Philips HD3095/00 Datasheet

Philips HD3095/00 Datasheet
Philips Avance Collection
Rice cooker
Premium inner pot series
Delicious 'wood fire' aroma for maximum enjoyment
6mm thick black crystal pot for great tasting rice
The new Philips smart rice cooker with unique 6 mm black crystal pot and wrap-around
double core heating plate brings out the unique taste and texture of every grain of rice.
With its easily detachable lid, cleaning has never been this easy
Black crystal pot for great tasting rice
• Black crystal pot conducts and retains heat extremely well
• Energy-cohesive ring retains heat to enhance thermal cycling
• The thick-based, thin-walled design conducts heat evenly
Detachable lid for easy cleaning
• Easily detachable lid makes cleaning easier than ever
• Unique hangable, stand-up design for easy drainage
• The smart rice soaking program saves soaking time
Double core heating plate for fluffier rice
• Hi-tech ceramic coating for longer service life
• Innovative wrap-around heating plate expands heat area
Wood fire' feature for authentic, traditional rice
• Double core heating technology enhances thermal conduction
• Wood fire' feature simulates traditional cooking methods
Rice cooker
Premium inner pot series 4L, 860W
6mm thick black crystal pot
Energy-cohesive ring design
ensuring tasty rice with a great texture from
top to bottom.
Unique 'wood fire' program
The 6mm thick base of the pot has excellent
heat conduction and retention properties,
effectively preventing partial burning and
ensuring every grain of rice is cooked evenly.
Double core heating technology
The base of the pot contains multi-layered
energy-cohesive rings that lock heat in and
effectively enhance thermal cycling.
Hangable, stand-up design
After cleaning, the lid can be placed vertically
on a counter or hung on the wall directly for
easy draining.
Hi-tech ceramic coating
Unique 'wood fire' program adjusts the
cooking curve of the rice to simulate
traditional cooking methods, providing a more
comprehensive simmering process for
aromatic, al dente rice.
Wrap-around heating plate
The double core heating tubes increase the
heated area at the base while the wrap-around
bowl design perfectly compliments the black
crystal pot, providing faster, more efficient
heating and ensuring each grain of rice absorbs
an adequate amount of water and boils for just
the right amount of time for tastier, fluffier rice
Easily detachable lid
The lid can be completely detached after use
allowing direct cleaning from every angle,
leaving no residual dirt and making cleaning
easier than ever.
The ceramic coating is harder and more wearresistant than conventional coatings for
stronger wipe-resistance and longer service
Innovative wrap-around heating plate expands
heat area
Smart rice soaking program
Thick-based/thin-walled design
The smart rice soaking program saves soaking
The gradually changing thickness of the pot
distributes heat evenly throughout the pot,
Rice cooker
Premium inner pot series 4L, 860W
Design specifications
• Materials of main body: Colored steel
• Dimensions (L x W x H): 400*297*238 mm
• Color(s): Champagne casing and lid
• Rice scoop
• Measuring cup
• Soup scoop
• Integrated steamer and plate
Technical specifications
Voltage: 220 V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Wattage: 860 W
Cord length: 1 m
Inner pot capacity: 4L
Issue date 2013-12-05
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