Philips HRK00XM Datasheet

Philips HRK00XM Datasheet
Philips EcoVision
Headlight restoration kit
See clearly, drive more safely
With UV protection
With UV protection
Compared with other kits, which require power tools, our advanced technology delivers
excellent results with minimal effort and is simple to use. In four easy steps, consumers
can achieve professional results with no power tools needed.
2 years' UV protection
• Restore rather than replace
Professional results in under 30 minutes
• Cleans both headlights
• High quality and cost-effective
• No power tools needed
Up to 100% brighter with less glare
• Provides safer night-time driving
• Removes haze and yellowing from sun and dirt
• Better light saves lives
Headlight restoration kit
With UV protection
Cleans both headlights
This kit will provide you with everything you need to
clean two car headlights: - 1 bottle of water-based
Pre-treatment (29.5 ml) - 1 bottle of Cleaner/Polish
(29.5 ml) - 1 bottle of Shine Restorer/Preserver
(29.5 ml) - 1 piece of sanding paper of 600 grit
(coarse) - 1 piece of sanding paper of 1500 grit
(medium) - 1 piece of sanding paper of 2000 grit
(fine) - 10 paper towels - 1 pair of gloves (one size
fits all)
Restore rather than replace
Save money by restoring your car headlights instead
of buying new ones
Provides safer night-time
High quality and cost-effective
No power tools needed
No power tools needed
Removes haze and yellowing
UV coating technology restores rather than
replaces. A cleaner headlight provides safe nighttime driving.
Better light saves lives
"Over time, headlights wear down and become
scratched due to impacts and general deterioration.
Plastic headlights are manufactured with an outer
ultraviolet (UV) protection coating. This coating
degrades from exposure to the elements, causing
fading, yellowing and oxidation, which can result in a
loss of up to 40% vision at night"
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• Packaging type: Special pack
High quality and cost-effective
The Philips Headlight Restoration Kit takes the haze
and yellowing away, restoring the headlights to likenew condition and finish.
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