kent county bowling association competition by-laws

kent county bowling association competition by-laws
(Women’s Section)
Competitions for Ladies currently organised by the Association are as follows:SINGLES, JUNIOR SINGLES, TWO-WOOD SINGLES, PAIRS, JUNIOR PAIRS, TRIPLES,
1. Conditions of Entry – Competitors if successful are expected to play in the National and
County Final of any competition entered.
The Competitions are open to all female members of Clubs affiliated to the Kent County
Bowling Association and there is no minimum age limit.
FOURS, SENIOR FOURS Competitions (hereinafter called County Championships) constitute
preliminary rounds of the Bowls England National Championships.
All Competitions shall be played in accordance with the Bowls England Rules.
Play arrangements shall be:
- 4 bowls each – 21 shots
- 4 bowls each – 21 shots
(Note: Players must be under the age of 25 years of age on the 1st April in the year of the Competition)
- 2 bowls each – 21 ends
- 4 bowls each – 18 ends
(Note: Players must be under the age of 25 years of age on the 1st April in the year of the Competition)
- 4 bowls each– 21 ends
- 3 bowls each 18 ends
- 2 bowls each 21 ends
- 2 bowls each 21 ends
(Note: Players must be over 55 years of age on the 1 April in the year of the Competiton and must belong
to the same club)
County Competitions
- 4 bowls each 21 shots
- 2 bowls each – 10 ends
- See Bye-Law 8
Competitors must play with bowls bearing the official stamping of the International Bowling
Board. Competition bowls must bear a stamp of 1985 or later. Bowls other than composition
must be re-stamped every 10 years, the date stamp indicating year of expiry. In the case of
new bowls they should bear the New World Bowls stamp. Where no umpire is present, the
onus of checking that bowls comply with Bowls England Laws rests with the players
concerned before commencement of the first end. A ‘Set of Bowls’ means four bowls all of
which are the same manufacturer and are of the same size, weight and serial number.
a) The official entry form, which includes specific instructions for its completion, must be
used for making all entries to the competitions and entry fees must accompany the entry
b) No player must allow her name to be submitted by, or play for, for more than one Club or
County in any given year, in any of the above competitions with the exception of the
Benevolent Two-Wood Triples where a team can comprise players from the same
Division, but different Clubs.
c) Each Pair, Triple or Four shall consist of playing members of the same Club and there is
no restriction on the number of entries.
d) A person joining a Club after affiliation (November) and wishing to play as a substitute in a
County Competition, may do so providing the Club Secretary pays their affiliation to the
KCBA, who in turn shall affiliate to Bowls England.
e) Moving Clubs. If moving Club/Division/Section and you have already entered singles,
pairs, triples and fours at your old club, you may play your singles competition, but on your
opponents green at the time stated by her. Your pairs, triples and fours are nontransferable. Also you are not allowed to be a substitute in a team at your new club for
that season, nor play or be a substitute in the Mollie Cleggett. You are, however, still
eligible to play in the two-wood competition.
f) Should a club be closed after the entry date, the members may be permitted, for one
season only, to compete under the name of that Club irrespective of which Club or Clubs
they have since joined.
g) Substitution in pairs, triples and fours, the players taking part in the first game of any
County Competition shall constitute the team which normally play together throughout the
competition. Players may change position between rounds even if no substitute is
involved. One additional and the same player may, however, be used as a substitute at
any time, provided that she has not already played in the competition. She may play in
any position.
a) (i) All competitions shall be played on a ‘fixed date’ basis in accordance with the draw
sheet as per KCBA Ladies Year Book. Players concerned wishing to play before the said
date may do so if mutually agreed. Hon Divisional Secretaries will not entertain appeals
from players unable to make mutual arrangements. Where the green of the challenger is
unavailable for play due to an excess of entries, and an earlier date cannot be mutually
agreed, then the CHALLENGER shall arrange for the match to take place on the fixed
date on a neutral green of her choice within the section, or if mutually agreed on the
opponent’s green.
(ii) For the purpose of competitions the season commences 1st May and no earlier date
may be offered. It must be generally understood for the purpose of these competitions,
that all fixed dates offered imply evening play to commence at 6.00 p.m. unless previously
agreed. No player/team may be compelled to accept a time earlier than 6.00 p.m.
(iii) The HOME player i.e. the CHALLENGER shall make all arrangements for the match
to be played on her green and shall PAY ALL GREEN FEES and arrange for an umpire
and marker for the singles match.
(iv) Failure of any team/player to appear and play after the maximum waiting period of
thirty minutes from the time mutually agreed for the start of the match, could cause the
defaulter to forfeit the match/game.
b) Players must adhere to Section 1 Rule 3 of the Laws of the Sport of Bowls (Crystal Mark
Edition) concerning the draw of rinks.
If the green is under water or affected by inclement weather conditions and deemed unfit
for play by the Green Keeper or Club Official, the following applies in the order stated:(i) game to be played on a neutral green. (ii) game to be played on the opponent’s green.
If neither possible, contact the Competition Secretary immediately for a decision as to
arrangement of the game.
If the Challenger’s green is not passed for County Competitions the game may be played
on either the opponent’s green or on a neutral green. Synthetic greens, if passed for
County Competitions must comply with British Standard BS5750.
SMOKING or consuming alcohol by a player IS NOT PERMITTED on the green whilst the
game is in progress.
MARKERS: A fully qualified marker may wear the regulation uniform. A marker must not
give instructions or consult with or assist either player.
Correct procedure when giving a County Competition. Competitor giving should write
across the back of card ‘Game given by Mrs/Miss.....’ sign it and notify opponent and
Competition Secretary. Both competitors should return the cards to the Competition
Secretary for their Division.
All score cards must be kept on the rink whilst play is in progress except in the case of
SINGLES where the Non-Challenger’s card ONLY can be marked on completion of each
end by an appointed spectator.
A long tape must be provided by all clubs for the use at competitions to measure the jack
(23m) in a straight line of play from the edge of the mat.
Spectators – persons not engaged in the game should be situated clear and beyond the
limits of the rink of play and clear of the verges and shall preserve an attitude of strict
neutrality, neither by word or act, disturb or advise a player.
If during the course of pairs, triples and fours, a player has to leave the green owing to
illness her place may be filled by a substitute, if in the opinion of both skips such
substitution is necessary. Should the player affected be a Skip, her duties and position in
the Fours game shall be assumed by the Third player and the substitute shall play Lead or
Second but not Skip and in the case of Pairs the substitute shall play Lead only. Such
substitutes shall be a member of the club to which the side belong and shall not have
competed in the competition.
If a clash occurs between an individual(s) event i.e. Mollie Cleggett, it will be expected that
a substitute(s) will be found from other Club Members.
Winner of each Divisional Final will qualify for the County Semi-Finals.
Uniform – Greys for all rounds, from Divisional Finals onwards Whites
No player who has qualified for her County Badge even if not yet received, shall be permitted
to enter the Maude Woods Competition.
Winner of each Divisional Final will qualify for the County Semi-Finals.
Uniform - Greys for all rounds, from Divisional Finals onwards Whites
All players entering this competition must be prepared to play in all rounds on a fixed date(s).
Winner of each Division Final will qualify for the County Semi-Finals.
Uniform – Whites with Club or plain white shirts.
All rounds in greys – winner of each Division to qualify for Semi-Finals & Finals to
be played on a specified date,
Semi-Finals & Finals dress code: Whites
The three ladies that arrive for play on the day shall constitute the team and must
continue to play throughout the day, except in the case of illness where one substitute will
be allowed. If necessary on Run-over day, Semi-Finals and Finals Day, one and the same
substitute will be allowed provided that she has not played in this competition. Teams may
consist of players from any club within their Division. Semi-Finals and Final of this
competition to be played on the date and venue listed in the County programme.
Uniform – Whites with Club or plain white shirts.
(Dress Greys, Club or white shirts; Semi-Final and Finals to be played in Whites
with Club or white shirts)
The game to consist of one home rink and one rink away, playing 21 ends at the same
time. A player may only enter this competition from the club they play their County
Competitions from. Teams may wear their registered Club Colours. Details of the draw for
play are published each year in the Association’s Year Book and cards are sent direct to
the appropriate Club Secretaries. This competition to be played on a set date,
arrangements to be made by the challenging club. The result is based on the aggregate
scores and an extra end must be played on the challenger’s green, the score on this
additional end will only be used in the event of a tie in the aggregate score at the
completion of 21 ends. Responsibility for seeing that this is done will rest with both sides.
In the event of a tie at 21 ends in the County Semi- Final or Final, both fours will play an
extra end or ends in order to reach a decision. Where two clubs using the same green for
play are drawn to play each other in this competition, the challenging club will indicate,
before the came commences, which of the club’s two fours will play the extra end. If
during the course of the game a player has to leave the green owing to illness, her place
may be filled by a substitute, if, in the opinion of both skips, such substitution is
necessary. Should the player affected be a Skip, her duties and position shall be
assumed by the Third Player and the substitute shall play either as Lead, Second or
Third. If, in a resumed game, any of the four original players, should not be available, one
substitute shall be permitted. Players, however, shall not be transferred from one team to
another and the game must be continued from where it was abandoned. A player may be
used in a home team for one game and placed in the away team next time. MOBILE
PHONES must be on silent or switched off adjacent to the green. When answered it must
be away from the playing area. On the conclusion of this competition a cup and monetary
prize for the club will be presented at the Annual Luncheon. Any team reaching the final
stages of this competition and not completing it will forego any prizes and also entry into
this competition the following year.
10. ONE DAY COMPETITIONS – Dress Code: Whites with Club or white shirts
The games must be completed to the last one where possible, with the last game to be on
the green not later than 8.p.m. Quarter Finals, Semi-Finals, Final’s Day. Competitors
playing in the above may play in inclement weather and are deemed to have accepted
the need for vigilance and care with green conditions, bowling apparatus and equipment
left on and around the surrounds of the green with no recourse to compensation from the
KCBA if an accident occurs resulting in injury.
a) Any protest made by a competitor as to the green being unfit for play must be made at
the completion of the fourth end and the game stopped.
Such protest must
be made by
telephone and also confirmed in writing to the Hon. Competition Secretaries, together
with a deposit of £20 per player which will be returned if a member of the Green’s
Committee upholds the protest. The green will then be inspected and if the protest is
not withheld the game shall be recommenced on the same green from the point of
which it was stopped. If the protest is upheld the game will be played anew on a
neutral green and on a date to be arranged by the Competition Secretaries.
No extension of time beyond the ‘fixed’ date can be allowed except: (i) in the case of
players selected for International Games or (ii) where exceptional circumstances have
been rendered it impossible for play to take place. In such circumstances the
alternative date fixed by the Honorary Divisional Secretary or the Honorary Ladies
County Secretary as the case may be must be accepted by all parties.
That any player chosen for the England International Team shall be permitted to play
her rounds of County Competitions at the first opportunity on her return with her
opponents giving full co-operation and with the help of the Competition Secretary.
In the finals of all competitions an Umpire shall be appointed, whose decision must be
accepted as final.
Trophy Return – trophies must be returned on Semi-Finals Day to the Assistant
Hon. Secretary to comply with the KCBA Insurance.
It is expected that all trophy winners will attend the County Luncheon in October. The
Singles winner is expected to reply with a speech on behalf of the prize winners at the
said Luncheon.
The winners and runners-up of the County Competitions are invited to play in the
National Championships.
a) A Player qualifying for the National Finals and attending at a specified time shall
receive her Bowls England National Badge and the defaulter shall not.
b) If a player in a County Competition knows she cannot proceed to the next round, the
game can either be given beforehand or, to enable a player to qualify for County
Selection, played but conceded i.e. singles played to 20 shots then conceded. In team
games played until the end before last and then conceded (this is a guideline
example). All singles players are expected to make themselves available for all
rounds. A single competitor reaching the Divisional Finals or later rounds, failing to be
available for the next round without a valid reason shall be penalised in accordance
with the rules set out below. Any member or members of a successful PAIRS,
TRIPLES or FOURS team who cause the team to fail to be available for the Divisional
Final or later rounds without a valid reason, shall be penalised in accordance with the
rules set out below:-
i) If unbadged, the consideration for a County Badge shall be cancelled in that year,
ii) be disqualified from entering/playing in all competitions for the next
season. Valid Reasons for absence from a round:
a) Sickness or injury (Doctors certificate required)
b) Family bereavement
c) Excused under Bye Laws 10b) & 10c)
Any alterations/amendments of the above Competition Bye-Laws will be made at the
discretion of the Executive Committee.
There is nothing that can be laid down in any set of rules to cover interpretation, incident or
circumstance. It is expected that true sportsmanship and common sense will prevail.
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