Philips AC4113/00 Datasheet

Philips AC4113/00 Datasheet
Activated carbon filter
Car and desk
Healthy air on the go, always
The Activated Carbon filter effectively removes harmful gases (TVOC) from the indoor
air around you *
Healthy Air
• With AC filter for effective TVOC removal *
• Create your personal safe zone, wherever you go
• Easy-to-install filter
Activated carbon filter
Car and desk
Design specifications
Logistic data
Weight and dimensions
• AC filter color: Black (surface)
• F-box weight (including product): 70.8 g
• Product dimensions (W x D x H): 41 x 55.2 x
60 mm
• F-box dimensions (W x D x H): 80 x 80 x 60 mm
• Country of origin: China
• For Philips air purifier(s): AC4030/00, AC4030/10
Activated Carbon filter
The Activated Carbon effectively removes harmful
gases (TVOC) from the indoor air around you *
Portable TVOC protection *
Create your personal safe zone against harmful gases
(TVOC). Philips' car and desk purifier provides you
portable natural protection against our invisible
enemies, wherever you go *
Easy-to-install filter
Issue date 2014-07-25
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* Tested for TVOC removal referring to GB/T 18883-2002, tested 2
hrs in 1m3 chamber at SIMT institute, China.
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