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Rx Series – the perfect choice for demanding audio
Today requirements for loudspeaker systems are very demanding. The quality and power of
the sound on one hand versus the versatility and ease-of-use on the other. The target design
for the Rx Series was to provide industry standard audio quality, in a versatile package.
Combined with our new series of P amplifiers, plug-and-play solutions are available for both
mobile and fixed-installed systems, including pa, monitors or any supplementary system. All
of the EV experience in design and manufacturing of components within the audio chain,
from processing and amplification to the enclosure and the transducers have been tweaked
into each Rx systems. What looks like "a black box,” sounds like the answer to demanding
audio – Rx the perfect choice!
Multi-angle and ultra-compact
enclosures for highest versatility
Rx 112/75, Rx 115/75 and Rx H212/75 feature a five-side footprint. This allows a number of advantages in different market segments. For local hire these cabinets could
be used for main (house) applications as
well as stage monitors – an investment in Rx
pays back quickly. For low-profile/limited
clearance installations venues, Rx requires
less space than standard trap boxes when
used in horizontal box hangs, or simplifies
arraying. Also, the rectangular design of the
Rx subs allow the highest versatility: all sub
cabinets are ultra slim, to fit under low stages or in tiny corners, and can also be
stacked for "good-looking,” and performing
low-frequency arrays.
A revolutionary new horn design
CD-horns are industry standard today, it
was EV who pioneered this technology in
1974. Based on this long-term experience,
the RX Series features the latest technology in horn design. The uniform 75° horizontal coverage offers all the benefits of a
"long-throw” 60° and a "wide-fill” 90° pattern. The vertical pattern projection of 15°
up and 35° down naturally directs the HF
energy straight down to the audience or
straight up to the artist. The large footprint
assures a pattern control far down into the
vocal band; and the square flange footprint allows for full rotation of the horn.
Together with it’s asymmetrical vertical
pattern a prescribed solution for dedicated
• Fullrange/Biamp Switch without removing the connector panel; always indicating
the operation mode of the speaker
• Integrated protection circuits in all Rx
cabinets to assure a most reliable performance even close the limits without risk
• Rigging-Kit makes it "flyable” whenever
needed*, Rx 112/75 and Rx 115/75 feature a
"natural tilt down” with a two-point-hang.
(*all models accept Rx 118s, Rx 215s)
• Save-Grip Handles finger-like formed
design to make the handling safe and comfortable in all cases.
• Rx112/75 and Rx115/75 come standard with
a pole mount in the bottom, while all subs
are housing a "hidden” pole-mount in the top
handle, in case no flying is possible.
Rx Series - the perfect choice for
• Professional musicians and mobile DJ’s as hi-power plug-and-play system
• Local hire companies as small to medium main pa or stage monitoring
• Fixed-installations such as clubs, discos, houses of worship or theatres as ultra-compact,
easy-to-fly-and-array system
EV’s exclusive Ring-Mode-Decoupling
RMD brings the adverse resonances or ring-modes in a speaker system under control at
their origin. Acoustical and mechanical resonances are removed with acoustical or mechanical solutions - not electrical. That’s the short explanation of the revolutionary EV technique. First developed for the X-Array™ concert sound system, RMD is today what makes
the difference of EV speaker systems. Whether low level background music or high power
foreground (Rock’n’Roll); thanks to RMD the tonal quality of the system stays even at all
New large-format DH-7 driver
Using the same 3-inch diaphragm as famous ND-5 and DH-6 drivers (used in X-Array X- and Xi- series) the DH-7 offers a new performance optimized magnet structure to save weight and size without compromising its audible quality. Highest SPL with minimal
distortion for crystal clear performance, is why most audio professionals love "big drivers”. Rx series offers this "industry standard”
throughout all full-range/mid-hi cabinets.
RACE Processed Presets
If the modular P amplifier is not sufficient for the application (i.e. a three-way set-up, or a Rx top box as biamped
speaker) the EV Dx38 digital sound system processor offers an unrivalled controlle of the system. The RACE (RealTime-Acoustic-Cluster-Editor) software enables the user to see the "pure acoustic performance” of his system using
the current parameter set. That’s the only way to distinguish effects caused by the system or by the room. EV is the
first manufacturer offering such an unique audio tool. RACE allows EV engineering to supply any combination of
RACE PROCESSED PRESETS for current EV speaker systems – highest performance guaranteed. Starting from
such a factory designed setting, every user can "customize” according to individual taste or need, always being able
to see and hear, in real-time, any modification of the parameter setting. Same functionality and control is
available using P series remote amplifiers. *
Plug-and-Play-Systems with modular P Series amplification
System processing and amplification play an important role in the overall
performance of any system. EV’s latest P series amps offer dedicated
modules for the best processing of all Rx components just by inserting the
module card in the front-slot of the amp. This concept does not only keep
the total system cost at an incredible good value, it also maintains a lot of
security and time-savings, both in mobile or fixed-install set-ups.
• Wheel-Bar-Kit makes
all subs an easy transport
to stage, or using them as
"dolly” for the rest of
* avaible second quarter 2002
Rx Series Cabinets
Rx 112/75
This 12-inch 2-way is designed for an unmatched vocal performance. The DL12BFH woofer and the large format DH7 driver
combined with the unique horn design make the RX 112/75 first
choice for pa-applications with additional subs or stand-alone for
monitoring or supplementary systems. The fifth side of the
enclosure does not only allow the Rx 112/75 to be used as floor
monitor, it also helps when building clusters of multiple 112’s or
when needing limited clearance/sight-line sensitive horizontal
Rx 112
Rx 115/75
As a 15-inch 2-way, this bigger version of the multi-angle
Rx112/75 provides more output capability at lower frequencies.
Perfect in a stand-alone application not requiring subs, as well
as in systems such as clubs, discos or mobile DJ’s. The latest
version of DL15X woofer supplies easily 101dB 1W/1m SPL.
The Rx 115 has the same width as the Rx 215S/218S subwoofer to allow a nice, slim "column of power”.
Rx 115
Rx 212/75
A true mid-hi-cabinet designed for maximum output above 80Hz,
the trapezoidal enclosure allows tighter arrays for wider coverage. The Rx 212 fits with any sub of the Rx Series to create a
„Highest-Power-Output-Package”. For vertical use only.
Rx H212/75 1)
The double 12“ for horizontal use in installations
with low ceilings or as lowprofile hi-power stage
monitor. The fact that both 12“s are close to a
boundary provides additional LF level.
Rx 212
Rx H212
Basic Configuration
Use/Frequency Resp. *
Handling FullRange
Long-Term Power
Short Term (Peak)
Impedance (nom)
Axial Sensitivity SPL 1W/1m
Calculated Maximum
Output SPL Peak
Nominal Coverage
Components LF / HF
Input Connections
Dimensions (mm)
Enclosure Design
* -10dB with controller module
Rx 212/75
available first quarter 2002
Rx H212/751)
Rx 112/75
Rx 115/75
12”-2-way, bi-ampable
46 - 18.000 Hz
15”-2-way, bi-ampable
48 - 18.000 Hz
350 W (300/75 W)
1400 W
8 Ohms
100 dB
450 W (400/75 W)
1800 W
8 Ohms
101 dB
650 W (600/75 W)
2600 W
4 Ohms
102 dB
131 dB
125 dB
133 dB
127 dB
136 dB
132 dB
2x12”-2-way, bi-ampable
43 - 18.000 Hz
75° x 50° asymmetrical (15° up, 35° down)
DL15XR / DH7
2 x DL12BFH / DH7
internal at 2kHz, switch-able to biamp-mode, protection circuit with halogen array
2 paralleled Neutrik NL4F (Full-range/LF on Pin 1, HF Pin 2)
5-side multi-angle, with pole mount
25,5 kg
30,5 kg
5-side mulit-angle
35 kg
construction material: 18-ply plywood
Rx Series Subwoofer
Rx 118S
A single 18” subwoofer equipped with EVX-180B in an extremely handy size, the Rx 118S could be positioned upright or
flat on the floor (only 450mm high!) and offers a "hidden” pole
mount in the top handle. Three Rx118S are perfectly driven
with one P 1201 amplifier, or from one channel of a P3000.
Same width as Rx 115/75.
Rx 215S
The "Double-15” for the ultimate punch and kick preferred by many DJ’s and club owners. Featuring the same
woofer and width as the Rx 115/75 full-range cabinet it
could perfectly combined acoustically and optically.
Rx 215S
Rx 218S
Two famous DL18-MT’s make this subwoofer the most
powerful in the line. The Rx 218 has the same pole mount as
all Rx subs, and is also prepared for the Rx rigging-kit for flying applications. Put in the middle between two Rx 212/75
(same heights) and you have a powerful full-range cluster.
Rx 218S
flyable using optional Rx rigging-kit
Use/Frequency Resp. *
Power Handling (EIA)
Long Term (Peak)
Impedance (nom)
Axial Sensitivity SPL 1W/1m
Calculated Maximum
Output SPL Peak
Connector Panel
Optional Accessories
Dimensions (mm)
Enclosure Design
Weight (without wheel kit)
(with wheel kit)
Rx 118S
Rx 215S
Rx 218S
1 x 18”
36 - 130 Hz
600 W
2 x 15”
38 -140
800 W
2 x 18”
35 - 135
800 W
8 Ohm
98 dB
4 Ohm
98 dB
4 Ohm
99 dB
132 dB
133 dB
134 dB
126 dB
127 dB
128 dB
2 x DL-15X
2 x DL-18MT
external (i.e., dedicated P amp module) protection circuit with halogen array
2 paralleled Neutrik NL4F
Rx Wheel-Kit, PCL880 Pole-Mount, Rigging Kit (Rx 218S only)
47,5 kg
53,5 kg
Rectangular, direct radiation vented box
48,5 kg
54,5 kg
56,5 kg
62.5 kg
P Series Modular Amplifiers – to get the best performance
The Series of modular P amplifiers is derived from the world famous P3000 amps. With its
modular selection of filter/signal processing modules, modular P amps are offering an easy way
to power and control Rx series cabinets and create plug-and-play-systems. The input and output panels are modular as well. The standard version comes with XLR inputs (plus slave
through) and Speakon NL4 outputs to save any additional patch panel for mobile applications.
Full Protection Package on board
Besides the great audio performance each P series amp offers
a concept of gapless protection circuitry for the amp itself as
well as for the connected loudspeakers. These protections
include dynamic limiters, DC/HF protection, Back-EMF protection, inrush current limiter, short-circuit protection and a thermal overload protection for both output stage transistors and
transformer. The Voice-Coil-Protection (VCP) integrates the
amount of energy sent to the connected speaker and protects
the voice coil from a burn out. P Series amplifiers protect the
whole system to guarantee trouble free operation.
Audio at it’s best
One of the reasons for success of the P3000
was its unbelievable audio performance.
Despite the opinion that all amps sound equal,
the P Series amplifiers convinced many professional users after a first try. The modular P
Series is derivative of the P Series featuring
the same incredible audio quality. Beside
world-class results in all measurements the
most audible difference P amps are the outstanding transient response and the 30% headroom of the power supply. The on-board dynamic limiter keeps the output signal to a maximum THD of 1% compared to the input. This
combination of designs makes a P amp sound
more musical and more powerful than expected
from its nominal rating.
P 1202
P 1202 – the dual channel amp
Two-times 600 Watts constant power into 4 Ohms. With two module slots the P 1202 could either drive two completely independent signals (i.e. stereo left/right) or a one-in-two-signal (to bi-amping subwoofer plus top). If both sides of
the amplifier should use the same signal only one module is required.
Rear view of P 1202
P 1201 – the mono block
1200 Watts into 4 Ohms, or 1600 Watt into 2 Ohms constant
power – the P 1201 is the ideal subwoofer drive. The inputs A
and B are summed up to an internal mono signal if both are
connected. This allows a very flexible and easy to handle setup whether the sub signal should be the sum of left/right or an
independent feed from the console.
P 1201
Rear view of P 1201
Dedicated modules for the RX Series speakers
The front panel of the P amps provide plug-in sockets for inserting several signal processing modules. For each Rx Series speaker there is a dedicated module providing optimized processing.
The modules for the full-range capable Rx 112 and Rx 115 could be set in full-range or
mid/hi mode; a yellow and a green LED show the active selection. The mid-eq provides
for customer preference tuning to absolutely flat or a slight dip in the midrange. The lopass frequency of the sub modules are at the same point as the hi-pass-filters for the top
cabinets. Therefore any combination of Rx Series speaker could be combined with each
for Rx112/75
for Rx115/75
for Rx118S
for Rx 218S
(Other Modules for P amplifiers not shown.)
System Applications: Rx + Modular P series
Bands and Musicians in Small to Medium Venues
2x Rx 112/75, 2x Rx 118S
1x P 1201(+ 1 M-118 module), 1x P 1202 (+ 2 M-112 modules)
2x Poles (PCL880), 4x NL4 long cable
Wheel-Kit for Subs
Horiz. Coverage
Average Distance
Amp Power
2 x 75°
15 to 20 meters
1.960 W (cont.)
This basic configuration is an optimized package for small transport volume and fullrange hi-power sound
reproduction in small to medium rooms. For wider dispersion a second Rx 112/75 per side might be added.
Mobile DJ's in Medium Venues, Side-Fill Monitoring on Larger Stages
2x Rx 115/75, 2x Rx 215S
2x P 1202 (2 M-115 + 2 M-215 modules)
2x Poles (PCL880), 4x NL4 long cable
Wheel-Kit for Subs
Horiz. Coverage
Average Distance
Amp Power
2 x 75°
15 to 20 meters
1.960W (cont.)
More "punch" through coupling of three 15" woofers per side, perfect for Mobile DJ's in small to medium rooms;
For a typical 4-point-dance-floor set-up a second Rx 115/75 per side could be operated in parallel.
System Applications: Rx + Modular P series
Concert or Club Installation in Medium Venue
4x Rx 115/75, 4x Rx 218S
4x P 1202 (2 M-115 modules, 2 M-218 modules)
4x Rigging-Kit, 8x NL4 long cable
Horiz. Coverage
Average Distance
Amp Power
2 x 150° or 4 x 75°
15 to 20 meters
3.920W (cont.)
Very flexible set-up for wide (as shown), or 4-point-applications. For low ceilings the Rx 115/75 could be flown horizontal HF-Horn rotated). System could be splitted in two seperate Stereo-Set-Ups, if 8 amp modules will be used.
Performing Arts Theatre, L-C-R for medium venue with balcony
Rx 112/75, 3x Rx 118S
P 1202 (3 M-112 modules, 1 M-218 module)
Rigging-Kit, (+ add.assc.),
NL4 long, 4x NL4 short cable
Horiz. Coverage
Average Distance
Amp Power
Hi-Resolution L-C-R-Set-Up. Expandable to 150° center by adding another Rx 112/75 .
3x 75°
20 to 25 meters
3.080W (cont.)
System Applications: Rx + Modular P series
Concert Set-Up for Pop/Rock Band Medium to Larger Venue
4x Rx 212/75, 6x Rx 118S
2x P 1202 (with 2 Rx 212 modules),
2x P 1201 (with 2 Rx 118 modules)
6x NL 4 long cable, 4x NL 4 short cable
Wheel-Kit for Subs
Horiz. Coverage
Average Distance
2 x 120° to 150°
25 to 35 meters
Amp Power
5.400 W (cont.)
Hi-Power stack, could be used for flying with 4 Rigging-Kits. Could be splitted in two separate systems
using 2 additional Rx 212 modules.
Stage Monitor with Key- and Drum-Fill
4x Rx 112/75, 2x Rx 115/75, 2x Rx 215S
Horiz. Coverage
4x P 1202
Average Distance
(4x Rx 112 modules, 2x Rx 115-, 2x Rx 215 modules)
8x NL4 long cable
Amp Power
Rigging Kit (if monitors are flown), Wheel-Kit for RX215S
4x 75°, 2x 120°-150°
1 to 8 meters
4x 600 W, 4x 380 W
Basic Stage Monitoring with Biamped Key- and Drum Monitor. Expandable to 2 Rx 112 (resp.Rx 115) per channel
for wider stage coverage.
P 1201/P 1201i
Load Impedance
Maximum Midband Output Power,
1 kHz, THD=1%
Rated Output Power,
20 Hz ... 20 kHz, THD<0.2%
Max. Single Channel Output Power
Dynamic-Headroom, IHF-A
Maximum RMS Voltage Swing
1 kHz, THD=1%
Voltage Gain
at 1 kHz
Slew Rate
Power Consumption
at 1/8 maximum output power @ 4 Ω
Input Sensitivity
at rated output power @ 4 ,Ω 1 kHz
THD at rated output power
MBW=80kHz, 1 kHz
60 Hz, 7 kHz
DIM 30
3.15 kHz, 15 kHz
Frequency Response
-1dB, ref. 1 kHz
Power Bandwith
THD=1%, ref. 1 kHz, half power @ 4 Ω
Input Impedances
20Hz ... 20kHz, balanced
Damping Factor
at 100 Hz / 1 kHz
Signal to Noise Ratio
Power Requirements
Safety Class
Dual channel amplifier
2x380W 2x600W 2x850W
2x500W 2x500W
Dimensions (WxHxD), mm
86 V
64 V
33 dB
30 dB
40 V/µs
870 W
30 V/µs
870 W
< 0.05%
< 0.08%
< 0.03%
13 Hz ... 45 kHz
10 Hz ... 50 kHz
20 kΩ
>300 / >200
106 dB
240V, 230V, 120V, 100V / 50Hz ... 60Hz, factory configured
Audio limiters, high temperature, DC, HF, Back-EMF,
peak current limiters, inrush current limiters, turn-on delay
front-to-rear, 3-stage fans
483 x 132.5 x 385.5
17 kg
Input Transformer
Amplifier at rated conditions, both channels driven, 8Ω
P 1202/P 1202i
Single channel amplifier
loads, unless otherwise specified.
27Hz - 50kHz
25Hz - 50kHz
27Hz - 50kHz
25Hz - 90Hz
25Hz - 90Hz
25Hz - 90Hz
75Hz - 50kHz
75Hz - 50kHz
75Hz - 50kHz
3kHz, Q1, -3dB
-85dB to + 6dB
< 105dB
< 0,05%
3kHz, Q1, -3dB
-85dB to + 6dB
< 105dB
< 0,05%
3kHz, Q1, -3dB
-85dB to + 6dB
< 105dB
< 0,05%
-85dB to + 6dB
< 108dB
< 0,05%
-85dB to + 6dB
< 108dB
< 0,05%
-85dB to + 6dB
< 108dB
< 0,05%
Response (-6dB)
Mid EQ
Gain Range
S/N Ratio
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