u s t o n e c a b l e i n L e ft o r R i g h t
Power handling is measured following AES standard conditions:
Transducers driven continuously for two hours with a
band-limitednoise signal having 6 dB of crest factor.
Max power is the maximum applicable power for a musical
signal, the ref signal is the one proposed by EIAJ standard.
Recommended maximum operating frequency range.
Response depends on loading conditions and room acoustics.
Free field measured with 1/3 octave frequency resolution at 2
Measured @ 4 mt then scaled @ 1 mt.
Measured with audio source @ 1 meter.
Amplifier wattage rating is based on the maximum unclipped
burst sine wave RMS voltage that the amplifier will produce into
the nominal load impedance .
L i n k Tw o m a l e X L R a l l o w t o c o n n e c t m o r e u n i ts i n L i n k
H i g h Tw o m a l e X L R a l l o w t o c o n n e c t S a t e l l i t e s t o t h e S u b
Ty p e B r i d g e C l a s s A / B
P o w e r 1 0 0 0 Wa t t R M S 8
P r o t e c t i o n s L i m i t e r, O v e r - c u r r e n t , o v e r - t h e m p . , s h o r t - c i r c .
AC Power
Operating Range 210 V AC - 240 V AC 50 Hz
Max Continuous and Burst Current 4 A (>10 sec.), 8 A (< 1sec.)
New materials and design are introduced into existing products without previous notice.
Present systems may differ in some respects from those presented in this brochure.
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