Data Sheet for Intraplex® STL HD

Data Sheet for Intraplex® STL HD
Intraplex® STL HD
T1 STL System
Whether you’re looking for simple one­
way audio transport or multichannel FM
plus HD Radio™, control data, or off­
premises extension telephones, there’s
an Intraplex® STL HD package that’s
right for you.
STL HD is a modular family of products designed to let you
customize your T1 STL with exactly the features and circuits
you require. The system transports crystal­clear digital audio
over any distance or terrain, and can be used on all types of
Telephone links T1 links, including leased telco T1 circuits, microwave, spread
A full range of telephone interface options allows the STL HD
spectrum radio and fiber optic. STL HD systems can be
to support a variety of telephone and other voice­grade audio
equipped to carry one­way or full­duplex stereo audio, with or
applications, including 2­wire and 4­wire E&M for linking PBXs
without compression. STL HD also provides a wide range of
and KSUs, Off­Premises Extension (OPX) circuits that allow
data interface options and supports a variety of telephone,
you to connect a telephone handset at the transmitter site to
intercom, and other voice­grade applications.
a PBX at the studio as if it were in the next room, and open 4­
wire circuits to support talkback and intercom systems with
Product Features
both standard (3.4 kHz) and wideband (7 kHz) voice quality,
Intraplex T1 technology remote controls.
Building on 20+ years of experience, STL HD is the latest
Data circuits generation of Intraplex, continuing the tradition of unsurpassed
The industry’s most extensive array of data interface options
reliability and state­of­the­art technology, while maintaining
allows you to set aside part of your T1 STL to create a LAN
compatibility with earlier generations of Intraplex T1 systems.
bridge, carry HD Radio data traffic in either I2E or E2X format,
Hot­standby redundant power supplies and advanced T1 error
and link to virtually any type of control and data storage
mitigation techniques provide enhanced transmission
equipment. Available synchronous and asynchronous
robustness, making STL HD a system you can rely on for
interfaces include RS­232, RS­449, V.35, X.21, TCP/ IP, UDP,
years to come
TTL and more.
Audio transport AudioLink Plus™
With STL HD, uncompressed audio occupies about three­
AudioLink Plus™ is a family of E1 audio multiplexers that
fourths of the T1, leaving room for additional traffic in each
offers all the same features as STL HD does for T1. If you are
direction. A wide selection of compression options, including
planning to use microwave radios to establish your STL,
Enhanced apt­X®, MPEG­2, MPEG­3, J.41, and G.722,
consider using E1 instead of T1. Most telecoms radios that
allows the carrying of multiple audio channels on a single T1.
can carry T1 can also be configured to carry E1, and you get
Audio I/O is either analog or AES/EBU digital, while sample
one­third more carrying capacity at the same price.
as well as FSK tones for use with telephone keypad­operated
rates ranging from 16 kS/s to 48 kS/s provide for audio
bandwidth options from 7 kHz up to 20 kHz and beyond.
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© 2014 GatesAir
© 2014 GatesAir
Intraplex® STL HD
Specifications and designs are subject to change without notice
STL HD Systems
All STL HD systems start with one pair of T1 multiplexers, whose specifications are found below, plus some combination of the
PT/PR­353 linear audio cards with MA­508/509
PT/PR­153 compressed audio cards with MA­508/509
DA­191B RS­232 data cards with MA­404s
DS­64NC LAN bridge cards with MA­427s
VF­15/VF­16A Off­Premise Extension voice cards with MA­303s
VF­25 4­wire voice cards with MA­306s
T1 Section
RJ48C, 100 Ohms
Frame Formats
Extended Superframe (ESF)
D4/Superframe (SF)
Line Codes
T1 Timing
Internal, external, loop
Line Build Out (LBO)
Up to 655 ft (199.6 m)
LBO 0, ­7.5 or ­15 dB
Integral CSU
No external CSU required
Status and Diagnostics
LED Indicators
Power, normal, alert, alarm
Line, equipment, payload
T1 Test Access
Bantam jacks
CSU Performance Monitoring
Compliant with ANSI T1.403 ­ 1995 and AT&T Pub 54016
User Interface ISiCL command­line interface
IntraGuide™ configuration and management software
Optional SNMP proxy agent
Control Interface
RS­232 and RS­485
Physical and Environmental
Power Requirements
Universal AC standard
Less than 25 W, each shelf
Dimensions (H x W x D)
3RU: 5.25 x 19 x 14.75 in. (13.4 x 48.x 37.5 cm) EIA rack mountable
12 lbs (5.4 kg)
Regulatory Compliance
CE Approved
FCC Part 15, FCC Part 68
UL 1950
Industry Canada CS­03
Linear Audio
Audio Section
PT­353 Input Module
Digital/analog input, auto­detect
PR­353 Output Module
Digital/analog output, simultaneous
Audio Channels
1 or 2 per module
Sample Rate and Audio
48 ks/s for 22.5 kHz operation
44.1 ks/s for 20 kHz operation
32 ks/s for 15 kHz operation
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Intraplex® STL HD
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Proprietary and confidential
Intraplex® STL HD
16­bit linear coding
Date Rater and Time Slot Usage (with FEC on)
2 ch. 22.5 kHz: 25 TS (1.600 Mb/s)
2 ch. 20 kHz: 23 TS (1.472 Mb/s)
2 ch. 15 kHz: 17 TS (1.088 Mb/s)
Processing Delay (digital audio through one pair
Less than 6.0 ms
of modules)
Error Correction (FEC)
Reed Solomon
Data Channel
RS­232 up to 9.6 kb/s, simplex
Input/Output Connectors
Audio Inputs: XLR female
Audio Outputs: XLR male
Ext. clock, data/alarm: RJ11
Digital Audio Operation
Accepted audio sampling rates
AES/EBU rate 32 to 48 ks/s
Rate conversion (PT) (user selectable)
Converts any AES/EBU input rate to 48, 44.1, or 32 ks/s
Rate Adaptation
PT locks to incoming AES/EBU clock rate, which is preserved to the output
External Sync (PR)
External AES/EBU reference signal or RS­422 clock to synchronize audio
output to facility timing
Input/Output Impedance
Balanced, 110 ohms ±20%
Analog Audio Operation
Frequency Response ±0.5 dB
48 ks/s: 1 Hz to 22 kHz
44.1 ks/s: 1 Hz to 20.5 kHz
32 ks/s: 1 Hz ­15 kHz
Full Load Level
+9 to +24 dBu
Greater than ­80 dB
Total Distortion (THD+N)
Less than 0.003% at 1 kHz
­1 dBFS input
Dynamic Range
Greater than 91 dB
Input Impedance
Balanced, 600 ohms nominal or greater than 10 K ohms
Output Impedance
Balanced, less than 52 ohms
VU meter
5­segment LED Audio Level with overload indication
Test Tone Generator
1004 Hz at ­12 dBFS
Audio Module Alarm
Card level failure relay contacts
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Proprietary and confidential
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