FlexiDome cameras Perfect images in any location

FlexiDome cameras Perfect images in any location
FlexiDome cameras
Perfect images in any location
Bosch FlexiDome solutions with superior Dinion camera performance
FlexiDome brings domes to
every application, inside or out
FlexiDome camera selection guide
Impact & vandal-resistant
1/3-in CCD imager
540 TVL color resolution
15-Bit DSP Technology
XF-Dynamic – wide dynamic range
Day/Night – IR sensitivity
Programmable BLC
Default Shutter
High Speed Lens
Low temperature heater
IP66 and NEMA 4X rated
As tough as you need it
Think your environment is too demanding for a dome camera? Think again. From arctic cold to blazing hot sun,
wind-driven dust storms or torrential rain, the FlexiDome family of dome solutions from Bosch handles it all.
FlexiDome combines the award-winning performance of our exclusive 15-bit Dinion imaging technology in
a range of domes tough enough for almost any condition, yet stylish enough to be mounted anywhere.
The combination of high-performance camera and rugged dome provide an unbeatable array of dome solutions that
overpower the most demanding surveillance tests that you, Mother Nature and criminals can toss at them.
e Dinion 15-bit Technology
e 10-bit Technology
15-bit DSP technology can give you an image that
is 32 times better than standard 10-bit cameras.
This provides images which are more vivid and
true-to-life. You’ll see all the details making your
security more efficient.
540 TVL high-resolution optics generate more TV
lines than conventional CCTV cameras. That
means sharper, more detailed images and easier
e XF-Dynamic combines with 15-bit Dinion DSP
e Programmable backlight compensation (BLC)
technology to ensure exceptional video clarity,
extending the dynamic range to a full 90 dB and
maximizing image quality.
optimizes the area of interest so deep shadows
and glare don’t hamper image capture.
e Day/Night coverage provides top-of-the-line
e Default shutter lets the camera use a fast
performance and infrared sensitivity around the
shutter speed to capture high-speed movement
without any blurring.
e SensUp automatically compensates for low light
e Bilinx controls, configures and updates over the
levels, adjusting the shutter speed to maintain
optimum contrast and boost color clarity.
video cable, eliminating downtime and simplifying
routine maintenance.
FlexiDome: smart surveillance goes anywhere
Bosch developed the family of FlexiDome cameras to
The FlexiDome family
give you the best in performance and installation
from Bosch provides
flexibility without sacrificing capability in any way.
a full range of dome
Continuing the Bosch tradition of delivering practical
cameras – from
innovations driven by customer requirements, we’ve
expanded where these cameras perform by adding
Dinion 15-bit digital image quality to an entire new
series of FlexiDomes.
economical, indoor
models to high
performance, vandalresistant styles – to meet
the most challenging
These compact, integrated solutions take dome
situations. All models in the
cameras to places never before thought possible.
FlexiDome family share the same unique design,
What’s more, they are extremely affordable. As
superlative picture quality and ease of installation. In
complete solutions, they make system design and
addition, all models use the same award-winning
installation easier than ever. The wide variety of
Dinion digital signal processing (DSP) chip technology
available options makes it easy to customize
that makes these cameras perform so well.
surveillance to every location’s unique characteristics,
from protected indoor locations to challenging lighting
and the harshest outdoor conditions.
FlexiDomeXF and FlexiDomeDN
Flagships of the FlexiDome family
The FlexiDomeXF and FlexiDomeDN cameras are the
flagship of the family and achieve unsurpassed picture
performance under even the most difficult light and
environmental conditions through unique and innovative
15-bit digital video processing.
They also feature XF-Dynamic, which reveals details that
other cameras cannot capture in ultra high-contrast
scenes. The cameras’ many other new imageenhancement features ensure the very best performance
straight from the box. FlexiDome is the natural choice
for advanced professional surveillance systems.
With the infrared sensitive FlexiDomeDN, you can rely on
the best picture quality around the clock – day or
night – while a range of extra features help you cover
the most complex of lighting situations.
e Uninterrupted performance – day and night
e Works in almost any lighting – no need to install
expensive extra lighting
e Evidence you can use – infrared technology provides
better images than what is possible with visible light
e View images in low lighting – see into darkened areas
easily to detect suspicious activity or potential
The leader in image quality
The FlexiDome cameras are built around Bosch’s own
Dinion DSP chip technology, which delivers performance
that sets Bosch apart from all the rest.
FlexiDomeVF and FlexiDomeXT+
Clearly exceptional surveillance
Public venues with a broad mixture of bright lights and
deep shadows need reliable, constant monitoring. The
FlexiDomeVF and FlexiDomeXT+ are legendary for their
economical and sophisticated surveillance performance
inside and outside large facilities such as warehouses,
schools, rail and bus terminals or shopping malls. When
the need arises, these FlexiDome models react quickly
to capture tiny yet significant details with outstanding
clarity, precision and image control, regardless of the
ambient lighting.
The 540 TVL color resolution imaging keeps the scene
in sharp focus while NightSense automatically switches
from color to monochrome when lights dim after-hours.
Bilinx lets you control and manage the cameras
remotely through the video cable, keeping the cameras
properly focused and working for you 24/7.
e Economical, dependable performance with
exceptional image quality
e Automatically compensates for low light conditions
e Rugged yet unobtrusive for indoor (FlexiDomeVF) or
outdoor (FlexiDomeXT+) applications
Strong and Stylish
FlexiDome enclosures are designed and built to handle
the extremes of the weather. The enclosure features a
patented dome design that delivers the best optical
performance, even when tilted to more than a 90º
position. On the outside, a scratch resistant coating
with UV block further improves the picture quality and
eliminates refraction interference or seams.
The ultra-tough FlexiDome goes wherever surveillance
is needed. It operates between -58ºF and
+122ºF (-50ºC and + 50ºC) and is IP66 (NEMA 4X)
rated for harsh conditions. These industry ratings
assure you that the FlexiDome enclosure is
weatherproof, dustproof, watertight and corrosionprotected. It will also withstand human attacks, thanks
to its patented impact-resistant design, shock-resistant
mountings, protective inner liner and tamper-proof
Simply designed for easy
installation and durability
Dome solutions that stand up to the
harshest weather
FlexiDome brings domes to every
application, inside or out
Backlighting and fast movement are
no problem for FlexiDome
Installation has never been easier
The entire family of FlexiDome camera solutions delivers high quality, dependable
performance right from installation. While the cameras are designed to work in all types
of challenging applications, Bosch has also included a host of installer-friendly features
to simplify operation and maintenance.
e Cover the exact field of view with a range of varifocal
lenses from super wide-angle to telephoto
e Fast, simple set-up using easy pan, tilt and horizon
e Lens Wizard provides optimal lens focusing,
automatically adjusting for day and night-time
lighting conditions without special tools or filters
e Wide power range from 12 VAC to 28 VDC
e Remote camera configuration and firmware updates
directly over the video cable using Bilinx, making
service calls less costly and eliminating the need for
most on-site service
e Wide power range from 12 VAC to 28 VDC
e Optional UTP connectivity for simple integration with
existing or new infrastructure requirements
e Mount the domes virtually anywhere
Mount options
Surface or
recessed mount
Corner mount
Pendant pipe mount
Pendant wall mount
Leading in CCTV solutions
Bosch Security Systems continually raises the bar in surveillance solutions for
commercial and residential applications, as the new FlexiDome family demonstrates. By
incorporating the award-winning Dinion 15-bit digital signal processing technology, the
FlexiDome cameras offer innovative solutions to the universal problem of continuous,
dependable camera surveillance. Only Bosch gives you unbeatable performance in a goanywhere dome camera.
Tradition of quality and innovation
For over 100 years, the Bosch
name has stood for quality and
reliability. Bosch Security Systems
proudly offers a wide range of fire,
intrusion, CCTV, management
and communication systems and
components to help you find the
solution for any application. We
are the global supplier of choice
for innovative technology backed
by the highest level of service and
support. When you need solutions
you can rely on, choose Bosch.
Bosch Security Systems
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