Philips Forecast 190295035 Datasheet

Philips Forecast 190295035 Datasheet
Philips Forecast
Wisp Glass Shade
A la Carte Blue glass shade for 190190836 LED pendant holder. Shade only - holder sold
Contemporary lighting to fit your needs
• Modern style
• Designed for indoor use
Be creative with light, compose your own luminaire
• Unparalleled design flexibility
• Shade only. Order holder separately.
Colors and finishes bring harmony to your home
• Blue glass
Design and finishing
• Material: glass
• Color: blue
• Warranty: 1 year(s)
Extra feature/accessory incl.
• A la carte
Product dimensions & weight
• Height: 5.4 inch
• Length: 8.9 inch
• Width: 8.9 inch
Packaging dimensions & weight
• Height: 4.7 inch
• Length: 11.5 inch
• Depth: 11.5 inch
• Especially designed for: Living- & Bedroom
• Style: Modern
• Type: Shade
Modern style
The Modern style encapsulates the art of
understatement. Simplicity and functionality are key,
designs are often stark and minimal. With fewer
elements to distract your eyes, modern design
quality is reflected by the craftsmanship, intrinsic
beauty, and even technology found in the materials
used. The spirit behind Modern Design is to
challenge the norm, to push the creative boundaries.
When decorating your home with light, consider if
the area requires general lighting, accent lighting,
task lighting, or perhaps all three, to complete the
necessary layers of light for comfortable ambience.
a la carte
Lighting the way you want it! A la carte is a simple
concept that allows the combination of different
fixture frames and shade options to create a custom
look from standard components.
Order holder separately
Select the appropriate pendant, chandelier or sconce
holder for your application from our wide selection,
and then choose the shade or glass option designed
to install perfectly onto the holder to complete your
customized light fixture.
Blue glass
Blue glass
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