Philips AVENT SCD803/01 Datasheet

Philips AVENT SCD803/01 Datasheet
Philips AVENT
Newborn feeding set
Pure glass
Assured Feeding
This set includes one 4oz bottle with S teat, one 8oz bottle with S teat, one M teat, one
L teat
0% BPA (Bisphenol A Free)
• 0% BPA Product
Promotes comfortable and safe drinking
• Soft, ribbed silicone teat for easy latch-on
• Anti-colic system to reduce colic & help prevent gas
Safe Material Used
• Clean, Hygienic and Safe Glass
Leak prevention
• Secure and leak-free storage and travel
Newborn feeding set
Pure glass BPA-Free
Soft, ribbed silicone teat
feature, Moms can use boiling water or Philips Avnet
sterilizer to sterilize it . assuring you a safe feeding
Country of origin
Secure and leak-free storage
• BPA-Free
• China
• Bottle design: Easy to assemble, Easy to clean, Easy
to hold, Standard neck
• Anti-colic valve: One piece valve
Development stages
• Stages: 0-6 months
Soft, ribbed silicone Philips AVENT teat is easy for
baby's mouth to seal and latch on the teat. With this,
the baby will feel more comfortable drinking from
the teat.
Anti-colic system
The bottle will not leak while feeding your baby and
the cap seals the teat for secure and leak-free
storage and travel.
0% BPA
Anti-colic valves flex to allow air into the feeding
bottle and help prevent gas from going into the
baby's tummy, hence reduces colic.
Clean, Hygienic and Safe Glass
This product contains 0% BPA
Made from borosilicate glass, this bottle is hygienic
and easy to clean. Due to bottle's heat resistant
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