Power input board
Power input board
The power input board accepts two power supply connection, diode isolated.
Assembly is simple as shown in the photo.
Bus board
The bus board connects input modules and output modules together. It provides four stereo mix
buses, power, and four control lines.
Most consoles will have one bus board. Large ones, with capacity of 20 or more faders, will have
two, with a jumper cable to connect them together. An additional bus board may be used in
consoles that have more than one monitor.
It has a capacity of 11 connectors. As shipped, usually 6 connectors are installed in alternate slots.
Be sure they are oriented correctly and on the correct side of the board.
Also, on the main mix bus board, it is necessary to install a jumper to connect pin 3 (ground) to pin
7 (mix bus ground). These buses are tied together at a single point. Separate grounds reduce noise,
switch pops, and crosstalk.
Connecting them together
After the boards are built, connect the
power board to the bus board with
three wires 16” long, as shown in the
Color coding follows the convention
used for computer power supplies.
Yellow is +15 volts, Blue is -15 volts,
Black is ground.
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