Your PICHLER comfort ventilation unit comes with a MINI remote controller.
These brief instructions focus on the most important functions of your MINI
remote controller, a square switching unit flush-mounted in the living area.
Key assignment MINI
Operation is via 4 push-buttons.
Summer operation
Arrow up key
Winter operation
Arrow down key
7 LEDs furthermore indicate the current status
of the ventilation unit, a filter check signal and
possible error signals.
1 Summer operation
2 Winter operation
3 Ventilation level 1 (absence mode)
4 Ventilation level 2 (Normal ventilation)
5 Ventilation level 3 (boost ventilation)
6 Filter check message
7 Malfunction
Operating the MINI
Switching on
Press the Arrow up key until the LED in the fan symbol turns green.
Continuous operation
Continuous operation of your comfort ventilation unit is
necessary to ensure that the unit functions properly.
Arrow keys
Arrow keys = for selecting ventilation levels 1 to 3
Up arrow key = increasing the ventilation level
Down arrow key = reducing the ventilation level
C H A N G E S R E S E R V E D . V E R S I O N J UNI 2 016
PA G E 1/ 2
Fan symbols
Press the Arrow up key to select the top fan symbol –
top ventilation level 3 – boost ventilation (automatically
resets to level 2 after 2 hours).
Centre fan symbol lights up – ventilation level 2 – normal ventilation.
Press the Arrow down key to select ventilation level 1 – absence mode.
Operating mode
Use the left symbol keys to switch between summer
and winter operation.
Summer operation + top LED is green. Actively supplies
living areas with cool summer air (the integrated unit bypass
is active; bypassing heat recovery).
Winter operation + bottom LED is green. Heats up fresh outdoor
air via heat recovery and also using the automatic re-heating
battery, if installed (the integrated unit bypass is deactivated).
Plant malfunction. LED next to warning triangle flashes red.
Contact your installer!
Checking filters
Filter check signal every 4 months. LED is yellow.
Check filter for dirt and replace if necessary.
To delete the message after cleaning/replacing the filter,
simultaneously press both arrow keys for at least 5 seconds.
Premature filter exchange
Reset the filter timer without a filter message.
Simultaneously press both arrow keys for at
least 5 seconds.
Switching off in standby mode
Switch off (= standby mode) – only when performing
work generating a lot of dust.
When reaching ventilation level 1, press the Arrow down key
again until no LED is lit.
When dust generating work is complete, press the Arrow up key
to switch the unit on again.
NOTE: These brief instructions do NOT substitute the Operating Manual which is available
for download on the Internet. We furthermore recommend concluding a contract for annual
servicing by a specialised and officially licensed company.
ATTENTION: Only authorised specialist staff may perform work on the ventilation unit
(except filter replacement)!
C H A N G E S R E S E R V E D . V E R S I O N J UNI 2 016
PA G E 2 / 2
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