Philips MP4 player SA4VBE04RN

Philips MP4 player SA4VBE04RN
Philips GoGEAR
MP4 player
Feel the vibes of sensational sound
Small, colorful and entertaining
The colored Philips GoGEAR Vibe MP4 player SA4VBE04RN comes with FullSound to
bring music and videos to life, and Songbird to synchronize music and enjoy
entertainment. SafeSound protects your ears and FastCharge offers quick charging.
Superb quality sound
• SafeSound for maximum music enjoyment without hearing damage
• FullSound™ to bring your music and videos to life
Complements your life
• Soft and smooth finish for easy comfort and handling
• Enjoy up to 20 hours of music or 4 hours of video playback
• 4.6 cm/1.8" full color screen for easy, intuitive browsing
Easy and intuitive
• Philips Songbird: one simple program to discover, play, sync
• LikeMusic for playlists of songs that sound great together
• Quick 5-minute charge for 90 minutes of play
• Folder view to organize and view media files like on your PC
MP4 player
Vibe 4GB*
20-hour music or 4-hour video
Now you can enjoy your music freely and fully
without worrying about the risk of hearing
damage. Created by Philips, SafeSound
consistently analyzes the sound level on your
Philips GoGear MP3 player and alerts you if the
volume and exposure could have possible
impact on your long-term hearing. You can
take action by adjusting the volume to a lower
level or allow SafeSound to automatically
regulate the volume for you – no need to fiddle
with any settings. In addition, SafeSound
provides daily and weekly overviews of your
sound exposure so you can take better charge
of your hearing health.
Philips offers you boundless entertainment.
Your GoGEAR MP4 video player comes with a
compact built-in rechargeable battery for longlasting power. Enjoy up to 20 hours of music,
or 4 hours of video playback on a single charge.
Just plug the power cable in to recharge the
player – it's that simple.
Soft and smooth finish
Soft and smooth finish for easy comfort and
Fast charging (90 mins)
Philips Songbird
4.6 cm/1.8" full color screen
A 4.6 cm/1.8" full color screen allows you to
easily navigate the control menu and browse
through the music files on your GoGEAR
need to sort through your music library or
wait for serendipity to strike. LikeMusic is a
Philips patented algorithm that analyzes songs
in your library to identify similar music
characteristics. These characteristics help
LikeMusic create smart playlists of songs that
simply sound great together. Just click on a
song that you like and hit the LikeMusic icon –
a playlist will instantly appear. Give it a name
and enjoy your new playlist – or rediscover
songs – on your PC or your GoGear player.
One simple, easy-to-use program that comes
with your GoGear player, Philips Songbird lets
you discover and play all your media, and sync
it seamlessly with your Philips GoGear. Its
intuitive and powerful music management
features let you discover new artists and music
styles directly in the program through music
and media stores, services and websites. Play
your own library and media from the internet
and seamlessly sync all of it from your PC to
your Philips GoGear.
Sometimes, you just need your GoGEAR
player to take you from home to office and
back again or for a short run – but you forgot
to charge it last night. Say goodbye to
frustration and boring, silent journeys with Fast
Charge. Philips’ smart and convenient solution
lets you plug your GoGEAR to your PC or USB
charger for just 5 minutes and in return, you
get a whopping 90 minutes of audio playback!
Fast Charge works by relying on much higher
current levels to give your lithium-ion battery
the power it needs to tide you over in a jiffy …
and keep the music going.
Folder view
LikeMusic lets you experience more of the
music that you like most – with just a click! No
Folder view is an optional directory view of the
GoGear player that lets you view all the files
on your player as if it were a computer. Once
you select Folder view, opening any supported
file (i.e. music, pictures or videos) is as easy as
selecting the file and hitting Play.
MP4 player
Vibe 4GB*
Type: LCD
Diagonal screen size (cm): 4.6 cm
Diagonal screen size (inch): 1.8 inch
Resolution: 160 x 128
• Sound Enhancement: FullSound, SafeSound
• Equalizer customizable
• Equalizer settings: Balanced, Bright, Clear,
Powerful, Warm
• Channel separation: 45 dB
• Frequency response: 80 - 18k Hz
• Output power (RMS): 2 x 2.5 mW
• Signal to noise ratio: > 84 dB
Audio Playback
• Compression format: MP3, WAV, WMA, FLAC,
• ID3 Tag support: Song title, artist, album
• MP3 bit rates: 8-320 kbps and VBR
• MP3 sample rates: 8, 11.025, 16, 22.050, 32, 48 kHz
• WMA bit rates: 5-320 kbps
• WMA sample rates: 8, 11.025, 16, 22.050, 32, 44.1,
48 kHz
• Digital Rights Management: No
Video Playback
• SMV: 160x128 pixels, 30 fps, 512 kpbs
Still Picture Playback
• Picture Compression Format: JPEG, BMP
• Slide show
• No
Storage Media
Built-in memory type: NAND Flash
Built-in memory (RAM): 4 GB
Music memory capacity, MP3: Up to 900 tracks*
Mass storage class compliant
Mass Trans. Protocol Compliant: No
• Headphone: 3.5 mm
• USB: USB 2.0
Keypad lock: Yes, option key
Firmware upgradeable: Yes, via SongBird
Battery charging indication: On user interface
Charge & play: when connected to PC
Customizable volume limit
Dedicated volume controls: No
Volume control
• Headphones
• Quick start guide
• USB cable
Green Specifications
• Lead-free soldered product
System Requirements
• USB: Free USB port
• Internet connection: Yes (for access to updated
support documents, manuals, future firmware and
PC software upgrades)
• PC OS: Windows XP (SP3) / Windows Vista /
Windows 7
Battery Type: LI-Polymer
Rechargeable: Yes, via USB
Battery capacity: 290 mAh
Playtime on internal battery: Up to 20 hours music
playback or 4 hours video playback
• Packaging type: D-box
• D-box dimensions (WxDxH): 90 x 30 x 120 mm
• Product dimensions (WxDxH): 43.6 x 10.8 x 78.4
• Product weight: 0.033 kg
• Philips Songbird
• 7digital
• Audible
Issue date 2013-11-07
© 2013 Koninklijke Philips N.V.
All Rights reserved.
Version: 1.0.5
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Trademarks are the property of Koninklijke Philips N.V.
or their respective owners.
12 NC: 8670 000 89492
EAN: 87 12581 64252 5
* Rechargeable batteries have a limited number of charge cycles and
may eventually need to be replaced. Battery life and number of
charge cycles vary by use and settings.
* Storage capacity based on 4 minutes per song and 64 kbps WMA or
128 kbps MP3 encoding.
* 1GB = 1 billion bytes; available storage capacity will be less.
* Actual transfer speed may vary based on your operating system and
software configuration.
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