Comtac III ACH Quick Reference Guide.indd

Comtac III ACH Quick Reference Guide.indd
The COMTAC ACH is an active-volume hearing protector from 3MTM PeltorTM
designed to be worn comfortably under a Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) or MICH
helmet for use with a variety of weapons systems. The standard model has an
audio input for connecting an external radio and an active-volume function that
amplifies weak sounds and attenuates (suppresses) loud, impulse noises. The
external communications and active-volume functions are independent of each
other to ensure reliable communications and unsurpassed hearing protection.
The latest settings are stored at shut-off.
Automatic shut-off after two hours of no active functions. Two warning
signals are emitted to indicate that the unit will switch off in one minute if
no function is activated.
The battery life span is approximately 500 hours.
Three warning signals are emitted every 30 seconds for five minutes when
battery power is low, then the unit switches off.
WARNING! Sound reproduction may
decrease as the batteries wear.
1. Headband
2. Two-point fastener (guide wire)
3. Ear cushion
4. Microphone for active volume
5. Attenuation cushion
6. Battery cover
7. Shell
8. Audio input
9. On/off and volume control
10. Microphone
11. Arm Guide
Polarity protection prevents damage to circuits if the batteries are inserted
Equipped with an audio input jack for connecting to an external radio. You
can listen to an external signal without battery power and even when the
product is switched off.
When the active-volume function is on, the amplification is reduced when
an external signal is received, i.e., radio transmission.
This hearing protection system contains an active-volume function. The
user should ensure this feature is operational before using. Very little
trouble-shooting is required if the audio is weak or the system fails to
activate. The two remedial actions include (1) ensuring the volume control
is properly adjusted and (2) the batteries are new.
Certain chemical substances may be harmful to this product. Contact the
manufacturer for more information.
When interference increases or the volume becomes too weak, it is time to
replace the batteries.
Never replace or install batteries with the unit switched on.
Do not store with the batteries installed.
In extremely cold conditions, pre-warming the headset will extend its life if
circumstances permit.
Note: If these recommendations are not followed, the overall functionality of the
headset may be impaired.
WARNING! The noise amplification produced by the speakers on
the outside of the ear cups may exceed the audio output from an
incoming radio transmission.
IMPORTANT! For the best protection, brush aside hair around the ears so the
ear cushions fit snugly against the head. Spectacle frames should be as thin as
possible and fit close to the head.
Open the headband.
Slide out the cups. Tilt the top of the cup out, as the wire must be placed on
the outside of the headband.
Adjust the height of the cups by pulling the cup up or down while pressing
the headband down.
Press the cups in before collapsing. Leave about 4 mm (1/8”) of the
headband wire visible.
When the headband is to be collapsed, make sure to unplug the audio input
On and off: Press the + or - button and hold for at least 3 seconds.
Increase volume: Press the + (forward) button.
Decrease volume: Press the - (rear) button.
Volume Boost Mode: Press and Hold + button for 10 seconds, headset will
restart at higher gain.
3M Occupational Health and Environmental Safety Division
Peltor Comtac ACH Headsets
Operation (cont.)
Balance Mode: Press both + and – buttons together for 10 seconds, this
mode will allow the user to adjust balance between left and right ear. Adjust
the balance using the + and – buttons.
Use with Radio: Headset will connect to a Push-To-Talk (PTT). Please contact
Technical Service to identify proper PTT Assembly.
Adjust Helmet Padding for proper fit
Remove dome pad from top of helmet.
Replace dome pad with two oblong pads creating a channel for the
Salt Water Cleaning
Should the headset be exposed to salt water; remove the ear cushions and
immerse completely in cold, fresh water and leave out to dry.
When the headband is to be collapsed, make sure to unplug the audio input
All guide wires must be pushed in before the headband is collapsed. The ear
cushions should lie flat against each other.
When damp, turn the cups outwards. Remove the ear cushions to allow the
attenuation cushions and electronics to dry then reassemble.
Replacing the Batteries
Insert your fingers under the edge of the battery cover, loosen each side a
Lift off the entire cover.
Remove the batteries when storing the hearing protector for an extended
period of time.
Check the function of the unit after replacing the batteries.
Removing/Replacing the Ear Cushions
Insert your fingers between the foam and under edge of the ear seal. Pull
straight out and it will snap away from ear cup.
Insert the new foam and ear cushion by pressing it in until it snaps in place.
These hearing protectors help reduce exposure to hazardous noise and other loud sounds. Misuse or
failure to wear hearing protectors at all times that you are exposed to hazardous noise may result in
hearing loss or injury. For proper use, see supervisor, User Instructions, or call 3M in U.S.A. at 1-800243-4630. In Canada, call Technical Service at 1-800-267-4414. If there is any drainage from your ear
or you have an ear infection, consult with your physician before wearing earplugs. Failure to do so may
result in hearing loss or injury.
Occupational Health &
Environmental Safety Division
3M Center
St. Paul, MN 55144-1000
For More Information:
Sales Assistance: 1-800-328-1667
Technical Assistance: 1-800-665-2942
Repairs and Warranty Items:
3M Peltor
5457 West 79th St.
Indianapolis, IN 46268
Attn: Repairs
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Advanced Communication Headset (ACH)
Quick Reference Guide
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