Miscellanious Push- Button Operations

Miscellanious Push- Button Operations
Single Push Button
Part Numbers:
PB16-30C (30’ Cable)
PB16-50C (50’ Cable)
MarTek Limited
4782 Chimney Drive
Charleston, WV 25302
P: (304) 965-9220
Take Safety Further.
Miscellanious PushButton Operations
Attaches in Seconds.
Product Introduction:
The PB16 is designed to operate a single pushbutton. It is particularly
useful as an alternative method to trip a breaker where the trip coil
inside the breaker has failed. In this situation, the PB16 is well suited
to press the mechanical Trip button on the front of the breaker from a
safe distance. The actuator is adjustable so that it can work in a variety
of applications, but is only “universal” within certain dimensional and
mechanical limits. This product requires a ferrous metal surface for
attaching the magnet. See specifications for additional details.
What do you get?
Includes: PB16 actuator, 30’ control cable, hand-held controller, 8 AA
industrial-grade batteries, instruction manual, and a heavy duty
waterproof Pelican carrying case.
Attaches in seconds.
1. Position
actuator over
2. Turn magnet
to engage
Important Note:
The PB16 must not be used to close a breaker unless there are alternative
means available to remotely trip the breaker. This can be accomplished with
utilization of two PB16’s or actuator that is designed with the capability of
operating both the close and trip buttons without the need to re-approach
the breaker. See Section 2.2 of User’s Manual for details.
PB16 Specifications:
Actuator Weight
Total Weight
Plunger Stroke Distance
Pushing Force
Projected Life
Control Cable
Mounting Requirements
Carrying Case
12VDC, (8) AA Alkaline Batteries (located in hand-held controller)
16 AA Batteries
400lb /181kg grip strength, 20lbs/9kg sheer load
Dimensions 9”x4”x2”; 1.8lb
2.7 lb / 1.22kg
11 lb. / 5.0kg
The actuator can be infinitely adjusted so that the plunger is anywhere
from 0.30” to 1.40” above the magnet mounting surface (which is normally
the surface of your equipment). The plunger can extend up to 2”.
Therefore, in the lowest position (0.30”), the plunger can push into a
recessed hole as far as 1.70”. In the highest setting (1.40”), the plunger can
push into a recessed hole as far as 0.60”
Up to 22 lb.* *(Force depends on metal surface condition and metal thickness)
10,000 Operations
5 Pin 30’ (50’ Optional)
Clean and flat ferrous metal surface. Metal should be at least 0.062” thick.
Manufactured by Pelican
Two Press and Pull Latches
Two Pad-lockable Hasps
Vortex Valve
Meets airline regulations for carry-on luggage
Exterior dimensions: 16.20” x 12.70” x 6.60” (41.1 x 32.2 X 16.8cm)
PB16 Footprint:
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