Designed to make a difference

Designed to make a difference
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The Invisible
Miele's first
bagless vac
Innovative built-in appliances
Designed to
make a difference
Learn more about the
"For everything you
really love" brand campaign
on page 54.
Dear Readers,
Everything is going well for Miele and its
subsidiaries in more than 50 countries. In
the last financial year we were able to increase our turnover by 6.4 percent to a
record high of EUR 3.71 billion. We are also
delighted to have passed the historical record for the number of employees: 18,370
people work for Miele worldwide. This is
over 600 employees more than the year
before. As a result, we have also expanded
our sales and service further in countries
top of their wish list but then switched to
outside Germany where we had previously
another brand due to their budget. We are
enjoyed significant growth. We would like
now offering them reasonably priced entry
to thank our retail partners and our teams in
and promotional models with a wealth of
the subsidiaries for their commitment and
bonus features, starting with dishwashers to
support. All of you as well as our millions
ovens and vacuum cleaners.
and millions of satisfied customers all over
Keyword floor care: With the Blizzard
the world are the most important ambas-
CX1 Miele is launching its first bagless
sadors for our brand and products.
vacuum cleaner on the market – finally
One important foundation for our
some might say. We really took our time
shared success is the carefully balanced
with this product development as a bagless
mix of products. On the one hand Miele
appliance from Miele also has to meet our
scores with top appliances that have unique
standards of performance, convenience and
selling points and superb customer benefit.
hygiene. Read more about it on page 18.
Examples of these are the cutting-edge
Furthermore we have expanded our local
ArtLine built-in appliances with which
presence. Our premium claim can be expe-
design-conscious customers can consist-
rienced with all the senses in new and com-
ently fit their kitchen without any handles
pletely renovated Experience Centres. We
or our washing machines with the unique
present some of these exclusive showrooms
TwinDos automatic detergent dispensing.
to you in this edition ( page 37). We cordially
On the other hand, we are winning over
invite you to pop into Miele wherever and
many new customers: for example young
whenever the opportunity arises. But first of
families who had always had Miele at the
all, we hope you enjoy reading this edition.
Miele The Magazine // 3
Well-balanced product mix
Business report
Miele is growing worldwide
Investment in day-care centre for children
Cover story: Miele in Milan
The Invisible Kitchen amazed visitors
Cover story: Fascinating appliances
New inspiration for kitchen dreams
Cover story: Powerful Blizzard
Markus Miele on the new bagless vac
Extractor hoods special
The best choice for clean air
Celebrating the 50th anniversary
Traditional baking in Barcelona
Great Britain
Half the calories in the summer
Extraordinary event about vacuuming
Washing up on the largest ship in the world
Digital Swissbau
Revolution in cooking
Floating gala for the 10th anniversary
Interactive Design at close range
4 // Miele The Magazine
Miele’s first bagless vac, the Blizzard CX1,
demonstrates powerful suction and sets
the standard when it comes to hygiene and
23,000 visitors came and were amazed.
The Invisible Kitchen was one of the most
popular events in Milan.
Miele becomes tangible in
the Experience Centre.
Yekaterinburg in Russia is one
of the many new exhibits.
Austria’s Jungbrunn lifestyle hotel produces
one ton of laundry on a daily basis.
The most economical solution is laundering
with professional machines from Miele.
In Poland,
gravity for
a vacuum
Hong Kong
Laundry care excellence
Product launches with creative ideas
Brand experience
New exhibitions around the world
Bielefeld celebrates 100 years
Professional laundry care
Permanent use in a lifestyle hotel
Texcare 2016
Washing, drying, ironing live
Accolades in Good Design
Project business
Stylish life in Tokyo and Mumbai
Axel Kniehl on the new brand campaign
Creative advert
Denmark searches the perfectionist
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Totally committed to the brand
Miele The Magazine // 5
Stefan Breit to succeed
Eduard Sailer
Miele’s Executive Board (left to right): Dr Eduard Sailer (Executive Director –
Technology), Dr Stefan Breit (Deputy Executive Director – Technology), Dr Markus
Miele (Co-Proprietor and Executive Director), Olaf Bartsch (Executive Director –
Finances and Administration), Dr Reinhard Zinkann (Co-Proprietor and Executive
Director) and Dr Axel Kniehl (Executive Director – Marketing and Sales)
Turnover increases by 6.4%
The Miele family company has once again seen significant increases in both
turnover and staffing levels: The company achieved a turnover of € 3.71 bn in
the 2015/2016 financial year ending June 30, 2016. This is € 224 m or 6.4%
more than during the previous year. For the first time, Miele employs a staff
of more than 18,000. During the period under review, Miele invested a total
of € 184 m.
With these figures, Miele has once again achieved its strategic goal of growing steadily and sustainably, notwithstanding economic cycles. The current
growth in turnover was 'organic', i.e. without the purchase of other manufacturers or brands and without third-party capital.
The Miele board of management rates this achievement all the more highly
in view of the fact that worldwide framework conditions 'did not exactly put
wind in our sails'. Notable are the outworkings of the crises in Arabia, Russia and Turkey, as well as the turn taken by exchange rates. A challenge was
also presented by the aggressive pricing of well-known competitors. This is
countered by the German premium player with Miele’s proverbial quality,
a range policy commensurate with the brand and the market, high-end and
well-specced flagship models as well as entry-line and promotional models
with a greater focus on value for money. Once again, built-in appliances have
made an above-average contribution to growth.
In Germany, Miele achieved sales of € 1.1 bn, representing an increase
of 6.9%. Outside Germany, sales grew by 6.3%, whereby notable gains were
reported by USA, Australia, Great Britain and China. Miele’s Professional business unit achieved sales of € 476 m. This amounts to a year-on-year increase
of € 27m or 6.0% compared with the previous year, with growth coming from
all categories.
As per June 30, 2016, 18,370 employees were on the company’s payroll.
This equates to an increase of 629, or 3.5%. The level of employment in Germany stands at 10,326, virtually on a par with the previous year.
The Miele Group invested to the tune of € 184 m. This represents € 34 m,
or 23%, more than in the previous year. This significant increase is the result of
investments in the development of new model series, extension and conversion
work at various production locations and an expansion of sales and logistics
facilities in Gütersloh. New or completely refurbished showrooms were inaugurated in metropolises such as Beijing, New York, Miami, Johannesburg,
Vilnius, Bucharest, London and Vancouver.
6 // Miele The Magazine
Last year, Dr. Eduard Sailer announced his
retirement from active professional life. His
successor has now been decided: The new Executive Director responsible for technology of
the Miele Group will be Dr. Stefan Breit, 49,
who is currently responsible for the Gütersloh
appliance production plant. The handover will
take place until the end of 2016.
Eduard Sailer held various management
positions in the Thyssen Group and AEG before joining Miele in 1998 in his current position. Stefan Breit studied machine engineering
at the RWTH Aachen, where he completed
his doctorate. Breit joined Miele in 2007, first
working in the Bielefeld plant, where a year
later he became director of the domestic dishwashers division, and in 2009 director of the
plant. Under his management, the product
range was expanded and redesigned and considerable productivity and growth targets were
achieved. In May 2015 the management board
made him director of the Miele Group’s largest
plant at the headquarters in Gütersloh.
A great reputation
among leading
Company management continuity and credibility are important pillars of a company’s reputation. This is the result of a study organised
and published by the German "manager magazin" at the beginning of 2016 for which 2156
leading managers were interviewed. The result: Miele has the best reputation among
leading German company managers.
This is the first time since 1986, when the
magazine was launched, that none of the automotive company managers rank top among
leading German companies. Professor Joachim
Schwalbach from the Humboldt-Universität
of Berlin, responsible for the study, believes
the scandal of manipulated emission values
to be the reason for automotive companies
having lost some of their reputation: "This
scandal resulted in massive mistrust in pure
stock corporation and their managers at the
top", said Schwalbach. "Customers tend to currently put more faith in family enterprises and
stock corporations managed by strong owners
compared to companies disposing of vastly distributed share capital".
Amateur chefs fighting for the Cooking Star
Top marks for
Miele remains the benchmark
when it comes to 60 cm wide
dishwashers with an A+++
energy efficiency level. That
was the conclusion of Stiftung
Warentest (StiWa), a German
consumer association, in its
most recent dishwasher test,
published in their 'test' magazine (Edition 6/2016). Among
the semi-integrated units, the
winner was Miele’s G 6200
SCi; the fully integrated but
otherwise identical G 6260
SCVi came out top among fully
integrated dishwashers. In both
cases, only Miele achieved the
top overall mark awarded in
the test of 1.9.
Testers almost swooned
when they inspected the interior of Miele’s G 6200 SCi:
"Plates stand in three rows in
the lower basket. Wine glasses
hang from height-adjustable
holders", StiWa says in its editorial section, and continues:
"At the end of a cycle, the test
winner automatically opens the
door to allow fresh air in to dry
The model tested from
the Miele production plant in
Bielefeld is not only convenient
and efficient – but it is also incredibly thorough. This is borne
out by the three top marks for
cleaning performance in the
Eco programme (2.0), the Automatic programme (1.7) and
the Short programme (2.4).
Germany’s amateur chefs
are facing something big:
Miele invented the Cooking Star cooking competition in cooperation with
Eat Smarter, a gourmet
magazine. The 2017 Cooking Star is deemed the biggest contest for amateur
chefs in Germany and this
year’s motto is "Mediterranean". 27 teams of two
passed the Eat Smarter
pre-selection process and
they now compete with
each other in nine different qualifying rounds. The qualifying rounds
take place at the Miele Tafelkünstler cooking
schools and at Miele locations;
the semi-finals will then be
held at the Cooking Club on
Berlin’s Olympic Stadium. The
final will literally be Mediterranean as it is being held in
June 2017 at the Aldiana Premium Club in Cyprus. Professional chefs and strong partners will be present at all competitions making this contest
a unique event. These strong
partners include Taittinger,
a champagne producer, Riedel,
a glass producer, and the Cyprian Tourist Office. The winners
can look forward to an extra week’s holiday
on the sun-blessed Mediterranean island.
präsentiert von
Company nursery
for the employees’ children
Status: 14.04.2016
Miele is investing at its headquarters in Gütersloh. The largest project consists of a day-care
centre for children ( Kita) close to the factory premises. From 2018, it will be possible to take
care of up to 65 children aged 0 to 6 from which Miele employees at this site will benefit in
particular. A special feature of the nursery is its focus on science. "We’re not trying to train
little engineers", explains Olaf Bartsch, Executive Director of Miele. "But we want to excite
their interest in technical things through play and encouragement." In addition to the nursery,
this new building complex comprises ten company dwellings and underground parking with
150 parking spaces. The estimated cost of the entire project is seven million euro.
At the second construction site at the margin of the factory premises, the company currently
builds a car park which should ease the parking situation for employees. With up to four storeys, it will provide parking spaces for 475 cars from autumn 2016 which is around 300 more
than the previous ground-level car park at the same position. The new car park also includes
700 bike parking
A large area
by the new spare
part warehouse in
Gütersloh is designed to harmonize with the natural environment. It
features a non-fertilized meadow, in
which wildflowers
grow. A wild hedgerow and so-called
deadwood provide
numerous birds
and insects with
Breaking ground on the new Miele nursery: With Olaf Bartsch (centre) food and breeding
and representatives from Miele, the city and the nursery operator
Miele The Magazine // 7
The fascination of the ArtLine handleless built-in appliances
Delicious and perfectly cooked: pancakes from the TempControl hob unit
A double presence in Milan
Miele could be seen twice at the world's most important kitchen trade fair,
the Eurocucina in Milan. The classic version with new products at the trade show and
the spectacular "The Invisible Kitchen" event at the Zona Tortona city centre site.
iele had a presence at the Zona
Tortona for the first time with The
Invisible Kitchen and instantly
became one of the main attractions. More
than 23,000 visitors admired the ringshaped installation that was eight metres
in diameter weighing several tonnes and
was set up in a hall in the industrial area.
An award to finish off the event week: the
Miele event was chosen as one the 16 best
events at the Milan Design Week.
But back to the scenario for The Invisible Kitchen: two chefs prepared a 3-course
menu, supported by a virtual cooking assistant. The latter compiled menus, weighed
ingredients, supplied tips and hints on
preparation and on a sustainable approach
to food. The assistant took into consideration the user's level of cooking expertise
and only intervened when things threatened to go wrong. The main objective of
the event was to fuel inspiration: "The
trade visitors
with a
drawing on
the Blackboard edition.
8 // Miele The Magazine
Invisible Kitchen brings a new sense of
creativity to the game. Cooking once again
becomes exciting and is fun," is the summary from Dr Axel Kniehl, Executive Director with the Miele Group responsible
for Marketing and Sales. This kitchen is
invisible in the sense that no single appliance is given prominence of place; instead,
the focus is squarely on the the needs of
users. The technology behind The Invisible
Kitchen was provided by research scenarios and projects under the auspices of the
Miele Design Centre.
During the day The Invisible Kitchen
was open to anyone interested and long
queues quickly formed at the entrance.
The audience: mainly young creative professionals, designers, interior designers and
trend scouts. In the evening the installation
was reserved for invited groups of customers from the Miele subsidiaries. These
ranged from Finland to Australia, from
Great Britain to China. They were alternately welcomed and guided through the
evening by Axel Kniehl, Markus Miele and
Reinhard Zinkann. Andreas Enslin, Head of
Miele Design Centre, was also always present having made a considerable contribution to The Invisible Kitchen's realisation.
"The Invisible Kitchen brings a new sense
of creativity to the game. Cooking once again
becomes exciting and is fun."
Dr Axel Kniehl, Executive Director Marketing and Sales at Miele
The Invisible
Kitchen floated
over the heads
of visitors.
"Expert knowledge is no longer just
available to individuals as many people
benefit from it thanks to the networking
of kitchen appliances."
Andreas Enslin, Head of Miele Design Centre
The event received a lot of attention in social media. Miele had created the suspense
and aroused curiosity weeks beforehand
on microsite. The
northern Italian chef Norbert Niederkofler
and Marco Bianchi, chef and author were
also involved with guest contributions on
the website. When the events started they
took on their own dynamics as many visitors posted what they had experienced on
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.
The hype was fueled by special guests:
Niederkofler, Bianchi, the Australian famous
chef Shannon Bennett and the well-known
Italian food bloggers from Gnambox put in
an appearance at the Zona Tortona. More
than one million people followed The Invisible Kitchen on Facebook alone. You can
find a collection of some of the posts on
page 19.
Part two of Miele's Milan presence took
place in Hall 11 at the trade show. The
motto: "Best solutions for a better life". The
company substantiated this claim with a
range of innovations that you can only find
at Miele, e.g. the ArtLine built-in appliances.
Ovens and combination units get by admirably without handles, allowing the
even more aesthetic integration of appli-
ances into cabinetry, now also available in
Graphite Grey. With ArtLine it is possible
to fit a whole kitchen with no handles at
all, as Miele is also offering a range of other handleless appliances, including a fully
integrated dishwasher with Knock2open
technology, coffee machines and even refrigeration products.
From design to outstanding dishwashing performance: that's what the new
G 6000 EcoFlex dishwashers stand for.
They excel in terms of further improvements in energy efficiency, their 58-minute short programme producing top-class
cleaning results and a basket design offering
even greater convenience.
Some products simply have to have
been experienced live as it's only then that
the outstanding benefit is revealed. For example, with the TempControl induction
hob units that don't let anything burn or
the vacuum-sealing drawer, which Norbert
Niederkofler had developed culinary specialties for that are then perfected in the
steam cooker. Last but not least the Blackboard edition: Tommaso Guerra created little works of art on the refrigerator door and
welcome the many groups of visitors from
the subsidiaries very personally.
Two chefs prepared a 3-course menu
with the help of The Invisible Kitchen.
During the day long queues formed
in front of the Miele location at the
Zona Tortona. There was ice cream for
the visitors.
Miele The Magazine // 9
Shared moments
Many of the 23,000
visitors to The Invisible
Kitchen shared what
they experienced
on social media. Here's
a small selection.
10 // Miele The Magazine
The handleless oven door, here in graphite
grey, glides gently downwards.
The fascination of
domestic appliances
Unique design features and new technology
for outstanding customer benefits – with
the latest fair premieres, Miele provides new
inspiration for the kitchen as a living space.
The following pages show the most important
new appliances and end with the new bagless
vacuum cleaner Blizzard CX1.
ArtLine built-in appliances
Equipping your kitchen entirely with handleless appliances – only the new built-in
appliance series ArtLine allows you to accomplish this with style. Full, flush glass
fronts and integrated appliance displays
characterise ArtLine design, which encompasses a variety of products. The product
range includes ovens, combination steam
ovens (for 45 cm and 60 cm recesses) as
well as steam ovens. These key products
are joined by a coffee machine, hob units,
a warmer drawer, a heat-sealing drawer,
Miele The Magazine // 11
a vacuum-sealing drawer, a wine conditioning unit, various refrigeration products
as well as dishwashers with Knock2open
technology – all handleless versions from
the current Miele range. Various cooker
hood models which disappear discreetly
behind furniture fronts when switched off
round off the line-up.
"With ArtLine,
kitchen cabinetry
and machines
enter a symbiotic
relationship –
elegant and reserved
at one and
the same time."
Gernot Trettenbrein,
Head of Domestic Appliances
International at Miele
Technically, ArtLine models are based
on current built-in appliances from Miele's
Generation 6000 – with one significant
difference. The function of the handle on
a conventional model is assumed by a
sensor integrated into the fascia panel
(Touch2open). Gently touching this sensor
opens the motor-assisted door, damping its
action as it reaches the fully open position.
An oven cannot be started with any greater
effect. Customers can choose between two
ArtLine model versions: Entry-level models feature Miele's DirectSensor controls
whilst top-of-the-range models boast an
M Touch display which is reminiscent of
a smartphone in the way it interacts with
its user and also offers a practical search
function for automatic programmes. Builtin appliances in ArtLine design are available from Miele in brilliant white, obsidian
black and a new graphite grey tone. This
new colour exudes a sense of purity and
elegance and goes well with a variety of
kitchen designs but is most at home in a
dark and cool interior design.
12 // Miele The Magazine
TempControl induction hobs
It's happened to everyone – a momentary
lapse of attention and your juicy steak is
burnt to a crisp and only fit for the bin.
The new TempControl induction hobs
take the stress and hassle out of cooking.
The newly developed cooking sensor in
these units ensure a uniform temperature
in the pan. With this development, Miele
has solved an essential problem of all cooking processes on hobs: Although the heat
setting stays the same, the temperature of
the cooking utensil rises because the bottom of the pan heats up more over time.
If the heat isn't turned down on time, the
food burns. TempControl prevents this by
keeping the desired temperature perfectly
constant. And unlike other systems on the
market, TempControl works with any induction cookware without requiring any
extra accessories and regardless of whether
you are cooking with or without a lid.
Miele makes things as easy as possible
for the cook: All you have to do is select
one of three heat levels and you can cook
virtually anything: Level 1 keeps the temperature at 160°C and is suitable for frying
eggs, fish and most frozen products. Steak
is best fried at Level 2 at a temperature of
200°C. Wok cooking or making pancakes,
on the other hand, requires an even higher
temperature. The recommendation in this
case is Level 3 (220°C). Further examples
takes the hassle
out of frying
as not every
momentary attention
lapse results
in failure
any more."
Dr Markus Miele,
when introducing
the product
are listed in the operating instructions or
– even more conveniently – are accessible
using the [email protected] app on a smartphone or tablet.
Every TempControl model also features a PowerFlex area and the automatic
function [email protected] 2.0. You can choose
from a range of 75 and 90 cm wide units.
For TempControl induction
hobs in the SmartSelect White
version, the sensor unit
(in the middle of the rings)
can be be seen through the
glass ceramic.
Customised stove with integrated extraction: induction wok and an induction hob with a tabletop extractor
Tabletop extractors
A cooking centre to your own liking is now one step
closer with four new sets which combine much-loved
CombiSet modules with a new tabletop extractor. The
characteristic feature of the tabletop extractor is that
it draws in steam and vapours at the height at which
they occur. To improve extraction even further, the tabletop extractor is positioned centrally between the two
CombiSet units, while technical components disappear
discreetly into the cabinet below.
Alongside the extractor, Set 1 comprises two induction hob units with two rings each, one of which
is designed as a casserole zone. Set 2 combines the tabletop extractor with a two-ring induction hob on the
one side and a TepanYaki stainless-steel contact grill
on the other. Another possibility is a combination of
induction hob, tabletop extractor and induction wok.
Last but not least, Miele also offers a set with two hob
units with conventional radiant heater elements.
Vacuum-sealing drawer
As you probably know if you have a good
butcher: Vacuum-packed meat keeps longer, has especially intense flavour when marinated and is even conveniently portioned.
But vacuum packing is also a preliminary
step in sous-vide cooking and opens up
whole new worlds of flavour because the
results are particularly tender, aromatic and
with a uniform texture. With a new built-in
vacuum-sealing drawer and a steam oven
from Miele, consumers now have access to
the full range of applications in the convenience of their own homes – from practical
food storage to culinary delights.
Sous-vide, French for 'under vacuum',
is the term given to a method of food preparation in which vacuum-packed food in
plastic bags is cooked at low, steadily maintained temperatures over an extended period of time. For this preparation method,
a vacuum-sealing drawer and a steam oven
from Miele join together to form a formi-
dable team. Basically, all Miele steam ovens
lend themselves to sous-vide cooking as all
units cover a temperature range from 45°C
to 90°C. Most Miele steam ovens even have
their own sous-vide operating mode, allowing slow cooking times of up to ten hours.
From the outside, the vacuum-sealing
drawer (model name EVS 6214) looks the
same as a warmer drawer. With a fascia
height of only 14 cm, this product ideally
combines with various compact units to fill
the traditional 60 cm oven recess.
Marinate, vacuumseal and, finally, cook
in a Miele steam oven
using the sous-vide
setting – producing
steaks like they have
never been tasted
Miele The Magazine // 13
Steam ovens with microwave
Steam oven or microwave? If you don't
have enough space for both, Miele has a
solution that combines the advantages of
both products. And the best thing is, the
steam oven with microwave is in no way
a compromise, but instead offers all the
goodness of steaming combined with the
speed of a microwave. Miele offers three
basic models, that differ in their operation
concepts DirectSensor (entry model), SensorTronic and M Touch (top model), and
the corresponding equipment. But what's
important is what they have in common: A
40 l cabinet, MultiSteam technology with a
powerful 3.3 kW steam generator for short
heat-up times and the uniform distribution
of steam inside the cabinet, as well as 7
microwave power settings (max. 1000 W)
– a combination that always guarantees
the best possible results. A vacuum-sealing
drawer makes the perfect addition to the
steam cooker with microwave: vacuumsealed food develops a unique aroma in
sous-vide cooking.
All steam ovens with
microwave from Miele
are versatile and boast
a large cabinet.
EcoFlex dishwasher
The G 6000 EcoFlex dishwasher from
Miele sets a new benchmark in many regards: The new QuickPowerWash programme cleans and dries dishes and cutlery in just 58 minutes – without compromising on cleanliness, as proven by the
highest standard "Cleaning Performance
A" certified by TÜV Rheinland. This is
partly thanks to the newly developed UltraTabs Multi, which dissolve completely
within two to three minutes. Many EcoFlex models have an energy efficiency of
Pearl cooker hood
Tall cooks now have more room to manoeuver since
Miele has expanded its range of "head-free" cooker
hoods with the Pearl. The characteristic feature of this
cooker hood is the inclined canopy made of a bowed
sheet of toughened safety glass – 90 cm wide and in a
shade of white to match the brilliant white of Miele
built-in appliances.
The design is at its most striking when the integrated atmospheric lighting in the canopy is switched
on. The Pearl then becomes the focal point of the
14 // Miele The Magazine
The Pearl offers freedom
of movement over
the hob and comes with
ambient lighting.
Technologically this cooker hood plays in the top
league as well. Miele's ECO motor is powerful and
energy-efficient. The LED light strip which provides
downlighting is characterised by low consumption.
As a result, the Pearl sports an A+ on the energy label, the best rating awarded to cooker hoods. This
hood also goes about its work extremely quietly and
can be operated in vented or recirculation mode. The
Pearl of course comes equipped with the automatic
function [email protected] 2.0, which automatically adjusts suction power to what's happening on the hob.
G 6000 EcoFlex:
short running times,
less electricity consumption
and enormous flexibility
A+++ minus 20%. Miele achieves this
with the EcoTech heat storage. This device
is located in the right-hand side panel and
comprises two separate water circuits. One
of these circuits transports fresh tap water;
the other constitutes a series of loops. The
latter contains hot water from the last programme stage which circulates to pre-heat
the fresh water.
With the free app [email protected], machines (depending on the model) can be
monitored and controlled from a smartphone or tablet. Alongside a status indicator, programme selection and programme
start, this also includes (depending on
your region) the new [email protected] function: Once activated, a message is automatically sent to the mobile device when
tablets, rinse aid or reactivation salt needs
replenishing. Convenient reordering via
the webshop is only a few clicks away. This
networking option works directly via the
WLAN router, no additional modules are
required. When it comes to loading options, the new baskets and enhanced 3D
cutlery drawer are unrivalled. Fold-out
rows of spikes, the height-adjustable FlexCare glassware holder and new silicon pads,
for example for long-stemmed wine glasses,
offer optimum protection for dishes and
convenience when loading.
Blackboard edition fridge-freezer
Miele's Blackboard edition may well be the
coolest product among the fridge-freezer
appliances on the market. A new freestanding model, its door can be written on with
school chalk or liquid chalk markers and
is easy to clean. Wherever you put it, it'll
soon collect messages; SMS or Whatsapp is
so uncool in comparison! The Blackboard
edition is part of a design range of new freestanding fridge-freezer appliances (Series
K 20.000). These are also available with
gleaming glass surfaces in brilliant white
or obsidian black and complement classic
surface finishes in white and stainless steel.
The models have clean lines and a puristic
look, with no visible handles, and therefore
blend in seamlessly with contemporary,
high-end kitchens. They are available in
heights of 125 to 200 cm. All models sport
an A++ or A+++ energy efficiency rating. A
special feature is the LED lighting (FlexiLight), that slowly lights up when the door
is opened. There are also clever ideas for
storing small items (CompactCase).
Jotting and scribbling
permitted: Refrigerators
from Miele's Blackboard
Edition feature a
door that can be written
on with chalk.
Miele The Magazine // 15
Whether alone
(photo) or
together with
other Miele
built-in appliances: The wine
conditioning unit
enhances any
kitchen or living
Wine conditioning unit
A practical and elegant solution for wine
connoisseurs comes in the form of the new
wine conditioning unit from Miele: just
45 cm in height, the KWT 6112 iG ed/
cs – to give the product its full name – fits
with ease in even the smallest of kitchens
and also looks great in the living room.
Though compact in size, it still offers sufficient space for 18 Bordeaux bottles. More
than enough for a little party at home. Even
Magnum champagne bottles fit inside as
The new CM7 countertop
coffee machine from Miele
prepares up to 16 coffee
specialities as well as tea.
16 // Miele The Magazine
the rails on the rack can be varied in terms
of both spacing and direction. Fine details:
The LED lighting and the magnetic shelfedge trim that can be written on using
chalk crayons.
Thanks to its reduced design relying
on grey glass, stainless steel and black rearprinted frame, this flush wine unit from
Miele's PureLine designer range goes well
with high-end furniture and fittings. This is
further enhanced by the handleless Push-
2open mechanism: At the touch of a fingertip, the door opens slightly. This allows it to
be opened gently to add or remove bottles.
The door closes just as softly. This prevents
any shuddering.
The machine is designed to absorb vibrations and, at only 34 dB, is whisper-quiet.
An active charcoal filter prevents odours
from entering the cabinet. The available
temperature range goes from +5° to +20°C.
This model is A+ rated.
Only the Miele
detergents via
the TwinDos
"The combination
of automatic
liquid dispensing,
and short cycles
is unique
on Miele's
Dr Reinhard Zinkann
on the new
Coffee: CM7 and Black Edition N o 1
'Long black', 'Flat white', 'Espresso macchiato' and much more – in choosing from a
wide range of speciality beverages, lovers of
fine coffee can slip effortlessly into the role
of barista with the CM7 countertop coffee
machine. The range comprises 16 different
coffee variations alone. And, if you fancy a
tea for a change, the new Miele machines
are more than willing to oblige. Black, herb,
fruit and green tea is always brewed at the
respective ideal temperature.
Compared with the CM6 series, CM7
models feature larger containers for water,
beans and coffee grounds. Thanks to a removable brew unit and the automatic rinsing of milk lines, Miele coffee machines set
standards when it comes to hygiene. And
the CM7 now even dispenses with the irksome chore of descaling. The top CM7500
model simply gets on with the job, for example overnight when the machine is not in
use. An eye-catcher and distinguishing Miele
feature is the CupSensor for the automatic
height adjustment of the dispensing spout.
WT1 washer-dryer
Fast, efficient, unique, comfortable and connected – thanks to these characteristics Miele washer-dryers set a new benchmark. On the occasion of the IFA
2016, the company presented the entire WT1 series. The appliances have a
maximum capacity of seven or eight kilogrammes of laundry, the washing and
drying process in one step takes a bit less than three hours (three and a half
hours for the 8 kilogramme appliance). It is not relevant that the amount of
laundry is limited to four respective five kilogrammes for the drying process
since this is exactly the common household load.
Miele provided all WT1 models with technology and features which the
customers know from high-quality single appliances: TwinDos automatic detergent dispensing, the energy-saving PowerWash 2.0 washing procedure and
the SteamCare function. PowerWash 2.0 is the main contributor to very short
washing times, TwinDos prevents overdosage and guarantees the highest level
of cleanliness possible thanks to the two-phase detergent. Finally, SteamCare
refreshes and smoothes out clothes.
Apart from the entry-level appliance, the WT1 models can be connected and
operated via the [email protected] App. Smartphones can be used for programme
selection, status requests as well as the start and stop function. Included in the
app is an assistant that helps to find the appropriate washing programme for
the laundry mix. The [email protected] function is unique: Users receive a message
on their mobile devices whenever they run out of detergent in their TwinDos
cartridges – only a couple of clicks will be required for reorders with Miele.
Top news from the IFA: Miele is set to
launch its own first coffee blend – the
Black Edition N°1 is organically grown,
hand-picked and fair-traded. To mark the
occasion, the company will also upgrade
the tried and tested CM6 countertop coffee machine with an extended range of
features – and a Black Edition promotional
model with attractive added extras.
Miele The Magazine // 17
Blizzard CX1 vacuum cleaner
Miele's announcement to present its first
bagless vacuum cleaner at the IFA really
caused excitement among dealers and customers likewise. Expectations where high
since the company had to overcome the
weak points of this technology if they really
want to bring a "bagless" on the market.
Issue 1, suction power: Miele developed
the Vortex technology for that purpose: an
approach where air passes through one
single large cyclone, creating a high flow
speed which is visible when the dust is
thrown into the transparent canister. Customers may choose between the 900 Watt
EcoLine and the 1,200 Watt PowerLine
motor variants. In each case, the suction
power is adjusted to the floor type at the
handle or through rotary knobs – this is
any­thing but common with vacuum cleaners
from many competitors.
Issue 2, hygiene: The Vortex technology
creates high centrifugal forces which
separate fine from coarse dust. Coarse
dust is thrown into the transparent dust
canister, fine dust is collected by the fine
dust filter behind the canister. As a result,
emptying the canister is very hygienic
since coarse dust is disposed through the
canister bottom. Fine dust is led through
a Gore®CleanStream® fine dust filter
which cleans itself automatically. The
Blizzard is HEPA certified since the special
HEPA AirClean Lifetime Filter (Hepa 13)
retains even the smallest fine dust particles
and allergens. In fact, this filter needs not
be changed during the lifetime of the vac.
Issue 3, comfort: Thanks to its Comfort
handle and four rolls, the Blizzard is very
flexible and it is nearly impossible for it
to fall over. Customers consider the quiet
operating noise of 76dB to be very pleasant.
The fully-fledged accessories are integrated
in the appliance.
Emptying the
is very hygienic
since coarse dust
is disposed
through the
canister bottom.
The Blizzard CX1: customers may choose between two motor variants and different colours.
18 // Miele The Magazine
Six questions to Markus Miele
Vacuum cleaning
with or without a bag?
Miele is set to present its
first bagless vacuum cleaner
at IFA 2016. Are you satisfied
with the results, Dr Miele?
Markus Miele: Yes, because
we are absolutely convinced of
being able to offer consumers
a product in the form of the
Blizzard CX1 which does justice in every respect to Miele's
'Forever Better' brand promise.
Markus Miele, Executive
Director and Co-Proprietor
lots of noise and wastes energy.
In addition to this, regulating
suction power is often impossible as so-called multi-cyclone
vacuum cleaners require a constant air speed to prevent the
cyclone from collapsing. And
then there's also that muchfeared billowing cloud of dust
on emptying the container ...
With a view to bagless
vacuum cleaning, you are one
of the last reputable vacuum
cleaner manufacturers to
climb on board. Why did you
wait so long?
When the first machines
started appearing on the market, cleaning performance and
user convenience, particularly
with respect to hygiene when
emptying the container, was
severely lacking. But we took
note of the fact that the players who were first to market
have made progress since and
that the following for bagless
vacuum cleaners has been
growing steadily. So our product engineers set to work with
great persistence to overcome
the inherent disadvantages of
this type of machine as far as
was humanly possible. And,
in my opinion, they have been
very successful!
So what does Miele do
differently then?
Firstly, we opted for the
so-called mono-cyclone approach in which air only passes
through one single and considerably larger cyclone. This
facilitates very good cleaning
performance combined with
pleasant operating sound
levels – and the Blizzard CX1
with its four power settings
can be conveniently regulated. Secondly, a multi-stage
filtration system ensures the
thorough removal of fine dust
from the air stream so that the
container when emptied only
contains the coarser dust particles which are less likely to
become airborne. And, thirdly,
the various components have
been designed in such a way
as to ensure that the container
can be completely emptied
without risking skin contact
with the debris.
And, to be more specific,
what was the challenge?
In order to separate dust and
air, the air on most bagless
vacuum cleaners is passed
through a series of small cyclones. This involves changing
the direction of the air many,
many times which produces
But you will be up against
long-standing and wellestablished competitors in
this market. Hasn't your
chance come and gone?
No, discerning customers who
place great store by quality,
performance and convenience
are not swayed by the date
on which a player enters the
market. I can only urge everyone to familiarise themselves
with the Blizzard CX1 and to
compare it with conventional
units. We look forward to the
feedback. And, what's more,
the Blizzard was developed
and manufactured at Miele's
Bielefeld plant – and of course
tested to last 20 years, based
on 45 minutes of use per
week and 5000 container
emptying cycles.
If the Blizzard is really as
convincing in terms of
cleaning performance as
you say – doesn't that mean
that vacuum cleaners with
bags are slowly becoming
Here, too, my response is a
categorical 'No'. In terms of
disposal hygiene, the performance of top-class models
with bags such as those which
Miele markets with great success will continue to remain
unchallenged. And when it
comes to measuring cleaning
performance on carpets, the
conventional vacuum cleaner
will also retain its lead. By
contrast, though, bagless vacuum cleaners excel in terms of
follow-on costs, and many fans
love the fact that the result
of their labours is immediately
visible in the dust container.
Whichever way the choice
falls is a matter of personal
preference. One could even
say it's a matter of belief and
conviction. What matters is
that Miele has exceptional
products in its lineup to satisfy
both types of consumers.
Miele The Magazine // 19
Best choice for clean air
The leading German watchdog body Stiftung Warentest
has compared a total of 21 cooker hoods in three categories.
In each case the one and only winner was Miele –
with similar results in other countries.
he three categories scrutinized by
Stiftung Warentest (StiWa) were
horizontal hoods, headroom hoods
with a sloping canopy (both 90 cm wide)
and built-in slimline extractors (60 cm).
As both vented and recirculating models
featured in the test, Miele ranked in top
positions six times over – and, in fact with a
comfortable lead in most cases. The results
are available in full in the 3/2016 edition
of the test magazine.
Cooker hoods should be able to capture a large proportion of the evaporated
fats that are released during frying, and
Miele can most certainly be trusted in this
most important discipline: Collects most
greasewas the verdict of the testers across
all product groups. Furthermore: Their tenply stainless-steel grease filters captured
between 80% and 90% of cooking oil.
By way of an example, the PUR 97 W
achieved a mark of 1.7 (vented) and 2.2
(recirculation) to gain a confident lead in
the category of horizontal hoods. Stiftung
Miele's PUR 97 W
cooker hood
wins with a
lead in the
category of
horizontal hoods.
Warentest confirmed that this model was the
ultimate in vented mode, working very well
and quietly and also captures a great deal of
fat in recirculation mode. test editors found
similar words of praise for Miele's DA 6096
W headroom hood (1.8 and 1.9 respectively): Best recirculation hood. Also removes
odours well is their editorial comment. StiWa
also confirms that it is very quiet in vented
mode. And the DA 3466 built-in model received the following appraisal: Small, but
A quality package
What makes Miele hoods so good that they win product test after
product test? The answer is in the many details that combine to
make an impressive package. Here are some of the key features.
Stainless-steel grease filters
trap grease from cooking vapour. Miele grease filters are
especially efficient and absorb
up to 90 percent – a maximum value. What's the secret?
Where other manufacturers
only use five to seven layers,
Miele grease filters have a tenlayer design. The top layer and
filter frame are made of highquality stainless steel and do
not discolour when washed in
the dishwasher.
20 // Miele The Magazine
CleanCover is the hidden
area behind the grease filter. In
Miele hoods it is designed so
that a closed, smooth surface
covers everything that is better
not to touch: sharp edges, electrical components or motors.
Even if this part of the hood
only needs occasional cleaning,
Miele makes it easy.
In the headroom
hood category,
DA 6096 W clinched
first place.
fine. Best cooker hood with a width of 60
cm. Works well as vented and recirculation
unit. The recirculation unit was awarded a
2.0 while the vented version achieved a 2.4.
Miele extractor hoods have been named
as the best in test in several other European countries in the last two years. The
DA 429-6 was crowned Best in test by the
Swedish magazine Råd & Rön. The Finnish
consumer magazine Kuluttaja considered
the DA 416-6 to be a clear winner over
Miele's ECO motors are powerful, quiet and particularly
energy efficient. Most Miele
hoods are now equipped with
these AC motors, which don't
"run out of steam" so quickly.
This means they continue to
run pressure-stable and with a
steady air flow even after a long
service life – often even better
than competing products that
have a nominally higher power
rating. ECO motors combined
with LED lighting also provide
optimum energy efficiency.
Best among 60 cm wide
built-in cooker hoods with
slide-out canopy: Miele's
DA 3466.
models by competitors, as the Miele appliance achieved the best marks in numerous
individual tests. These include grease separation, noise level, operation and cleanability. Danish consumerists at TÆNK came to
the same conclusion: the DA 416-6 came
top here too. And it got even better for
Miele in France: the consumer magazine
Que Choisir crowned the DA 5966 W test
winner, with the DA 249-4 – another Miele
extractor hood – achieving second place.
Our excellent results across the board
are once again confirmation of the quality and performance of products from our
Arnsberg cooker hood competence centre,
says Gernot Trettenbrein, Director of the
Domestic Appliances Division within the
Miele Group. Irrespective of individual
preferences and space constraints, customers will always find the ideal model at
Miele, the marketing expert Trettenbrein
Silence is golden – while ECO
motors already run quietly, the
operating noise is further reduced by special insulating
mats in the hood and chimney
(specific models). You can have
a normal conversation even
with high air throughput.
[email protected] 2.0 is the ultimate convenience with Miele
extractors. [email protected] 2.0
adjusts extraction power automatically to what is going
on the hob, so manual adjustment, or switching on and off
is no longer necessary. More
than 60% of all Miele hoods
and hobs already come with
this function. [email protected] 2.0
is the simplest form of household appliance networking and
is quick to install.
Miele The Magazine // 21
"Trend towards fully
integrated hoods"
alternative when venting is
problematic due to the structure of your kitchen, where
exhaust air ducts would have
to be too long or would need
numerous curves. Too narrow
an exhaust duct also has a
negative effect. Miele recommends a diameter of 150 mm
for round pipes.
Powerful: Janina
how the baking
tray of the
90 cm wide
oven attaches
to the grease
A good extractor installed by a specialist is critical for comfort in
the kitchen. Miele training consultant Janina Cord-Brüning explains
what's important.
How important is the
cooker hood when planning
and buying a new kitchen?
Janina Cord-Brüning: In
principle, the choice of cooker
hood is strongly influenced
by the layout of the kitchen,
for example an island hood
for a kitchen island. But in
all cases, a cooker hood is a
must in the kitchen, because
it is responsible for a healthy
room climate and helps prevent grease deposits, which
in the worst case could
lead to mould and bacteria
growth. It is highly recommended to include the hood
22 // Miele The Magazine
in your plans early on, as
this allows you to find the
optimal solution.
To what extent do
extractor and hob need
to be coordinated with
each other?
A hood always has to match
the hob. The rule of thumb is:
The hood should be at least
as wide as the hob, so that
the rising steam and vapours
are captured. Miele offers
a diverse range of hobs and
cooker hoods to help with
this. The optimum coordination between hood and hob
is achieved with our automatic
function [email protected] 2.0,
with which the hood always
reacts automatically to what's
happening on the hob.
An essential question is:
"Vented or recirculation?"
What needs to be
considered here?
Venting always has the advantage that along with grease
and odours, the moisture is
also carried outside. With
recirculation, the kitchen
needs to be aired briefly so the
moisture can escape. Otherwise: Recirculation is a good
The air flow rating is often
taken as a quality criteria.
How reliable are the bare
figures in this case?
Thanks to the energy label for
cooker hoods introduced in
2015, there is now more transparency in the competitive
environment. Miele, however,
had already been committed
to testing cooker hoods according to specific DIN tests with
regard to air flow and noise
performance for years. These
processes produce realistic
results and allow comparison
of different appliances.
What are the current trends?
We are seeing a clear trend
towards open-plan combined
kitchen/living rooms and
kitchen islands, which often go
hand in hand with a demand
for a fully integrated cooker
hood. Miele has a varied range
to meet this demand, including ceiling extractors, fan
modules and slimline cooker
hoods. A new innovation
in this field is hobs with an
integrated tabletop extractor,
where the steam and vapours
are drawn downwards. Here,
Miele combines the competencies of two plants, with
hood know-how from
Arnsberg and proven expertise
in hobs from Bünde.
50 years
in Denmark
One memorable advert was the "carwash" video.
iele in Denmark is celebrating its
50th anniversary this year and
this means that both retailers and
consumers will experience a feast of exciting promotions, competitions and events
in Denmark. An anniversary like this, of
course, also calls for a moment of reflection
as well as a look back at some of the highlights in Miele Denmark's history. When
Miele Denmark opened its doors back in
1966, a young family with three children
bought a washing machine after careful
consideration. A Miele was more expensive
than the other brands on the market, but
the family father Poul Bärnholt was a production engineer with technical skills, and
he believed in the German brand, which
had been introduced in Denmark. Eight
years after the purchase he approaches
Miele Denmark to express his satisfaction
with the washing machine, and this gives
rise to the family participating in an ad
where they talk about their great joy in
their Miele washing machine.
One could now think that was it, however, almost 25 years later Poul Bärnholt
once again approaches Miele – this time to
tell them that the washing machine, which
is now 32 years old, actually still runs
smoothly. Now he is not only satisfied, but
totally impressed, and a new ad is made
which the Bärnholts participate in once
again. The children have grown up and
Mr and Mrs Bärnholt have retired, but the
Miele washing machine has not changed
a bit. It continues its hard work without
any problems. "The ad was a great success
in Denmark and we still meet customers
who remember the ad and talk about it,"
recounts Managing Director Søren Rye.
In 2007 Miele Denmark creates another ad that enjoys huge success and is
remembered by many people. This time
on TV with the "Carwash" ad with a small
enterprising boy who uses his parents'
dishwasher for washing tricycles. The TV
ad wins great favour and plenty of recognition – even outside Denmark where the
ad ends up being shown in about 20 Miele
"Of course, this year in particular it is
an ambition in Denmark to create campaigns and events which draw positive attention to Miele," Mr. Rye explains. "And
we can promise you that it will be an exciting Miele Denmark year with amazing
product launches, great campaigns, major
competitions and lots of good offers, fun
activities and experiences for both consumers and retailers."
Internally, the consolidated subsidiary
is also using every possible opportunity to
draw attention to the anniversary. This applies to both the head office facade, flags
around the building and the entrance to the
Miele Experience Centre but particularly
The Bärnholt family accompanies Miele
over the decades.
to all the recognisable service cars that are
seen on the roads every day all over the
country. The almost iconic cars look great
with the anniversary logo on the side which
helps spread the message about the anniversary. Read more about an outstanding
campaign on page 55.
Miele The Magazine // 23
A party for 50 years in Spain
iele celebrates the 50th anniversary of its presence in Spain in 2016.
In January, all the staff came together at a party for this at the Miele Centre
Once Ditmar Vierbuchen, Managing
Director of Miele Spain, had welcomed
the attendees and expressed his thanks, a
stand-up comedian hosted the event and
wowed everyone with numerous surprises, for example a photo shoot where you
could "immortalise" yourself with things
that define the company’s identity (washing machines, ovens, the customer service’s
vans etc.). Other highlights included a live
cooking show and a demonstration by a
Madrid champion barkeeper with exclusive cocktails such as the "Forever Mojito",
"Bloody Miele" and "Gin Better". Guests
also enjoyed a cake with 3D elements that
symbolised the company’s development
using old and new household appliances
and there was a staff show where a customer service technician and his van played
the main part.
A video summed up Miele’s 50 years
in Spain and finished with the names of all
the staff who had worked for the company
over the years. At the end of the official
part, a section of the showroom was transformed into a disco where everyone could
shake a leg to music chosen by the staff
compiled in a Spotify playlist.
The staff celebrated the
50th anniversary of Miele
in Spain.
Cooking in solidarity with Carles Gaig
An unusual cooking workshop with Michelin-starred chef Carles Gaig took place at
the Miele Centre in Barcelona. A bit about the background to this first: the residents
of Barcelona were able to hand in unspoilt food at Miele over the course of several
months, which was then donated to the "Sagrat Cor de Maria" food bank in Barcelona's
Gràcia district. The donors to this solidarity campaign were entered into a prize draw to win one of
14 places to participate in a workshop with Carles
Gaig. The head chef indulged the lucky winners
with delicious summer truffle cannelloni, a tasty
Fideua with sepia and Aioli as well as squid from
the wok with caramelised onions. With the food
collection, the Miele Centre Barcelona is reinforcing its commitment to the part of town where the
centre is located as well as to social institutions like
the Sagrat Cor de Maria food bank, a charitable
private organisation, which offers social support to
older people and people at risk of social marginalisation. The food bank project was launched in 1987
and supports people who cannot cook at home due
to physical impairments. In addition, the food bank
Carles Gaig cooked at the Miele
hands out staple foods to anyone in need who seeks
Centre Barcelona.
help from the organisation.
24 // Miele The Magazine
The best
appliance in Spain
The "2015 Best Household Appliance of the Year" comes from Miele.
This award was presented by the specialist magazine I Premios Interiores
for the DA 6700 Aura Edition cooker
hood. The award ceremony was held
last autumn in Madrid's Casa de las
Alhajas. Premios Interiores has been
established on the market for 15
years and with its awards in various categories wants to support
experts, authors and companies
who have served the interior design
sector and set trends with furniture
and design. The awards were presented at a large official ceremony,
which was attended by VIPs from a
whole variety of sectors.
Traditional baking in Barcelona
arcelona was the venue for the
"Horno de Pan by Miele" series of
events in spring. The courses and
workshops in the Miele Centre were all
about baking bread under the guidance
of professionals. It was kicked off with
a bread tasting with products from the
city's best bakeries in February 2016.
Xavier Barriga, Founder and Master Baker
at the Turris bakery, led a course lasting
several hours on making sweet bread and
yeast buns. Course participants learned
techniques for making dough for sweet
and savoury tartlets with Josep Antoni
Ribas from the Cruixent bakery. The event
series' most innovative activities included
the "Horno Abierto", the "communal oven".
Every Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon
the Barcelona Miele Centre was available
to anyone who wanted to have their dough
baked and use the opportunity to ask the
experts questions and share experiences
with other breadmakers. These days were
supervised by Ibán Yarza and Massimiliano
Liberatore, both experienced bakers with a
broad wealth of knowledge about making
bread. The idea behind this was to bring
the traditional communal ovens back to life
again in a modern setting.
How important local bread baking is
again in Spain now was evident with other
appearances by Ibán Yarza, author of the
book "Pan Casero" (homemade bread),
which sold more than 80,000 copies, as well
as Jordi Morera, a fifth generation baker
at the L’Espiga d’or bakery in Villanova i la
Geltrú. Both of them explored the boundaries between home and professional backing during demonstrations. Other famous
names and authors in that scene are Jesús
Machi, Beatriz Echeverría, Susana Pérez,
Anna Bellsolà, Jordi Bosch and Massi­
miliano Liberatore, who all contributed
to the event series. The project was coordinated by "Libros con Miga" a leading publisher in the world of bread and gastonomy.
The leading online shop for amateur bakers
"El Amasadero" was also present.
Participants and speakers unanimously
praised the Miele ovens with their Moisture
plus function. Doughs rise better thanks to
the targeted moisture supply and the baked
good ends up with a really wonderful crust.
You can find more about the event series
online at
All about bread at the Miele Centre in Barcelona.
All together for floor care
Madrileneans cook sportily
Last year Miele produced its 50-millionth vacuum cleaner.
The subsidiary in Spain used this anniversary for a partnership.
Historical models but also current models like the Scout RX1 were
introduced into the carpet supplier BSB Alfombras' showroom and
demonstrated the history of floor care to visitors there, which Miele
significantly contribute to in Europe. As the company had ultimately
already launched the Melior canister vacuum cleaner in 1927. Today
Miele is well known for offering a wide product range of vacuum
cleaners for customers with very different requirements.
Three chefs, one initiative: José Luis Estevan, Paco Roncero and
Joaquín Felipe (f.l.) cooked "sportily" at Miele.
In Spain Miele partnered
with BSB Alfombras
to demonstrate the
history of floor care.
Three major names in the Spanish world of gastronomy united in
one project: Paco Roncero, Joaquín Felipe and José Luis Estevan
got together for the "Sport Cooking" intitative and presented their
ideas in a workshop at Miele Centre Madrid. The background to
this is that healthy eating is the basis for good physical and sporting
performances. The three head chefs who not only share a love for
fine cuisine but also a passion for sport also know this. There's one
problem though: after an exhausting sport session it takes a great
deal of effort to step up to the cooker. That's why the chefs used
varied but quick to prepare recipes that take less than 15 minutes
to make. The menu included a range of inspiring recipes like power
cocktails, new pasta ideas, and balanced burgers.
Miele The Magazine // 25
Full flavour with
half the calories
Home Appliance
Brand of the Year
For the second consecutive year,
the German premium domestic
appliance manufacturer, Miele has
been crowned Home Appliance Brand
of the Year at the prestigious Which?
Awards. Now in their tenth year, the
awards recognise and celebrate the
best businesses that deliver innovation,
excellent products and service that
score highly in Which? research and
testing. Jess O’Leary, Which? home
appliances expert said, "Miele’s strike
rate in our testing is unparalleled –
91% of all appliances we’ve tested are
either a Best Buy or Worth a Look."
Simon Grantham, Managing Director
at Miele GB says, "We are thrilled and
proud to have once again won the coveted Which? Home Appliance Brand
of the Year award. For consumers, it
is the highest accolade. The award is
testament to everyone who is involved with the brand."
The Which? Awards ceremony
took place on the 25 May 2016 in
London and was co-hosted by TV
presenter, Natasha Kaplinsky, and
Which? Chief Executive, Peter-Vicary
Smith. The Which? awards are completely independent, with a company
unable to nominate itself.
26 // Miele The Magazine
The "Full English" with half the calories was served in Miele´s Grease-less Spoon Café.
t fitted perfectly when Miele launched the
Grease-less Spoon Café in mid-summer
2015. To be honest: it’s much more fun to
go for less calories when the season is right.
The company therefore created a breakfast
with a twist, a healthy take on the classic
British breakfast. The café only used steam to
cook the traditional ingredients, no oil or fat
was used at all by Chef Sven-Hanson Britt.
The Miele steamed breakfast has less than
half the amount of calories compared to the
traditional British 'fry-up' (1,738 calories*)
creating a much healthier start to your day.
With the help of Professional Masterchef Finalist, Sven-Hanson Britt, Miele created the
steamed breakfast menu from scratch, curing
their own bacon and even growing 'espresso'
mushrooms on coffee compost.
The café also provided the perfectly
cooked egg as part of the breakfast serving. Miele had the recipe and equipment to
make the perfect slow cooked egg and the
team had trialled this method for a while
to get it just right: the egg is steamed in its
shell at 63 degrees for 30 minutes in the
Miele steam combination oven. The oven
cooks it to perfection and it has a deliciously runny yolk, making it a perfect addition
to the steamed 'fry-up'.
Miele was proud to use the finest quality British produce from local suppliers –
the combination of this and using steam
really enhanced the healthy eating experience.
Steam cooking preserves the nutritious
value of food whilst maintaining its natural
flavours. This allows for delicious, healthy
food to be cooked to a professional standard
in the home and combines elements of traditional fan ovens with steam technology.
On the menu at the Grease-less Spoon Café
was Fresh Brioche and Vienoisserie, Homemade Vanilla Yoghurts with Granola and
Summer Fruits, Steamed Eggs and Soldiers
and, naturally, the "Full English" including
Slow Cooked Hen’s Egg, Homemade Black
Pudding, Miele Cured Streaky Bacon, Espresso Mushrooms, Confit Tomatoes, Baked
Beans and Sourdough Toast.
Miele’s Executive Chef, Sven-Hanson
Britt, commented: "I was delighted to be
involved with Miele's Grease-less Spoon
Café, it has been a lot of fun creating the
menu." Miele’s pop-up Grease-less Spoon
was only open for one day on 6 July at Ice
Tank, 7 Grape Street, London, WC2H.
Only two eating slots were available for the
pop-up Café.
Revealing the secrets of vacuuming
Flying through the air in an aerodynamic tunnel in Warsaw.
ow do you get away from the mundane when talking about a topic
as ordinary as vacuuming? Miele
answered this question perfectly by inviting representatives from interior design,
lifestyle and technological media to Flyspot – an aerodynamic tunnel located in
Warsaw’s suburbs. Such an unusual venue
was reference not only to the unrivalled
power and effectiveness of Miele vacuum
cleaners, but also to the vital role of aerodynamics in those appliances.
Guests were welcomed by Wojciech
Wołonciej – Sales and Marketing Director.
Journalists were then introduced to the
scientific aspects of vacuuming by Karol
Wójcicki – hot shot and expert in various
aspects of science and astronomy. Using
special experiments related to the topic
of suction, the scientist proved that this
every­day device can be surprisingly inspiring. Wójcicki created a powerful launcher
by combining a microwave, a bottle and
a vacuum cleaner. He also constructed a
vacuum cleaner powered by steam, and
… immobilised one of the guests using air
properties. The scientist also presented the
influence of aerodynamics and air channels
on vacuuming power.
After this inspiring presentation, Miele
instructor, Ksenia Grzywacka introduced
guests to the topic of restrictions implemented by the European Union – limited maximum power on vacuum cleaner
motors. By presenting the work of two
appliances (one with 2,000 W power and
the other with 800 W) on the same surfaces, the expert proved that engine power
has no impact on vacuuming effectiveness.
The presentation also showed that Miele
vacuum cleaners are still the best in effectiveness despite limits enforced by the EU.
By describing the factors and solutions that
are indicative of Miele vacuum cleaner’s
unique performance, Ksenia Grzywacka
talked about device models that are adapting perfectly to client’s needs.
After the theory, it was time for guests
to experience aerodynamics for real. Every
journalist had a chance to defeat gravity in
the chamber of the world’s most modern
aerodynamic tunnel. With help from professional instructors, guests were floating
in the air, while the others could observe
them through glass walls. Energy lost during 'flights' was quickly restored by nutritious catering. The meeting ended with
a presentation of photos of flying guests
taken in the chamber. This part of the
meeting turned out to be very emotional.
Wardrobe emerged from hiding
ardrobe emerges from hiding was
a contest for architects organised
by Dobre Wn˛etrze, an interior
design monthly magazine, and Miele. Its
aim was to design unique space that would
combine the functions of a wardrobe and
laundry room and show that this room, usu-
ally hidden, can not only be functional and
pragmatic, but aesthetic too. Winners managed to retain the individual character of
the interior design through the consistent
use of intriguing solutions – architectural,
structural and coloristic – that are not usually associated with this purely practical
place in the house.
60 projects were submitted for the contest
and each of them presented innovative and
modern design ideas
for wardrobe space.
Every project included
Miele washing appliances: a washing machine, tumble dryer,
and – optionally – the
Fashion Master. The
main criterion for
the jury (representatives from Miele and
The project wardrobe emerges from hiding giving you inspiration. the magazine’s edi-
torial board) was the ingenuity of
solutions enabling the fullest use possible
of wardrobe space.
The award ceremony took place at the
Miele Experience Center in Warsaw. The
event brought together the contestants,
organisers and jury members. It was hosted
by Małgorzata Tomczyk, Editor-in-Chief of
"Dobre Wn˛etrze" and Wojciech Wołonciej,
Miele Sales and Marketing Director.
The hosts presented the idea behind the
competition and justified the selection of
the winning projects.
The jury decided to award the first prize
to Agnieszka Kowalczyk, a young architect
from Gdansk, Poland. She received a financial reward as well as a Miele White Edition washing machine. Paweł Persona took
second place, and the third prize was given
to Kinga Skowrońska.
After the official part of the ceremony
guests enjoyed a menu inspired by Asian
and Mediterranean countries, prepared by
chef Michał Gniłka – delicious!
Miele The Magazine // 27
Miele does the washing on
the largest ship in the world
t 382 metres long and 123 metres
wide, which is roughly equal to
five football pitches, the Pioneering Spirit is the largest ship ever built.
Produced in Korea, this giant is currently
berthing in Rotterdam port for its final outfitting. As a work vessel it will be used in
future for the erection and disassembling of
drilling rigs and for laying pipelines.
The Swiss offshore provider Allseas
Marine Contractors had already commissioned the first plans for the ship in 1987
but the concept was redesigned several
times to be up to new emerging tasks. These
include the disassembly of numerous drilling rigs in the North Sea that are no longer
operated as their useful life has expired.
The giant is powered by eight 20 cylinder
V engines and a straight-nine engine with
a total output of 94.6 megawatts, which is
enough for a speed of 14 knots at the most.
The crew of up to 1,500 people will have
plenty to do on the Pioneering Spirit. In
order for them to be supplied with clean
work clothes, the ship is equipped with
Miele Professional washing machines and
tumble driers.
Ready for
work at the drilling
rigs: the Pioneering
Spirit has Miele
Professional on board.
Dining on a farm
he ideal place for meetings, team
building and business trips is
the new farm restaurant at Hof
van Saksen. Hof van Saksen is a stylish,
exclusive holiday resort in the Dutch
province of Drenthe. The kitchen has been
fully equipped with Miele appliances.
Besides the cooking island with gas hob,
the kitchen also has a steam oven, Tepan
Yaki, oven with microwave, separate oven,
luxury crockery and other accessories.
The covered patio has an outdoor kitchen
with gas barbecue, outdoor dining set and
lounge set.
It's all very stylish at Hof van Saksen
in the Netherlands.
28 // Miele The Magazine
The culinary farm is suitable for groups of
up to twelve people who can prepare the
dishes together. A private chef can cook
for the group on request. Cooking workshops and masterclasses are provided by
the Chef de Cuisine at Hof van Saksen.
You can also taste wines from renowned
wine estates under the expert guidance of
the sommelier. There are also professional
knife sets, cookbooks, warming drawers, a
wine conditioning unit and many more accessories. You dine at a large wooden table,
with a lounge and covered patio to match
the modern country house style.
Live cooking
in Vianen
Miele has opened a special live
cooking area at the Experience
Centre in Vianen. It is designed
so that it is ideal for product
consultation. The Miele cooking appliances are regularly in
action here, when Miele chefs
cook for guests. The new area in
the showroom is also used for
B2B events and mini cooking
Digital and networked for Swissbau
Bright and tidy: the Miele trade
fair booth at Swissbau in Basel
55 centimetre wide dishwashers
are a typical Swiss product.
Michael Junker, Plant Manager
Bielefeld, Markus Miele
and Rico Fallegger, Managing
Director Miele Switzerland
(from left) know that too.
iele once again presented itself
with a booth in a class of its own
at Switzerland's most important
trade fair for the construction and property business, Swissbau 2016 in Basel.
Whether you're a design lover, gourmet
or technology freak, the Miele presentation impressed across the board and had
something up its sleeve for everyone. The
Swiss team exhibited top innovations and
presented products that are inspired by life
and customers' everyday lives over 900
square metres. The fact that the customer
is treated like royalty at Miele, could not
be overlooked thanks to the booth design,
where a red carpet invited visitors to the
booth in an extremely stylish manner. And
there were more than 200 exhibits to admire. The highlights of Swissbau 2016 included TempControl hobs, a new vacuumsealing drawer for gentle sous-vide cooking
and the Generation K 20.000 fridge-freezer
appliances with the Blackboard Edition
Naturally the Swiss trade fair was also
all about smart appliances: SuperVision,
MobileControl or [email protected] – in the
specially set up [email protected] area the
various options for networking in homes
were visually presented on huge flatscreens.
Rico Fallegger, Managing Director of the
subsidiary, sees great potential for the Swiss
market in Miele network applications: "It's
a really hot topic in Switzerland at the
moment. As a pioneer in this field, we offer a number of products so we are well
prepared for our discerning customers' requirements."
The digital theme had another aspect
on the Miele booth: all the relevant product information was presented on tablets
for the first time. Trade fair visitors were
therefore up-to-date in terms of price,
features and equipment. Rico Fallegger on the topic of digitalisation: "With
our booth's digital focus we are creating a perfect fusion of Miele's online and
offline world and presenting Miele as the
innovative and modern brand for any target
The Swiss subsidiary also had something very special prepared for its most
important partners. The Swiss team welcomed roughly 800 guests to an exclusive
presentation of innovations in a historic
mirror tent right in front of the exhibition building. The programme was hosted
by the former Miss Switzerland Linda Fäh.
Miele The Magazine // 29
1 Fits together: presentation of the new
range series in the stunning Experience
Center in Mexico
2 Daniel Ovadía, Christian Gerwens and
Antonio Seade (from left) drink a toast
to the new range series.
3 Chef Daniel Ovadía explains the range
oven to the public.
Mexican revolution in cooking
nder the slogan "It’s not an evolution, it’s a revolution", Miele
presented the new range series last
September in Mexico. The new appliances
with a heavy-duty look and feel integrate
Miele’s technology to obtain gourmet
results every day.
The launch event was presented by the
renowned Mexican Chef Daniel Ovadía,
now Ambassador Chef for Miele Mexico.
He prepared some of his famous recipes
from his internationally recognised restaurants: Paxia, Nudo Negro and Morablanca,
using the new range series appliances.
30 // Miele The Magazine
During the event, Daniel gave the
participants the opportunity to experience his famous "brioche bread box"
fresh from the range oven. Distinguished
guests toasted with champagne and
enjoyed a wine tasting with Jesús Diez,
Miele Mexico Ambassador Oenologist, as
well as French cheeses and 100% Iberian
acorn ham tasting.
The atmosphere at the Miele Experience Center revealed different sensory
experiences as "Carajillos", with Licor
43 and freshly ground coffee from Miele
coffee machines – a perfect combination
that showed the mild sweetness and versatility of one of the most famous liquors
in the world.
The launch event was attended
by celebrities such as Claudia Grajales, Interior Designer, and the Architects Carlos
& Gerardo Pascal, who joined Miele Mexico to present all the qualities of the brand
to their followers.
Design, functionality and dynamism
are the defining features of the new range
series. Therefore, the brand presented not
only an evolution, but a revolution in kitchen
Floating gala for the
tenth anniversary
ilestone birthdays are always a
great reason to celebrate! That's
why Miele Korea took its tenth
anniversary as an opportunity to invite approx. 200 guests to an interesting and diversified gala. A couple of hours prior to
the actual gala, more than 30 journalists
from all types of media attended a press
conference where Dr Axel Kniehl, Dr
Markus Miele and Dr Reinhard Zinkann,
together with Kyu-Moon Ahn, Managing
Director Korea, provided them with information about the Korean market, the
company and the brand. A retrospective of
the company's beginnings was a must: ten
years ago, Miele had acquired KoMie, a subsidiary of the Ssangyong corporate group,
which had already been operating as an
importer and marketing Miele appliances
on the Korean market. This was where it
all began and the basis for promoting the
Miele brand in Korea.
Thanks to the massive commitment
and drive of Kyu-Moon Ahn and his team,
Miele was able to successfully grow on the
Korean market year after year – the company often experienced two-digit growth
figures. Another important reason for this
stable growth was the collaboration with
business partners based on trust.
The Korean team had selected a very
exclusive location for the evening gala:
Some Sevit, an artificial island that floats
on the surface of the Hangang river – described by many travel recommendations
as captivating floating halls and Seoul's
next hot spot.
During the evening celebrations, Dr Rolf
Theodor Schuster, Representative Ambassador of Germany, and Barbara Zollmann,
Managing Director of the Korean-German
Chamber of Commerce and Industry, also
congratulated the company. In addition to
official speeches, the programme included
culinary delicacies as well as music and
dance presentations. One highlight guaranteeing a good mood: some employees
presented their own a cappella song.
Cooking with Miele
in Seoul
Traditional sounds for the tenth anniversary of Miele Korea
The Miele cooking studio at the
AK Plaza Bundang Store invites guests to exclusive cooking
events. The building complex in
the south of Korea's capital is one
of the most profitable department
stores in the country attracting
large numbers of visitors. The
programme does not only include
cooking events, but the Miele
studio may also be hired out for
other events.
Carry on! The team is looking forward to the next few decades.
Miele The Magazine // 31
Opportunity for Tokyoites to
experience design at the Miele Center Omotesando.
Leading architect Kengo Kuma (2 nd from right) and
Jens Keunecke (centre) were available for interviews.
Miele products inside: pictures of construction projects
provided ideas.
Interactive Design at close
range in Tokyo
n 2015, the Tokyo Design Week celebrated
its 30 th anniversary and presented extraordinary architectural, interior, product and graphic designs as well as art from
all over the world. The anniversary's motto
was "Interactive Design"; corresponding to
this, in Miele Center Omotesando, a special pop-up gallery was opened under the
theme of "Design for Life – Interactive".
On this occasion, Miele appliances cut
quite a figure as design objects. However,
it was not only possible to have a look at
them, but to also test and experience them
for real.
The ground floor welcomed all visitors
with an exhibition of large-sized photos
showing 38 buildings in which Miele ap32 // Miele The Magazine
pliances had been installed. These photos
gave all visitors great ideas as they had the
opportunity to produce plans to furnish and
renovate their own homes. All architects at
the event were available for questions, others had even brought their own customers.
This ten-day exhibition also included models of select buildings constructed by Kengo
Kuma, a famous Japanese architect, who
designed the Miele Center Omotesando in
Summer 2011.
Kengo Kuma was personally present
at the inaugural event where only invited
guests were in attendance. Jens Keunecke,
Vice-head of the Miele Design Centre in
Gütersloh, had also travelled to Tokyo to
answer questions from journalists working
for leading kitchen, lifestyle, architecture
and design magazines and online media.
It was particularly important to Hideki
Matsubara, Managing Director of the subsidiary, and his Miele Japan team to convince more architects, interior designers and
kitchen specialists of Miele. They had the
opportunity to experience the new Design
for life concept and the built-in appliances
belonging to the Generation 6000 product
range which had only been introduced recently in Japan. New customers, who had
never heard of Miele before, also took
advantage of the Design Week. This way,
the subsidiary was able to promote the
Miele image as a premium brand with a
great design.
Exploring Generation 6000
Eagerly awaited: the new
Generation 6000 appliances
he Japanese subsidiary organized a
week of experiences at the Miele
Center Omotesando for more than
460 guests to introduce the Generation
6000 product range. A total of fourteen
events during five days took place seeing
400 VIPs, business partners, and retailers
not only from Tokyo, but from all regions
of the country. The guests who participated
got to know the new built-in appliances
and the Design for Life concept. In addition, the Japanese subsidiary's team was
happy to welcome 60 representatives from
the media.
Miele impressed its guests not only
with particularly refined finger food and
small meals which were prepared and ex-
Dr. Hans Carl von Werthern,
German Ambassador in
Japan, and Mr. Hideki
Matsubara, Managing Director
of Miele Japan
plained by the top French chef in Japan,
Yosuke Suga. Guests who were interested
in learning more about possible preparation
methods and the functionality of the appliances were invited to have a look around the
Miele Center: All appliance combinations
had been installed and were ready for being
tested; the guests also had the opportunity
to ask questions. The chef Suga explained
the advantages of the new model range and
he was positive about the operator guidance:
"Everybody can be an expert with Miele!"
French cuisine causing a wave of enthusiasm in Tokyo
n 2011, the France Restaurant Week was founded in Tokyo to promote French food and gastronomic culture in Japan. Last
year’s inaugural event took place at the French embassy in July 2015 in the presence of the French ambassador to Japan. On
this occasion, Alain Ducasse, the famous French chef, travelled to Tokyo, too; his company had organized the event in cooperation with Diners Club in Japan.
In 2015, La table de Diners Club @Miele invited its guests to the Miele Center Omotesando, a place where the best young
French cuisine chefs in Japan cooked for their guests. They came from all regions in Japan and even from France and each one
of them prepared delicious and interesting creations for ten guests which were served on an elegant table.
The event concept was a refreshing and welcome change for the chefs too: those who had been responsible for the menu the
day before now became assistants to another head chef. At the same time, the familiar atmosphere created by the open kitchen
at the Miele Center invited the guests to take a look at the chefs doing their work and talk to them.
At the inaugural event, Mr. Fabrice Renaud, Director at Alain Ducasse Entreprise Japan, pointed out that the 200 entrance
tickets available for a lunch or a dinner with Miele had been sold out after just two days. The young chefs were impressed by the
equipment and by the stylish Miele Center surroundings; both newspaper and online articles also praised the Miele contribution to the France Restaurant Week.
Miele The Magazine // 33
"We are observing an ever-greater pursuit of excellence and
quality of life from the general public in Asia and China."
Dr Axel Kniehl, Executive Director
Marketing and Sales at Miele
The Miele Laundry Care Exhibition excited visitors
in the atrium of the ifc mall in Hong Kong.
Celebrating laundry
care excellence
iele´s pioneering history in laundry care excellence was staged
last October at the Oval Atrium
of the ifc mall in Hong Kong. As a company that led the development of the washing machine, "The Miele Laundry Care
Exhibition" took visitors on a journey back
in time to experience the evolution of
laundry care, showcasing five of its historical laundry appliances as well as other
historical artefacts, for the first time
in Hong Kong to amaze enthusiasts
with its legacy for laundry care. From
the first water powered oak-made
washing machine made in 1904 and
ground-breaking fully automatic washer,
to the latest flagship prestige range of
washers and dryers revealing the many
years of expertise and legacy to every guest.
The brand continued to impress
visitors with its forward-thinking innovation at the "Miele Lab" by showcasing the
34 // Miele The Magazine
science of cleanliness. Demonstrating the
chemistry behind some of its renowned
fabric detergents to guests, the Miele Lab
allowed visitors to understand more about
the world-premiere feature Twin Dos and
its exceptional cleaning performance with
interactive and intriguing experiments.
Only a few metres to the side, the quality of Miele’s products was presented
using an exploded 3D Machine – a 360
degree, inside-out, view of the brand’s most
prestigious model.
Visitors could also experience the
brand’s professional care at Care Corner where a care guide explained how to
take impeccable care of your wardrobe by
demonstrating Miele’s range of products
in a modern household environment. Nice
giveaways for the guests: a complimentary
fashion pin as well as fabric care tips postcards with fashion sketches created by a
local Hong Kong fashion illustrator.
More than a
hundred years
lie between
the first
machines …
… and the
latest model,
here an
exploded 3D
that shows
every part.
Dr. Axel Kniehl, Executive Director at
Miele, commented: "Miele is honoured to
showcase its legacy and latest innovations
in Hong Kong through this exhibition.
We are observing an ever-greater pursuit
of excellence and quality of life from the
general public in Asia and China." Kenny
Lam, Managing Director at Miele Hong
Kong, added: "As a distinguished brand
on the leading edge of the industry, this
exhibition is certainly a milestone for
Hong Kong. We would also like to take this
opportunity to thank our partners for their
support and contributions."
A first-class cooking experience
Everything in balance: Justin Quek and
guests at the Chef´s Table
o continue the much talked about
Chef’s Table series, Miele hosted
the second session of this exclusive dining event at their Private Lounge
in Causeway Bay, teaming up with one
of Asia’s most recognised chefs, Justin
Launched in 2014, The Chef’s Table
is a unique dining experience that invites
some of the world’s finest chefs to create
a dinner-at-home experience for a select
few guests at the heart of the Miele
Kitchen. The essence of the event is the
combination of creativity and experiencesharing. Each chef is asked to create a
theme for the evening, sharing both their
story and inspiration through food and
conversation around the table. The event
is fast becoming the hottest ticket in town,
with Miele’s table, set in the heart of their
kitchen, sitting just 20 people, with only
four seating’s throughout the week.
"The idea of Chef’s Table is to bring
some of the world’s most exciting names
in food to our kitchen, put some of
our products at their disposal and see
what they can create", explains Miele’s
Marketing Director in Hong Kong Richard
Green. "The spirit of Miele and our brand
European techniques meet Asian homegrown food.
is brought into the experience through
the use of our products and in the fact
that we are providing the platform from
which an exceptional dining experience is
created in a setting where people can talk
to the chefs and watch what they’re doing."
Each chef gets to tell their story at the
table, choosing a theme for the evening,
which the menu and style of the event are
built around. All elements of the evening
are then designed around the authenticity
of a chef’s kitchen, nothing on the table
is superfluous and everything is there for
a reason. One example of which is the
table centred piece, which is compiled of
a beautiful arrangement of raw ingredients
from the actual menu. As such the chef
can show and demonstrate to guests what
they’re eating and where it comes from.
Green finishes by saying, "It’s all about
interaction, talking, showing, sharing."
For the second iteration of the series
in May 2015 Miele had invited the
renowned Singaporean chef, Justin Quek.
Being the chef and owner of the cele­
brated French restaurant Sky On 57,
Quek is widely recognised as Singapore's
most important interpreter of French
cuisine. Having learnt his craft at the
legendary Les Amis, one of the top
restaurants in the Lion City, Quek has gone
on to win a series of accolades including
the San Pellegrino Chef of the Year and
World Gourmet Summit’s Hall of Fame
Best Chef.
Quek created a menu under the theme
Balance. "I showcased my Asian heritage
by giving a modern interpretation to a
familiar cuisine, using my European techniques to take Asian and home-grown food
to a high level. It was about bringing out
the best of both worlds and creating a fine
balance," said Quek.
The evening event on the 8 th of May was
attended by a number of renowned guests
including Asia’s leading supermodel
Ms Amanda Strang, TV director Mr Sean
Lee Davies, socialites Ms Feiping Chang,
Ms Jessica Jann and her sister Ms Janice
Jann, Marketing Director of Van Cleef
& Arpels, Mr Peter Cheung, Managing
Director of Givenchy, Mr Ayub Mohamed,
President of Saint Laurent Asia Pacific,
Mr Roberto Savian etc. It was a memorable evening with a unique and exclusive
culinary experience while everyone expressed their anticipation for another
Chef’s Table event with Miele.
Miele The Magazine // 35
Inspiring events in Shanghai
and Beijing
n Asia, Miele fans are often forced to
wait a bit longer for new products. One
reason for this is that the appliances have
to be adapted to the requirements of these
markets, first. However, once the adaptation process is completed, the colleagues
in the Miele subsidiaries get ready to rumble by staging product placements full of
creative ideas.
This was also the case with the Generation 6000 built-in appliances and the W1
and T1 laundry innovations. Both model
ranges were presented at two different
events in Beijing and Shanghai in a befitting manner.
On the occasion of the 6000 built-in
appliances presentation, Miele had invited
400 guests to the Shanghai Expo Park,
including VIPs, business partners and
media representatives. The entertainment
programme included ballet and Chinese
kun opera presentations which drew an
artistic line to the new products. For this
purpose, Miele also employed four famous
kitchen chefs who made sure that the
guests were well catered for.
The subsidiary presented the new
washing machine and dryer models a
couple of months later on the occasion
of an event at Kerry Hotel situated in the
Miele China celebrated the launch of the new built-in
appliance models at the Shanghai Expo Park.
centre of Beijing City, right next to the
new Miele Center. The show programme,
taking place in an imaginary world,
included acrobatics, modern jazz dance
and taiji. The second part of the event took
place at the newly designed Miele Center
next door. Before the event began, certain
VIP guests, including Dr Frank Rücker,
representative from the German embassy in China, top Chinese actor Li Chen
as well as Markus Miele and Reinhard
Zinkann, had to "activate the light switch"
by pedalling hard to illuminate the facade
of the Miele Center with electricity that
they had generated.
400 guests experienced a diversified event in
Shanghai, including food and beverages.
These huge plates can be used as drums, but
they will not fit into Miele dishwashers.
36 // Miele The Magazine
The premium
Miele is growing and this also becomes
visible in a series of new exhibitions that
have been opened around the world over
the last months. Read about where the
brand's premium claim is tangible on the
next pages.
Opening of the refurbished Experience Centre in Johannesburg
Miele The Magazine // 37
Show act with
ladies at the
opening event for
the Experience
Create your own
kitchen: Miele
inspires customers
in Johannesburg.
ers, including homemakers, architects, interior designers
and specifiers, as well as our retail partners."
Strong branding throughout the internal layout
effectively and comprehensively displays virtually the
entire appliance range, including the outstanding colour
selection of the award-winning Generation 6000 range
of cooking appliances. There are special areas that display the various appliance categories. One of the most
exciting new areas in the new showroom is the space
dedicated to the much-anticipated new Miele range
cookers, set to be launched to the South African market in 2017.
The generously appointed Centre gives Miele
South Africa an even better opportunity to showcase
and demonstrate their appliances, so that customers
can confidently make the right choices to suit their
individual lifestyles. To make it even easier to visualise, the subsidiary introduced Miele’s innovative digital
Kitchen Appliance Visualiser which enables customers
to virtually build their own kitchen in an almost photorealistic style.
One of the driving inspirations for the new showroom design was to ensure that customers feel at
home and welcome in the Miele Experience Centre.
The newly refurbished reception area and coffee bar
has been designed to do just that. A central aspect of
the showroom is the event kitchen where consumers
can come and enjoy cooking demonstrations by celebrities and well-known chefs. "We now offer hands
on cooking in our innovative space catering for up to
20 budding chefs. This has really delighted our consumers who while using our appliances really do experience
the Miele difference," says Brennan Menday.
Miele Germany’s in-house interior architect, Birgit
Lukas, designed the Johannesburg Centre. The stylishly designed luxury showroom concept mirrors other
Miele Centres at key international locations around
the world. iele’s newly refurbished Johannesburg showroom in Bryanston, the Miele Experience
Centre, is packed with innovative architecture
and technology to showcase its state-of-the-art range
of premium kitchen appliances. Miele’s Co-Proprietor
and Executive Director, Dr. Reinhard Zinkann, who
flew in especially from Germany for the event, officially reopened the showroom in August 2015.
Representing a large investment, the refurbished
showroom demonstrates Miele’s commitment to the
South African market where
demand for its world-leading,
premium appliances continues
to grow. The stylishly striking
Miele Experience Centre with
its inspirational lifestyle environment makes the most of the
space at its premium Bryanston
Managing Director of Miele
South Africa, Brennan Menday,
is enthusiastic about the opportunities the new showroom
will afford customers: "The expansion of Miele’s Experience
Centre is a testament to Miele’s
commitment to South Africa.
We believe that the refurbishments will be welcomed by our
Reinhard Zinkann and Christian Gerwens (middle) came from Germany to
increasing number of customcelebrate the reopening with guests.
38 // Miele The Magazine
Coral Gables
borders directly to
Greetings from
Florida: Miele staff
together with Jan
Heck, Markus Miele
and Reinhard
iele US marked the official Grand Opening
of its Coral Gables Experience Center with a
VIP Ribbon Cutting and Cocktail Reception
on February 24, 2016. Located in the downtown commercial district of Coral Gables, the center is Miele's
first Experience Center in South Florida, and second in
the state of Florida, accompanying the Miele Experience Center in Boca Raton.
Dr. Markus Miele, Dr. Reinhard Zinkann and Nick
Ord were present at the exclusive ribbon-cutting
ceremony which welcomed more than 200 designers,
builders, developers, dealers and press. The new center
will allow Miele to better serve the diverse clientele in
South Florida as a resource for local dealers, designers
and customers.
The Mayor of Coral Gables, Jim Cason, and the
President of The Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce,
Mark A.Trowbridge, were among the VIP attendees.
During the ribbon cutting ceremony the Mayor and
Trowbridge presented the owners with the official seal
of the City of Coral Gables and a proclamation.
"Coral Gables is a great place for Miele to be, it is
very international with people of over 120 nationalities
residing here as well as several major real estate projects," said Mayor Cason. "The new Miele Experience
Center couldn't be in a better location."
The 4,766 sq. ft Experience Center encompasses a
sophisticated, innovative and luxurious design strategically placed in South Florida where the top-ranked infrastructure allows for international access; Miami is the
gateway to Central and South America. With Miami’s
steadily growing population, Miele has seen great success in high-rise project business and the growth potential is enormous.
Customers will be able to partake in a variety of
specialty classes and events incorporating the latest
appliances at the Experience Center. The space offers
customers the chance to get familiar with the Miele
brand before putting it in their own homes. The showroom is also an educational resource where a knowledgeable sales team and staff are ready to educate and
demonstrate each life-inspired use and advantage that
Miele appliances can offer to designers, architects and
new clients alike.
Miele The Magazine // 39
Cutting the ribbon with Yves Dalcourt, Markus Miele, Reinhard Zinkann, Axel Kniehl, Christian Gerwens and Jan Heck (from left)
fter the completion of comprehensive restructuring measures, the Miele Experience Centre
in the Canadian metropolis of Vancouver finally
re-opened. 150 invited guests – business partners, designers, architects and media representatives – experienced an opening gala focussing on the products: new
range cooker, range tops and range hoods specifically
developed for the North American market. In the exhibition space – in total 650 sqm – customers and business partners have the opportunity to learn more about
these appliances through regular cooking events.
Miele Executive Directors Dr Markus Miele,
Dr Reinhard Zinkann and Dr Axel Kniehl had also travelled to Vancouver for the occasion of the re-opening.
Markus Miele pointed out that the company had been
successfully growing in Canada since 1988, with one
important business segment for Miele Canada being
the project business. Reinhard Zinkann stressed that,
thanks to the new Experience Centre, it is possible to
experience the brand values in an impressive way and
that Miele, with its range cookers, now has a cooking appliance range focussing on the needs of Canadian customers. Zinkann indicated that Miele is going
to launch these North American cooking appliances
on other markets, too. Axel Kniel thanked Jan Heck
who had been the Managing Director of the Canadian
subsidiary since 1999 and who had been massively
involved in the company's development. From now on,
Heck is going to manage the US subsidiary; his successor in Canada is going to be Yves Dalcourt. Dalcourt
had already held the position as the Vice-President
Sales for Miele in Canada from 2007 to 2012.
40 // Miele The Magazine
The ranges are the centre of attention at the re-opened
Miele Experience Centre in Vancouver.
A toast on the new
centre: Markus
Miele, Lynn Murray,
Marketing Director
Hatch Mansfield
for Taittinger,
Axel Kniehl and
Reinhard Zinkann
esigned to showcase its latest appliance innovations in an impressive design environment, the
refurbished Miele London Experience Centre
is the perfect venue to view the entire range of Miele
appliances. A team of Miele product experts and home
economists are also on hand to offer advice and support to potential customers and owners.
Located at the top of Wigmore Street, the front
half of the refurbished 200 sqm Experience Centre features four stylish kitchens fitted with the latest Miele
appliances that push the boundaries for performance
and design. The next section houses a separate laundry
and dishwasher area with live appliances, along with a
working kitchen for pre and post purchase customer
demonstrations. As well as the refurbishment inside,
the exterior of the London Experience Centre has also
been updated to include a new entrance with two fulllength glass doors.
At "Taste for Design – Just Imagine" Miele’s talented home economists will demonstrate how its
built-in cooking appliances can be used to create delicious dishes with outstanding quality. Attendees will
get to sample the precision and accuracy that Miele
cooking appliances offer for temperature, timing, cooking functions and moisture levels with a taster menu.
Miele’s experts are also on hand to offer product advice and answer questions. This course is ideal for keen
foodies planning a new kitchen or updating a current
Demonstrations will also take place for Miele owners who want to get the most out of their steam and
steam combination ovens. During "Discover Your Steam
Oven", owners will be shown the principles of steam
cooking and how versatile Miele steam ovens are. Discover "Combi-Steam" goes through the ovens’ features,
such as menu cooking, the roast probe and combination
cooking, as well as the basics on how the oven works.
Lunch is included in both one-hour sessions.
A stylish ambience
characterizes the
London Experience
Centre, here at the
official reopening.
For more information on Miele demonstrations:
The exterior of the
London Experience
Centre in Wigmore
Street with its new
Miele The Magazine // 41
ast October Miele in Bulgaria opened its doors to
the public at the Miele
Experience Center, which is
located on the southern-side
of the Sofia’s city centre, in
the Red Apple award-winning
designer building.
At the glamorous opening
event that had the spirit of an
"Oscar Awards" party, the special guest, the famous nutritionist Mr Hippokratis Papadimitrakos, described his experience
with the Miele appliances and
how they made his life as a busi1
ness man and also as a father of
three kids much easier. Parallel
to this, Mr Papadimitrakos fascinated visitors with his
spectacular cooking show, literally putting pans in fire.
Also present were 30 journalists from the most important Bulgarian media, trade partners, Regional Managing
Director Josef Vanicek, as well as members from the
Greece subsidiary team, who is supporting the Bulgaria
Customers can experience the Miele philosophy Immer besser, namely seeing, touching, tasting and experiencing the brand’s wealth of innovations and patents
live in a way that no other competitor has established
so far in Bulgaria over 125 sqm. 69 appliances in total
are displayed in the showroom. The aim of the Experience Center is to provide customers with the service
they deserve, enjoying and making the buying process a
special and unforgettable event.
Additionally, trade partners can
also make use of the facility by
organising their team-building
seminars or strengthening their
relationship with their customers with cooking events or seminars in laundry care.
42 // Miele The Magazine
1 All in red and white: the new
Miele Experience Centre in
2 Miele displays probably the
finest collection of household
appliances in Bulgaria.
3 Daniela Mirazchieva,
Managing Director of Miele
Bulgaria, and Josef Vanicek,
Regional Managing Director,
cutting the ribbon
Lively discussion:
Markus Miele,
Reinhard Zinkann,
Loredana Butnaru
and TV presenter
Andi Moisescu
n Romania Miele staged the first gala event in the
Bucharest Centre with elaborate presentation. In order to be able to offer enough space for this special
occasion with 120 guests – including employees, customers, dealers, business partners, VIPs, architects and
representatives of the media – the 300 sqm exhibition
area was expanded with a marquee. Andi Moisescu, a
TV presenter well-known through his own show and
as a member of the panel of "Romania’s Got Talent",
gave a warm welcome to the guests. To help the guests
to tune into the theme of the evening he presented
a film about the company's history. This look back
was followed by a lively discussion round: in addition to Moisescu, chairing the debate, Loredana Butnaru, Managing Director of the subsidiary, Dr. Markus
Miele´s Blackboard Edition inspires and excites guests and actresses – here
with the subject of a painting by Picasso.
Miele and Dr. Reinhard Zinkann discussed current and
future trends in household appliances. The artistic digital graffiti of the Miele logo, which Loredana Butnaru
projected onto the screen, produced an aha reaction in
the audience. Visitors were then able to explore the exhibition, accompanied by the atmospheric jazz music
of the Irina Sarbu Band. The highlight in the marquee
was the Blackboard Edition – winner of the iF product
design award – onto which an artist conjured a Picasso
chalk drawing.
At a press conference on the day after, representatives of significant media got the opportunity to get
into round-table discussions with Markus Miele and
Reinhard Zinkann and to find out, in detail, about the
Miele Group and especially Miele in Romania.
The polar bar at the Bucharest Miele Centre fascinated
the guests of the gala event.
Miele The Magazine // 43
here were two reasons for celebrations for the
Russian subsidiary: two days in a row they
celebrated the openings of Miele Experience
Centers in Moscow and Yekaterinburg. The recently
inaugurated centre in the southern part of the Russian
capital is 450 sqm large, perfectly complements the
Miele Center in northern Moscow, and is the ideal way
to be available for Miele customers in the entire area
and provide them with great services. Thanks to the
coffee bar, an active kitchen and kitchen visualiser, visitors have the opportunity to experience the brand with
all of their senses. The kitchen visualiser in particular
has become an important pillar of many Experience
Centers. This is the place where customers are able to
arrange Miele appliances on a screen to get a realistic
impression of their future kitchen.
The Center in Yekaterinburg is a première for Miele
since it is the first center in the entire Ural region. Over
a space of 430 sqm visitors have the opportunity to
actively experience current product highlights – and
obtain information about the company's history in the
"Historical Zone". The centre is based in the heart of
the historic city centre, close to prominent neighbours,
such as Louis Vuitton and Villeroy & Boch.
Both inauguration celebrations had the motto
"Modern Art in Miele Home Appliances" as an expression of inspiration and the brand's emotional claim.
Creative presentations in line with this theme provided
1 The Experience Center in Yekaterinburg is a premiere
for Miele in the entire Ural region.
2 Miele celebrated the opening of the new Experience
Center in Moscow with live music.
great entertainment: artists drew portraits of the guests
and interpreted modern works by Russian and German
artists using food. The programme was completed by
tours of the exhibition, the presentation of new Miele
appliances, live music and culinary treats.
onsumers with impeccable tastes now have an exciting new hub where they can find top of the line
furniture and fixtures for their home. Focus Global
Inc., the exclusive Philippine distributor of the world's finest brands in premium home furnishings launched its biggest showroom in one convenient location in April 2015. Situated at the newly constructed Twenty-four
Seven McKinley building at the intersection of 24th
Street, 7th Avenue and McKinley Parkway, the new
showroom promises to be the ultimate destination for
1 First class – Siematic kitchens with
Miele appliances in Manila
2 In the Twenty-four Seven McKinley
tower Focus Global Inc. showcases
premium products over 5,000 sqm.
44 // Miele The Magazine
design inspiration for both homeowners and designers
alike. The showroom consists of five floors with more
than 5,000 total sqm of space dedicated to showcasing the latest trends and innovations for every room in
the home. Besides furniture brands from Italy and the
USA, the latest bath and wellness technologies from
Dornbracht and Villeroy & Boch are showcased. Siematic has six design kitchens on display equipped with
Miele appliances. Included is a live-cooking and event
area and an area with historical Miele appliances.
As with the other Focus Global showrooms located
in Makati, Mandaluyong and in Cebu City, clients will
be assisted by highly-skilled and trained in-house architects and designers. Cooking demos are conducted
regularly as a platform to showcase the products’ functions. At the official opening gala Athmane Lakhlifi,
Director Export Sales at Miele, underlined: "Since
2003 we have cooperated with our long-standing,
exclusive partner Focus Global Inc., who we are not
only committed to on account of their long business
relationship with Miele but because we also share the
same values. Both companies have a long tradition,
both companies are shaped by their proprietor families and both companies place great store by quality,
partnership, a customer focus and brand values."
More information:
he cooperation that has existed since 2010 between Importeur Unique Units LLC, owned by
Tony Abu Leil, and Miele has now been crowned
with the glamourous opening of a dedicated showroom
on Mecca Street in the heart of Amman – embedded
in a prominent shopping promenade for interior design
and in the vicinity of three kitchen studios.
Around 200 designers, architects, journalists, business partners, customers and guests of honour, including Issa Murad, the chairman of Amman’s Chamber
of Commerce and Shaker Fakhoury, executive of The
Bank of Jordan, attended the opening celebration and
witnessed the premier of the exhibition over two storeys, which combines modern style with a traditional
Arabian touch in a unique way. The evening's highlights included live baking by Chef Abdullah of Sugar
Daddy’s, one of Amman’s most popular bakeries,
accompanied by atmospheric saxophone music.
On day two, a gala dinner on the roof of the Kempinski Hotel with around 140 guests brought the
festivities to a stylish conclusion. In a video message,
Dr Markus Miele and Dr Reinhard Zinkann expressed
their congratulations on the opening of the showroom.
As they were unfortunately unable to attend in person,
they sent their best wishes together with a gift: silver Miele Signature handles engraved with a personal
The radio compere Lina Abu Ghazaleh charmingly chaperoned guests through the programme, during
which an old and a future washing machine were used
to impressively illustrate technical progress. Musical
entertainment was provided by the popular Jordanian
singer Martina Majdi.
1 The newly opened
Miele Showroom on
Mecca Street in
Jordan's capital city
2 Tony Abu Leil (standing,
3rd from left) with
Rudolf Saibert and
Athmane Lakhlifi
(2nd and 4th from left,
both Miele) and the
team of Unique Units
3 Part two of the inauguration ceremony on the
roof of the Kempinski
Miele The Magazine // 45
1 Looking forward
to lots of visitors:
the team of the
Wakim Group with
Markus Miele,
Salah Wakim and
Reinhard Zinkann
(back row, center)
2 Inviting guests on
an extensive tour
of exploration
through the world
of Miele: the
Experience Center
in a prominent
location in the
Lebanese capital.
3 Covering 1,000
sqm on two
levels, the Beirut
Miele Experience
Center, which has
its own café, is
one of the largest
in the world.
iele importer Wakim in Beirut had two reasons to celebrate at the same time: during the
35-year anniversary of its cooperation with
Miele, the Wakim Group moved into new premises
in a prominent location in the Lebanon's capital city.
With 1,000 sqm of area on two levels, the Beirut Miele
Experience Center, which has its own cafe, is one of
the largest in the world. In order to give this jewel a
fitting inauguration, the Wakim family invited guests to
Around 500
guests attended
the premiere
evening. Top chefs
provided culinary
diversity at the
highest level.
46 // Miele The Magazine
a top-class opening ceremony. 500 guests – including
numerous VIPs – enjoyed not only the premiere but
also an extremely wide variety of culinary delights: top
chefs created a diverse banquet with delicacies of Arabic, Asian, French and Italian cuisine and an extensive
desserts and cheese buffet plus champagne from the
cooperation partner Taittinger.
It is not for nothing that the Miele brand enjoys
such great fame and popularity in Lebanon, even being regarded as the most coveted brand in the country.
Because that is exactly what the Wakim family have
been working towards for decades: Salah Wakim has
been active in the business as Founder and President,
his wife Thilda as Interior Design Director, and his sons
Fouad and Omar as Managing Director and as Miele
Experience Center Manager respectively. The trusting
cooperation between Miele and the Wakim Group is
based not least of all upon the families that the two
family companies hold in common, such as long-term,
inter-generational and therefore sustainable thinking
and acting. This was also emphasised by Dr. Markus
Miele and Dr. Reinhard Zinkann in their speeches. As
a gift for the host, they handed over golden handles
from the Miele Signature collection with personalized
engravings, which received a place of honour in the
Celebrating 100 years
with a family day
hen there's something to celebrate at Miele, its always with
a friendly, relaxed atmosphere,
and the centenary of the Bielefeld plant was
no exception. The company invited all the
location's workers and their families to a
family day – and 8,000 visitors came to take
a look behind the scenes: In the vacuum
cleaner and dishwasher production areas
as well as in the Professional division, the
employees had prepared an exciting visit.
Here you could assemble a vacuum cleaner
yourself and extract gummy bears in an "endoscopic operation". At the main party area,
there was fun and games with a bouncy
castle, giant table football, face-painting,
and of course a wide selection of food.
The Miele plant in Bielefeld was founded in 1916 as a second production location.
In the early years, Bielefeld was tasked with
the production of cream separators and
electric motors. But as early as 1924, the
first bicycles left the factory gates, quickly
gaining a legendary reputation for their
high quality; Later, motor bikes were also
produced. The second important product
was vacuum cleaners, which were manufactured in the plant from 1927. In 1929
production started on Europe's first electrically powered dishwasher.
While bicycle production came to an
end in the early 1960s, vacuum cleaners
and dishwashers are still two important
pillars of Miele in Bielefeld today. Two interesting figures: In total, around 16 million
Miele dishwashers have been produced
between 1960 and the present day. And
last year the 50 millionth vacuum cleaner
rolled off the assembly line. The third
pillar is the Professional division with
commercial washers, washer-disinfectors for medical applications (surgeries
and hospitals) and appliances used in
research and industrial laboratories.
Miele employs around 1,800 workers in Bielefeld.
The first domestic
dishwasher was
manufactured by Miele in
Bielefeld in 1929.
Fun and games at the centenary
of the Bielefeld plant
Just a bit of fun: "Surgically" removing
gummy bears from a doll
Miele The Magazine // 47
Ideal for switching off: the
holiday world of the hotel
Jungbrunn in the Tannheim
Valley, Tyrol
In permanent use at the Jungbrunn
On the sun terrace of the
Tannheim Valley in Austria,
there is a unique holiday
world: the Jungbrunn, an
alpine lifestyle hotel with
architecture combining
Tyrolean tradition with the
latest trends. A ton of laundry is washed here every
day – with technology from
Miele Professional.
48 // Miele The Magazine
he design of the 81 rooms is as individual as the range of sports, leisure
and wellness options, not to mention
the gourmet cuisine in three different restaurants. There is no longer anything to recall the dormitory and ten bunk beds with
which everything started in 1962. Since
then, Markus Gutheinz has taken over the
hotel from his parents, and runs it together
with his wife Ulrika and son Marcel. The
family has invested in new technology time
after time.
Since 1988, all the hotel's laundry has
been washed directly in the Jungbrunn itself, and the newest Miele laundry machines
are just under two years old. "They are in
constant use, because the hotel generates
around six tons of washing per week", says
Marketing Directress Claudia Sartori. The
equipment includes four washing machines
with filling weights of 16 to 32 kilograms,
three matching driers and a large mangle
with pleating machine. It is normally not
switched on until 2 pm: the kitchen has
a break then, and the stove and oven no
longer need electricity, so this can then be
immediately used in the laundry. Because
electricity is not available to an unlimited
extent in the secluded Tannheim Valley,
all of the building services are connected
with a so-called peak-load cut-off – with
the result that at midday the appliances in
the kitchen have priority and little happens
in the laundry.
At night, however, far away from the
guestrooms, the washing machines and
driers are working flat out. Two employees
operate the machines, experienced staff
who know their way around an extremely
wide variety of stains, especially with the
removal of oil, which is often to be found
in the bathrobes, and terry cloth and linen
sheets after the Ayurveda treatments. If the
normal 60°C wash programme does not get
rid of it, a proven household remedy has to
be used: "If the oil stains are really thick,
we pour a litre of milk into each washing
machine drum", reports housekeeper Turnay Koruk. And if it does happen that the
colleagues do not have the solution for a
certain problem, she says, then one of the
170 service technicians at Miele Austria
will be quick to provide assistance. "The
team at Miele Professional offers very good
support for all the questions we have on
the subject of laundry."
Responsible for clean
laundry: capable
employees and
technology from Miele
New internet presence for Professional
Customers of Miele Professional will now be able to find the right product even more quickly: the new
homepage offers a clear structure, modern layout, and a convenient filter function. Users can either look
around for suitable devices for their industry or start searching for a product immediately – and save
all results and compare them with each other. Purchasers will also find comprehensive information on
financing, accessories and more
on the internet sites.
"With our new homepage,
we will reach our customers
even more quickly than before", says Andreas Barduna,
Division Director Professional
Sales, Service, Marketing. The
internet presence is perfectly
suited to supply the customers with information early on,
he said. It would therefore be
all the easier to find individually suitable solutions in the
detailed consultation meeting.
Free downloads such as brochures and user instructions
are easy to find on the Miele
sites. Follow this link for the
German Professional site:
Other subsidiaries will follow.
Miele The Magazine // 49
ironing live
1 25 years of wet cleaning:
Jürgen Schäfer, Director
of Product Management
Laundry Technology
at Miele Professional
(right), presented the
system at an international
guided tour for the press.
2 Full house: the stand of
Miele Professional was well
visited at all trade fair days.
50 // Miele The Magazine
3 Marty Kimmerer, textiles
cleaner from Canada,
has been working with wet
cleaning in Miele machines
since 2002 – and even
equips cruise ships.
isitors to the Texcare 2016 trade
fair found what they were looking for with Miele Professional:
washing machines, driers and a large
mangle were densely surrounded at the
fair stand in Frankfurt (Germany). The
clothes rails too – by visitors looking
very closely at blazers, shirts and evening dresses.
Because sensitive textiles, which are
often labelled as "non-washable", can be
wet-cleaned in Miele machines. With
water in the patented honeycomb drum
and with biodegradable detergent. The
system is called WetCare, was developed
by Miele and Kreussler 25 years ago and
has long since asserted itself as an alternative to chemical cleaning. Now, wet
cleaning works in all washing machines
from Miele Professional, from the smallest model for a filling weight of 6.5 kilograms to the biggest for 32 kilograms of
laundry. Trade visitors gathered tips for
practice, discussed with the Miele experts and with textile cleaners from all
over the world who are using the system
The first slim heat pump tumble
dryer was also the focus of attention.
With its width of 71 centimetres, it fits
into even small niches. The latest technology halves energy costs, and nine
kilograms of laundry are dry after a little
over an hour.
With appliances suitable for use in
self-service laundries, Miele awakened
the interest of guests from Germany and
abroad, and of the experts of the company Lava Più which has opened more
than 600 salons in Italy since 2006. The
chain, the red and white color-coordination of which has become a trademark
throughout the country, is continuing
to grow steadily, also with the support
of Miele Italy. Because with Miele, the
professionals not only get machines, but
also knowledgeable support: from the
planning of a new project to the maintenance service from the company's own
customer service.
in Good Design
Gina Garaventa ( left) and Rehana Sharma
from the Miele subsidiary with the award
for the Best Kitchen Appliance Brand
Good Food in the
Middle East
The BBC Good Food Middle East Awards,
known for celebrating the best restaurants,
food and appliance brands, were held for
the sixth time in Dubai in 2015. In these
consumer vote-based awards, end-users get
to nominate and vote for their favourite
restaurants and food and appliance brands.
In 2015 the Miele subsidiary in the United
Arab Emirates was the sponsor of Chef
of the Year. This meant the final of the
competition was held in the Dubai Miele
Gallery. The event is judged by the "crème
de la crème" of the foodie world. Miele
received optimum brand coverage via a
cross-section of media before, during and
after the event including at the BBC Good
Food awards. As well as being the sponsor,
Miele was also voted for and won the most
prestigious award for the appliances industry as the Best Kitchen Appliance Brand in
the region.
Miele Australia collected the maximum number of accolades for any
one brand at the prestigious Australian Good
DesignAwards, taking
home four awards and
being nominated as finalists for two products.
Organised by Good
Design Australia, the
2016 Awards presentation saw Miele win
in the Domestic Appliance category for
the DGD 4635 pressure steam oven, WMV
Award for the
960 WPS washing mamaster of fashion
chine, TMV 840 WP
heat pump dryer, and B 2847 FashionMaster steam ironing system.
Additionally, the Miele DA 6700 D Aura island cooker hood and DA 2690 EXT
extractor were acknowledged as Good Design Finalists. Miele’s standout performance at the Good Design Awards confirms the brand’s excellence in the design
and innovation of appliances as judged by a panel of industry experts specialising
in the fields of industrial design, engineering design, software electronics design
and architectural design.
Good Design Australia CEO Dr Brandon Gien said these awards recognised
the important role of good design in taking innovative ideas and transforming
them into commercially successful outcomes, helping businesses, manufacturers
and service providers thrive in a competitive marketplace.
Best after-sales service in Austria
The Austrian After-Sales Service Association (KVA) has awarded the Service Awards
for the 15th time, honouring the best after-sales departments. Miele once again received awards in 2016.
For the KVA Service Awards, customers indicated their satisfaction with the work
quality and conduct of technicians as well as with the acceptance and processing of orders
by after-sales organisations. Miele has received the B2C Service Award fourteen times
in fifteen years to date, and this year also received the B2B award for the first time.
20,000 individuals were interviewed in total for this.
190 service technicians take care of 500,000 customers all over Austria. Miele
runs a central spare parts warehouse in Wals near Salzburg. Each technician is provided
with a car stocked with any specific spare parts that they need for their respective
region. As a result, it is possible to complete 90% of all service jobs instantly on the
first visit. Urgent spare parts are delivered by overnight express directly to the technician's car by 6.00 a.m. at the latest.
C3 rated best in the
The Complete C3 Black Diamond EcoLine
vacuum cleaner received top grades in the
Netherlands and was consequently rated
best in all the important categories. Consumentenbond, a Dutch consumer protection association, published the respective
test results in January 2016 on their website. The product received the top grade of
10 in the following categories: "Pet hairs on
carpets", "Exhaust filters", "Fan service life"
and "Cord wrap service life".
Miele The Magazine // 51
Two new residential locations
in Tokyo and Mumbai stand for
top level living. Miele appliances
are part of the premium concept.
Stylish life in Tokyo and
Tokyo Garden Terrace Kioicho
eibu Properties, a project developer, completed a new project in the heart of Tokyo: Tokyo Garden Terrace Kioicho
is located in the prime district of Tokyo’s famous AkasakaMitsuke area, very close to the State Guest House; in fact, the
Imperial Palace in the centre of the city is not far away, either. This
project is based in grounds steeped in history: the land used to be
owned by three powerful noble families whose first letters make
up the district name.
The project includes three different buildings: the Kioi Tower,
the tallest of the three with 36 storeys, accommodates the Prince
Gallery Tokyo Kioicho Hotel with 250 rooms in the upper storeys.
Gourmets will be spoilt by a restaurant offering high-quality Japanese cuisine and dining culture as well as by an exclusive Italian
restaurant. Those intending to spend the evening with a view over
the town may choose from two different bars. In addition to other
leisure activities, the Tower offers modern office and commercial
uses as well as several conference rooms.
Next to this, there is a slightly smaller tower consisting of just
21 storeys and accommodating luxury apartment units. The 135
residences consist of up to four bedrooms and are 55 to 227 sqm
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in size. Upon its completion in May 2016, most of the units were
rented out within a very short period of time. Thanks to the rooms
being up to three metres high and their windows reaching from
the floor to the ceiling, the residences give a sense of spaciousness and offer a fascinating view of the city centre. However, in
addition to the position of the building, there is a second reason
for its popularity: its modern interior includes high-quality wood
and glass elements. All Kioi residences have balconies with timber
planks and a view of the park area nearby, air conditioning, underfloor heating and free Internet access. State-of-the-art security
systems provide protection against earthquakes, which this region
experiences quite often.
The proprietors intended to provide tenants with maximum
user comfort and convenience regarding kitchenware and laundry,
which is why they ordered 370 Miele ovens, built-in dishwashers, washing machines, dryers and washer-dryers. Services are also
supposed to make everyday life more comfortable: as an example,
tenants may use the bilingual concierge service, the fitness room
inside the building, conference rooms and a party room furnished
with Miele appliances.
Miele is going to equip 26 luxury apartments in the Four Seasons Private Residences
Mumbai (tower front left).
Four Seasons Private Residences Mumbai
View from the balcony over
Tokyo at night
Miele washing machines in the Kioi residences
Although north-facing, popular apartments are those looking
onto the place where the residence of the Korean crown prince Yi
Un once stood in the past. The building was completed in 1930 and
used later as a hotel; having been carefully and lovingly restored,
it now accommodates the Classic House at Akasaka Prince event
centre, consisting of restaurants, bars and cafés. It is supposed to
provide meetings and wedding celebrations with a classy setting.
iele India announces the acquisition of its most
coveted deal in India. A total of 208 appliances
will be delivered to Four Seasons’ very first residential projects in India’s urban city Mumbai.
Four Seasons Private Residences Mumbai is an iconic
55 storey tower that houses just 26 limited edition homes
nestled in the heart of Mumbai’s residential and commercial hub. Enhanced by the spectacular panoramic view of
the Arabian Sea and Mahalaxmi Race Course, the project
is spread over an acre of land providing 40,000 sq ft of
amenities exclusively to the residents.
Every apartment is extremely spacious with master
bedrooms spanning over 600 sq ft. Furnished and decorated in style by interior designer Yabu Pushelberg, Indian
tastes have been kept in mind while interweaving traditional palatial aesthetics with modernity. The property
itself exudes style and exclusivity with amenities like the
open air rooftop cinema and lush landscaping with stately
citrus orchards.
In its aim to provide its patrons with the very best,
every apartment in the Four Seasons Private Residences
Mumbai will be equipped with Miele’s wine conditioner,
coffee machine, two built-in fridge-freezers, microwave
oven, single oven, gas hob and integrated hood. The delivery of the appliances is planned for 2018 and 2019.
Miele The Magazine // 53
What Miele customers love
"For everything you really love" – this is the message that Miele is currently appealing to
customers all over the world. Dr Axel Kniehl, Executive Director for Marketing and Sales
at the Miele Group explains what this actually means.
When you think of Miele
advertising, the first thing that
springs to mind is the long
service life and sophisticated
technology, and maybe the
elegant design depending
on the product. Now all of a
sudden you're talking about
love. Are you in the process
of reinventing the Miele brand,
Dr Kniehl?
Axel Kniehl: No, quite the
opposite, we are emphasising
what Miele has been synonymous with for 117 years: a high
regard for our customers and
their requirements and a whole
lot of attention to detail. Miele
doesn't just want to just satisfy
its customers, which other
providers can also manage,
but impress and inspire them.
For this, that certain something
extra is required, which you
can only find at Miele.
What are these things that
you assume Miele customers
love so much?
It's different for everyone.
What is crucial is that we
make products for people, not
technology for technology's
that we treat with great care at
Miele, for example with a view
to our appliances' programme
durations or their intuitive
use – as who wants to immerse
themselves in operating manuals for hours on end?
Axel Kniehl, Executive Director
sake. Miele offers perfect and
simple solutions that you can
trust and rely on.
What does that actually mean?
We don't have to tell anyone,
for example, that they can
put their favourite cashmere
jumper in the washing machine
too, it goes without saying with
Miele. Or the delicate wine
glasses in the Miele dishwasher.
This applies just as much to
culinary trends as to design
issues, for example when hobs,
ovens and cooker hoods are
subtly integrated into high-end
interior design. Our customers'
time is also a precious asset
Other manufacturers lay claim
to this too…
…but it was the Miele company
that for example redefined
topics such as loading convenience and gentle fabric care
with its cutlery tray 30 years
ago and the honeycomb drum
15 years ago. Both features are
still unrivalled in their further
developed form. Three years ago
Miele presented the world's
first built-in appliances, which
thanks to their M Touch
controls can be operated like
a smartphone and the still just
as unique automatic dosing
system TwinDos.
And today?
The sensor-controlled TempControl hob for frying at precise
temperatures eliminates the risk
of anything burning. We are currently launching our handleless
built-in appliances in the ArtLine design, whose doors open
electrically at the light touch of
a sensor control – simply best
solutions for a better life. This
includes offering customers
balanced overall solutions instead of for example maximum
energy efficiency due to extra
long programme durations.
So at the end of the day it's
about the product features
...not at all, it's about giving our
customers the feeling that they
have made the right choice
with Miele. What our products
can do and the fact that they
won't let their users down is of
course of fundamental importance to this. We also make a
Miele The Magazine 2016
Overall responsibility:
Carsten Prudent
Chief Editor:
Michael Prempert
54 // Miele The Magazine
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Reinhild Portmann, Catharina Saalbach,
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Schumann, Studio Casa, Weber
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The Invisible
Miele's first
bagless vac
Layout / Production:
Büro für Grafische Gestaltung –
Kerstin Schröder, Christian Ring,
Frank Rothe
Innovative built-in appliances
Editorial archive:
Heiko Johannpeter
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Ines Mundhenke
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Designed to
make a difference
Cover: ArtLine appliances
in graphite grey
Photo: Lerkenfeldt
New brand campaign
with clear imagery: the
favourite teddy bear is
well looked after in the
Miele washing machine.
real effort with service, from
order con­firmation to repairs,
which are fortunately very rare
with Miele. At the end of the
day it's about the customers,
their needs and emotions...
And about everything they
really love...
... exactly. And that's why our
new worldwide brand campaign does not overtly revolve
around the product features
but around heart-warming
stories from our customers'
lives, around their "lifetime
companions", such as special
objects, cherished rituals
and precious memories. And
Miele provides the appliances,
features and services that go
perfectly with these.
This campaign's claim is at
the same time the Miele
motto for this year's IFA.
What is new there on the
topic of "cherished lifetime
Examples are more speed and
user convenience in laundry
care, keyword time budget, and
Miele's first own coffee, "Black
Edition No. 1" for the perfect
coffee. As is well known, this
is supplied by three components: the technology, coffee
and water. I don't need to say
very much at this point about
the Miele coffee machines but
now there is also the matching
coffee, naturally organic, fair
trade and blended and roasted
exclusively for Miele. And we
are bound to come up with
something for the water too.
The most important new
product at the trade fair from
Miele is a bagless vacuum
cleaner. Out of a love for
Depending on what kind of
carpets or parquet flooring
you have at home: why not?
And out of an enthusiasm for
innovation, perfect technology
and great design.
Nordic humour: Miele Denmark searches for perfectionists.
Denmark celebrates
Miele Denmark celebrates its 50th birthday, and one campaign really stands out as it focuses on Miele’s DNA: The
unrivalled quality and "forever better" philosophy. With
the campaign "The Perfectionists", the subsidiary emphasizes that Miele is characterized by high quality – a quality which comes of an insistence on getting things perfect
in production. And even if perfectionists may be rather
peculiar types, any consumer will appreciate his or her
washing machine, refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, etc. having
been made by a perfectionist.
We love their passion, and there is something redeeming about these people. Therefore, the campaign pays tribute to all those perfectionists who just like Miele do not
relent until things are perfect, and this takes place via a
microsite where VG Denmark searches for "The biggest
Danish Perfectionist". On this site people can upload their
own videos and pictures with their nominations, and every
month there is a prize to those who have received the
most votes. The winner gets a gift voucher for
and will be honoured at a major music event to be held
in Copenhagen later this year. Retailers, partners, finalists
from competitions and many more will gather for the big
finale of a hopefully fantastic 50th anniversary year of
Miele Denmark.
A new dimension of showroom design
Miele supports its Australian dealers with modern
communication technologies. It is all about "virtual
reality" supporting retailers with the planning of
their showroom and sales areas. For this purpose,
retailers provide Miele with architectural premise
parameters which Miele converts into three-dimensional data using a specific software program.
Kym Porter, Merchandising Manager for Miele in
Australia and New Zealand, was involved in the
software development: "Thanks to 3D glasses, it
is possible for me to see exactly what effects the
showroom will have in the end and I‘m provided
with a realistic presentation of spatial dimensions
and the visual axes." Two variants are available: by
connecting 3D glasses to a powerful computer, it
is possible to freely walk around in the room, like
a virtual showroom. For static three-dimensional
photos – 360° views are also possible – all you
need are 3D glasses and a smartphone, including
the respective application, which is connected to
the glasses and a link which is provided by Kym Porter. "This way, I am able to plan designs together
with customers even though we are separated by
thousands of kilometres", Porter explained.
Kym Porter creates showroom
design by using smartphones
and 3D glasses.
Miele The Magazine // 55
Beijing – China
VIPs and Miele Executive Directors pedalled hard to illuminate the facade of the newly designed Miele Center
in Beijing. Read about how the brand is presented in other cities around the world from page 37.
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