HP MFP Digital Sending Software 5.0 250 Device e-LTU

HP MFP Digital Sending Software 5.0 250 Device e-LTU
Data sheet
HP Digital Sending
Software 5.0
Help save time, money, and resources by digitizing your hardcopy documents
Solution at a glance
When you streamline how your business handles documents and information, you can save time
and improve productivity. HP Digital Sending Software (DSS) 5.0 is a server-based solution that
enhances digital sending from HP LaserJet MFPs, HP Officejet Enterprise MFPs, HP digital senders,
and HP Scanjet network devices.
Now, you can easily incorporate paper documents into electronic processes. Digitize and send
information quickly and securely to email, network folders, printers, fax services, Microsoft®
SharePoint®, and more. And with a common administrative utility and end-user interface, you can
use it across multiple devices and device types.
Improve business performance by transforming
your documents
HP DSS is a server-based document “capture-process-route” system. It links your HP digital
sending devices with your electronic distribution and file storage systems. The software also uses
your existing processes—such as network authentication, email addresses, and fax services—
making it easier and more cost-effective to manage.
Address books
HP DSS makes it a snap to send documents directly from devices. With the Personal Address Book
feature, users can access their Microsoft Exchange contacts—right from the control panel of the
HP digital sending device. They can also access their private address books, which can be stored
and maintained on any device connected to the digital sending server.
Data sheet | HP Digital Sending Software 5.0
HP DSS can also help reduce network congestion. Instead of having hundreds—or even
thousands—of multifunction devices access your LDAP servers, the LDAP replication feature
enables those devices to communicate with the HP DSS server instead. And it leads to faster user
experience at the device control panel, too.
Custom keys
Administrators can ensure accurate indexing by creating reusable “jobs” that facilitate the
collection of metadata through prompts. These jobs are enabled by custom keys, which allow
users to effortlessly send documents to workflow destinations, such as network folders. HP DSS
can also integrate with third-party content management applications.
Document types
Transforming paper documents into electronic text is simple. HP DSS uses state-of-the-art I.R.I.S.
Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to convert documents from image files to popular file
formats, including searchable PDF, PDF/A,1 High Compression PDF,2 RTF, Microsoft Word, .TXT
files, and HTML. Documents can also be converted into XML for easy integration into third-party
content management applications.
Send and archive paper documents efficiently
Help reduce business costs
Digital sending not only helps reduce manual processes and increase access to your content, but it
can also dramatically reduce expenses and help you conserve environmental resources, such as
print supplies and paper. In addition, you can help minimize or eliminate the costs of physical
storage and hardcopy distribution, like analog faxing, postage, and courier services.
HP DSS features a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to manage digital sending and
configure groups of devices simultaneously. It also offers extensive transaction and error
logging—complete with email alerts—so that IT can troubleshoot intelligently. You can even
group devices, so you can manage them collectively. For instance, configuration templates allow
you to define and apply settings simultaneously across multiple devices at once.
Enjoy flexible options for sending documents
HP DSS is the link you need between your HP multifunction and digital sending devices and
electronic distribution and storage. The software integrates paperwork into your existing
electronic workflows, so documents are processed sooner, can be modified more easily, and are
simpler to access. You can scan to shared folders, send documents to multiple folder destinations
at one time, and scan straight to Microsoft SharePoint. HP DSS also integrates with Adobe
LiveCycle® Enterprise Suite 4 through a single PDF rights management policy.
Protect your sensitive information
PDF/A files meet the PDF/A1b ISO 190051:2005 Standard for long-term archival of
electronic documents.
HP DSS uses a compression algorithm to
create both color and grayscale PDF files of
very small file size while maintaining
excellent quality—cutting the cost of digital
storage. High Compression PDF is currently
available for Send to Folder, Send to Email
and Send to Workflow.
FIPS-140 support requires FutureSmart
devices or pre FutureSmart devices with
FIPS-140 compliant JetDirect EIO cards.
HP DSS offers multiple ways to protect your data. Communication with external servers can be
protected via SSL/TLS protocols, specifying that messages are encrypted. Because this data is
encrypted before it leaves the device, it is protected from outside access. DSS 5.02 can now run
with the FIPS 140 Windows security policy enabled which uses the FIPS_140 validated
cryptographic modules.3 In addition, you can use your company’s existing LDAP or Microsoft
Windows® authentication services to verify user identity, restrict where documents are sent, and
control and track usage by device.
Data sheet | HP Digital Sending Software 5.0
Personal folder
Multiple folders
Scan Document
Select application on the
front panel, select or enter
destination and proceed to
scan document
HP Digital Sending
Software Server
Network/watched folder
Another system can pick up documents
from this folder for further processing
Streamlining workflows is a top priority
America First Credit Union handles documents all day long—loan applications, mortgage forms,
expense vouchers, accounting information, and more. For close to a decade, the organization has
relied on HP multifunction printers (MFP) for high quality, cost efficiency, and reliable workflow
functionality. As part of an ongoing optimization strategy, America First implemented HP DSS
across its fleet of HP MFPs. This solution helped the financial organization incorporate paper
documents into its electronic business processes easily and securely. Identity-based
authentication services helped to support regulatory compliance.
“We want electronic document management to reduce consumption and simplify processes,” says
Randy Hunter, America First’s senior IT director. “It eliminates the need for employees to go to the
fax machine and sort out which document is theirs or to print out documents just to feed them
back into the machine. It’s also more secure when documents aren’t sitting around.”
Click here to learn more about the experience of America First Credit Union with HP Products and Solutions.
Data sheet | HP Digital Sending Software 5.0
Supported devices
The following HP printing and imaging devices are fully supported by HP Digital Sending Software:
HP LaserJet
M525 MFP/
flow MFP
M3035 MFP
4345 MFP
M4345 MFP
4730 MFP/
CM4730 MFP
MFP M630
M725 MFP
M830 MFP
M9040 MFP/
M9050 MFP
HP Color
M575 MFP/
flow MFP
9500 MFP
HP Officejet
MFP X585
HP Digital
9200c Digital Sender
HP Document
9250c Digital Sender
Scanjet Enterprise
7000n/nx Document
Capture Workstation
Scanjet Enterprise
8500 fn1 Document
Digital Sender Flow
8500 fn1 Document
Capture Workstation
MFP M680
M775 MFP
M880 MFP
Data sheet | HP Digital Sending Software 5.0
Product specifications
Feature summary
Destination types supported: Email, Network folder, FTP, Printer, Home folder, Metadata capture through customer
keys/workflows, Direct sending to OCR; IPv6 support; Authentication: Microsoft Windows, LDAP; LAN Fax, Internet Fax,
Backup/restore settings
LAN fax/Internet fax providers
Anny Way, AccPac, Biscom, Captaris, Castelle, Cycos-mrs, Esker, FAXSys, Object, Intercope, Fenestrae, Interstar, Omtool,
RedRock, RTEFax, Tobit, Topcall, Zetafax, NET SatisFAXtion
Text index files supported
Number of index tags
Up to 20 (file name can be selected at control panel); Examples of fields: Date, Time, User ID, Scan Filename, OCR
Address book types
Exchange Global Address Book, Personal Address Book (Microsoft Exchange contacts), Private and Public Address Book,
LDAP Replication
Supported composer formats
All file formats: PDF (standard, compressed, AES-128 encrypted), TIFF, JPEG, MTIFF (additional formats available using
OCR output types [searchable]: PDF, PDF/A, XPS, RTF, TXT, HTML, XML, CSV)
Image compression
JPEG, High-Compression PDF
Server requirements
Operating systems
Windows 7
Microsoft Windows 2008 Server 32- and 64-bit (Service Pack 2)
Microsoft Windows 2008 Server R2
Microsoft Windows 2012 Server
Microsoft Windows 2012 Server R2
Windows Clustering Services
VMware ESX 3.5 or later
Microsoft Hyper-V
Note – Software runs as a 32-bit application on all 64-bit hosts
Minimum hardware
2 GHz processor, 2 GB RAM, hard disk with 1 GB free space
Note: As the number of DSS jobs increase and/or the amount of OCR processing increases, the processing power of the
hardware should be increased to 2 or 4 processor cores.
Ordering information
Physical PTO (Print to Order)
HP Digital Sending SW 1 Device e-LTU
HP Digital Sending SW 5 Device e-LTU
HP Digital Sending SW 10 Device e-LTU
HP Digital Sending SW 50 Device e-LTU
HP Digital Sending SW 250 Device e-LTU
HP Digital Sending SW 1 Device LTU
HP Digital Sending SW 5 Device LTU
HP Digital Sending SW 10 Device LTU
HP Digital Sending SW 50 Device LTU
HP Digital Sending SW 250 Device LTU
Note: Each license pack must be registered to the same DSS server. License packs cannot be split among multiple servers.
Support and maintenance
One-year HP CarePack
1 Device (U0QT4E), 5 Devices (U0QT6E), 10 Devices (U0QT8E), 50 Devices (U0QU0E), 250 Devices (U0QU2E)
Three-year HP CarePack
1 Device (U0QT5E), 5 Devices (U0QT7E), 10 Devices (U0QT9E), 50 Devices (U0QU1E), 250 Devices (U0QU3E)
Data sheet | HP Digital Sending Software 5.0
Why HP?
HP is a global leader in imaging and printing solutions, offering technical expertise along with
reliable products and powerful solution sets.
Help reduce costs and improve your imaging and printing infrastructure. Change the way you do
business by changing the way you think about printing. Trim overall printing costs by investing in
time- and money-saving solutions.
Meet your business IT goals. Extend the value of your imaging and printing hardware using
solutions customized to meet specific needs. Trust HP and partner technology to handle even the
most complex security, workflow, and document management issues.
Choose from a wide variety of premier solutions. Solutions are designed to work seamlessly with
management tools.
Get started today
Contact your local HP local representative or document solution reseller for more information
about HP Digital Sending Software and other imaging and printing applications that will help you
keep your business running smoothly.
Learn more at
HP three-part approach
HP and our partners work with you to assess, deploy and manage an imaging and printing environment
tailored to meet your business needs, while helping you reduce cost, conserve resources and simplify
document-intensive processes.
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Optimize infrastructure
Manage environment
Improve workflow
We can help you achieve a balance
between your total cost of printing
and your needs for user
convenience and productivity.
Working together, we can help you
maintain your optimized
infrastructure while improving
business efficiency and tightening
By streamlining your documentintensive processes, we can help
you deliver a more efficient
environment for capturing,
managing, and sharing
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