Makita | 447L | Datasheet | Makita 447L

Product information
Satisfying the professional’s needs
Input Wattage 110v
2750 w
Input Wattage 240v
3000 w
Dust Bag Capacity
20 litres
Max air volume
3.1 m³/min
Max Sealed Suction
23 kPa
Net weight
15.9 kg
Tank Capacity
45 litres
Dimensions (LxWxH):
506 x 476 x 655 mm
Max output 110v
1750 w
Max output 240v
2000 w
Tank capacity Dry
24 litres
Tank capacity Wet
20 litres
L-class fine filter for use with masonry
Auto-start function for use with power tools
L-class H&S requirement for masonry applications
Automatic filter cleaning system
Details correct as of: 11-11-2013
Makita reserve the right to change specifications at any time owing to their policy of constant improvement.
Accessories shown are not necessarily supplied.
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