Philips BA001B1 Datasheet

Philips BA001B1 Datasheet
Philips LED Bike lights
Handlebar Bracket
See better, ride safer
LED Rearlight Handlebar Bracket for ActiveRide, Saferide 80 and Saferide 40.
Easy installation
• Can be installed without tools
No maintenance
• 100% waterproof for easy cleaning
Suitable for virtually all seat posts
• Suitable for virtually all 21 and 32 mm handlebars
Handlebar Bracket
Maximum visibility
Ease of use
• City: SafeRide
• Easy installation
100% waterproof
Shave or trim your beard where you want to, wet or
dry. When you’re done, just rinse it off under the
Can be installed without tools
The Saferide LED Rearlight Lumiring can also be
attached to a seat post holder. This accessory is easy
to install and gives a tight grip within minutes.
21 and 32 mm handlebars
Suitable for virtually all 21 and 32 mm handlebars, the
bike light handlebar solution is adaptable and
compatible with a wide range of bikes.
Issue date 2013-09-12
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