production and backline gear requirements

production and backline gear requirements
PA SYSTEM: FRB can provide its own system to accommodate up to 200 people or
small acoustic show if needed. For shows over 200 people and/or full band shows, a
PA system will be provided by the purchaser. FRB carries their own backline gear,
however if a backline is needed or preferred, such as fly-in or multiple act shows, the
backline will be provided by purchaser. The following are the preferred PA and
Backline needed. Professional qualified sound and lighting tech will be provided by
purchaser if needed.
Note: FRB is aware that audio systems vary greatly from venue to venue. In any case
we ask that these systems be at a professional level as to provide the best possible
performance for the venue and its patrons.
• should be enough power to cover area with ample headroom if needed
• speakers - number of speakers should be proportionate to venue size.
• 8”, 10” or 12” mids and high end cabinets or similar
• 15” sub speakers or similar
• Power amps – Crown, QSC, Crest or similar
• Minimum 24 channel mixing board
• EQ, effects, compression and other applicable outboard gear
• VX and instrument mics and all applicable DI’s and cords (see stage plot)
• high quality wedges with 12” and horn for front line and 15” and horn for drums
• drums may be personal in ear (provided by drummer)
• 4 (or 5) separate mixes
• pro power amps as above or similar
• minimum 24’ wide by 16’ deep, free of obstructions
• Drums – 5pc - snare, kick (20”or 22”), combination of 10”and/or 12” rack toms,
14”and/or16” floor toms, minimum 3 cymbal stands, hi-hat stand, pro adjustable
drum throne
• 3 electric guitar amps (2-12” speakers cabinets preferably tube amp, fender,
marshall,vox or similar)
• 1 bass cabinet (4-10 or 6-10) with pro base amp head
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• pro lighting and lighting console with standard and/or intelligent lighting
• enough lighting to cover full band and stage area
• if needed, water hazers only
• A private dressing room near the stage should be available at the venue for the
• In the event that air travel is needed, we ask that a runner be available to
transport the musicians, their luggage, and equipment to and from the airport,
hotel, and venue as needed.
• 2 volunteers to help with load in / load out and any set up needs if available.
• FRB would like to be set up and sound checked by 4pm, sooner for earlier
shows. If sound and light techs are provided please be sure they are available
from load in to load out and that sound system is set up and ready for band.
No changes can be made to this rider without the written consent of Artist and
Purchaser. As part of your agreement, please read and sign confirming your
understanding of the Tech Rider and return the original to FRB with your signed
Purchaser:_______________________ Date:________________
Print Name: ______________________
Please direct any concerns or other mix, production or backline questions to Tom
Tobia, 615-482-3559.
Thank You,
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