Videk 2494FHD video converter

Videk 2494FHD video converter
USB 2.0 Display Adapter
DVI to VGA Adapter
VGA HDDE 15pin Female
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Host upatream li: USE Mini -B Typo Female Connoctor
Conrectivay Up 10 6 adapters cñ à computar
Power Mode
Power Consumption
vendo XP Home ional (Inchadng Table sdiion) SPZ or
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Extended eo Mirrored E
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LCD or Sysiom performance is an important issue when using
projector put SB 2.0 For desktop users multiple monitors. Another benefit of this adapter is that it
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soon wakes up. fi
- : 2494FHD
visible at one time. For example, you may work on one monitor while your family Features
display. Or you may span an application, eg. spreadsheels, across two sides of © = Add-on monitor, r projector gh à singl P .
displays. venas more, the adapter is hot pluggable 9 = = Extend and Mirror mode support,
i ug the adapter at any time; no reboot needed. = Small in size, works with all VGA J DVI-I cain » Resumes from hibemation and suspend modes
= Supports High Resolution up fo 1920x =
System requirement
Package Contents
= With Single Core CPU at 1.2GHz or higher, = Windows® XP Home or Professional
USB pei Adapter x1
processor clock, Intel® Pentium” Celeron ( ing Table edition) SP2 or SP3 and Driver E: ol
family, or ARE ton ™/Duron™ family, Vista® SP1 or SP2(32-bit or 64-bit), = USB C
or processor они = Quick Inst y E
ave Wi © 8 (32-bit or 64 | ni
u Al least one USB2.0 port = Super VGA (800 x 800) or higher resolution = DVITo VGA Adapler (Omer Dx
= 30Mb of e pa space
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